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From: aa399@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Len Stys)
Subject: ST Report: 07-Sep-90  #636
Date: Sun Sep 16 14:12:59 1990

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   Issue # 81

 by Michael Arthur

 Remember When....

       In 1984,  Apple won  a copyright-infringement  suit against Franklin
 Computer (who had pirated the Apple II ROMs  for use  in its  own clones),
 establishing  that   unique  elements  of  software  were  protectably  by

       Or how Lotus used this precedent to sue several 1-2-3 competitors in
 1987, followed by Apple's lawsuit against Microsoft in 1988?

 CPU MacNews?


       Apple Computer  has now  expanded its Postscript licensing agreement
 with Adobe Systems.   Under  this  new  agreement,  Adobe  and  Apple will
 cooperate in  making Postscript  technology work with the TrueType outline
 font standard developed by Apple and  Microsoft.   This means  that future
 Apple products,  such as Version 7.0 of the Mac's System Software, will be
 able to use TrueType and Postscript fonts simultaneously.

       Apple has also  reaffirmed  their  current  Postscript  license with
 Adobe, and  will continue to use Adobe Postscript to develop products like
 their LaserWriter printers.   This represents  a policy  change for Apple,
 which had  previously sold its 16.4 percent stake in Adobe stock, licensed
 a Postscript Clone from Microsoft, and rejected Adobe's Display Postscript
 utility for use in System Software Version 7.


       Apple Computer  has announced  that it  is lowering the price of the
 25 MHZ Macintosh IIci  by $1500.00.   In  a recent  test marketing effort,
 Apple offered  special dealer  discounts for the IIci to its dealers.  Mac
 IIci sales skyrocketed because of  this,  prompting  Apple  to  reduce its
 price to a level near the range of the 16 MHZ Mac IIcx.

       Apple is  also selling  its Mac IIci CPU Cache Card, which speeds up
 the IIci's speed by  up to  30 percent,  for $400.00.   Interestingly, the
 Macintosh IIci  is very  popular among  users of  A/UX, Apple's version of
 Unix.  Here is a list of new price changes for the Mac IIci:

                                                     New Price | Old Price
    - Mac IIci with 4 Megs of RAM, Disk Drive:       $5969.00  | $7469.00
    - Mac IIci w/4 MB of RAM, 80 Meg Hard Drive:     $6669.00  | $8169.00
    - Mac IIci w/4 MB of RAM, 80 Meg HD, and A/UX:   $7269.00  | $8769.00



       The  US  Commerce  Department  will  conduct  an  investigation into
 whether  Japanese  companies  are  charging  abnormally low prices for LCD
 Screens, in order to gain market  share in  the US.   Japanese  LCD makers
 now own around 90 percent of the US market for LCD screens, which are used
 in products from scientific  instruments and  calculators, to  screens for
 Laptop computers....

       The International  Trade Commission  recently found  that pricing on
 some imported LCD screens  were sharply  below the  worldwide market value
 for LCD  screens.   Hitachi and Sharp are two of the 12 Japanese companies
 that are suspected of selling liquid  crystal display  (LCD) screens  at a
 price below  their cost  to manufacture them.  This business tactic, known
 as "price dumping", is commonly used  to quickly  eliminate competition in
 a given  industry.   Interestingly enough, Japanese DRAM Chip Vendors used
 this tactic to wipe out much  of  the  US  Memory  Chip  Industry,  and to
 dominate the industry....

       The Commerce  Department will rule on this issue on December 28.  If
 it finds that Japanese LCD Makers have engaged  in "dumping",  the US will
 put stiff  import duties  on Japanese  LCD imports.  Interestingly enough,
 several major US Computer makers (including Compaq, Apple,  and Tandy) say
 that if  anti-dumping tariffs were imposed on LCD Imports, that they would
 order to be able to sell their products at a "competitive" level....


        Chemists at the University of California at Berkeley  have recently
 announced the  development of a polymer that can not only act as a coating
 for microchips, but could actually replace silicon as a major component of
 computer circuits.   Called  APPS (or  arylated poly-p-phenylene sulfide),
 this substance was designed as a  photoresist (or  insulating coating) for
 computer chips.   However, APPS can be converted into a semiconductor, and
 can be effectively used in chip manufacturing.  Thus, several  chip makers
 are interested  in using this substance, as it could eliminate many of the
 steps needed to make microcircuits....


       Phillips, a major Dutch electronics company, has recently pulled out
 of several  of their  operations in  the microchip  industry, as part of a
 restructuring plan.  Phillips is now  dropping out  of the  Joint European
 Submicron Silicon  Project.  Known as JESSI, this project is an attempt by
 several major European chip  makers to  stave off  Japanese competition in
 the memory  chip market.   SGS-Thomson  and Siemens finance much of JESSI,
 which is estimated to cost over $4 billion dollars, over a 7 year period.

       Phillips had invested $1  billion dollars  in this  program, and has
 said it  will continue  its development of a 1 Megabit Static RAM chip for
 the JESSI project.  However, it is now dropping plans to build  a new DRAM
 chip factory,  and is  eliminating 4,000  jobs in its microchip components
 division.   Curiously,  the  European  Economic  Community  has  said that
 Phillips' departure won't hurt the JESSI project.....


       Hewlett Packard  has introduced the DeskJet 500, a middle-end inkjet
 printer designed to replace previous DeskJet models.  It prints  2-3 pages
 per minute  at a 300 dpi resolution, can use plain paper, and features new
 cartridges with water-resistant, nonsmearing ink.   It also  includes four
 new font cartridges, and has better font spacing.  Cost: $729.00.

       Adobe Systems  has also  announced a Postscript Cartridge for the HP
 LaserJet II line of printers.  This cartridge is 1  1/2 times  faster than
 similar products  out on the market, includes the 35 Standard Set of Adobe
 Postscript fonts, and can automatically switch  the LaserJet  printer from
 HP's Printer Control Language to Postscript.  Cost:  $500.00....



               EXCLUSIVE Report for STReport? Online Magazine


 by Jim Allen

     Hi Folks,  I just  arrived back  home from  my trip  to the Dusseldorf
 show.  I also spent a few days seeing some sights, after  all how  can you
 go to Europe and not sightsee?

    The Dusseldorf  Atari Faire was extraordinary.  The air was filled with
 excitement and the ST was definitely regarded with real respect.  There is
 no  prejudice  about  the  ST  being  a  game machine like here in the US.
 European,  and  especially  German,  business  people  shop  for  the best
 solution at the best price and if that turns out to be an ST, GREAT!!

    Highlights of  the faire  would include  the new color Calamus, Calamus
 STORAGE.    I  was  surprised  at  the  level of sophistication of the DTP
 software and publishing products.  An  equivalent would  be for Linotronic
 to have a booth at Glendale or WAACE.

