ST Report: 15-Jun-90 #624

From: Len Stys (aa399@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 06/23/90-03:19:07 AM Z

From: aa399@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Len Stys)
Subject: ST Report: 15-Jun-90  #624
Date: Sat Jun 23 03:19:07 1990

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 > The Editor's Podium?

     There are those who like to paint the grimmest of  grim pictures, then
 comes  those  who  have  already  buried  the  patient.   As far as we are
 concerned the patient is on the  road to  recovery.   Never before  has so
 much of  the story been told directly to the powers that be.  Maybe we are
 fortunate and maybe not but at least  you  and  the  rest  of  us  who are
 genuinely concerned  can say  we tried  and we  are still trying to have a
 catalytic effect on the ways the Katzenjammer do things.  
     As always, we find those who  say the  truth is  hurting the industry.
 To that  we say  to hide  the truth  will damage the industry for time and
 eternity as far  as  credibility  is  concerned.    If  we  those directly
 involved  in  this  industry  cannot  criticize and effect change then,...
 truly all is for naught.  Atari has made some  mighty serious  mistakes in
 the past  but that  should be  behind them  now.   We must  continue to be
 vigilant in making sure  the same  mistakes don't  occur again  but at the
 same time, encourage and help hasten Atari's 'new leaf'.
     Typically, the  summer is  the 'slow time' for computing.  This summer
 however,  is  going  to  be  especially  hot  in  the  Atari  arena.   The
 metamorphosis will  take place  across this  summer and  hopefully lead us
 into the fall season and Comdex Fall/90 where Atari is expected to show an
 entirely new  representation of  themselves.   No more Day School, No more
 Atari University.  All PRO and eager and  ready for  strong business.   We
 shall see.....
                      Thanks for your continued strong support,




   Issue # 71

 by Michael Arthur

 Remember When....

       In  November  1971,  Intel  introduced the first microprocessor, the
 4004 chip (which had come out of research  towards an  easily programmable
 calculator chip), or when Intel introduced the first 8-bit microprocessor,
 called the 8008 chip, in April 1972?

       Or when, in April 1974, Intel introduced the 8080 chip (which became
 the first  industry-standard microprocessor,  and much of the basis of the
 CP/M standard), shortly before Motorola announced the 6800 chip in August?


       Evidence found of "Hacker Witch Hunt" in Secret Service Efforts

       Mitch Kapor, founder of Lotus Corp., has started investigations into
 symptoms that the recent "Operation Sun Devil investigation", in which the
 Secret  Service  investigated   computer   "crackers"   (a   nickname  for
 "safecrackers") in over a dozen cities for alleged computer crimes.  Kapor
 has found several reports of  disturbing  incidents  occurring  during the
 investigation,  including   those  of   severe  harassment  during  search
 operations.    Also,  he  mentioned  that  for  the  mass  confiscation of
 equipment (over  42 computers  and thousands  of disks) resulting from the
 investigation, that only a few indictments have been made so far....

       Kapor is now trying to collect  information on  the Secret Service's
 actions in  the course  of "Operation  Sun Devil's" execution of 27 search
 warrants.  These actions are the  source of  several reports  on Internet,
 including ones  of agents  "bursting in  on 14  year old  at 6 AM, holding
 fathers and little sisters at gunpoint,  putting mothers  in choke holds."
 While  very  little  specific  information about "Operation Sun Devil" has
 been released by the government, Kapor  is working  with two  law firms to
 "get a  better picture  of what's happened here".  If the evidence that is
 found points to such "terrorist tactics", one law firm working  with Kapor
 has stated that three types of actions are being considered:

       1) Aid in criminal defenses.
       2) Efforts to get confiscated property returned
       3) "Affirmative lawsuits on behalf of bulletin board operators
          claiming that their rights have been violated by the actions of
          the authorities" in Operation Sun Devil.

       Steve  Wozniak  and  Dan  Bricklin (developer of VisiCalc) have said
 that they feel Kapor's concern is healthy.  Bricklin has  said that people
 must  distinguish  the  differences  between criminals using computers and
 innocent computer users going "online" must be drawn more clearly, and has
 also expressed concerns about "First Amendment Protection concerns" in the
 area of computer crime legislation.  Also, Steve  Wozniak has  pledged his
 full support (both in terms of financial and legal assistance concerns) to
 Kapor in his efforts, and has expressed concerns over "media  hysteria" in
 the  recent   attitude  towards   computer  hackers  being  "white  collar

       Among other  things, Bricklin  also commented  whether BBS equipment
 could "be  seized because  someone else  puts illegal information onto the
 (BBS) system".  He also  said  that  if  this  trend  continued,  that the
 government  could  be  deemed  able  to confiscate an entire corporation's
 communications  systems  (computer-based  or  otherwise)  if  someone left
 illegal items on them.

       Interestingly, the  Secret Service  (in response to a request by the
 House Subcommittee  on  Civil  and  Constitutional  Rights  concerning its
 agents'  methods  of  investigating  computer  fraud) recently admitted to
 using informants and undercover  agents  to  secretly  monitoring bulletin
 boards  and  online  networks,  in  direct response to charges of criminal
 activities.  It has said that it doesn't  keep records  of the  systems it
 monitors, but  can access  information on systems upon request.  A part of
 the House Subcommittee, Rep. Edwards has stated that, "Every time there is
 a perceived crisis, law-enforcement agencies and legislators overreact and
 usually due process  and  civil  liberties  suffer.  The  Fourth Amendment
 provides strict limits on rummaging through people's property."

 CPU Systems Roundup? XXX

       SPARCStations, General Electric, and Actions of the Rising Sun

       Sun Microsystems  has recently announced a small RISC-based (reduced
 instruction set chip) computer aimed at the "X-Terminal"  arena, a segment
 of the  low-end Unix workstation market which both the Amiga 3000, and the
 upcoming 68030  TT are  poised for.   Called  the SPARCStation  SLC, it is
 targeted at the growing market for diskless computers which can be used as
 inexpensive X/Windows-capable Terminals for  LAN  Networks.    This system
 comes with a 20 MHZ SPARC processor that can perform at 12.5 MIPS (million
 instructions per second),and a Weitek 3170 Math Chip capable of processing
 1.2 MFLOPS  (Million floating point operations per second).  It comes with
 8 Megabytes  of RAM  standard, three  ports (SCSI,  Ethernet, and parallel
 ports), and has a 1152*900 monochrome resolution.  Cost:  $5000.00.

       The  SLC's  9x7  inch  motherboard  fits  in the back of its 17-inch
 monochrome monitor, and the entire system  is designed  so only  a monitor
 and a  keyboard &  mouse are visible to the user.  By this design, Sun has
 also made it  possible  for  faster  versions  of  the  SLC  to  be easily
 installed as upgrades to existing systems.  However, it cannot be expanded
 in other ways, such as adding a color display (Sun  is developing  a color
 monitor version  of the  SLC), or other Expansion cards.  The SPARCStation
 SLC will be compatible with the more than 2,000 applications available for
 the SPARC  chip (called SPARCware), and will also run AT&T System V.3 with
 Sun's Open Look GUI (Graphical user Interface).

