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                       Z*Net Atari Online Magazine
               July 20, 1990   Volume 5  No. 29  Issue: 529
 (c=) 1990 by Rovac Industries,  PO Box 59,  Middlesex, New Jersey 08846
  BBS 201-968-8148 * CIS 71777,2140 * Cleveland Free-Net * GEnie Z-NET
 Staff: Ron Kovacs, John Nagy, Alice Amore, Jon Clarke, Bruce Hansford,
 Robert Ford, Mark Quinn, John King Tarpinian, Bruce Kennedy, Eric Gove,
 Terry Schreiber and Michael Shutz - German Newswire Editor

 - THIS WEEK..................................................Ron Kovacs
 - Z*NET NEWSWIRE.......................................................
 - Z*NET GERMANY NEWSWIRE..................................Michael Shutz
 - MINI ATARI EXPOSITION.............................................CFN
 - HARDWARE FOR CHILDREN OF WAR............................Joyce Brabner
 - QUALITY BAGS FOR THE ATARI ST...........................Press Release
 - REVOLUTIONARY CONCEPTS..................................Donald Thomas
 - ROLAND DESKTOP MUSIC SYSTEM...........................Terry Schreiber
 - PD/SHAREWARE STOP..........................................Mark Quinn
 - AUTOBYTES PORTFOLIO PRODUCTS............................Press Release
                                THIS WEEK
                              by RON KOVACS

 With the burning heat of summer here, vacations are being taken by
 almost everyone everywhere.  The amount of news is down along with the
 size of our issues, instead of publishing already released information
 in Z*Net, we are decreasing the size.  Please refer to our already
 released Index issues for contents and information in previously
 released Z*Net Online Magazines.
 Our staff is also ready for a vacation, so regular columns will be
 sporatic until September.  There will be weekly editions!
 This week, Michael Shutz of the German publication, PD Journal, has
 translated news from the publication for Z*Net Online.  From time to
 time, we hope to have more information from the German Atari community. 

                              Z*NET NEWSWIRE

 ~  CHARLES ~   In a move that left some developers stunned, Charles
 ~  CHERRY  ~   Cherry resigned from Atari Corporation this week.
 ~  LEAVES  ~   Charles was the "TOS Evangelist", and he formed the
 ~  ATARI   ~   the current developer support program including
                "Softsource" which has yet to debut publicly.  He gave
                his notice July 12, and left Atari on Tuesday, July 17.
                Cherry joined Atari last fall, leaving ANTIC SOFTWARE to
                be part of the new corporate support of developers and
                dealers under Antonio Salerno.  He now goes on to a very
                attractive consulting job that requires immediate
                attention.  Charles says that he holds no grudge or bad
                feelings for Atari, and has actively participated in
                encouragement of the candidates Antonio and he have been
                recruiting for the developer support openings at Atari.
                Charles told Z*Net that he knew he had accomplished a lot
                while at Atari, and although he had hoped for more and
                sooner, he was encouraged by the accolades and
                participation of many developers since Charles took over.
                Names of potential replacement staff members have not
                been publicly discussed.  Antonio Salerno said...
 "By now, you may have heard that Charles Cherry has left Atari
 Corporation.  Charles have left to pursue an opportunity to be a
 consultant, and Atari Corp. wishes him our very best for his continued
 success in his career."
 "For both Atari Corp. and myself, I wish to re-affirm to all of our
 developers that this does not affect our commitment to you."
 "We are actively interviewing candidates to assume Charles' duties.
 Indeed, we will be adding more personnel so that we can do an even
 better job of responding to your needs.  While the loss of Charles does
 mean that there will be a delay in the upcoming edition of the developer
 newsletter, we will be back up to speed next month."
 "The developer support program continues to enjoy the full support of
 Atari Corp. and plans that have been announced, which Charles helped
 implement, will be brought forth just as soon as we can."
 "In the interim, please feel free to contact Gail Johnson, J. Patton,
 Dan McNamee or Antonio Salerno with any of your concerns."