    The Atari booth was as big or bigger than their booth at Comdex.  There
 were dozens of DTP, CAD, scientific,  and business  solutions represented.
 The level  of high  quality workmanship  was very  evident.  They even had
 Unix on display running  X Windows.   TTs  were abundant...of  course. The
 speed of the TT made the software demonstrations that much slicker.

    Two companies  of interest  were Maxon  and Matrix.  Maxon is a kind of
 jack-of-all-trades.   They have  video boards,  PLD/EPROM programmers, all
 sorts  of  I/O  and  hard  disk  stuff,  and accelerators.  They make this
 awesome video card, the  MGE, that  has an  Intel video  accelerator on it
 and  produces  a  mean  color  display.    I  hope  someone gets around to
 importing it  here.  Maxon was showing two accelerator boards, a  T16 type
 device (not quite as good  though) and a 68020 device based on the first.

    Matrix is  THE video  board company in Europe.  They have Moniterm like
 monochrome systems and they  have many  sophisticated color  systems also.
 They have very excellent customer service and whenever someone asked about
 T16 compatibility they always asked about the Matrix cards.

    On the PC emulator front, there was Supercharger from Beta  Systems who
 were showing  an ethernet  add-on card.   There  was Sack with the ATSpeed
 which is a 286 based PCSpeed and it was getting loads of attention.  There
 was also  Vortex with  their ATOnce  286 based emulator.  Both ATspeed and
 ATonce were fast and very compact.  You would be impressed by  the quality
 of the designs.

    The show  was based  in two  big buildings, maybe ten times the size of
 the Anaheim WOA.  In one building was  Atari Germany,  in the  other buil-
 ding was  a booth put up by "other" Ataris. Atari UK, France, Netherlands,
 OZ, etc.  Noticeably missing was Atari US.  They  had interesting displays
 of local  developers, this  was great  since most couldn't afford to go to
 the faire and rent their own booths.  Just an example of  the good support
 many Atari subs give their developers.

    Also in  the second  building was  ICD, they  were showing their latest
 host adapter, a "smart" unit that  has it's  own processor  and implements
 true  SCSI.    This  is  considered a professional device and should allow
 interfacing to a whole world of real SCSI add-ons.  They were also showing
 a neat,  totally rewritten  TOS.  One of ICD's programmers was responsible
 for it and he has done a SUPER FANTASTIC JOB!!!  Atari  should really hire
 this guy.  Chock full of neat new features, smaller than the original, and
 much faster (lots of  assembly),  it  is  something  Atari  should  take a
 loooong look  at.  I was impressed....can't you tell.  Also on display was
 ICD's  accelerator board.  The latest in a what is now  8 accelerators for
 the ST.  Where was everyone last year?

    A couple  of really  neat tower  cabinets were  available.  These units
 have the rear panel sheet metal  done to  accept an  ST or  STE or MegaST.
 The neatest  one was  called the  "Manhattan" and  was covered in a really
 slick paint job.  The tower cases let you free  your ST  from the confines
 of its  case.   There's room  for a whole herd of add-ons!!!  The other is
 called the Power Tower and has a neat  keyboard housing  to make  your STs
 keyboard look like a MegaST external keyboard.  The quality of both towers
 was great, but the Manhattan's paint job sold me.

 The US DEVELOPER contingent included:

                   Fast Technology     Gribnif Software
                   Goldleaf Publishing    ISD Marketing
                   ICD                Codehead Software

    Even JMG Software was the mobile unit.  Other US developer's
 products  were  represented  by  their  distributors.  Fast Technology was
 represented by me, in our distributor's  booth.    The  T-16  has  a great
 reputation  in  Europe...which  comes  from working well...and was selling
 quite well. Although selling was allowed at the show for 3rd parties, most
 were making  deals with dealers rather than moving product to individuals.
 Atari distributors were not allowed to  sell Atari  equipment at  the show
 other than  520s.   Don't know  why, but  that was  the rule.   Since Fast
 Tech's distributor  also distributes  for Atari  they sold  lots of Megas,
 only they had to deliver them "later".

   I would  say the attendance was close to 55,000 people.  The problem was
 the was great!!  So the turn out wasn't  as high  as it could
 have been.   But  that is  still one  MAJOR crowd.   Considering many were
 dealers, the level of sales was quite high.   The  German Atari  market is
 quite healthy, wish we could even come close.

     After the  show many  of us  US people  got together  for a nice quite
 time, I had fun, they're really a great bunch ISD/Goldleaf/Gribnif/AtariOZ
 and  Germany's  Computerware.    I  left Dusseldorf and headed for Berlin.
 With all that has happened I really felt drawn to  it.   I stayed  in East
 Berlin in  a hotel  formerly used by Soviet diplomats.  Nice place but the
 furniture is a little rickydick.   Don't even  think about  trying to call
 East Germany on the phone, permanent busy signal is all my brother got.

    In the  morning I went to the Brandenberg Gate.  It was being restored,
 and the area around it looked like a war had just happened.  The  WALL was
 gone, nothing  left but  dust.   I met a vendor...a new entrepreneur...and
 had the chance to help him at work.  We walked about a mile  from the gate
 to where  the wall  was still  standing, and  I help  him chip away pieces
 ..for SALE to the tourists!!!   What a  neat business,  selling free rocks
 for $10+  each.   They had  even been sold, by West Berliners, neat little
 plastic boxes labeled "Berlin Wall" for packaging.   Amazing. Of  course I
 have a couple pieces for myself. A little silicon glue, snap the cover on,
 and presto instant profit.

    Berlin is a very international  city.  Hustle  and  bustle.    Open all
 night, and  tons of  tourists from everywhere.  I'd love to go back in Oc-
 tober when George, Gorby, Maggie, and Francis will turn control  back over
 to the "New/Improved" Germany.


 > GLENDALE ATARI FEST! STR SHOW NEWS?           "don't miss this one..."



     Confirmations  are   still  coming  in  for  next  weekend's  SOUTHERN
 plan has  been distributed  showing nearly 50 booths populated by at least
 35 now confirmed vendors, PLUS  a  massive  area  for  Atari Corporation's
 display  on  the  Stage  of  the  Glendale Civic Auditorium.  A large LYNX
 PLAYGROUND will be set up in  front of  the stage  for the  ongoing multi-
 -player LYNX  games throughout the show.  A full snack bar and eating/res-
 ting area adjoins the show floor.  

     A very large seminar room will be in  the lower  level of  the Center,
 with continuous  presentations on both Saturday, September 15, and Sunday,
 September 16.  Confirmed for attendance at this time are:

     ATARI CORP                         American Music
     Beckmeyer Development Tools        Best Electronics
     Bill Skurski Enterprises           BRE
     Branch Always Software             CodeHead Software
     Computer Network                   Computer Office Products
     D.A. Brumleve                      Double Click
     Gadgets by Small                   GoldLeaf
     Gribnif Software                   Groves School of Music
     ICD, INC.                          ISD Marketing
     Kings Domain                       Michtron
     Mid Cities                         Migraph
     Neocept                            Rio/Datel
     Soft-Aware                         Soft-Logik/Safari Fonts
     Software Development Systems       SliccWare
     Sprokits                           ST JOURNAL
     ST INFORMER                        Talon Technologies
     WuzTek                             Xoterix
     Zubair Interfaces                  Z*NET News Service

 More confirmations  may be  received before  the show  opens next weekend.
 The seminar schedule at this time includes (subject to change):

 Saturday September 15

           and friends.