       Sun has also  recently  made  significant  gains  in  increasing the
 acceptance of its new SPARCStation standard.  Several Sun Porting Centers,
 including several in the US  and  Canada,  have  been  established  to aid
 Third-Party  Software  Developers  in  porting  their  software  to run on
 SPARC-based systems.   Also, Yale University has recently selected the Sun
 SPARCStation  as  the  standard  computer  system  for 8 of their Academic
 Departments, including Psychology,  Engineering,  Economics,  and Computer
 Science.   Students using PCs or Macs can access files on two of Yale's 10
 SPARCServer  390s  via  modems  or  an  AppleTalk  network,  and  Yale has
 purchased over 200 Sun SPARCStation 1s at the present time.  Also, General
 Electric Co.  recently  chose  Sun  as  one  of  their  main  suppliers of
 Unix-based workstations  for its divisions.  Sun estimates that they could
 gain revenues of around $50 -  $100  million  within  the  next  few years
 because of  this agreement.  Interestingly enough, GE chose Sun because of
 the wide support available for the SPARCStation, both in terms of software
 availability and "mundane" technical support....

 STR MacNews?

              ZedCor Introduces Desk - Integrated Software Set

       Zedcor Inc.  is planning  to introduce Desk, a set of seven Mac Desk
 Accessories which function as a modular integrated software package.  Desk
 consists of this software:

       - DeskCalc, a spreadsheet with chart/graph capability
       - DeskCom, a telecommunications program w/Background File Transfers
       - DeskSecretary, an Appointment Calendar/Memo program
       - DeskWrite, a word processor program
       - DeskFile, a flat-file database program
       - DeskPaint, a 32-bit Color QuickDraw paint program w/autotracing
       - DeskDraw, a 32-bit object-oriented drawing program

       Designed  to   be  used   in  tandem,  these  desk  accessories  are
 file-format  compatible  with  each  other.    Also,  a   simple  form  of
 interapplication communication  is employed,  so changes made on a file in
 one program are automatically accounted for in another one.   For example,
 if a  chart made  in DeskCalc is copied into DeskDraw and edited, then the
 changes will also appear automatically in DeskCalc.  Cost:  $400.00.

 But ponder, if you will, this question:

 1)  What constitutes "support" in the computer industry?



       Andrew Seybold,  a  leading  consultant  on  the  desktop publishing
 industry,  and  Dataquest  Inc.  (a leading market research and consulting
 firm dealing with the computer industry) have announced that they  will be
 working together on a series of publishing projects.

       Seybold currently runs a consulting/publishing/product research firm
 called ASCII, which produces  a computer  industry newsletter  called "The
 Outlook".    Under  this  agreement,  Dataquest  will begin marketing this
 magazine, and ASCII will produce a series of reports on trends in Portable
 Computing, which will be jointly sold by ASCII and Dataquest.

       Formed  in  1983,  "The  Outlook" (or "Seybold's Outlook on Personal
 Computing") is a magazine dealing  with  happenings  in  the microcomputer
 world (with an emphasis on DTP), and providing product reviews of upcoming
 products.  Seybold expects "The Outlook" to double  its circulation within
 a  year,  and  his  magazine  may  soon  become  a VERY prominent computer
 industry magazine....


       As part of its  development of  OSF/1 (a  new version  of Unix), the
 Open Software  Foundation has  announced plans to use several technologies
 for its Distributed Computing Environment (or  DCE).   With DCE,  an OSF/1
 computer  hooked  up  to  a  LAN  Network will be able to use the combined
 processing resources of every  available computer  on that  LAN Network to
 perform  tasks.    As  per  OSF's  custom,  DCE will include features from
 different Unix Vendors, in order to support applications  written for each
 Unix Vendor's system.  The DEC technologies include:

       - Hewlett Packard's NCS/RPC Distributed Processing System
       - DECdns and DECdts from Digital Equipment Corp.
       - Sun Microsystems' Network File System (NFS)
       - LM/X PC from Microsoft Corp.


       Hilgraeve Inc.  has recently released HCOPY, an MS-DOS utility which
 features real-time filtering of  viruses during  file copy  operations, to
 the public  as "freeware".  HCOPY is used like DOS's COPY command, but can
 detect over 68 different DOS viruses.  If a file which is  being copied is
 found to  be infected,  HCOPY displays a warning identifying the virus and
 allowing the user to abort the request to copy that file.   Hilgraeve Inc.
 makes  a  $200.00  MS-DOS  terminal program named HyperAccess/5, which has
 HCOPY's underlying virus screening  technology built-in,  for use  in file
 transfer operations.   In case you may want to request that they make such
 a program for the ST, Hilgraeve Inc.'s BBS number is 1-313-243-5915....


       WordPerfect Corporation  has  recently  announced  that  it  will be
 shipping a  version of  Word Perfect  for Microsoft  Windows 3.0 before it
 ships a version for OS/2 Presentation Manager.  This is noteworthy in that
 Word Perfect  announced an  OS/2 PM-based Wordperfect in Fall Comdex 1989,
 and said it would be shipping  in June.   However,  it is  speculated that
 "WordPerfect for  Windows" is  simply a port of the OS/2 PM Version, which
 was delayed because of the tremendous popularity of Windows 3.0.  Also, it
 is interesting  to note  that when  WordPerfect Version 5.1 was announced,
 that a "major update "with "a true Graphical User Interface" was mentioned
 by a few as being "in the works"....

       Also, WordPerfect  Corp. is now using a "hold jockey" to monitor its
 200 Customer Support Lines and inform callers of information like how many
 people are  waiting in  line ahead  of them to ask questions, and how long
 they  can  expect  to  wait.    Background  music  and  ads  for  upcoming
 Wordperfect products are also featured....


 > ATARI APOCALYPSE STR Spotlight?     Atari's Exchange Program now a GOUGE

                                           FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS

 segment two

 The Users be Damned!