 Antonio P. Salerno

 ~  ATARI   ~   Concurrent with the arrival of Elie Kenan to take over
 ~  WORLD   ~   Atari USA, Canada and France this last Monday, everyone
 ~ CONCLAVE ~   who is anyone in the entire international family of Atari
                Corporations convened in Sunnyvale, California this week.
                Each day was dedicated to reporting, review, and
                reorganization of a different part of the global
                operation.  Thursday was the day for Atari USA, and the
                results are significantly readjusted duties, titles, and
                responsibilities of many top officials.  Our list is not
                complete and has not been confirmed from within Atari at
                press time, but we hope to have a complete lineup and
                summary in next week's Z*NET.
 ~    NEW   ~   Z*Net joins the many well wishers who congratulate
 ~  TRAMIEL ~   Leonard Tramiel and wife on the birth of a new son,
 ~          ~   MICHAEL OLIVER TRAMIEL, last Saturday, July 14.
 ~  CHANGES ~   ST JOURNAL, the newest glossy magazine for the Atari
 ~    AT    ~   market, has released their second issue and announced
 ~    ST    ~   new subscription rates.  The "SUMMER" issue will be on
 ~  JOURNAL ~   newsstands this weekend, and the magazine is planned to
                go monthly this fall.  Those who already subscribed at
                the $29.95 rate publicized earlier will get 12 issues for
                their money, and new subscribers can decide whether they
                want 6 issues for $20 or 12 for $34.95.  Cover price is
                $4.50.  The new issue has articles from Jim Allen, David
                Plotkin, John Nagy, and many others, and includes in-
                depth cross-comparisons of desktop alternatives AND of PC
                emulators.  Plus, as always, there is lots of news and
                new product information, MIDI coverage, feature articles,
                and the Z*NET NEWSWIRE section fills out the issue.
                Publisher Steve Lesh says that the first issue was an
                instant sellout at 10,000 copies, and that this issue
                will again be 10,000.  However, major promotion to the
                magazine distribution companies will result in wider
                availability... but that there will in fact be fewer US
                copies as international distribution is beginning.  Look
                for larger press runs starting with issue #3, as readers
                and dealers get used to looking for ST JOURNAL.  Contact
                Quill Publications, 113 West College Street, Covina, CA
                91723, (818) 332-0372.

 ~   NEW    ~   Atari now has an LCD screen for use with overhead
 ~  ATARI   ~   projectors, allowing projecting the computer output on
 ~ PRODUCTS ~   any classroom for meeting room wall or screen.  A window
                like unit, it sits directly on any standard overhead
                projector.  Manufactured for Atari by nView Corp of
                Newport News, Virginia, and similar to their own
                VEIWFRAME II+2, the Atari projection screen unit has high
                contrast and grey scales, and 640 x 400 resolution when
                plugged directly into an Atari ST or MEGA computer.  "Y"
                cables enable use of a regular monitor while projecting
                with the new LCD device.  The unit has already been used
                at internal Atari events, and will be available at retail
                almost immediately.  Another new product being built for
                Atari is a MOUSETRAC, sort of a hybrid trackball built by
                SUNCOM of Niles, Illinois, for release under the Atari
                brand name.  Some observers have said to expect this to
                be bundled with the new TT computer to help the overall
                "workstation" feel of the 68030 based computer, expected
                to be released within the next two months.

 ~   LYNX   ~   A look at any advertisement from Atari in the last few
 ~  UPDATE  ~   months and you would wonder if they sold computers.
 ~          ~   Atari has been concentrating it's advertising dollars
                into the hand-held market.  Atari announced the following
                titles soon to be available for the Lynx game system. 

                SCRAPYARD DOG    TURBO SUB             BASKETBRAWL
                BLOCKOUT         PAC-LAND              PINBALL SHUFFLE
                PAPERBOY         XENOPHOBE             KLAX
                SLIMEWORLD       ROAD BLASTERS         3 D BARRAGE
                RAMPAGE          MERCENARY             ZARLOR
                KYGAR            A.P.B.                WORLDCUP SOCCER
                NFL SUPERBOWL    VINDICATORS           720
                STUNRUNNER       LYNX CASINO           XYBOTS

                Many of these titles will be available in the next few
                months, some in weeks.

 ~   NEW    ~   Epson has announced a new ink jet printer that provides
 ~  EPSON   ~   high resolution output for large paper formats of 11x17.
 ~ PRINTER  ~   The EPI-4000 printer uses 64-nozzle ink jet technology to
                produce 300 by 300 dots-per-inch resolution on a variety
                of plain paper types.  The unit prints up to two pages
                per minute in draft mode, and is compatible with software
                written for the HP LaserJet and Epson FX and LQ models.
                The suggested retail price is $1,999.

