ST Report: 27-Apr-90 #417

From: Phillip M. Chow (aa400@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 06/10/90-09:28:10 PM Z

From: aa400@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Phillip M. Chow)
Subject: ST Report: 27-Apr-90  #417
Date: Sun Jun 10 21:28:10 1990

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 > The Editor's Podium?

     The P.A.C.E. Show is on for this weekend, from all the reports we
 have received its easy to see where it is drawing folks from all over the
 country.  This is fast becoming a popular place to be this weekend.  One
 observation related to me was very interesting.  This young man said;
 "Maybe just maybe the people will use this show as a statement directed at
 Atari, show them by the attendance at this show that we can and will
 support the Atari computer platform".  After hearing this I thought hmmmm,
 not a bad idea, now if the potential attendees are listening....
     The AUA has been growing in leaps and bounds across the USA, and
 rightfully so, being the only National Organization dedicated to the Users
 and the Groups to which they belong.  The AUA will be at PACE 'strutting'
 their stuff and signing up new members.  While there has been some
 reference to a 'colorful' past this comes strictly from an association
 with another club located in the Pittsburgh area.  As a result, STReport
 has thoroughly checked out the rumors and folks, as usual, they were just
 that ..unfounded rumors.  
     On to other show related matters, we see where the folks who promoted
 the Anaheim WOA show are very busy claiming to be "on the move" and are
 indicating they plan shows for June & August of 1990 and April of 1991. 
 STReport finds it extremely difficult to believe WOA plans to schedule
 shows for June and August on top of a number of shows already scheduled on
 both coasts.  The June date is far too close at hand to hold any
 credibility.  Especially for those folks who must use the airlines and
 schedule saver fares at least thirty days in advance.  As for the show in
 August?  In the dead heat of the summer? And at the peak of summer
 vacation time?  Hard to believe it'll amount to anything.  Unless, of
 course, WOA is planning a few shows at those times in Borneo and Diego
 Garcia.  If however, such is the case, this publication will find it very
 easy to wholeheartedly support only those Atari shows that are Usergroup
 operated and sponsored.  Most of all, the usergroup and its members must
 benefit from all the profits, if any, realized from the show.
     Meanwhile back to the present and the PACE show, STReport will be
 there and of course, we encourage every Atarian capable of attending to do
 so.  This show is fully and only usergroup sponsored by Atarians for
                                        Thanks for your support,




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 conversation on-going.  This is one  of the  best methods  for meeting new
 people  from  all  different  types  of backgrounds and who are located in
 different parts of the world

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     The  Libraries  section  of  the  Forum  is a resource area containing
 thousands of  programs, text  files, picture  files, help  files, and text
 files  such   as  past   transcripts  from  online  national  conferences,
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 online or  downloaded to  your computer system for lasting reference.  Our
 Libraries are also filled with a  wide  assortment  of  Public  Domain and
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   Issue # 64

 by Michael Arthur

 Remember When....

     In 1985,  Dayna  Communications  introduced  Mac  Charlie,  a $1800.00
 Hardware IBM  Emulator for  the Macintosh  which featured a 4.77 MHZ 8088,
 640K of RAM, two 360K 5 1/4" Disk Drives, MS-DOS Version 3.1, and complete
 compatibility with  most MS-DOS business software at that time?  Or how it
 was half the size of a Mac Plus, and had to be connected vertically at the
 side of a Mac Plus or SE?

 CPU Systems Roundup? XXVI

            Dream Systems VI: Changes, and "Peripherals of Note"

     Change is the only constant in the computer industry.  As the
 capabilities of microcomputers increased during the 1980's, they began to
 provide the versatility, performance capability, and speed found in the
 workstation field.  However, at the same time the workstation field began
 providing the functionality, standardization, and price/performance found
 in the microcomputer world.  During CPU Report's inception, it attempted
 to cover this trend using the "Dream Systems" Essays.