 by R. F. Mariano

     For  quite  some  time  we  have  enjoyed the security of Atari's fine
 equipment  exchange  program,  with  it's  realistic  costs  and excellent
 service.   Now comes  Mr. Eager  Beaver executive who felt he needed to do
 "something" to brighten the day when the dismal  figures came  out for the
     Along comes Mr. "Work Every Day Joe" who took anywhere from one to ten
 percent of  his annual  income to  purchase his  "pride and  joy" Atari ST
 computing system...  Joe and all the users just like him enjoy using their
 computers and most do so everyday.   One  bright and  sunny afternoon, Joe
 turned on  his computer  and witnessed  a small mushroom cloud rise slowly
 and deliberately from the vents of  his beloved  1040 ST....Oh  no!  After
 checking the receipts, he found he has had the computer for over 4 months.
 NO MORE WARRANTY.  Not to worry  Joe,  Atari  has  one  of  the  very best
 exchange programs in the industry, many good users have barely lost a step
 in their daily enjoyment of using the Atari  ST Computer  Line.   When one
 considers  the  cost  of  a  Mega  ST4 and SLM 804, the Desktop Publishing
 System, and then read the warranty -> 90  days!! <-   it  becomes somewhat
 shocking, to  the person  who has  just dropped  a few thousand dollars on
 that new computer system, that it's covered for only 3 months!
     Most dealers and users  comfort  themselves  in  the  security  of the
 exchange program,  the dealers  had an excellent selling point and the end
 user knew, that if anything did happen to his equipment,  he could,  for a
 nominal fee, get it either fixed or replaced.
     Enter  Mr. Eager Beaver Executive;  "HEY!  LET'S DOUBLE AND TRIPLE THE
 ..This "jewel  of leader"  gloats to  himself.   (Picture, if you will, an
 angel on  one of  his shoulders  and the  devil on  the other)   The sweet
 little angel  whispers, don't do this, you will hurt hundreds of users and
 force them to regard a broken  computer as  a throw-away.   It  is  wrong!
 Outraged, the  devil screams in the other ear; awww, go ahead give 'em the
 business! they'll only squawk for a little while!  
     Folks ..the DEVIL WON!  Atari  has drastically  increased the exchange
 rates for both the users and the dealers.
     The saddest  part is the 'OTHER' JUSTIFICATION IS EVEN WORSE!  We have
 been told that the "true" cause for the increase is a direct result of the
 actions of  a few  'less than  honest' individuals.   That's  right, A FEW
 dishonest  users  "seem"  to  have  taken  advantage  of  Atari's exchange
 program; "they  sent in  older 520stfm  units (working)  with single sided
 drives and got back 520stf units with double sided drives.  To that we say
 if  Atari   had  "played  the  game  straight  from  the  getgo"...  these
 infractions would  never had  occured!   Atari 'secretly'  shipped all the
 original  D/SD/D  drives  to  their  Federated  Chain  and  neglected  the
 authorized dealer chain.  Now...  Federated  is  gone....  and  the dealer
 chain is  almost non-existant.   And  still, the  exchange program remains
                      Drastic = DOUBLED AND TRIPLED!
 The "End User Cost" has risen to a point where it no longer makes sense to
 have the  exchange program  in place.   Could  this possibly be one of the
 reasons why a  bright  guy  like  Dendo  is  not  there  now,  perhaps, he
 disagreed with  putting the  "short end  of the stick" to the dealers, new
 and old alike.  We KNOW Dendo had  good results  (numbers) coming  in.  We
 KNOW the  dealers liked Dendo.  The cost to the user is now roughly 50% of
 factory recommended retail prices.  Another  fine example  of progressive,
 positive, decision  making at  Atari!   Simply put, it is an insult to the
 userbase.   Obviously, this move  appears  to  be  a  plain  old fashioned
 gouge.   In any  case, it  should be  rescinded or, at least, reviewed and

     Aside from the obvious, the second  most blatant  slap in  the face is
 this;   Remember when  Sam Tramiel  asked that  we ALL become evangelists?
 Most folks  and Usergroups  chuckled because  they already  were very busy
 promoting the  ST to friends, neighbors and folks they were socializing or
 doing business with.   All in  all, it  was very  satisfying to  see those
 people who  bought an ST at our urging and found it to be as satisfying as
 we do.  The obvious question here is what does  this have  to do  with the
 "jacked up prices" for the exchange goods?  Answer: Nothing really, unless
 you care to look at it this way...

     Could Sam and his brothers be so cold as to  forget the  SOLID UNDYING
 loyalty  and  support  we  gave  and  continue  to  give  through the thin
 impossible times?  Is it really possible that Sam and his brothers look at
 us as  being purely  'expendable'?   Are all the indicators true that they
 are trying to penetrate a different market level  in a  different country?
 Is  this  really  the  'payback'  for the months of relatively blind loyal
 fellowship and support for Atari  while  THEY  were  busy  bestowing their
 offerings upon the European marketplace and now, Russia?

     In our  humble opinion,  Atari has  dealt a  rather severe blow to the
 loyal users and dealers new and  old alike.   The  world, universally, has
 condemned "GROUP  PUNISHMENT" yet  Atari, in its infinite wisdom, has done
 just  this  in  its  "SOLUTION"  of  eliminating  the  possibility  of the
 occasional abuse of an excellent defective equipment exchange program.

 FORMER STATE.  The goodwill generated by this move would  far outweigh any
 meager  monetary  benefits  derived  from the increased tariffs.  Besides,
 this would definitely be the least expensive way to reach  a good majority
 of the users in a most positive manner.  The exchange program, once again,
 was the envy of the industry and one of the  strongest selling  points for
 the Computer  lines in  light of the "puny" 90 day warranty.  Perhaps, the
 brightest facet  of the  program was  the mighty  fact that  Atari had not
 forgotten those whose 90 day warranty had expired.  



                                       Old    -    New      Old   -   New
 SC1224 Color Monitor   $399.95         95.00   175.00      95.00  260.00
 SM124  Mono  Monitor   $199.95         60.00    80.00      60.00  130.00

 .5mb Computer System   $399.95        115.00   115.00     115.00  300.00
  1mb Computer System   $599.95        125.00   125.00     125.00  375.00

  2mb Computer System   $ 899.95       175.00   265.00     175.00  525.00
  4mb Computer System   $1399.95       225.00   350.00     225.00  675.00

  SLM 804 Laser Printer $ 999.95       425.00   700.00       Dealer Only 

     Folks, those  users who have no dealer(s) within a reasonable distance
 from their homes or those who have a poor relationship with their * only *
 dealer for "hundreds" of miles are really put to the gaff.  By all surface
 appearances, it looks like  the unimaginative  minds at  the top  at Atari
 were not  even "slightly considering" the "LOYAL, EVANGELISTIC" users when
 these new tariffs were slapped in place.  In the long run  the dealers and
 the users  will eventually  feel the effects of this catastrophic decision
 and policy change.   The present Atari leadership really outdid themselves
 with this  slick, uncaring move.  When this complaint was first brought to
 Sam Tramiel, during an online conference, he mentioned he would "look into
 the situation"  and.....   as usual, just so much fodder...  
     Well Sam...  the time  is at  hand.  The present leaders at Atari have
 darn near run Atari slap into the ground.  Will you please allow some real
 professionals to  re-organize and  run the  company?  Step ASIDE.. take an
 extended vacation anything!  PLEASE!  And take your brothers with you!

     The Katzenjammer has managed to put  the  cobs  to  Atari,  to  us the
 users, the  dealers and  developers.   The dealer network is virtually non
 existant, solid  commercial  software  development  concerns  have  a very
 cautious hands  off approach toward Atari if the Katzenjammer are involved
 in the negotiations.  The knee  jerk retribution,  (to name  only one; The
 Atari Explorer  Fiasco) the  Katzenjammer have  so capably demonstrated to
 the entire userbase truly indicates  the  level  of  destructive emotional
 extremes the Katzenjammer will and do go to.