                             GERMANY NEWSWIRE
                         Edited by Michael Shutz

 Atari Fair
 Aug 24 - Aug 26, 1990
 Dsseldorf, West Germany
 On August 24th til 26th Atari invites its fans for the annual Atari fair
 in West Germany.  During those three days the European Atari Soft - and
 Hardware elite will gather in Dsseldorf to show off the newest paint
 program or the fastest wordprocessor.  A new visitor record is expected
 for this years fair, last year 45,000 people came to Dsseldorf and this
 year the figure will easily rise above 50,000, especially since now for
 the first time many visitors from the Eastern Europe countries will be
 able to attend.
 Besides more visitors this years show will also see more vendors.  As a
 result of this development the show will be switched to two different
 halls on the Dsseldorf fairground.  The size of the fair is increased
 by 50% compared to last year.
 On an area of 200 qm one of the big issues at this years fair will be:
 Atari Computers in education and science.  Numerous German universities
 and technical schools will present their projects while teachers will
 demonstrate the usage of computers within the educational system.
 Another main feature will be DTP.
 There will be a 400-500 qm DTP-booth at the show, where the production
 of a magazine can be viewed by the visitors.  From the writing of the
 articles, through layout, page development, creation of the print films
 up to the printing of the magazine at a real printing press.
 The most crowded booth in Dsseldorf, as with every year, will be the 
 main booth of Atari Germany itself.  To see and to be seen will be the
 Motto here once again.  In the centre of the attention will be the Atari
 TT and the ATW transputer workstation.  The Portfolio and the Lynx will
 naturally be shown too.
 Other areas covered by the show will be MIDI-demonstrations, workshops,
 public discussions for example about computers in East Germany, women
 and computers and education.
 Novell - workbook I and II for SFT NetWare 2.1x
 The new versions of both books were written for users, that intend to
 use their networks under SFT Advanced NetWare 2.1x and who need a
 precise German manual.  The books contain all, in all the same
 information as the 13 original english NetWare-Manuals.  Due to
 didactical reasons they were merged into 20 chapters.
 Book I contains the first ten chapters and deals mainly with the
 installation and the usage of Netware with the File-Server, with the
 installation of bridges and the creation of shells for the workstations.
 Book II contains the chapters 11 to 20 and deals mainly with the user
 interface of NetWare, with the installtion of users and the data
 structure.  All commands are documented in this part of the book.
 In these new versions of the books the authors not only made the
 material more understandable but they also added new topics such as
 Ethernet-topology, Ethernet-hardware, Bridge-technoilogy, OS/2 Requester
 Volume I,  ISBN 3-7785-1940-9, DM 98
 Volume II, ISBN 3-7785-1941-7, DM 98
 Hthig Buch Verlag GmbH
 Postfach 102640
 6900 Heidelberg, tel. 06221/489-250
 The programming language Hnisch Modula is now available as Version HM
 plus 3.1.  This Modula-2 development system will be offered in two
 versions (Junior version for DM 298.- and Profesionel version for DM
 770.-).  The main difference between both versions lies within scope of
 delivery and the license-requirements.
 Obermarkterstr. 72
 4600 Dortmund 30, tel.: 0231/486460
 New vector-graphic fonts for Calamus are now available from the company
 W.Wohlsttter and J.Ohst EDV GbR.  The fonts are not secured through an
 own serial number and can possibly to this fact be used with different
 versions of Calamus, which is very important for exposure-services.  The
 fonts retail for a price of DM 29.-, discount rates are available by
 large quantity orders.
 Jutta Ohst
 Nelkenstr. 2
 4053 Jchen 2 Tel.: 02164/7898
 Werner Wohlfahrtssttter
 Irenenstr. 76c
 4000 Dsseldorf Tel.: 0211/429876
 The well established modem-manufacturer BEST Communications now has a
 new partner in Germany.  From April 1st, 1990 on Point Computer GmbH
 from Munich will be the exclusive distributor for the Southern part of
 Germany.  BEST Communications succesfully entered the European market in
 1987 with its 1200 Baud modem series.  Due to popular demand the company
 soon rounded up their product sortiment with several 2400 modems.  The
 top model was until recently the MNP5 that reached transfer rates of
 almost 4.600 bps due to the usage of Microcom-own data compression
 technics.  BEST Communications says they are the third biggest Modem
 producer in Taiwan.  Soon a new model with the name BEST 9600EC MNP5
 will be available.  This new model besides matching the CCITT V.32
 standard is also supposed to be capable of handling the MNP4 error
 correction- and the MNP5- data compression protocol.  This could mean
 data-transfer with almost 19.200 bps.  Naturally all BEST modems are
 fully Bell- and Hayes compatible.  For the German market, the modems
 will be shipped with a 220V power suplly and an extensive German manual.
 Point Computer GmbH
 Gollierstr. 70
 8000 Mnchen 2, tel.: 089/505657
 The popular painting program Omikron Draw is now available in its new
 version 3.3.  The most important feature that this new update offers is
 the possibility to use the spray can option with custom fillings.
 Registered owners will receive free updates by sending back their
 original disk accompanied by a stamped send-back-envelope.
 Technobox Drafter is a new program that helps you create high precise
 technical drawings.  The graphics can be exported as Metafiles and may
 then be imported for example into Calamus to produce technical
 documentation.  The program will retail for DM 798.-
 Technobox Software GmbH
 Kornhapener Str. 122a
 4630 Bochum 1   tel.: 0234/503060