     This series, which has tried to examine the industry's rate of change
 by configuring a list of several powerful microcomputer/workstation
 systems which could truly be called the "state of the art".  It then had a
 Comparison/Contrast Section, which compared them using things like
 industry standard computer benchmarks.  However, benchmarks can often fail
 as a general determinant of computer performance.  For example, the
 results of many computer performance ratings and benchmarks (VAX MIPS,
 Quicksort, Sieve, etc.) can often be skewed by factors such as large
 amounts of CPU Cache RAM, susceptibility to being greatly optimized by
 certain compilers, or flaws in their design.  Resulting in that the
 "Comparison/Contrast" segment, originally intended as an objective tool,
 ended up being subjective and less accurate in its comparisons.

     Therefore, the "Comparison/Contrast" Segment of this series has been
 eliminated.  In its place a new segment, "Peripherals of Note", is now
 featured in this essay.  As implied, "Peripherals of Note" will feature
 examples of hardware peripherals and computer systems which are both
 noteworthy as innovations in the computer industry, and are unique in
 their respective markets.  "Peripherals of Note" will join the "State of
 the Art Systems" List in helping to explore the rate of innovation and
 change in the computer industry.

     In order to explore this situation in depth, while providing a
 broad timespan in which to cover new developments, this "Dream Systems"
 series appears once every three months.  The "Dream Computer Systems List"
 series itself will also continue and expand its focus on workstation-class
 system configurations.

     After doing some research, I found several pieces of hardware that
 could truly claim to be "Peripherals of Note".  Shown in no particular
 order, here is my list:

              Peripheral #1:  IBM RISC System/6000 Workstation

       The IBM RISC System/6000 uses a new RISC chip architecture, called
 the "Performance Optimization with Enhanced RISC", or POWER chipset.  This
 processor is made up of a "superscalar architecture" consisting of seven
 separate units, including:

       - A ANSI-compatible Floating-point unit (FPU)

       - A Fixed-Point Unit (FXU) performing integer processing, memory
         addressing operations.

       - An Instruction/branch Unit, which distributes instructions to the
         FPU and FXU, and coordinates other processor functions.

       - A Data/Instruction Cache Unit, which interfaces the POWER chipset
         physical memory.  It provides either a 32K or 64K CPU Cache.

       - A built-in I/O Controller Unit

       - MicroChannel Bus Interface Unit

       Each of these units receive instructions and operate concurrently,
 enabling the POWER processor to process up to four instructions per clock
 cycle.  The POWER chipset has a 128-bit memory path width, and 20 Megabit
 optical links for quickly sending bursts of data to other systems.  All
 of this results in the POWER chip's capability of processing from
 27 - 41 million instructions per second (MIPS), and from 7.5 - 13 million
 floating point math instructions per second (MFLOPS).  Meaning that the
 POWER chip is 2-4 times as fast as Intel's 80486 chip, the Motorola 68040,
 or any other microprocessor currently available.

       Furthermore, IBM has indicated that in the future, the POWER chip's
 Microcode (embedded in ROM) will be field-upgraded to allow it to run
 sixteen or more instructions per clock cycle.  Meaning that the POWER chip
 will support upgrades to provide a significant increase in processing
 speed at a comparatively low cost to present RS/6000 Owners.

       However, a large part of a computer's performance is based more on
 the data transfer speed of its bus architecture than its MIPS or MFLOPS
 rating.  Therefore, the RISC System/6000 also features an improved version
 of the MicroChannel Expansion Bus Architecture, which allows the RS/6000
 to fully utilize its processing capabilities.  This version features:

        - A 64-bit data/address bus width for the low-end POWERstation
          Line, with high-end models of the RISC System/6000 using a
          128-bit version of the MicroChannel Architecture....

        - Vastly improved Data Transfer rates, using a new "Streaming DMA
          Burst Mode" to achieve data transfer rates of 40 Megabytes per
          second, with sustained transfer rates of 25 - 30 Mbps (Megabytes
          Per Second). This is several times greater than many other
          computer bus architectures.

        - Parity Checking on all data.