 NEXT... The  Developer Program; and how the Katzenjammer have clobbered it


 > STE's Future  STR OnLine?         A few reader/user opinion's....

                                        ATARI'S REQUIRED READING

 Conf : Atari 16/32 Bit
 Msg# : 6282  Lines: 20  Read: 1
 Sent : Jun 14, 1990  at 10:08 AM
 From : ELECTRON BEAM at Bloom County #75 Mtn. View, CA
 Subj : Re: <6213> Atari Petition!

 In reply to:

  > As for the STe, I have what I want from my ST already, and I have 4 Meg
  > 4096  color pallette  now to  boot.  Atari's just beating a dead horse 
  > I gonna get flamed for that one (-: )...the STe is years late and many
  > features short.
 Dave, they can flame you if they want...but  you are  100% correct.   I am
 living proof.   I  bought my  1040 ST  a couple  of years ago.  I was very
 happy with it, but being a musician with  a good  ear, very  frustrated by
 the rather  weak sound.   A friend of mine had both an ST and an A500.  It
 just got to where I could not stand the graphic  and sound  superiority of
 his A500 anymore, so I went out and bought one.  Would I have done this if
 I had originally purchased a 1040 STe...the answer is obviously  NO!!  The
 STe is  5 years late and that is all there is to it.  I need two computers
 because of the BBS, but they would have been a 1040 STe  and a  used 1 Meg
 520 (for  the BBS)  if the  STe had  existed when it SHOULD have.  So, any
 Atari Apologists that want to can also flame me...but it  is Atari's fault
 I own an Amiga...not mine!!

 Conf : Atari 16/32 Bit
 Msg# : 6268  Lines: 8  Read: 1
 Sent : Jun 14, 1990  at 5:18 PM
 To   : ALL
 From : WOMBAT at The Bre(/\)ery _ Ajax_Canada _
 Subj : STE/hard drives

     Looking through  messages here  I was  surprised that  no one seems to
 have experienced a recent problem of mine.  On switching  from an  STfm to
 an  STe  I  had  MAJOR  hard  drive  problems, which made the HD virtually
 unusable. Atari Canada tried to be helpful but didnt seem to know what was
 going on. They now say they are waiting on a TOS upgrade and have given me
 an STfm to use in the meantime.  I am wondering if it is only the TOS that
 is at  fault as I have heard it suggested that the DMA chip used in recent
 machines is also a contributor.  Anyone know the whole story?

 Conf : Atari 16/32 Bit
 Msg# : 6269  Lines: 14  Read: 1
 Sent : Jun 14, 1990  at 7:07 PM
 To   : WOMBAT
 From : BREWMASTER at The Bre(/\)ery _ Ajax_Canada _
 Subj : Re: <6268> STE/hard drives

     I talked to you about this earlier...For the last 18 months,I have not
 seen an Atari that will work on an old SH204 host adapter,as Atari changed
 the specs  and supplier  on the  DMA chip.At  least Supra  Corp was honest
 enough  to  acknowledge  it,and  offer  a  trade  in  policy on their host
 adapters for the HD,where Atari,the company  who made  the changes,ignores
 the  consumer  again.Atari  Canada  knows  all  about it,and had the exact
 problem with Shawn Smiths'  hard drive.  For them  to say  they don't know
 anything  about  it,is  quite  ridiculous.  The  SH205 falls into the same
 problem as the SH204,as it uses  the same  design of  host integrated into
 the controller board.

     A  tos  fix  will  not  resolve  this  problem in the least,as it is a
 hardware fault.How long can  a company  continue to  operate,making design
 changes  to  it's  machines,and  not  support  the consumer on other Atari
 products they bought(specifically,the SH204/205) previously?? 



                                             WHO WROTE AG'S RULEBOOK?

 E.GORELIK  posts;
     Well, I did manage to get through the Avant-Garde today, had a lengthy
 talk with  Jeff, and  found out  some things which other Ditto users might
 want to know.

     AG has purchased a 100-ft length of shielded cable (which  is the only
 kind that  can be  used successfully with the unit) and is willing to sell
 it in any desired lengths to PCD-II users at $8/ft (no shipping chgs).  If
 you return  your original  1-ft length  (in like-new condition only), they
 will credit you $16 towards purchase of the  longer cable.   I'm  afraid I
 forgot to  ask whether  they will  also put  the connectors  on the longer
 cables, but I suspect  they won't,  since Jeff  gave me  information about
 purchasing the  connectors.   You can use a gold or tin 34-pin, and a gold
 or tin 26-pin  socket  connector,  both  female,  with  or  without strain
 relief.   They're available  at Radio Shack.  They can also be gotten from
 Digitkey (1-800-344-4539) in Minnesota, the  parts  #'s  being  ASC34G- ND
 (gold 34)  ASC34T-ND (tin  34), ASC26G-  ND (gold  26), and ASC26T-ND (tin
 26).  Prices are about $2-$3, with the tin slightly cheaper than the gold.

     AG has thoroughly tested installed ribbon lengths up  to 18".   Beyond
 that, they have no firsthand knowledge of how performance of the unit will
 be affected or degraded.  Reports from users have indicated that up to 24"
 there does not seem to be a problem, but anything beyond 18" you take your
 chances, and how the system  might  be  slowed  down  or  degraded  due to
 increased capacitance  and resistance  present in a longer cable is as yet

     As far as installation of the cables goes,  one method  Jeff described
 for those  who want  to place  the unit  outside the  case was routing the
 ribbon through the crevice between the metal DMA port and plastic case.

     Jeff confirmed that the board can't be installed  without removing the
 center post from the ST's case, which he claimed was nonfunctional anyhow,
 and merely used for machining purposes in constructing the case  (at least
 that's what  I understood him to say), and that the presence of the PCD-II
 unit in the  case  would  firm  up  the  case  anyhow.    As  expected, he
 confirmed  that  the  board  couldn't  be  installed  together with the RF
 shield-- you'll  have to  keep the  latter off--unless,  of course, you're
 routing the board outside the case.

     I  asked  whether  they  had  any  plans  to decrease the sqize of the
 board.  The answer was that they had looked into this, and found that they
 could  decrease  the  length  by  2"  and width by 3/4", but that doing so
 wouldn't affect the problems of installing  it in  a 520ST  (which I found
 hard  to  understand).    Whether  or  not  they will eventually go to the
 smaller size depends on how well the product sells.  When I  asked whether
 they  considered  selling  an  external  PCD-II,  I got the same response:
 depends on sales volume of the initial unit.  When I asked  about going to
 surface mount  technology for the board, he replied that they had no plans
 to do so,  because  of  the  unit's  thickness--it  contains  six separate
 layers; going to s.m.t. would necessitate fitting all of those layers into
 a single  layer, so  that although  the board  would become  very thin, it
 would also  become too wide and long, and hence wouldn't ease the problems
 of fitting the unit inside an ST.

     When I  asked about  revision D  motherboards seeming  to have special
 problems  working  with  PCD-II  he  denied  that they were exceptional or
 different from any others in regard to compatibility with the unit.