 As of July 1st, 1990 the German Software house Tommy Software from
 Berlin will legalize all pirate copies of its own software products that
 float around in East Germany.  With this step, the well known German
 software company will offer all users in East Germany the possibility to
 legalize the usage of its products.  The only thing the East Germans
 have to do is write to the software house and ask for a free
 registration number for the products they 'own'.  The offer is only
 valid until September 30th, 1990.  All registration requests arriving in
 Berlin later will not be recognized.  East Germany right now contains a
 black market that is hard to overview.  TommySoftware - with this
 unusual measure - is trying to establish itself in a may-be uprising
 East German software market.
 Tommy Software
 Selchower Str. 32
 1000 Berlin 44, tel.: 030/621406-3

 Tommy Software additionally offers all citizens of East Germany the
 Junior version of its popular painting program MegaPaint for only DM
 99.-.  The sales will only be handled via mailorder.  The written order
 must be accompanied by a by a photocopy of an East German I.D.card.
 MegaPaint Junior is one of the early MegaPaint versions, that is not
 available anymore since Tommy Software had announced the Professional
 series.  The old retail price used to be DM 199.-.
 Tommy Software
 Selchower Str. 32
 1000 Berlin 44, tel. 030/621406-3
 The music-publishing house B.Schott's Shne offers with Computerkolleg
 Musik a new kind of music software for the ST computer series.  The
 package contains four courses that allow you to train your ears
 musically.  The programs were developped by the Cami-Group from
 Osnabrck, West Germany.  They play intervals, scales, rhythms and
 accords.  The computer automatically adapts to the capabilities of the
 user.  All answers are checked by the computer, commented and
 differentially evaluated.  The courses are divided up into an
 information-part plus several exercise parts (practical MIDI exercises
 are included too).  The user also has the option to print out a
 certificate that documents his recent progress.  The complete package
 containing the four courses retail until August for DM 298.- (later the
 price will be raised to DM 398.-).
 ImaC-Systemlsungen, Enders, Kriege & Schwirzke
 Grbelweg 13
 4500 Osnabrck

            **************      A T A R I     ***************
            **************        MINI        ***************
            **************     EXPOSITION     ***************

          Atari Mini-expo at The Slavic Village Harvest Festival
         Sponsored by:  The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG & friends
 The first and largest Cleveland public Atari computer and Lynx
 demonstration will be held at the 13th Annual Slavic Village Harvest
 Festival sponsored by the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG and local
 bulletin boards.
 The Festival is located on the near East side of Cleveland and is easily
 accessible through the I-77 freeway.  Instead of expensive outdoor
 booths to demonstrate Atari products, the Atari SIG has reserved a store
 in the center of the Festival at 5900 Fleet Avenue.  About 100,000
 people are expected to attend the festival leaving at least a few
 hundred to attend the Atari SIG's demonstration.
 The demonstration of Atari computers, Lynx and products will be held at
 the exact time of the festival.  On Saturday, August 18th, the Festival
 will be from 4PM to Midnight.  On Sunday, August 19th, the Festival will
 be from Noon to 9PM.
               What will be going on at this demonstration?
 The main event will be the display of Atari 8-bit, ST computers and
 Portfolio by users to the public.  The main idea behind this
 demonstration is that we can let people know that Atari is still in
 business, they make some pretty nice computers, and that Atari isn't
 just a game company.  We are taking the main ideas behind what the
 Revolution was all about and we are going through with them.  It is
 word-of-mouth advertising at its prime.
 The second event will be the demonstration of Lynx video game systems.
 Yes, we know that the Lynx isn't a computer system but it is an Atari
 product and if it succeeds in the U.S. then there is more money for
 Atari to spend on pushing its computers.  At the store, we plan on
 inviting any Lynx owner that wants to play multi-player games.  They
 will not only be having fun but they will also be convincing people to
 become Atari Lynx owners.
 The last event will be the collection of donated 8-bit computers to the
 Children of War campaign.  The Children of War campaign has been started
 by a woman by the name of Joyce Brabner.  (Editor Note: An article
 written by Joyce is included in this issue).  Her hope is to have 8-bit
 computer systems donated that are no longer being used to victims of
 These people would then access a special computer network by the name of
 Peace*Net in order to talk to family and friends across the world that
 have been separated and cannot afford to talk or write to each other in
 any other way.  More information is available on the Cleveland Free-Net
 Atari SIG and an article will also be published in the next Atari SIG's
 Newsletter so watch for it.