       In addition, IBM has licensed Silicon Graphics' Geometry Engine
 chip (which can generate 91,000 3-D Vectors/second) as standard equipment
 on the RS/6000.  IBM is selling two types of graphics boards for the

       1) An Entry-level Graphics board, with two versions: A Monochrome
          board, able to display 4-bit gray scales (or 16 shades of gray),
          and a color board able to display 8-bits per pixel, or 256 Colors
          at the same time, out of a 16 million color palette.

       2) An optional graphics adapter board called the SuperGraphics
          Processor Subsystem (partly developed by Silicon Graphics), which
          can generate almost a million 3D Vectors a Second, and has a
          24-bit color palette.  It comes in two versions:  An 8-bit Per
          Pixel board (for 256 displayable colors), and a 24-bit per pixel
          board which allows the RS/6000 to display 16 million colors

       The IBM RISC System/6000 has a 1280*1024 graphics resolution, and
 comes with SCSI and Ethernet LAN Ports, as well as 8 Megabytes of ECC RAM
 (which can automatically find and correct memory parity errors) as
 standard.  IBM will be selling several models of the RISC System/6000,
 including these systems:

 PowerStation 320
       The low-end model of IBM's RISC System/6000 line, it uses a 20 MHZ
 POWER chip to achieve speeds of 27 MIPS and 7.5 MFLOPS.  It comes with
 8 Megs of RAM standard, 6 Expansion Slots (2 of which are Memory Slots),
 a 120 Meg Hard Drive, and a monochrome display w/256 levels of gray
 shades.  Cost: $13,000.

 PowerServer 540
       Meant for the upper-end of the traditional workstation market, the
 PowerServer 540 uses a 30 MHZ POWER chip, enabling it to achieve 41.5 MIPS
 and 13.0 MFLOPS.  Coming with 16 MicroChannel Slots (8 of which are for
 expansion memory), it has 64 Megs of RAM standard, a 640 Meg Hard Drive,
 and a 128-Bit MicroChannel Bus.  Cost:  Around $100,000.

 PowerStation 730
       The High-end Model of the POWERStation line, it uses a 25 MHZ POWER
 chip to achieve 35 MIPS and 11 MFLOPS.  It comes with 16 Megs of RAM, and
 is the only model to bundle the SuperGraphics Processor Subsystem as
 standard.  Cost:  $74,000.

        Peripheral #2:  Hercules Graphics Station Card (Video Board)

      Hercules Inc., who established the Hercules Graphics Standard for IBM
 PCs in the early 1980s, has recently introduced a new Video Board called
 the Hercules Graphics Station Card.  This board is one of the first boards
 to combine support of both the new SuperVGA standard, and the TIGA Video
 Standard, at a price/performance ratio far better than ANY of the other
 video boards available in the IBM marketplace.

       The Hercules Graphics Station Card comes with 1 Megabyte of Video
 RAM as standard, support for both interlace and non-interlace monitors
 (with the ability to be run with almost any multisync monitor), and built
 in register level compatibility with CGA, EGA, IBM VGA and the SuperVGA
 Standards.  Under these modes, it provides these resolutions:

                  Resolution| # of Colors |  Video Mode
                   320*200  |  4, 16, 256 | CGA, EGA, VGA
                   640*200  |  2, 16      | CGA, EGA
                   640*480  |  2, 16      | VGA, SuperVGA
                   800*600  | 16, 256     | SuperVGA

       As mentioned before, the Hercules Graphics Station Card also
 supports the emerging TIGA Standard.  TIGA is a software interface for
 34010-based video boards which works independent of graphics resolution,
 the size of the color palette, and the amount of displayable colors
 available on a board.  It is actually a set of functions (or primitives)
 which act as a programming "language" in much the same way that a program
 can use GEM's VDI to display graphics.  TIGA is made up of three elements:

        - Applications Interface, which is the actual set of commands which
          applications use for graphics operations.  This basically
          provides the same function as GEM's VDI.