     As expected, current boards are being sent out with the  new PAL chips
 and the  latest software  (what's up on GEnie now--the 1.0001 files).  And
 those getting their boards at this time have  2 weeks  in which  to make a
 decision about keeping them.


 ctsy: GEnie

 Editor Note:
     It seems  kind of  unfair to  read that  the recipients  of PCDII have
 only TWO WEEKS to decide if they care to keep the thing or not.   When one
 considers that  the average  user has waited considerably longer than that
 just for the delivery of this infamous product.  The  least they  could do
 is allow  the users 30 days to decide.  With the summer here, its vacation
 time and many will not be  around  when  they  are  delivered  their "long
 awaited" item.   AG  should seriously  reconsider this  'mickey mouse' two
 week tinme limit.


 > SLAP STReport! STR SOUND OFF?      Nothin' like killin' the "messenger"!

                                        READER LASHES OUT STREPORT

     As usual, in trying times, when the news is not the greatest there are
 those who  feel they must vent their anger at the messenger who brings the
 unhappy stories.  Such is the case here, but in all fairness to the reader
 STReport felt obligated to allow everyone to see this young man's message.
 Believe it or not, we sympathize with this  fellow, but  at the  same time
 graciously point out that his anger should be directed at the cause of all
 the grief.  The three Tramiels running "the show."

     Of course the passage below is filled with emotion and  carries littel
 if  any  real  facts  other  than the personal information provided by the
 writer.  Again, it is very easy to sympathize with  this writer.   We also
 present a  number of  posts extracted from GEnie, where substantially well
 known users also voice rather strong discontent with Atari Corp.


 B.Greger posts;  in an uploaded message on GEnie;

 Another week has gone by, and after reading  the gloom,  doom, and despair
 of  STReport,  I  find  myself  wondering  why  I  ever purchased an Atari
 Computer.  It usually takes  a  lot  for  me  to  get  vocal,  but  I feel
 compelled to  speak out  now.  I have owned an Atari ever since the 1200XL
 came out.  Even though the system was an 8bit,  I really  enjoyed it. That
 8bit was my introduction into computing and it sold me on computers.  Then
 in 1985, the ST's came into being.  My mouth  "drooled" at  the thought of
 having so much power for a reasonable price.  I jumped on the ST bandwagon
 and purchased a 520ST without ROMS and  two  DS  disk  drives.    The only
 software for  the machine was Logo, and a few programs from Haba Software.
 I remember the first time I turned on the machine...  I could  not keep my
 mouth shut.  You know  how your mouth forms an "O" when you get surprised,
 well mine stayed that way for at least a week.  I just could  not get over
 how easy the machine was to operate.  Later I purchased the ROMS when they
 became  available  and  almost   every   piece   of   software   that  was
 released....even Haba "C".  

 Can anyone  remember that program?  By this time, the 1040ST was out and I
 ended up swapping up to it.  I now had a whole Meg of  RAM and  a built in
 drive.   Good new's  and praise for the machine was all I ever read.  Even
 Byte magazine covered  the  Atari  in  several  of  their  issues.   Atari
 appeared to  have a  very bright  future.   As time  went on, and software
 became plentiful, I kept  upgrading.   I now  have 2.5megs  in my  1040, a
 Spectre  GCR,  color  &  mono  monitors,  HP  LaserJet IIP, FaST 85meg HD,
 Cardinal 2400baud modem with MNP level  5, and  lot's of  software.  There
 are some  very talented people producing GREAT Hardware Hacks and Software
 Hacks for the Atari, and  I  support  their  efforts  by  purchasing their

 This brings  me up  to now.   Week after week I kept reading about Atari's
 demise in STReport and a few  other online  mag's, and  week after  week I
 began to  wonder if  I should sell my machine and go IBM or Mac.  Well, to
 STReport and any other magazine that  wishes to  publish nothing  but doom
 for the  Atari, I  say NO!   What  I am  going to  do is stop READING your
 magazine.  There are so many good things the Atari  computers can  do that
 all  of  the  articles  in  these  mags could easily focus on Productivity
 instead of Destructivity. (Not sure if that's a word or not but  it fits).
 I have  to agree  with the  magazine that Atari is rolling downhill pretty
 fast, but giving it a push over the edge is not the  answer.   Focusing on
 positive aspects of the computer and getting the most bang for the buck is
 still the way to win friends and influence  people.   The Spectre  GCR and
 Turbo16 are  about the  best hardware  hacks I  have seen and I am putting
 back a little money each week so I can get the T16 installed.  

 Being able to run Mac software  out of  the box  is a  REAL THRILL  and it
 brings back some of the enthusiasm I felt when I first purchased my ST.  I
 know of at least 10 people who have  purchased Atari  Computers because of
 me  showing  off  it's  capabilities.    Just  one  look at what all these
 fantastic machines can do,  and almost  everyone wants  one.   The biggest
 hurdle for  Atari has  always been  in Advertising and Letting people know
 about their  machine.   Well, Atari  does not  appear to  be interested in
 this, and they just might sink because of it, but a magazine that preaches
 Atari's demise week after week only speeds up this process.  Come On Guys!
 Let's pull  together and  focus on  what the machine can do!  I for one am
 very tired of the BASHING!   Every computer  has it's  problems, and Atari
 has it's  share.   Well, enough  of this.  I just felt I had to express my
 opinion.  I wish only the BEST for anyone supporting  the Atari Computers,
 and I  have started writing to Software Publishers and letting them know I
 appreciate their efforts toward Atari Software.                    

                                        One Guy's Opinion!                 

                                        Ross Greger  (B.GREGER 

 K.ALBURY [Blade Runner] posts;
     I, too  am getting  worried about  the future  of Atari  in the U.S.A.
 I've  been with Atari since those old (and great) days of  "pong" & "super
 pong"   and think  it's really  sad what  the brass  at Atari  has done to
 themselves.  And the end users.  I mean, when the ST came out, they really
 pushed it  well and  said things like "we're not a game company" & "the ST
 is better than an I.B.M.".   So we  bought the  ST and  it still  makes us

     However, here we are, a few years latter, and NO advertising, next  to
 no support, little software, etc.    And  low  and  behold,  Atari  is now
 releasing  it's  new  GAME  machine  amd  I.B.M.  compatable.    Plenty of
 advertising, support, and software for these systems, but little for   the
 ST.   I feel  like I've  been shafted.   I'm glad Atari is making new  and
 good products  but I  wish they  would at  least try  to give  us the same
 support we've  given them.   I  mean if  it wern't  for our support,  they
 would have been gone along time ago.  And now  that we're  in need   all I
 hear from  Atari is  empty promises  and how  well the European  market is
 doing.  I just wish they would give us a REAL answer.  If  you're going to
 support us,  than SUPPORT  us.  If your not, then DON'T.  Just please stop
 taking us for a ride.