 12 PM:    CODEHEAD's Charles F. Johnson and John Eidsvoog on the
           CodeHead Integrated Desk System.

 1 PM:     MEET THE ATARI PORTFOLIO - What the Palmtop Miracle can
           do for you.

 2 PM:     NEODESK 3 and the future of the desktop metaphor,
           hosted by GRIBNIF SOFTWARE's Rick Flashman.

 3 PM:     DAVE SMALL of Gadgets by Small... talks about Macintosh
           emulation and other things.  Always a favorite.

 4 PM:     CALAMUS and Desktop Publishing, presented by Nathan
           Potechin of ISD Marketing.

 5 PM:     MUSIC of the HOTZ MID TRANSLATOR and the Atari in
           professional sound work, with Jimmy Hotz

 Sunday, September 16

           meeting conducted by IAAD Chair Nathan Potechin.

 12 PM:    PAGESTREAM Desktop Publishing, presented by Jay

 1 PM:     MIGRAPH's latest graphics application products for the
           Atari ST.

 2 PM:     SPEEDING THE ST with Darek Mihocka, developer of Branch
           Always Software's QUICK ST.

 3 PM:     PUBLISHERS SPEAK in an open panel on Atari
           publications.  Speakers to include staff from ST
           JOURNAL, Z*NET, ST-INFORMER, START, and more.

           clinic and seminar for new Portfolio users.

     Door prizes,  including a  wide variety  of software, accessories, and
 computer paraphanalia, will be awarded every hour, with some extra special
 drawings as well.  

     The show will be held September 15 and 16, 1990, at the Glendale Civic
 Auditorium,  1401 Verdugo Road, Glendale, California, across from Glendale

     Glendale  is  a  Northern  Central  Suburb of Los Angeles, California.
 Hours are 10 AM - 6 PM Saturday, and 10 AM -  5 PM  Sunday.   Admission is
 $5.00, or only $3.00 with any Atari User Group membership I.D.  

 Lodging information:

 The  Burbank  Hilton  (weekend  rate:  $59  per  day)  is  adjacent to the
 Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena Airport, and will be where the Atari Corporation
 employees will  be staying.   Contact  the Burbank Hilton at 818-843-6000.
 The Glendale Holiday Inn is the closest hotel to the show itself,  and the
 weekend rate is $89 per day.  

 Contact the Holiday Inn at 818-965-0202.  

          More information is available from the show organizer:
                           John King Tarpinian, 
                    call: 1-818-246-7286 or by mail at:
            246 North Brand #321, Glendale, California, 91203.


 > Stock Market ~ STReport?         Watching the Sheckles Grow!

                                                     THE TICKERTAPE

 by Michael Arthur

       On Monday, Atari stock shot up by 1/2 of a point, and went up by 1/4
 of a point on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, the price of Atari  stock dropped by
 1/8 of  a point,  but went  up 1/8 of a point on Thursday.  On Friday, the
 price of Atari stock went down 1/8 of  a point,  finishing up  the week at
 $3.625 a  share.   The price of Atari's stock had gone up 5/8 points since
 August 24, 1990.

       This week, the value of Atari  Stock rose  by 17  percent, while the
 value of  Commodore stock  rose by  13 percent.  Jack Tramiel's 36 million
 shares of Atari Stock were worth 130.5 million dollars on August 31st....

       Apple Stock was up 1 1/2 points from Friday, August 24, 1990.
            Commodore Stock was up 3/4 of a point from 8/24/90.
                IBM Stock was up 1 1/2 points from 8/24/90.

                Stock Report for Week of 8/27/90 to 8/31/90

 STock|   Monday    |  Tuesday   |  Wednesday  |  Thursday  |   Friday    |
 Reprt|Last     Chg.|Last    Chg.|Last     Chg.|Last    Chg.|Last     Chg.|
 Atari|3 1/2   + 1/2|3 3/4   +1/4|3 5/8   - 1/8|3 3/4  + 1/8|3 5/8   - 1/8|
      | 158,200 Sls |            |             |            |  12,500 Sls |
  CBM |5 1/2   + 5/8|5 1/2   ----|5 1/2    ----|5 5/8  + 1/8|5 5/8    ----|
      | 123,900 Sls |            |             |            |  30,000 Sls |
 Apple|37 3/4 +2 1/4|38 1/8  +3/8|37 1/4  - 7/8|36 1/4   - 1| 37     + 3/4|
      |1,048,800 Sls|            |             |            |  88,800 Sls |
  IBM |104 3/8   + 4|103 5/8 -3/4|103 7/8  +1/4|101 3/4     |101 7/8  +1/8|
      |1,575,100 Sls|            |             |      -2 1/8| 885,400 Sls |

     'Sls' refers to the # of stock shares that were traded that day.
                  'CBM' refers to Commodore Corporation.
     '----'  means that the stock's price did not change for the day.


 > FUTURE WARS STR Review?    "..a brilliant job.. both graphics and music"

                                                  FUTURE WARS REVIEW

 by Mike DeMellia

     Its been a long while since  I felt  that I  had the  time to  play an
 adventure game.  Between editing a newsletter, writing articles and manag-
 ing my finances the ST rarely sees any game but Falcon.   Keeping  this in
 mind I  find myself  amazed that I've spent every spare moment in the last
 week or so playing one of the best adventure games  to come  down the pike
 since Zork!   The  game I've  been playing  is called Future Wars.  It's a
 graphical adventure from a French software company named  Delphine.  Some-
 thing else  that amazes  me is that the game is relatively unknown here in
 the states.  At the French Tilt D'Or awards it won two  major awards; best
 adventure and best soundtrack.  Mind you, that award was for all software,
 not just ST software.

     Once you've booted the game you'll  have  to  agree  with  the judges.
 Delphine has  done a  brilliant job  with both the graphics and music.  If
 you're used to the graphics in programs from  Magnetic Scrolls  (The Pawn)
 you'll be  amazed to  see the  same kind of excellent artwork but now with
 animation!  The music from the opening screen will stay with you for hours
 after you've put the program away. I've even found myself loading the game
 just to let someone listen to it.   Even though the music is  wonderful on
 a standard  ST, Delphine  has optimized  the routines to take advantage of
 the enhanced stereo sound capabilities of the STE.   It  may be  the first
 program to take advantage of the new STE hardware.