        - Communications Driver.  This is a TSR program which sends
          commands given by the AI to the 340x0-based video circuitry, and
          passes the results back to the computer.

        - Graphics Manager.  This program communicates with the CD, and
          acts as the board's driver software.  It accepts commands given
          to it by the CD, processes them with the video circuitry's
          hardware, and outputs them back to the CD.

       Several applications now have Software Drivers to make their
 applications take advantage of TIGA, including Digital Research's IBM
 version of GEM (as well as X/GEM, a multitasking version of GEM), AutoCAD,
 WordPerfect, Time Arts' Lumena, and Microsoft Windows.  Under TIGA, the
 Hercules Graphics Station Card has a 16-million color palette, and
 supports resolutions ranging from 512*480 with 32,768 displayable colors,
 to 1024*768 with 256 displayable colors.  Most TIGA boards currently out
 only give a 1024*768 resolution, and only provide 16 displayable colors.

       One of the most unique aspects of Hercules' new graphics card is its
 price.  While ALL other TIGA boards which provide the same capabilities
 (besides VGA Support) cost around $3000 - $5000.00, the Hercules Graphics
 Station Card only costs $1024.00.  It seems that this may be yet another
 example of "Power Without the Price"....

            Peripheral #3:  Elmtech Research's PARSEC ST Graphics Unit

     Ever since the Atari ST was introduced, one of its weakest points has
 been its graphics capabilities.  Even though it is fast and versatile, the
 Amiga, Mac II, and IBM have always had the upper hand in the graphics
 arena.  A few hardware boards in the US, including the Moniterm 1280*960
 monitor, and Image Systems' High Resolution Color Board, have aimed to
 remedy this situation.  Recently, Datel Computers introduced the Parsec
 Graphic Interface, an ST Peripheral from England which may rank as one of
 the best video boards available for any computer....

     The Parsec comes in an Aluminum Case which (at 11 1/2 inches wide, 11
 1/4 inches long, and 2 inches high) resembles a Mega ST in both size and
 style.  It uses a 50 MHZ version of Texas Instruments' TI 34010 graphics
 processor, which is capable of processing graphics operations
 independently of the ST's CPU.  

 Here is an average list of its performance capabilities in certain

     Line Draw Rate      :  1.25 Megapixels/Sec.
     Copy Block          :  3.12 Megapixels/sec
     Average Blit Move   : 25 Mbits/Sec.  32-Bit Multiply: 0.29 MIPS
     Horizontal Line/Fill: 50 Mbits/Sec.  32-bit Multiply: 6.25 MIPS

     The Parsec Unit has external RS-232, SCSI, and Video Ports.  It also
 has support for internal expansion cards like the ELM 8768 (discussed
 later), and Video RAM Expansion Cards.  It requires a non-interlaced
 monitor, and supports a 640*480 resolution for use with lessic model, which is currently sold by
     Datel Computers in North America.  It has 768K of Video RAM, and a
     1024*768 resolution with a 4096 color palette.  It displays 16 colors
     per line, meaning that it can display 4096 colors at the same time
     onscreen.  Cost: $1400.00....

 2)  8768-8 Upgrade Kit.  This card, which fits inside the ParSec Box, uses
     a Brooktree Bt473 RAMdac, enabling it to have a 16 million (24-bit)
     color palette.  It has 1.875 Megs of Video RAM onboard, supports up to
     4 Megs of VRAM, and also has an external connector for Elmtech's
     Digitizer/Genlock, an optional product which also works with the
     Parsec Unit.  

 Here are its resolutions:

             - 1024*768, with 32,768 displayable colors

             - 1024*768, with 256 displayable colors.  This mode is
               double-buffered, providing for smoother graphics for CAD and
               Animation design.

 3)  8768-16 Upgrade Kit.  This Version of the 8768-8 has 2.5 Megs of     
     Video RAM, and has a double-buffered 768*576 resolution with         
     32,768 displayable colors out of its 24-bit color palette.  This      
     board, and the 8768-8 Card, aren't available in the US....