 D.GAXIOLA posts;
      I've been a fairly loyal Atarian  all of  my life  practically. Since
 the  third  grade  I've  had  an  Atari computer, an Atari 800 with 48k of
 memory, an 810 disk drive, and  a 410  tape recorder.   It  served me well
 over the  years and I accomplished a lot with it.  Games, word processing,
 and keeping track of  my comic  books were  regular tasks  with the Atari.
 Just as  I found myself becoming  confined with it, just as I was yearning
 for something more, there   was  the  Atari  1040ST,  which  could  not be
 compared with  the older  8-bit machine.  So away with the ol' 800 and 810
 (by then both had died and been replaced  with a  65XE and  XF-551) and in
 came the new Sixteen-Thirty computer.      

     For four  years, or there abouts, I was content with its power.  I was
 still the leader in computer use among my friends.   While they  were just
 beginning to  discover the  benefits of  word processing,  on XT-clones, I
 was an old hand at it.   I  had great  games, sixteen  out of five-hundred
 and twelve  glorious colors while they had a sickly cyan and pink world to
 contend  with.  Eventually,  things  started  to  change.    I  discovered
 programming and  purchased a  cheap XT-clone  to learn  C on and enter the
 larger world of MS-DOS and big blue.  At the same time  I was  finding the
 1040 too  confining, a  megabyte of memory too little, so I had (that is I
 convinced) my family buy a Mega  ST2, as  well as  a Megafile  30.   For a
 time I was content with the Atari again.

      Meanwhile, I  was not  content with my XT.  EGA graphics and a thirty
 megabyte hard disk  were  taking  their  toll  on  the  4.77  MHz machine.
 Because of  memory chip  speed problems as well as the fact that they were
 sodered into the board, a speed upgrade was  impossible.   Ultimately, the
 clone was  sold and a 12 MHz 80286 clone was brought in and with it a slew
 of more problems all stemming from a bad hard disk controller card.

      As I was experimenting  with the  AT clone  I began  to notice things
 about  my  Atari,  problems  made  more  evident  when I purchased a laser
 printer.  My friends at school were asking me whether or not  I had  a Mac
 of and  IBM.   I found  myself uncomfortable  explaining  how it is that I
 have an Atari, telling the same old story of the   Atari  computer, one of
 success in  Europe, lack  of advertising  and sales in America, my friends
 nodding there heads along the way.

      Recently, my family made another jump up with the IBM  clone, all the
 way up  to a  25 MHz 80386 clone.  We now have a total of ninety megabytes
 of hard disk space, three megabytes  of  memory,  and  super  VGA graphics
 (800x600x256 colors).   I  want to make a similar jump with the Atari, but
 find that I really can't.  Even  when the  TT does  come out,  it is still
 inferior technolically.   A  pallet of  4096 colors with such a relatively
 low resolution?  Even my 1024x768 has 16 colors available.   Maybe  I will
 be able  to plug  in VME graphics card, but what software will support it?
 Speaking of software, what about it?   Will  I be  able to  multitask if I
 want  to?    What  about  simple  program switching?  And for me, the most
 important of all, what about the games?  Where is  LHX, Blockout, Budokan,
 Mechwarrior,  and  A-10  for  the  Atari?    Will they ever be out for the
 Atari?  Even so,  how will  they look?   Can  the best  that Atari  can do
 compare to  VGA/MCGA?   When I get a sound card for the IBM, can the sound
 from the ST compare as well?

      When the TT finally does come out, Atari will have to sell it  to me.
 I will  treat it  as if I had no knowledge of it prior to its introduction
 to the market.  If I  see no  newspaper, magazine,  or TELEVISION  ads, it
 will not  exist to  me.  As for my Mega, I  will probably let it fade away
 and move all of my tasks over to the 386.  Sure the software  is generally
 more  expensive  in  terms  of  productivity software, but in some ways it
 might be better.   It has  been said  many times  on many  bulletin boards
 that if  the computer  you own  does what  you want  it to, then it is the
 right computer.  The Atari ST for me is no longer the  right computer.   I
 would really like to move on to another, greater Atari computer, but Atari
 Corp. has left me no option; I see  no  reason  to  wait  for  a  dream to
 condense into a reality.  
                                        David Gaxiola

 I doubt  if anybody  is hanging out here in hopes of a resurgence by Atari
 U.S.  For MOST users, all we have left is each other, ala the 8 bit users.
 Someday  maybe  we  can  all  look  back  with  perspective  and have some
 justifiable answers and opinions as to what went wrong.  

 Did the user base never reach  it's full  potential because  Atari did not
 effectively  market  (in  the  U.S.)  and  get the ST machines and related
 products into more homes, businesses/schools?  

 Did Atari not market the ST  (in the  U.S.) because  the user  base wasn't
 strong  enough?    Or  did  we  all  get caught up in the forever changing
 computer technologies?  

 Not easy to keep up with it financially...but that's true  of ALL computer
 users.  Never   will  I   bore  the  readers  of  this  thread  with  "Bye
 ya'll.....I've had it...I'm off to buy  a Mac/Amiga/Clone".   If  and when
 that day  ever comes, I'll simply do it.  No fanfare.  I doubt if one more
 user will be missed. 

 I estimate  that 90%  of my  hardware and  software was  purchased from my
 friendly (now  non-existent) local dealers.  What concerns me the most (as
 mentioned in my previous post) is what about ME...the end user?   You have
 to IS nice to see a product (be it hardware or software) before
 you buy.  Thank God for software demo's and the  folks who  frequent these
 areas and  write for  the trade  publications offering  reviews.  Pity the
 folks who are not members of either GEnie,  CIS, Delphi,  etc. whose local
 dealer/service center  is gone, and the next closest one is 200 miles (and
 maybe the next state!) away.  Think about it.

 T.MCCOMB posts;
 No way is ComputerLand or BusinessLand going to touch _any_ Atari product.
 The Atari  Advantage is dead for 1990, that includes XMAS 1990. You're not
 going to see it  in Sears,  JC Penny  or KMart.   It  wasn't at  CES. They
 didn't place orders with Atari, they placed orders elsewhere.

 I'm not  saying the  _product_ is bad, we all know the product is _great_.
 It's just that Atari has never supported an assault on  the US  market and
 anything they do now is too little and way too late.

 S.COLLER [Steve]             at 11:39 CDT
       It seems  to be  long passed time for U.S. ST users to face reality.
 For the past 3+ years we have been hearing repeated calls for Atari to get
 active in  the U.S. market before it was too late.  We have heard repeated
 comments from Atari officials that "This is the  year for  Atari," or that
 all new equipment would now be unvailed in the U.S.

       Folks, Atari is not dying in the U.S. market - it is in fact already
 dead.  We U.S. users just refuse to accept the demise.  Let's look at some

       (1) Atari has yet to launch a national campaign for the ST's. 
           The only national advertizing that has been done has been
           for the Portfolio and the Lynx.

       (2) Atari has never had an over abundance of dealers and has
           been losing those that it does/did have rather rapidly over
           the past 3 years.

       (3) From an outsider's point of view it appears that Atari has
           absolutely no faith in its own product.  Or perhaps they
           are just ignorant of just how good the ST's really are.