     The main theme in Future Wars is the paradox of time travel.  Sometime
 in the Earths future the planet is under constant attack by an alien race,
 the Crughons.  Thanks to planetary defenses most of the assaults have been
 repelled.  Frustrated in  their attempts  to conquer  the planet  with or-
 dinary weapons  the alien scientists have discovered a means of travelling
 through time itself.   Using their  new found  technology the  aliens have
 travelled through  the planets history, past and future and have come upon
 a way to defeat the earthlings once and for all.  Of  course, your charac-
 ter has  somehow managed  to stumble upon one of the alien outposts in the
 earths past and has become  thoroughly  embroiled  in  the  fight  for the
 planets future.

     In order  to play the game you've got to identify a section of a color
 screen from a picture in a booklet provided  with the  game.   There is no
 disk based  copy protection.  Once the game proper has started you'll note
 that the entire adventure can be played without typing a single keystroke.
 Future Wars  uses a  player interface  similar to that used by Lucas Films
 in games like Maniac Mansion.  French programmer Paul Cuisset  spent three
 years developing  a program  for people who enjoy adventures that needs no
 typing.  The technique,  which  he  calls  Cinamatique,  relys  heavily on
 animation.   Moving the  mouse will cause a crosshair cursor to move about
 the screen.  

     If the left button is held down the character will walk to it.  Click-
 ing the  right mouse  button will  bring up  a menu with a list of options
 such as - EXAMINE, TAKE, INVENTORY,  USE,  OPERATE  and  SPEAK.   Choosing
 EXAMINE will provide a detailed description of your current location.  You
 can choose examine and then click on an object in the room to get a closer
 look at  something.  If you choose EXAMINE and then move the cursor around
 the screen you ll get a list of every object that the cursor  passes over.
 This can  come in  handy when you are trying to find something in the room
 that you  may not  be able  to see  clearly on  the screen.   The detailed
 nature of the screens allow objects to be placed in front of other objects
 or inside them.  Doors and cabinets can be opened and closed.  Some things
 in the  game become  even more  magnified when you pick them up to examine
 them.  Its completely intuitive to  move the  mouse around  the screen and
 to choose actions from the list presented.  I imagine that people who have
 avoided adventure games because they dislike typing all  the commands will
 find Future Wars more enjoyable than other games they've tried to play.

     The puzzles  in Future Wars require imagination to solve.  Experienced
 adventurers will find them to  be  of  medium  difficulty  in  most cases,
 although  a  few  of  them  are  very difficult.   Novices may struggle at
 first, but the easily  managed  interface  will  keep  them  from becoming
 completely frustrated and giving the game up.  The puzzles have a definite
 style and once you catch on  they become  easier to  figure out.  (But not
 easy!)  Interestingly, the typical novice ploy of picking up anything that
 they find will work very well here. (Is that a hint?)

     The visual effects, as I said  earlier, are  excellent.   In this case
 they are essential to the game.  The freedom to move your character anywh-
 ere on the screen and manipulate nearly anything you can  see gives Future
 Wars great  depth and  makes it  very addictive.   This  depth adds to the
 complexity of the game as well.  I should mention that  Future Wars inclu-
 des two arcade "interludes".  Both of these games within the game fit very
 nicely into the plot and add to tension as the story comes to its climax.

 Delphine is actually a French music publishing company so its  no surprise
 that the  soundtrack from  the game is so much better than the usual fare.
 As a matter of fact, Delphine has released  a compact  disc of  all of the
 tracks from the game.  Future Wars is going to become the standard against
 which a whole new breed of adventure  game  will  be  measured.    Even if
 you re a  dyed in the wool text only adventurer this it the game that will
 get you to make the switch  to graphics.   The  new adventurers  that have
 been brought  up on  graphics will  find Future  Wars better than anything
 they ve played yet. 


 > SPECTRE 3.0 STR InfoFile?              "It is VERY close." 

 Courtesy of the Gadgets RT

                                   THE CURRENT "STATUS" OF SPECTRE 3.0

 STACE [RT SysOp]             at 01:20 EDT
     Dave has given the O.K. to go ahead and "divulge"  some of  the "good-
 ies" that  will be  in Spectre  version 3.0.      First of all, as of this
 writing, Spectre version 3.0 is still  in beta  test.   It is  VERY close.
 The remaining  bugs are  few and very minor in nature.  On the other hand,
 the added features are too many to count on both hands and feet!  <grin>

                          IMPORTANT!!  PLEASE!! 
 "STATUS" OF  SPECTRE 3.0.   Spectre  3.0 is  NOT ready is getting
 quite close but telephone calls requesting information about the availabi-
 lity of  version 3.0  will only tie up the valuable time needed to get 3.0
 out the door.  All registered users will be notified via the next issue of
 the  Gadgets  Newsletter  when  Spectre  3.0 is ready to ship. The upgrade
 price to Spectre 3.0 has not been set yet.

 OK...that out of the way, here  are some  of the  "goodies" you  will find
 waiting for you in the next revision of Spectre software!

   * Spectre now supports up to 16 HD partitions

   * The  Spectre "function  key" keyboard  mapping has  been changed as to
     support the added HD partitions as well as  to "standardize" Spectre's
     other various  key functions!  Example:  Color mode Scrunch and Scroll
     modes have been moved to CONTROL-F1 and CONTROL F2.  

   * Alternate-Control-Delete does a Warmboot back into Mac mode
   * Alternate-Control-RightShift-Delete does a coldboot into ST mode

     (You see...standardization was the key word with this release!)

   * Keypad and arrow keys now function the same as a Mac Plus

   * Sound Manager (used in System 6.0+ and HyperCard) now works.
     (HyperCard now has sound!!)
     (Currently, Sound Manager does not work in 832K mode)

   * Serial port advanced control call for setting baud rate works
     (CDC Connect now works)

   * LaserWriter driver now supported
     (Print thru the serial port to a PostScript laser printer!)

   * Spectre code now works with 68020 and 68030 CPUs.

   * Mac mode *Spectre* disk formatting now supported

   * Aladdin format disks now supported

   * DOS Mounter and Apple File Exchange now work
     (Use MS-DOS disks in Mac mode)

   * New HD formatter (now called  OOP  instead  of  ACK)  provides several
     different improvements:

    1) PARAM RAM/CONFIG PAGE settings are saved WITHOUT the need for progr-
       ams like Disk Param INIT

    2) New partition format now works  properly with  Disk First  Aid, Disk
       Express II and Mac HD backup programs

   * MegaTalk option added to the Spectre menu

   * User  selectable vertical  blank interrupt allows support of many MIDI
     programs that rely on screen for timing, etc.

   * Spectre menu page has complete redesign and new layout

   * The Mac's RESTART menu option now works properly

   * System's 6.0.4 and 6.0.5 now work 100% properly

   * Numerous "clean-up" bug fixes to  the Bus  handler and  serial drivers
     allow many problem programs to work.  Grammatik Mac now works. PageMa-
     ker 4.0's print PostScript to disk now works.   Many  HyperCard stacks
     that locked up before now work.