 Who is invited to this demonstration?  Everyone.  However, if you want
 to Lynx up your games, bring your computer to demo software or products,
 or become a vendor at this event, please write us before doing so and
 tell us all the necessary information such as what you plan on bringing
 and at what time you plan on appearing.  Vendors should be aware that we
 are limited in space since the store is only as big as a Radio Shack so
 contact us as soon as you can.  Also remember that your main customers
 (even though there will be a lot of Atari users attending) will be the
 public who does not know much about Atari so you may want to bring
 products that can be sold and used right away - possibly Atari computers
 or Lynx systems.
 Of course this will not be a major Atari expo such as World of Atari
 shows but if you are in the neighborhood and are interested in showing
 off what your computer can do then you are welcome.  Remember, the
 special thing about this demonstration is that we aren't inviting people
 to motels or gymnasiums to see Atari computers, we have taken the
 initiative and have actually gone to where the public is to demonstrate
 these systems and products.

                            The public awaits!

 The festival will be between E.65th and 55th Streets.  You wil be able
 to come off of the I-77 freeway to the exit of Fleet Avenue.  You may
 park anywhere you can find room.  People wishing to demonstrate their
 computer are encouraged to come early to drop their equipment off before
 the street is closed to traffic.

                Write to: The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG
                              P.O. Box 21815
                          Cleveland, Ohio 44121

                Writing through Internet from Compuserve:
                  >INTERNET: xx004@cleveland.freenet.edu

                         Writing through Bitnet:

            **************    HARDWARE FOR    ***************
            **************   CHILDREN OF WAR  ***************
            **************                    ***************
                                              by Joyce Brabner
                                                 Cleveland FreeNet
 I guess it's time for me to introduce myself.  I'm the person working
 with Len, Mark and other Atari SIG members, to put together basic Atari
 systems, to be donated to young people from Children of War.  The
 project is pretty much as Mark and Len have described it.
 A few months ago 47 young people from countries like South Africa,
 Israel, Palestine, Cambodia, El Salvador, Northern Ireland and the U.S.
 got together to tour several American cities, and talk about what it's
 like to live in a war zone.  This year's tour also included
 environmental disaster areas -- 3 Russian teenagers from Chernobyl, and
 kids caught up the cycle of gang violence, from places like East L.A.
 and South Boston.
 (Why? Anywhere kids are being shot in the streets is considered a war
 What happened?  Children of War chapters started in every city they
 visited.  Teenagers who have seen family or friends killed, who have
 themselves survived torture, or been imprisoned, who have had to flee
 their countries and start over as refugees, got the chance to ask other
 young people in the U.S. for help waging peace.  They also formed very
 close friendships with each other, during the tour.
 These friendships are important.  Someone from El Salvador, who has lost
 family to the death squads knows what it's like for a Cambodian teenager
 to live with memories of "the killing fields".  A teenager whose family
 fled Iran, now starting over in San Francisco, understands a Palestinian
 student's hurt, when classmates make fun of the "terrorist!".  An inner
 city gang member got his head put on straight, after hanging out with
 two South African teenagers.
 What's my part in all this?  I'm a comic book editor and writer (Eclipse
 Comics).  I'm writing a comic book about the 1990 tour, which will be
 published at the end of this year.  I write my comics on an Atari 8 bit,
 which I learned to use in three days -- no prior experience.  I knew
 about Peace*Net-- an international, non-profit computer BBS.
 I also knew that Free Net works.  When I needed help, Len and Mark
 taught me the difference between ascii and binary files, and walked me
 through Omnicom.  I figured I could donate some money for costs, and I
 asked Len and Mark.  They're coming through, with help from you.

 Philip Chow's hardware helped me connect an 18 year old from a country
 7 time zones away, with a 16 year old from Louisville, Kentucky.  It's
 not safe for him to send or receive letters about politics.  Peace*Net
 gets him through.  Next week, I'll connect a Cambodian teenager, now
 living in Los Angeles with her 16 year old friend from Tel Aviv.  Then
 Brooklyn with San Francisco -- it's working!

 Am I writing the Cleveland Atari SIG into the comic book?  You bet.  Do
 we still need hardware?  Absolutely.  Can I write a lot of checks?  Not
 really.  I'm trying to spend money on user accounts and line time.  Most
 of these young people have no money.  I'll happily send donors an
 autographed comic, or a similar thank you.  I can connect you with
 Peace*Net, and answer other questions about Children of War, if you send
 me E-mail.