          However, while the Parsec has extremely powerful graphics
 capabilities, it does not support ordinary ST GEM applications.  In order
 to solve this, Elmtech Research has also developed the Topaz GEMulator, a
 tool which converts GEM-based programs to the Parsec, so that they then
 pass all of their GEM Calls to the Parsec board.  Programs ported in this
 manner will then run faster, taking advantage of the processing and
 graphics capabilities of the PARSEC board.  At this time, Datel Computers
 is bundling two "GEMulated" programs (Chimera F/X and Da Vinci Art) with
 the Parsec. However, other software companies are also considering support
 of the Parsec board....

            Peripheral #4:  Xircom's Pocket Ethernet Adapter Cartridge

        Most Ethernet solutions available in the computer industry consist
 of two alternatives:  A Built-in Ethernet Port, or an Expansion Slot Card
 which provides an Ethernet Port.  However, while these solutions are both
 relatively inexpensive and extremely efficient, there are several arenas
 in which they are not feasible.  For example, the majority of Laptops and
 Portable Computers now available don't have an Expansion Slot, and almost
 no Laptops have a built-in Ethernet Port.  However, a new product called
 the Xircom Pocket Ethernet Adapter has the potential to allow almost any
 computer to access an Ethernet LAN (Local Area Network).

         Xircom's "Pocket Ethernet Adapter" is actually a pocket-sized
 Cartridge with a built-in Ethernet port which plugs into a bidirectional
 parallel printer port.  Using a National Semiconductor Ethernet Chip, it
 also has a 32K Data Buffer.  However, because it uses the parallel port,
 performs data transfers 10-15 percent slower than ordinary Ethernet
 Boards.  Software drivers are now available for N
 and other LAN Network products.  Cost:  $600.00.  Xircom Inc. can be
 contacted at 1-818-884-8755.

          One noteworthy fact is that all of the products in this list are
 now shipping....

         Part I of this series has featured a list of several hardware
 peripherals in the microcomputer/workstation field which can truly claim
 to be both uniquely innovative, and noteworthy inReport will attempt to compile a list of
 "Dream Systems", or noteworthy configurations of several microcomputer and
 workstation systems that could currently be the best in the industry, and
 shown the individual features which make the system.  But just as this
 issue alone indicates several changes in the structure of the Dream
 Systems Essay, the hardware peripherals shown above certainly indicate
 certain trends in the computer industry....

 CPU MacNews?

             Electronic Arts, 32-Bit QuickDraw, and Studio/32            

     At MacWorld, Electronic Arts recently announced Studio/32, a new
 version of its Studio/8 graphics program which supports 32-Bit Quickdraw,
 enabling it to display up to 16 million colors simultaneously with the use
 of a 24-Bit Color Video Board.  Studio/32 also features:

        - Support for the Pantome Color Matching system, CMYK, HSV, and   
          RGB Color models.

        - Image processing tools for performing functions like resizing,  
          rotation, and anti-aliasing of pictures.

        - Internal support for four-color separations.
          STudio/32 will be shipping in the Summer of 1990. Cost: $700.00, 
          with upgrades from Studio/8 available for $150.00.     

 But ponder, if you will, this question:

 1)  IBM is rumored to be preparing to introduce a $1500.00 80286-based
     MS-DOS System, with 640K of RAM, VGA Graphics, and CD-ROM support. If
     this comes to pass, how will it affect the Atari ST and Amiga's
     chances of penetrating the US Home/Small Business market?

 2)  Should Atari market the ATW and 68030 TT as Unix machines and systems
     for "higher education" in the US?     