 Well...believe it  or not..there  is more!!   The  README file that accom-
 panies the beta 3.0  release is  9 1/2  single spaced  pages long!!   Hope
 everyone is excited!  <grin>


 > The Flip Side STR Feature?       From a different viewpoint..

                                   A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee

 Are you a GfA Basic user?   Have you been wondering what new upgrades are 
 available or where you can get user support?   Maybe some of these  posts 
 will answer your questions.


 I  was  contacted  today  by  the  GFA  gebruikersgroep  (GFAgg)  of  the 
 Netherlands.  What  a fantastic setup they have!  They publish a  _thick_ 
 bimonthly  newsletter (60 pages!) filled with programming tips  and  code 
 samples.  They  have their own pd and low-cost commercial  library  which 
 generates funds for the group. They supply educational software developed 
 by  members to some 600 schools.   They have between 600 and  700  active 

 Write (English works for me) to:
    Lou Meijers
    Frankrijklaan 14
    2034 BA Haarlem

 For the really adventurous, the telephone number is 011 31 23 336 946.  I 
 haven't tried that, so I don't know if Lou answers it.  Lou and two other 
 group members have called me and they've all had excellent English skills 
 so we have not needed to stumble around in Dutch or German.  Their  news-
 letter is in Dutch though.  Their software is largely in Dutch,  but  not 
 exclusively so.  (From Dorthy Brumleve - Genie)


 The GFA Basic update "kits" are on their way (from England).  They should 
 be in within 2 to 3 weeks (NOTE:  this was posted in July). It looks like 
 update pricing will be in the $15-$25 range. The update (so far) includes 
 replacement disks,  and a 30 page manual addendum.  (From Bill Rehbock  - 


 I recently had an opportunity to tour the local Radius facilities  (NOTE: 
 a  monitor manufacturer).   One of the things that I got out of the  tour 
 was  confirmation that turning a monitor on and off is one of the way  to 
 wear them out the fastest.

 Before they release a monitor,  they test it on a line that powers it  on 
 and off for an equivalent of a years' daily switching.   I asked them why 
 and they told me that surges produced during the switching on process  is 
 the hardest on a monitor.   If it's going to fail early, it's usually due 
 to these surges.

 I have always left my own monitors on continually,  just turned down  the 
 brightness or used a black screen blanker.  The ones on the old Atari BBS 
 where  I used to sysop,  ran for at least a couple of years,  24  hrs/day 
 without  a  single  problem.  On the other hand I know  of  several  mono 
 monitors  which  are  turned off when not in use  that  have  died  after 
 seemingly  short periods of time.   (From Dave Flory,  sysop on  GEnie  - 
 slightly edited for easier readability)


 Does  anyone know if I can swap a 12 mhz 68000 chip for the 8  mhz  68000 
 chip in my Ste and if so, will it improve the speed of the STe at all.  I 
 know both chips have the same # of pins.  Also the 12 mhz 68000 is cheap, 
 I've seen them selling for $20.  (Peter Greci - CIS)

 Sorry,  but putting in a 12Mhz chip won't speed anything up.  The "12Mhz" 
 is  the  speed rating.  External clock signals (which are fixed  in  most 
 computers) decide the actual running speed.  Figure it like this: it'd be 
 like putting 120MPH tires on a car which runs at 80MPH.  Unless you speed 
 up   the car itself,  putting faster rated tires on it won't do  anything.

 (From Kevin Darling - CIS)


 I  have a Mega 2 rev 1.0 and on occasion (once every six months) it  will 
 stop booting.  I get a put..put sound and the power light on the keyboard 
 flashes in time with the sound. When the power is turned off the put..put 
 rate  decreases until the power is totally off.  I have been able to  get 
 the  system back up and running by opening up everything and  putting  it 
 back  together.  That's  right,  no repair,  just  dis-assembly  and  re-
 assembly.  (From Joe Meehan - Genie)

 That's  a  classic  heat related problem.  I'd  check  the  power  supply 
 connections and make sure they're tight and not corroded.  Also, sometime 
 when this happens, try using a blow-dryer to heat up the power supply - I 
 bet  the machine will come on as soon as it's warm  enough.   (From  Doug 
 Williams - Genie)

 We have had exactly the same thing happen on two machines.  In both cases 
 it  was a simple matter of replacing the capacitors in the power  supply. 
 The symptoms are as you described;  the machine goes "put-put" from being 
 reset repeatedly due to the lack of power.  As the power supply warms  up 
 from being turned on awhile,  the "putting" decreases to the point  where 
 the machine actually runs continually.  Of course,  the problem will  get 
 steadily worse unless you replace the caps.  Give Best a call (NOTE: Best 
 Electronics),  they will send you a complete set of them.   (From Gribnif 
 Software  - Genie)

 Thanks for the information about my power supply.  I had guessed that  it 
 was power supply related,  I just was not thinking about being too  cold. 
 The  hairdryer worked and I am planing to tear it down this  weekend  and 
 check  and clean all the power supply connections.   (From Joe  Meehan  - 


 Until next week....


 > HYPERLINK STR FOCUS?            "...a major new application"

     JMG Software International, located in Hamilton,  Ontario (Caada) and
 Niagara Falls,  NY (US),  announces development  and pending  release of a
 significant new product for the Atari ST market.

     This  product  is  called  >HyperLINK<,  and  represents  a  major new
 application  combining  hypertext  features  with graphics, sound and data
 manipulation.  HyperLINK actually  has  many  different  facets, depending
 upon the  user's requirements.  It can function as a hypertext controller,
 or a database  system  combining  relational  features  with  graphics and
 object support,  or a  front-end for  special hardware  devices.  But much
 more importantly, it can generate "HyperLINK Applications", self-contained
 programs that can be any combination of the above.

     HyperLINK is  scheduled for  full release by Fall COMDEX, in November;
 shipments of a subset of the full Hyperlink system may  start as  early as
 the German  Atari Fair at Duesseldorf in August, with free upgrades to the
 full system by November.

     JMG Software encourages interested people to contact us  if interested
 in  being  entered  onto  our  HyperLINK  mailing  list;  in addition, any
 questions, comments and especially suggestions are encouraged.

 Please forward any comments/suggestions, etc. to GEmail address G.GECZY1.

     A sample HyperLINK application  will be  uploaded to  Genie within the
 next few  weeks to  give some feel as to the power and versatility of this

                      JMG Software International Inc,
          Canada: 801 Mohawk Road West, Hamilton, Ontario L9C 6C2
                US: 2201 Pine Ave, Niagara Falls, NY 14301
                         Voice Phone: 416-575-2867
                             Fax: 416-575-0283

                                        - George Geczy, President.

     The following is a more  detailed  description  of  this  powerful new
     Atari ST product:


 What is HyperLINK?