 Finally, it looks like most of the donors are close in age to the Tour
 participants (12 years to early 20s).  I think that's because you know
 what it's like to really, really need to talk to a good friend who
 understands better than anyone else what's going on -- family stress,
 school worries, uncertainties about the future.  This idea didn't need a
 lot of explanation at all to take off and yes!  Your donations of very
 unglamorous, and thoroughly reliable Ataris ARE making a difference
 that's felt half-way around the world.  Thanks.  I'll keep you posted.

Joyce Brabner ah881

            **************  QUALITY BAGS FOR  ***************
            **************  The ATARI ST/STE  ***************
            **************  (Press  Release)  ***************

 For a limited time only, we are offering at a special price: Atari 520/
 1040 ST & STE bags from Targus.
 In the Targus tradition of excellence all nylon carrying cases are
 carefully made with the following special features:
 *  Rugged "Zilicone" treated 840D navy blue nylon outer shell provides
    unsurpassed durability as well as a non-abrasive surface that is
    water repellent and scuff resistant.
 *  200 lb. burst strength webbing stitched to nautical standards,
    reinforced with fail safe industrial rivets on all stress points.
 Targus products utilize free running, self-healing nylon zippers plus
 molded positive close, non-corrosive fasteners.  Padding for all Targus
 cases is provided by impact-absorbing, high-density, closed-cell foam
 covered by a protective inner lining.
 Special non-skid, shock absorbing, rubber feet are securely stitched to
 the bottom of each Targus case.  All Targus cases feature cushioned non-
 slip shoulder pads and foam padded hand grips for user comfort.
 Includes cable pouch.
 Now, for a limited time only, at the special price of:

 Atari ST bags:               $  27.95 U.S.   (U.S.$)
                              $  34.95 CANADA (CDN.$)

 Note: This price is based on a special purchase & only applies while
       quantities last!

 ENQUIRIES:  METAFOUR MARKETING,         PHONE: (403) 456-1510 Voice
              92 LORELEI CLOSE,                 (403) 456-6108 FAX      

               R E V O L U T I O N A R Y   C O N C E P T S
                   PART 30 - "STAMP OUT DOING NOTHING"
                         by Donald A. Thomas, Jr.
                         (c)1990 ARTISAN SOFTWARE
 (This is PART 30 of a series of articles published and distributed by
 Artisan Software.  Please feel free to copy and distribute this article
 as you please provided you include all unedited text.  Also feel free to
 upload to boards and communication services.  These articles are
 designed to entice you to take constructive action.  Write to involved
 parties and tell them how YOU feel about the subject.)
 An Atari user contacted us recently and offered a unique idea.  As an
 active member of The REVOLUTION, he said that he recently went to the
 bank and exchanged a fifty dollar bill for fifty ones.  He then stamped
 each one with: "Join the REVOLUTION...  Use an Atari computer!" and put
 them back into circulation.  Now there's an ad that won't get thrown
 The REVOLUTION stamp can be obtained inexpensively from a variety of
 sources.  Simply print the message on a piece of paper, then present it
 to your local business supply store, print shop or novelty retailer.
 They will be happy to assist you in selecting type sizes and font
 styles.  An official rubber stamp bearing The REVOLUTION logo can be
 ordered direct from Artisan Software for those who wish the convenience
 of having one mailed right to their home (now only $12.00 including
 shipping).  Several Atari dealers have made them available to their
 customers as well.
 The REVOLUTION campaign offers the suggestion to stamp the front of all
 outgoing mail.  This may include bills and various forms of
 correspondence you send out every day.  As noted above, there are other
 creative applications for the rubber stamp.  Perhaps the back sides of
 grocery coupons or the covers of magazines in a doctor's office are
 potential targets.  Instead of using the rubber stamp, many REVOLUTION
 members have prepared labels using label design software and colorful
 ribbons on their printer.
 The rubber stamp concept is designed to be a low cost opportunity to
 help spread the word about Atari computers.  The little time it takes to
 stamp your mail means that many people see the name of Atari computers.
 The repetition of seeing the name regularly establishes an unconscience
 awareness in the product line.  Of course, it is no ones obligation to
 rubber stamp their mail this way, but for those who are genuinely proud
 of their Atari system, it is an opportunity to let others know how you
 feel.  It is a constructive alternative to dedicate your energies.