       (4) Lack of third party support.  Software and hardware
           developers, the life-blood of any computer system, have been
           leaving Atari even faster than dealers.

       (5) Dealers that have hung on have difficulty getting products
           to sell.

       I was  in a  computer bookstore last night and did a quick survey of
 ST vs Amiga related magazines.  There were 8 Amiga mags and  1 ST.   Which
 one would  you judge  to have  more third  party support?  Were we to hook
 Atari U.S. up to an EKG machine to monitor it's life signs, we would see a
 flat line and no one around to administer CPR.

       Do  I  plan  on  trashing  my  ST  system?  Heavens no!  There isn't
 another system available that offers  the  power  and  versitility  at the
 price of  the ST.  For instance, in the area of DTP nothing can come close
 to the ST and  PageStream.   I've looked  at PageMaker  on both  IBM's and
 MAC's and  find it  hard to  believe people are willing to live like that.
 This article is not meant to be a flame on the ST.  Even  at a  dated 8mhz
 the ST  is still  an impressive  machine.   And given  the large number of
 users around the country that are still working with 8-bit  systems, there
 are a lot of people around that would still view 8mhz as warp speed.

       My background  is not one of business; it is behaviorial science and
 law enforcement.  I tend to look more at what individuals do/did than what
 they  say/said  they  would  do/did.    Talk  after  all  is cheap.  It is
 therefore,  my  conclusion  that  Atari  U.S.,  as  a  viable,  and active
 participant in the U.S. computer marketplace, is dead.  Can it be revived?
 Not unless it wants to be, and since the evidence leads to  the conclusion
 that  this  was  a  suicide,  I  would  have  to  say the the prospects of
 resurrection are highly unlikely. Steve Coller  President Central Missouri
 Atari Group Columbia, MO

 T.MCCOMB posts;
 You pretty  much nailed it on the head, Steve. Atari Computer Division, in
 the US, is dead.  IT will  continue in  europe for  awhile but  the USA is
 dead.  The  entertainment  division  will follow suit once the competition
 hits the streets. Can you say NEC?

 I'm not abandoning my ST, either. It serves me well. However there is _no_
 way I could reccomend one to anyone else.

 It's really  a shame.  1990 is  gone. THey  blew the  last shot at 1990 by
 cancelling the Atari Advantage package at CES. June CES is  where the mass
 market people place their Xmas orders. None were placed, none will be sold
 in 1990. Does  ally think it will  be better  or different  in 1991?   Ron
 Luks of  CompuServe told  a sad  story. While at CES he approached 4 Atari
 Reps and asked where he could find the STEs. They didn't know.  He found a
 fifth one  that did, he pointed him in the right direction. He found a row
 of four STEs with an Atari Rep seated at one, playing a game. He asked the
 rep about  the features of the STE. The Rep replied 'I don't know anything
 about them, I'm just playing a game'.

                                             Simply amazing.

     As one can  readily  see,  many  folks  have  just  about  run  out of
 patience with  the Tramiel  sons, who have in effect used Atari Corp. as a
 learning platform in "how  to conduct  one's self  miserably in business".
 Please  dear  readers  don't  ask  that  we  look  the other way while the
 Katzenjammer do their utmost best to finish the "job".


 > ONLINE TODAY  STReport OnLine?             The wires are hummin'!


                                             STR'S ROVING REPORTER

 by Oscar Steele

     This week I'll begin coverage of CompuServe (CIS).  There are a number
 of differences between GEnie and CompuServe, some are obvious, such as the
 hourly connect  charges (GEnie  charges $5/10  per hour  compared to CIS's
 $6/12 per  hour).   Other differences  are more  subtle.  All in all, both
 networks have their strengths and weaknesses.

    The first thing I noticed is  that  CIS  is  quick,  noticeably quicker
 than GEnie.   CIS  responds almost  immediately to  a request.   On GEnie,
 there are a few seconds of pause here and a few seconds  there.   They add
 up  over  a  session.    I  have  also  been  told  by several people that
 downloading is  also quicker  on CIS;  however, I  have yet  to test CIS's
 downloading to  verify this.   So,  it's not  entirely fair to compare the
 rates charged straight across the board.   They  should be  balanced by an
 overall picture  of the  "real" time it takes to accomplish tasks.  That's
 not to say that GEnie is, indeed, more economical, it's just that it's not
 as simple as looking at the 2 companies' rates.

    The message base structure is totally different.  This means that it'll
 take a GEnie user a while to get used to CIS (and  vice versa).   I'd like
 to  spend  at  least  another  weeks  before  doing comparisons on the two
 networks. I've offered the previous  remarks  as  very  first impressions.
 Some people  "choose" a  network.  However, life is a bit more complicated
 than just black and white, or yes and no.  Each network is unique,  like a
 person.  They each have their own personality and individual benefits.

 Notes from GEnie this week:


     A brief  mention of  mentionable updates:  Pinhead 1.7 (#15128), BSTAT
     2.36 (#15184), SAT 3.11 (#15441), ICD Host Adapter  Utilities - latest
     version  (#15440),  DeskSwitch  1.1  (#15419), DCOPY 3.6 (#15339), and
     Deskmanager 3.3.


    This upcoming week there will be two conferences.  The first, scheduled
 for tomorrow,  is a special conference at 9pm EDT.  A group of BBS Express
 sysops will meet to discuss topics relating to the product.

    The second conference is on the normally scheduled day, Wednesday, June
 20th.   Guests will  include Chet Walters, the author of IMAGE CAT and MUG
 SHOT,  and  W.  David  Parks  aka  Dr.  Bob,  author  of  MVG (MULTIVIEWER
 GRAPHICA). The conference will being at 10pm EDT.

 Message Area Notice:

     Intersect, representative  of the current state of Atari's developers,
     is no longer providing support via GEnie.  Their past topics have been
     moved to  other categories,  where hopefully  ST users will offer help
     and support.  See Cat. 1, Topic 8, Message 5 for exact details.


 > Supercharger News STR InfoFile?        The Best keeps getting BETTER!


 Thanks for waiting...
       I am currently working on our new manual and it should be  available
 in a  month or  so. I am also working on a compatibility  list and disk of
 "PD" program and custom  batch files.  The manual   and  the disk  will be
 available at a small charge to current  registered SuperCharger customers.


      ICD  has  developed  a  fix  for  an  incompatibility  with  the  ICD
 Advantage  and  Advantage  Plus   host  adaptors.   The  fix   includes  a
 combination of  software and hardware and sells for $15.00 If you have one
 of the older ICD host adaptors you can get a   software  fix so  you don't
 have to  hold the  reset button  down on   your SuperCharger. It should be
 noted that ICD did not have a   defective product  but instead  made their
 product compatible with  ours. All of this was done at their own costs.

      I don't  have the  hardware fix, but as soon as I have it I  will let
 you know how it works. Some of you have already called  and reported ICD's
 new software  for the  older host  adaptors works   great!  Great job ICD,

 Midi Support
       As of now I know of no plans for supporting  Midi. Although  I  will
 pass this request along to Beta Systems.