     HyperLINK can  be viewed as quite a number of things.  Most simply, it
 is  a  managing  program   for  any   (reasonable)  number   of  HyperLINK
 Applications and Modules.

     A HyperLINK  Application can  be something  as simple as a flat filing
 system, or as complex as a mini word processor or relational database.

     A  HyperLINK  Module  is  more  of  a  "tool",  for  use  by HyperLINK
 Applications in  manipulating or  collecting data, or controlling external
 devices or actions.  A simple example of a HyperLINK  Module is  a routine
 to convert graphics for display in a database Application, or a driver for
 a CD-ROM or Laserdisk, as well as sound, music, and speech Modules.

     The true power of HyperLINK lies  in its  Hypertext-like capabilities.
 Hypertext is  a system (or theory) developed mostly in 1970's that aspires
 to replace normal, linear text with smaller text  topics "linked"  to each
 other.   This system  can be applied beyond simply text to encompass data,
 graphics, sound,  and  external  control  as  well  (these  days,  this is
 popularly called Multi-media).

 An example of Hypertext

     As a  simple example of Hypertext, imagine a file listing software for
 the  ST.    In  the  title  page,  you  select  the   heading  "Multimedia
 Applications", and  a list  of available multimedia programs is displayed,
 possibly with  some information  on multimedia  programs in  general.  You
 then  select  HyperLINK  from  this  list,  and  a  page of information on
 HyperLINK is displayed.  If it  were a  very comprehensive  file, it might
 even let  you select  topics like  "hypertext" and  "database" and look up
 general definitions or explanations.  Or, from the  HyperLINK description,
 you  could  select  JMG  Software's  name  and  be shown a list of all the
 applications we develop and general information about us.

     (To take things one step further, under our company listing  you could
     select "ST  Software" as being our specialty, and that link could take
     you right back to the table of contents of the  ST software  guide - a
     complete circle.  That's the fun of hypertext.)

 An example of HyperLINK

     One of  the simplest examples is the Message/Address/Calendar Applica-
 tion set developed for  HyperLINK.   The phone  Message App  lets you take
 standard phone  messages, enter  them on a graphics-based screen and store
 them in a database.  But then, to call up  information on  a company  or a
 person named  in that  message, just click on the name and it will display
 the Address book form with any  information  available.    Then  you could
 click on  the Appointments  link and it would display on the Calendar form
 any appointments made with that person.   You  could then  zoom in  on one
 particular  day's  schedule,  and  even  go look at the Address or Message
 record of someone else from that day.

     Another example developed is a "Music Sampler", which uses a HyperLINK
 module to  control the  Atari CDAR  CD-ROM Player  in music mode. It would
 display a list of CD's on which data  has been  entered, and  let you pick
 one to  sample.   Assuming you put the correct CD into the drive, it would
 give a list of all tracks on the CD, and from it's database provide infor-
 mation on  each track.   You  could then  call up  an extended information
 screen on that track, providing some history or information, or  you could
 call up  text on  the composer/artist  or author (with picture of course).
 All while having the computer play the requested selection for you.

 HyperLINK capabilities

     HyperLINK can create links between any  sort of  data (one Application
 to another) and Modules. All you have to define is how to do the link, and
 HyperLINK will do the rest.  For instance, Hyperlink has  a build-in dBASE
 compatible database manager.  It automatically knows how to look up a name
 found in one database from another, you just tell it  what fields  to use.
 For  more   involved  links,  you  can  include  custom  modules  for  the
 application.  An assortment  of such  modules is  provided with HyperLINK,
 and any  others can  be added at any time (i.e. programmed in C and loaded
 into HyperLINK with it's Module-load feature).

     Each Application is provided its own windows for its forms,  so a full
 history of  links can  be present  on the screen at the same time, and you
 can effectively edit all  the data  displayed at  the same  time. A single
 application (i.e.  the Message App) can have multiple windows displayed at
 one time as well (making this the first ST program  to use  the "cluttered
 desktop" metaphor).

 Some Specs:

   - Fully dBASE III / dBASE IV compatible database manager included.

   - Support  for Moniterm  and other special monitors; support planned for
     all TT graphics and colour capabilities.

   - Custom windowing feature allows greater than 7 windows active.

   - "Launch" feature to run other programs from within HyperLINK; includes
     parameter passing and clipboard  use if  the destination  program sup-
     ports it.

   - dBASE  data support,  Text Support,  Graphics Support, Digitized Sound
     Support, Speech Support, and HyperLINK Module Support all as standard.

   - Document hypertext capability  standard, allowing  use of  existing or
     new  text  files  as  hypertext  documents or HyperLINK control forms.
     (i.e. link text to text, text to graphics,  or text  to another Hyper-
     LINK form, Application, or Module.)

   - Ability  to actively  link two computers together to share information
     in real-time.  (via Serial or MIDI ports).

   - Support Modules for Atari's CDAR-504 CD-ROM player also included.

   - "HyperLINK Module Protocol"  will  be  published  and  distributed via
     public  domain  to  allow  third  parties and experienced end users to
     create  HyperLINK  Modules  for  special  purposes.    (Use  of custom
     HyperLINK  Modules  will  effectively  allow  virtually anything to be
     linked to anything.)

   - Allows compiling "HyperLINK  Applications"  into  stand-alone programs
     that may be distributed either commercially or public-domain.

   - To  be distributed with sample HyperLINK Applications:  Message, Phone
     List, Address Book, Calandar  and  To-Do;  Document  Hypertext Sample;
     Database/Graphics/CD-ROM Sample.

                     The possibilities are endless....

     HyperLINK specifications are Copyright (C) 1990, George Geczy and
                  David Thompson, JMG Software Int'l Inc.


 > NE AtariFest! STR SHOW NEWS?

                   //////NEW ENGLAND ATARIFEST '90\\\\\\

 Scheduled to attend:

 Atari  Corp.                In the personage of Bob Brodie, and anyone (or
                    anything) he may  bring  along  with  him.  Bob  may be
                    hosting  a  seminar,  or  at  least one of his infamous
                    question-and-answer sessions.

 BCS/Atari             The Boston  Computer Society's  Atari Group  will be
                    there, and  why shouldn't they? Not only is the BCS the
                    world's largest  computer interest  group, they're also
                    sponsoring this event.

 Bit Bucket             The oldest surviving Atari dealer in Massachusetts,
                    with locations in  West  Newton  and  Sudbury.  The Bit
                    Bucket  will  have  a  massive booth for the AtariFest,
                    featuring software and hardware.  The Bucket  is also a
                    Roland authorized  dealer, so don't be surprised if the
                    booth has a strong musical bent to it.

 Computer Zone       A  dealer,  from  North  Attleboro,  MA.  Bob  will be
                    bringing  a  wide  variety  of  software, magazines and
                    other goodies.