 For information on how you can "JOIN THE REVOLUTION" and actively
 support the exposure of Atari computers, send $6.00 to ARTISAN SOFTWARE,
 PO Box 849, Manteca, California 95336.  An ST/MEGA compatible disk-based
 HANDBOOK will be rushed to you by return mail.  The HANDBOOK is also
 Texas), COMPUTER STUDIO (Asheville, North Carolina) and as a download

                       ROLAND DESKTOP MUSIC SYSTEM
                            by TERRY SCHREIBER
 - Tentrax
 New next month from Roland is Tentrax, a dedicated software package for
 CM-Series Computer Sound Modules and Peripherals.  With a user-friendly
 interface and extensive capabilities, Tentrax is well suited for users
 exploring electronic musical instruments for the first time as well as
 advanced users for pro-level applications.
 Tentrax is an easy-to-use 10 track sequencing software package designed
 for use with Atari ST series computers and Roland CM-series modules, and
 does not require complex midi operation and connection knowhow.  The
 program lets you conduct most operations by mouse and a ten-key pad,
 operation status is always displayed providing visual confirmation of
 all tasks.

 When used with the CM-32L LA sound module or MT-32, you can create
 ensemble performances of up to eight Parts using LA Synthesis sounds
 plus a Rhythm Part.  When the CM-64 LA/PCM sound module is used or when
 the CM-32P is added to this combination, realistic PCM sounds can also
 be used for ensemble Parts.  Additional sound sources other than the
 CM-Series or MT-32 extend sequenced performance possibilities by
 allowing you to create a maximum of nine Parts and one Rhythm Part.
 Up tp six types of control data for each Part such as changing tones,
 Volume, and using a sustain pedal may be handled comprehensively.
 Tentrax can also be used to set master volume, performance tempo and key
 shift providing greater expressive control.  A blank track is provided
 to control additional sound sources (other than CM-Series) such as a
 Roland Piano HP-Series Digital Piano.
 The main screen display layout resembles the operation panel of a ten
 channel studio mixer.  The bottom right of the display features a switch
 similar to the Play/Stop button of a tape-recorder that lets you start
 and stop operation via a mouse.
 For sequencing the mouse controls:

 Master       - Master Volume, Key Transpose for Overall Parts, and 
                Reverb ModeSelect.
 Track 1      - Part Volume, Pan, Mute Switch, and Program Change.

 Tracks 2/3   - Part Volume, Pan, Reverb Switch, Mute Switch, and Program
 Tracks 4~9   - Part Volume, Pan, Reverb Switch, Mute Switch, and Program
 Track 10     - Part Volume, Reverb Switch,and Mute Switch.
 When sequencing starts, each display element moves in real time.  The VU
 meter indexes move right and left, faders move up and down, and the
 panning buttons rotate left and right.
 The names of the Tones assigned to to each Part are shown on the
 display.  Tone changes can be conducted in real time during sequencing
 enabling the creation of sophisticated musical places.
 A host of other easy-to-see on-screen displays support all operational
 procedures.  For example Score Edit display show the notes on a score,
 Key Edit display features gate timing using bars, the DrumEdit
 facilitates Rhythm track data programming, and the Event Edit display
 allows the control of pitch bender, volume and panning.
 Song data input can be input in two ways - by real-time recording or
 single step writing.  With single-step writing, you can place the notes
 on the score from the Score Edit, Key Edit and Drum Edit displays via
 mouse.  Note data can also be entered by pressing keys on a connected
 MIDI keyboard.  Music data can easily be input even by users without a
 MIDI keyboard or who are not accustomed to playing a musical keyboard.

                            PD/SHAREWARE STOP
                              by MARK QUINN
 Authors:  Doug Harrison              File name:  LP_DEMO.ARC
 File type:  Utility Demos            Program names:  LookIt!, PopIt!
 Here are two new utilities from Doug Harrison and the folks who brought
 you HotWire.  LookIt! is an extensive text/binary file viewer, and
 PopIt! allows the user to assign hot keys to load his/her favorite desk
 LookIt! has the following features (from the documentation):
  - super-fast text display, Blitter/Turbo ST not required
  - as many as 32 files can be held simultaneously in memory
  - fast regular expression as well as exact match searching
  - saveable search strings (18 are available)
  - binary file editing on both the hexadecimal and ASCII representations
    of binary files
  - flexible display options, including color and font size control in
    high resolution modes
  - printer options allow 40 byte strings to be sent before/after each
    file and provide for draft/final and condensed print modes; margins
    may be set and headers printed
  - may be installed as an application for the GEM desktop or Codehead's
    HotWire, to let you show files by double-clicking them
  - flexible command line options allow loading of CFG files from paths
    other than the default, automatic printing of files, wildcard
  - a menu bar operable solely from the keyboard (the mouse works as
  - hotkeys for dialog box buttons and edit fields
  - keyboard equivalent for cancel buttons

 LookIt! looks to be very well designed.  It has two display modes: one
 for binary and one for ASCII, depending on the extender of the opened
 file.  Vertical scrolling in both of the display modes IS fast, probably
 about as fast as a stock, blitterless ST could get.