 Vertical Lines (Banner)

      If a  program is  set to  run in  one graphic mode and you run it  in
 another you will see vertical lines. Lets say you have  a   program set to
 run in  monochrome and  you run  it while  in CGA  color, the program will
 display vertical lines and lock-up. Some  programs can't see  CGA color on
 SuperCharger and will default to  Hercules monochrome. 


      Even though  the documentation  says this  file exists, IT DOES  NOT.
 The program ABIO.TOS should be used in it's place. 


      AutoCAD does work, although I do not have release 11.

                                           >Richard Betson 
                                       >Talon Technology Inc.


 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL?          Sayin' it like it is.....

 - London, UK                                 TOS 1.4 BOOTLEGGED IN THE UK?

     There is a situation in  the  UK  under  investigsation  at  this time
 concerning the packaging of TOS 1.4 in Eprom and Calamus (the US version).
 It appears that  a  distributor/dealer  in  the  UK  has  decided  to deep
 discount Calamus.   And  since Calamus (the UK version) cannot be obtained
 cheap enough in the UK to allow the  deep discounting,  its being imported
 from the  States.  Also a rather interesting and familiar program seems to
 have surfaced in the UK called PROXIMA... A vaguely familiar  DTP package.
 We await  the arrival  of this Stateside to see just which program this is
 in a different "jacket".


     According to sources close  to the  top, the  Atlanta Ga.  firm who is
 involved with  the development  of Crosstalk,  (Top Notch TeleComm Program
 for MS DOS), for the Portfolio has suspended  all activities  for the time
 being.  Apparently there is a strong disagreement over who will distribute
 the new  version  of  Crosstalk  which  was  rewritten  expressly  for the

 - Los Angeles, CA.                      BORLAND RELEASES TURBO C ++ VER. 2

  - Turbo C++ 1.0 Compiler (NEW)
  - Turbo Profiler 2.0 (NEW)
  - Turbo Assembler 2.0 (UPGRADE)
  - Turbo Debugger 2.0 (UPGRADE)

     Turbo C++ 1.0 is a new product, not an upgrade from Turbo C 2.0, but a
 promotional offer is in place for Turbo  C  2.0  users  that  may  want to
 purchase  Turbo  C++.  Upgrade  offers  are  available for the Turbo C and
 Turbo Pascal Professional packages, and for Turbo Debugger, Turbo Profiler
 and Turbo  Assembler as one package deal. The Turbo Profiler package is an
 upgrade to the Turbo Debugger/Turbo Assembler package.

 - Boston, MA.                           BOB BRODIE KEEPS THE TROOPS HAPPY!

     Bob "on the road again" Brodie will be making an  unscheduled visit to
 the Boston  area this  Friday.   He relates ...One of our dealers, The Bit
 Bucket is having an Atari day  on Saturday,  June 16th  at their  store in
 Newton.  Atari has decided to send me as the "factory rep" for this event.
 I'll be arriving in Boston on Friday afternoon,  which just  happens to be
 the day  of the  South Shore Atari Group meeting.  I've been in touch with
 the members of the South Shore Group as well as the members  of the Boston
 Computer Society. So, I hope if your in the New England area, you can stop
 by!  The South Shore Group meets at  the Super  Stop &  Shop, 495 Southern
 Artery in Quincy at 7:00PM.

     Please  contact  Norman  Boucher,  Jr.  at  617-361-0590  for  further
 information or call the Bit Bucket in Newton, at 617-964-3080.


                                                  Bob Brodie


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      To sign up for GEnie service: Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.

               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                         Wait for the U#= prompt.

                 Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

                       **** SIGN UP FEE WAIVED ****

           The system will now prompt you for your information.


 > Hard Disks STR InfoFile?           Affordable Mass Storage....

                        NEW PRICES! & MORE MODELS!!

                      ABCO COMPUTER ELECTRONICS INC.
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT
   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).
                 (you are NOT limited to two drives ONLY!)
                   (all cables and connectors installed)

         51mb #SGN4951   519.95              65mb #SG60101   649.95
         80mb #SGN296    709.95             100mb #SG84011D  839.95
        120mb #SGN120FH  989.95             120mb #SG120DD  1128.95
        170mb #SGN2962  1369.95             260mb #SG60102  1849.95


         20mb #AI020SC   379.95              30mb #AIO3OSC   419.95
         50mb #AI050SC   449.95              65mb #AI065SC   499.95
                           85mb #AI085SC  $559.95

                      (500 - 600k per sec @ 23 -33ms)

                      Ask about our "REBATE SPECIALS"
                           FROM 30mb @ $419.00!




       * SYQUEST 44MB (#555)>> ABCO "44" << REMOVABLE MEDIA DRIVE *

          - ICD Utility Software        - 3' DMA Cable 
          - Fan & Clock                 - Multi-Unit Power Supply
                          (1) 44 MB Syquest Cart.

                    >> SPECIAL NOW ONLY __$849.00__ <<

                      *** SPECIAL SYQUEST OFFER!! ***
                       ***** for $50.00 LESS! *****

      -> DO IT YOURSELF BARE SYQUEST UNITS $600.00ea  2 for $1100.00
                    Syquest Mechanism - 2 year warranty

                        SPECIALLY PRICED  $1539.00 

         - Syquest 44 Model [555] and the following hard drives -
          50mb SQG51   $1179.00           30mb SQG38    $1099.00
          65mb SQG09   $1239.00           85mb SQG96    $1299.00

           Listed above are a sampling of the systems available.
      Prices also reflect various cabinet/power supply configurations
    (over sixty configurations are available, flexibility is unlimited)
            *** ALL Units: Average Access Time: 24ms - 34ms ***

             LARGER units are available - (special order only)

                        NO REPACKS OR REFURBS USED!

       - Custom Walnut WOODEN Cabinets - TOWER - AT - XT Cabinets -
                   Keyboard Custom Cables Call for Info
                      ALL POWER SUPPLIES UL APPROVED

                       -* 12 month FULL Guarantee *-
                         (A FULL YEAR of COVERAGE)


                     DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS WANTED!
                         please, call for details

                 Personal and Company Checks are accepted.

                        ORDER YOUR NEW UNIT TODAY!

           CALL: 1-800-562-4037   -=**=-    CALL: 1-904-783-3319
           Customer Orders ONLY               Customer Service
                                9am - 8pm EDT
                                Tues thru Sat



                          FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY


                              to the Readers of;
                         STREPORT ONLINE MAGAZINE
                  "The Original 16/32bit Online Magazine"

                         NEW USERS; SIGN UP TODAY!

              Call any of the STReport  Official BBS numbers 
                              (Listed Above)
                   Leave E-mail to STReport - R.Mariano

           Be sure to include your full mailing address so your 
             Compuserve kit can be immediately mailed to you!



 > A "Quotable Quote" 

             "Crying Towels are only for those who know.."
                       ...... they are loosers!

                                            ... Knobby Walsh

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