 Fast Technology    Jim  Allen, everyone's  favorite jovial  techie will be
                    there, fresh  from his sojourn to Germany. Turbo16s and
                    friendly tech-talk are expected  in  abundance.  Jim is
                    tentatively scheduled  to host a seminar. More  details
                    as they become available.

 Granite Computers  Hard  Drives  and  modems  for  every  occasion  is the
                    specialty  of  this  company  from  out neighbor to the
                    north: New Hampshire (did you think I meant Canada?).

 Gribnif Software   Those wild  'n  crazy  desktop  crusaders  from Western
                    Mass. will  be on  hand, undoubtedly with a good supply
                    of NeoDesk 3: The Ultimate Desktop.

 Chor-Ming Lung       The author  of Sheet,  a commercial-quality shareware
                    spreadsheet. Sheet  has been  called "The most powerful
                    PD spreadsheet bar none" (ATARI ST USER magazine).

 NAACC                 North Attleboro  Atari Computer  Club. A  user group
                    based in  North Attleboro (you never would have guessed
                    THAT, right?), MA.

 NaVAUS             The Nashoba Valley  Atari Users  Society, a  user group
                    from Massachusetts' Nashoba Valley (of course). Former-
                    ly known as ABACUS (Acton-Boxboro Atari  Computer Users

 Nevin Shalit          ST INFORMER's "Rumor City" columnist will be on hand
                    for the 'Fest. Nevin  may  bring  along  copies  of his
                    mail-merge/person-tracking  utility,  Tracker/ST. Nevin
                    is tentatively scheduled to  host a  seminar, either on
                    Color DTP  with PageStream,  or on Tracker/ST, or maybe

 SSAG               South Shore Atari Group. A user group  that began South
                    of  Boston,  but  whose  membership  has since grown to
                    represent virtually the entire Greater Boston  area, as
                    well as  portions of  the NORTH Shore, and Southern New

 Syntronics           The  only Atari  dealer physically  located in Boston
                    proper.  John  K.  carries  the full line, and is well-
                    versed in the musical aspects of the Atari Experience.

 TidBit Software    Jeff Lomicka, author of The  GOOD Backup  Utility, will
                    be on  hand to  discuss, well, "good" backup practices,
                    and I'm sure he'll  be more  than happy  to show  you a
                    certain utility  that makes  "good" backups practically
                    second nature.

      Things are shaping up nicely...I DO hope you'll  be able  to join us!
 Remember  the  date:  October  27,  1990,  from  9:00am  to 4:00pm, at the
 University of  Massachusetts (Harbor  Campus), Boston.  See the previously
 uploaded  announcement  (NEA_ANNC.ARC,  file  #16141) for more details, or
 pursue the following options:

      GEnie:  Send E-mail to D.ANDERSON22 or check Cat 11 Topic 20 in the
              ST RoundTable.

      DELPHI: Send E-mail to DPJ or NORMAN238, or check the SSAG area on

      BCS/Atari BBS: (617) 396-4607. 300/1200/2400/9600 baud, 24 hours.

      Write to:  New England AtariFest '90
                 c/o The Boston Computer Society
                 One Center Plaza
                 Boston, MA 02108




 - Sunnyvale, CA.                                ATARI ENGINEERING TO MOVE!

     Last Friday, the entire production engineering group at Atari was laid
 off.   It seems  they are  moving the group to Styra in Dallas.  Also, the
 second longest original Atari employee was terminated, John  Hinmanwho was
 terminated.   The longest,  Lane Winner left last year.  Let's see, of old
 timers left, there's Diana and John Skrutch, both very well  liked.  Rumor
 has  it  that  a  MAJOR  midwest  Atari dealer is SUPER upset with Atari's
 dealer service people.  Apparently, this  fine dealer  cannot seem  to get
 any satisfaction.  Our snoop tells us there is more to come on this one.

 - Los Angeles, CA.                   SUPERCHARGER READY FOR GLENDALE SHOW!

     The new  1.4 version  of SuperCharger  Software should be Available by
 the end of this month.  We  are  mailing  out  notices  to  all registered
 SuperCharger users now.  If you would like to order the new 1.4 version of
 SuperCharger Software please call  Ashley Miller  at (619)  792-6511.  The
 new software will allow "Real Time" program switching between the Atari ST
 and SuperCharger (no more re-setting your ST when using the "Hot Key".  If
 you have more then one SuperCharger, you can "multitask" between them.

     The new  version of software runs as an accessory.  More documentation
 for Programers.  Includes a new manual and 3 new floppy disks.   The price
 is $29.95, Shipping and Handling are included.

 Tech Stuff

     If you  are using a 5 1/4 floppy drive with SuperCharger make sure you
 set the SC_INST.TOS for 6ms seek rate for an external 5 1/4  floppy drive.
 IF you don't you will be able to read the directory but not run any progr-
 ams. To prevent any  damage to  files on  your hard  drive or  floppy disk
 always  leave  SuperCharger  on  when  your  computer is on.  If you using
 NUMBER LOCK (key pad) the arrow keys will not work.  Try  holding down the
 left shift  key and  the desired  arrow key  at the  same time.  This will
 allow you to use the key pad and arrow keys in most cases.

     We will be Attending the "HACKS" Atari show in Glendale Ca..   This is
 sounding like  it might  be a great show!  So, if you can make plans to be
 there, you won't be sorry.

                                    >Richard Betson
                                    >Talon Technology Inc.


     Nintendo, famous for their game machines, has indirectly made it known
 that they  have an  extremely low priced home PC computer product planned.
 Apparently, according to our reports, this device will be a  32bit machine
 manufactured and  sold by  Nintendo.  Nintendo seems to be approaching the
 sales and promotion of this machine  using the  'power without  the price'
 adage.    It  will  be  interesting  to  see if they do indeed pursue this
 marketplace and succeed.  If such  is  the  case,  then  the  game machine
 image premise  is not  the detrimental  force it  has been  thought to be.
 More than likely, the  premise of  anemic advertising  will prove  to have
 been  the  negative  force  for  those  companies  who  seem  to refuse to
 advertise their products properly.

 - Peterborough, UK        PROTEXT V5.0 ANNOUNCED FOR PC, AMIGA & ATARI ST!

     Arnor Software has announced that a major revision of its Protext word
 processing software  will be  launched in  August. Version  5.0 of Protext
 will, said the company, be available for the PC, Commodore Amiga and Atari
 ST computers. 

 Among the  new features  of ver.  5.0 of  Protext include a pull-down menu
 interface.  A new tutorial has been written.  
 Other new features include: 

   Enhanced printing capabilities   Multi-file (36 files maximum) editing
   Multi-graphics mode support      132 columns, 75 lines on the PC
                       A 116,000 word spell checker.

 Other language spelling checkers are also available.  Protext v5.0  on the
 Amiga requires 1MB of RAM.  On the Atari ST, STe and TT series, as well as
 the IBM PC and close compatibles, 512K of RAM is required. 