 This is the first program I've seen that splits directories into two
 windows, one for folders and another for files.  I think this is a good
 idea, especially for hard drive owners with mega-directories.  Five
 types of directory sorts are available.
 PopIt! is another nifty keen idea.  Click on ASSIGN, then the accessory,
 and assign a hot key to an accessory, or just double-click on the name
 of the accessory to access it.  Be sure you don't assign one or more hot
 keys used by another program.

 Author:  Bob Silliker              File name:  STDCAT43.ARC
 File type:  Utility                Program name:  STDCAT, version 4.3
 This is a nice disk cataloger, and it is about as good as freeware gets,
 which is very good, indeed.  Version 5.0 of this utility was due in the
 fall of 1989.  For those of you with version 4.2 who had problems with
 the "printer time out", that's been fixed in this version.
 If you've got lots of floppies containing those files you can't bear to
 delete, this is just the program you need.  Feed it your disks and it
 prints out a nicely-formatted directory, including comments and other
 information such as disk size, free space, used space and even the
 serial number of each disk!
 Author:  Damien M. Jones             File name:  FIREWORK.ARC
 File type:  Graphics demo            Program name:  Fireworks
 No, this demo doesn't have an ear-splitting grand finale, but you can
 run it at the same time you're popping popcorn in the microwave and
 listening to THE 1812 OVERTURE.  The combination will really liven up
 the place.
 Author:  Rich Weaver  *SHAREWARE*  File name:  CAL_DATE.ARC
 File type:  Utility                Program name:  Calendar Month Display
 Drag the hands of a representation of a clock to set the time, and set
 the month and day.  The clock and calendar displays are nicely realized.
 Lemme see: in the year 2392, my birthday will fall on a Monday.  I'll
 leave a note for my descendants so they can make plans for the big
 "Quinn's Quickies"

  Monochrome only.  Tests synthesizer patches.  It worked fine with my
  FB-01.  Set octave. Point and click on the 'keyboard', too.

  Of interest to those with BBS programs that can run external files.
  Can run programs from menu, and do file maintenance.

            **************   AUTOBYTE         ***************
            **************      PORTFOLIO     ***************
            **************         PRODUCTS   ***************
            Press Release
 Autobyte Products Inc, a registered software developer for the Atari
 Portfolio, is introducing Six new software packages.
 - THE CHECKWRITER is a bookkeeping program.  Use it to record all your
 transactions.  By entering a transaction, the program will automatically
 update all accounting books (balance sheet, profit and loss statement,
 general ledger journal, bank reconciliation, budget, etc.).  All
 financial statements can be viewed on the screen in summary format or
 printed on paper in detailed format.  It is completely menu driven for
 ease of use and mininmal keystrokes.  You can use all of the functions
 for a complete bookkeeping system or use some of the functions for a
 very powerful bankbook (up to 24 bank accounts and 25 credit card
 Special Features:   - automatic transactions
                     - selectable currency symbols
                     - automatic GST calculation for Canadian residents
                     - prints out cheques
 French version also available - LE CHEQUIER
 - THE TIMEKEEPER is a powerful time management program.  It is great for
 professionals, consultants, servicemen, or everyone who wants to manage
 their time. Using the program, you define the tasks, the clients, the
 hourly rates, the minimum chargable time, etc.  The program will output
 the Time Sheets for any date(s), and will invoice your clients based on
 the tasks and time used.

 Special Feature:    - selectable currency symbols
 French version also available - LE CONTROLEUR
 - STOCKS is a game that simulates the stock market.  Up to five players
 can play for a fixed time or a pre-defined amount of money.  The initial
 set up is completely modifiable allowing changes to the number of
 players, the initial cash and the allowed margin and stock names.  Since
 the Portfolio is small it can be passed around to each player who can
 play his turn privately, using his own strategy.  At the end of the game
 the scores are displayed and a winner is announced.
 - TERMINAL is a smart terminal emulation program that uses the Portfolio
 serial interface and a pocket modem to become a portable terminal.  You
 can transfer files in ASCII or XMODEM protocols and is completely menu
 driven to simplify it's usage.
                            AUTOBYTE Products
                         655-32E Avenue Suite 201
                             Lachine, Quebec
                              Canada H8T 3G6
                           Tel. (514) 637-6232
                           Fax  (514) 637-1491
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