 - Markham, Ont. Can.                        CALAMUS 1.09N.. NOW AVAILABLE!
     Calamus 1.09N is now available for release.  For the  very first time,
 since December  1988, there will be a small charge to update, US $29.95 or
 $34.95 CDN. Visa, Mastercard or Money Orders only.  Further, ISD is making
 available another  clip art  library than's  quite good.   Again, it's GEM
 Metafiles.  This is a totally new library, it's called  library #3  has an
 excellent selection.   It  includes well  over 300  files and will cost US
 $49.95 or $59.95 CDN.  The price is excellent value for this library.

                            ISD Marketing Inc.
                         2651 John street, Unit #3
                             Markham, Ontario
                              Canada, L3R 2W5
                            Tel: 1-416-479-1880
                            Fax: 1-416-479-1882


 > SEURAT 2 STR InfoFile?              VERSION 2.0 is a POWER TOOL

   =================                                =====================
     PRESS RELEASE                                  SKWare One PO Box 277
    August 30, 1990                                 Bunker Hill, IL 62014
   =================                                =====================


                            SEURAT VERSION 2.0


   * Create  and  Edit  Degas,  MacPaint  and  GEM  IMG  files  (any size!)
     Largest workspace  onto IMG's  of ANY program! (reqs. mono mon.)  Now,
     you can use the full resources of SEURAT to create and edit images for
     your Desktop  Publishing, using powerful raster tools and working in a
     familiar Paint Program environment!  Enjoy the best of both worlds!

   * THE FASTEST Multi-Ratio Zoom (2X to 8X) there is  for the  ST!  SEURAT
     Vers. 2.0  is 121  times faster  than Vers.  1.0 and  TWICE as fast as

   * System, Degas and GDOS fonts  on-line for  text (with  no GDOS.PRG re-
     quired!)  You can Scale, Style, Color and Rotate Text!

   * Automatic Smooth-Curve Spline Drawing Tools! Let your ST draw for you!

   * EIGHT Image Buffers available on a 1-Meg ST!

   * SlowMouse! Variable-Speed mouse makes Drawing Easier!

   * Anti-Alias (and it's goof-proof)! Powerful  Palette Editor  with video
     like color controls! Modify whole palettes with a single mouse stroke!

   * Loads and Saves Compressed & Uncompressed Degas, MacPaint, and GEM IMG
     files; IFF (Degas) and GFA blocks; fill, brush and palette files.

   * There's also 11 block shapers & twisters  to modify  image blocks (now
     full-screen, too);  92 color  & mono fill patterns; 42 brushes  inclu-
     ding user-defined and multi-colored; 4 graphic write modes &  21 block
     & mask  write modes;  circle, ellipse  & filled disc in free, repeat &
     concentric modes; round- & square-cornered rectangles  & solids; rays;
     airbrush;  clear-circle  &  clear-box;  vertical,  horizon- tal & free
     lines; polylines & polygons in line-edge or spline-curve;  area & seed
     fill;  user-set  clipping  ("invisible windows"); color remap; mirror;
     screen shift, flip, invert & rotate;  fill editor;  brush editor; line
     editor; gobs of great disk utilities; and a hundred or so other featu-
     res there's no room to mention...  whew!

   * INDISPENSIBLE for GEM IMG graphics for your Desktop Publishing!   More
     graphic tools  and operations for creating and editing .IMG files than
     ANY OTHER PROGRAM (no matter how much it costs)!

   * DON'T BE FOOLED by SEURAT's low price!   VERSION  2.0 is  a POWER TOOL
     that out-performs the "big-name" programs!


                 Now, for a limited time, you can purchase

                            SEURAT VERSION 2.0

                 at a special, pre-mass-distribution price

                               ONLY $25.00!

           Two-disk set, with 30,000-word User's Manual on-disk;
                  includes BOTH Color AND Mono Programs!
                (Requires 1-Meg ST with doublesided drive)

                         MasterCard/VISA accepted

         SKWare One / P. O. Box 277 / Bunker Hill, Illinois 62014


 > Hard Disks STR InfoFile?             Affordable Mass Storage....

                      NEW LOW PRICES! & MORE MODELS!!

                      ABCO COMPUTER ELECTRONICS INC.
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT
   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).
                 (you are NOT limited to two drives ONLY!)
                   (all cables and connectors installed)

                           Conventional Shoe Box
            Model        Description      Autopark       Price
            SGN4951      51Mb 28ms   3.5"    Y          519.00
            SGN6177      62Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          619.00
            SGN1096      85Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          649.00
            SGN6277     120Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          889.00
            SGN1296     168Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y         1069.00
            SGN4077     230Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y         1669.00


         20mb #AI020SC   379.95              30mb #AIO3OSC   419.95
         50mb #AI050SC   449.95              65mb #AI065SC   499.95
                           85mb #AI085SC  $559.95
                        MEGA ST Internal Hard Drives

                      (500 - 600k per sec @ 23 -33ms)

                         FROM 30mb 28MS @ $419.00!
                      Ask about our "REBATE SPECIALS"




       * SYQUEST 44MB (#555)>> ABCO "44" << REMOVABLE MEDIA DRIVE *

          - ICD Utility Software        - 3' DMA Cable 
          - Fan & Clock                 - Multi-Unit Power Supply
                          (1) 44 MB Syquest Cart.

                 --->> SPECIAL NOW ONLY __$719.00__ <<---

                      *** SPECIAL SYQUEST OFFER!! ***
                       ***** for $50.00 LESS! *****

                       SPECIALLY PRICED ** $1339.00 **

         - Syquest 44 Model [555] and the following hard drives -
          50mb SQG51   $1079.00           30mb SQG38    $1039.00
          65mb SQG09   $1119.00           85mb SQG96    $1129.00
           Listed above are a sampling of the systems available.
      Prices also reflect various cabinet/power supply configurations
    (over sixty configurations are available, flexibility is unlimited)
            *** ALL Units: Average Access Time: 24ms - 34ms ***

             LARGER units are available - (special order only)

                        NO REPACKS OR REFURBS USED!

       - Custom Walnut WOODEN Cabinets - TOWER - AT - XT Cabinets -
                   Keyboard Custom Cables Call for Info
                      ALL POWER SUPPLIES UL APPROVED

                       -* 12 month FULL Guarantee *-
                         (A FULL YEAR of COVERAGE)


                     DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS WANTED!
                         please, call for details

                 Personal and Company Checks are accepted.

                        ORDER YOUR NEW UNIT TODAY!

           CALL: 1-800-562-4037   -=**=-    CALL: 1-904-783-3319
           Customer Orders ONLY               Customer Service
                                9am - 8pm EDT
                                Tues thru Sat


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      To sign up for GEnie service: Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.

               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                         Wait for the U#= prompt.

                 Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

                       **** SIGN UP FEE WAIVED ****

           The system will now prompt you for your information.


 > A "Quotable Quote"?

                        "EVERY KNOCK IS A BOOST!!"

                                             by Max Knockworst

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