         The Department of Commerce's Patent and Trademark Office has now
 released a list of the number of US patents obtained in 1989 by companies
 worldwide.  Curiously, Japanese companies made up the bulk of the top ten
 firms to obtain the most patents for original technologies, designs, and
 idea implementations.  This list includes:

     1) Hitachi Ltd.  - 1,053 patents       6) Mitsubishi Corp.
     2) Toshiba Corp. - 961                 7) Phillips (Europe) - 745
     3) Canon Inc. - 949                    8) Siemens (Germany) - 656
     4) Fuji Corp. - 884                    9) IBM - 623 patents
     5) General Electric  - 818            10) Eastman Kodak Corp. - 589


         At the recent "WHICH COMPUTER?" Show in England, Commodore
 announced the Amiga 3000, a 68030-based version of the Amiga.  The A3000
 has 2 Megs of RAM Standard (or 1 Megabyte of slower "Chip" RAM and 1 Meg
 of standard, or "Fast" RAM), an SCSI/DMA Port, and an improved version of
 the ECS (Enhanced Chip Set).  It also features four Zorro III 32-bit30 chip), and will later support Compugraphic Outline Fonts,
 as the new Amiga font standard.  The new version of the Amiga's Enhanced
 Chip Set features a "flickerfixer" chip which eliminates interlace flicker
 from Amiga graphics.  It also supports NTSC/PAL Video, and has these

       - 320*200 with 4096 Colors displayable at the same time.
       - 640x256 with 64 display, Commodore also indicated that Amiga Unix
 won't be available for at least another 6-9 months.  Also, the A3000
 supports up to 6 Megs of RAM on board.  3 models of the A3000 are
 currently planned:        

 1) Amiga 3000 with a 16 MHZ 68030 chip, 16 MHZ 68881 Math Chip, and       
    a 40 Meg Hard Drive.  Cost:  $3300.00.        

 2) Amiga 3000 with a 25 MHZ 68030 chip, 16 MHZ 68881 Math Chip, and       
    a 40 Meg Hard Drive.  Cost:  $4000.00.        

 3) Amiga 3000 with a 25 MHZ 68030 chip, 16 MHZ 68882 Math Chip, and a 100
    Meg Hard Drive.  Cost:  $4500.00. 

        Commodore also announced AmigaVision, a new Hypercard-like program
 allowing one to design "courseware" which uses graphics, text, and sound
 elements.  Unlike Hypercard though, it allows "courseware" to run without
 its own menus being visible, and uses a "flowchart" environment for
 creating programs.  It also supports the AREXX Interprocess Communications
 protocol standard.  Interestingly, Commodore, taking advantage of the
 current excitement over "multimedia" applications, called Amigavision an
 example of "multimedia authoring software".  Cost:  $150.00....

        In a recent reorganization of its OS/2 Programming Centers, IBM has
 scaled back on direct design efforts for DOS, OS/2 Standard Edition and
 Presentation Manager.  IBM will now give Microsoft a list of its
 requirements for DOS and OS/2, and will help to design certain aspects of
 OS/2 Presentation Manager.  IBM has also integrated its DOS and Windows
 development in a new "DOS/Windows" department....        

 Reason:  IBM has redirected its programming efforts towards OS/2 Extended
 Edition, an enhanced version of OS/2 Standard Edition which features an
 SQL Database Manager, a Communications Manager, and other elements of its
 Systems Applications Architecture (or SAA).  SAA is designed to help make
 software on any IBM computer, from the PS/2 to IBM Supercomputers, easily
 portable to another IBM system.  Interestingly, it also seems that while
 over 300,000 copies of OS/2 have been sold, that over two-thirds of OS/2
 sales have been for OS/2 Extended Edition, with OS/2 Standard Edition only
 selling 100,000 copies....   

     The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission has recently permitted
 Indiana BBS Users and Sysops to obtain Public Hearings debating a new BBS
 Tariff instituted by Indiana Bell, which classifies all Bulletin Board
 Systems there as Businesses.  This means that Indiana BBS's will now have
 to pay more expensive business phone rates, even if they do not ask for
 money or donations. 

     Interestingly enough, Indiana Bell rationalized this move by saying
 that BBSes "occupy a lot of time" on its Phone System, and that they
 require "additional equipment to handle the load."  They also managed, at
 first, to institute this BBS Tariff without a previous Public Hearing.... 



 ctsy GEnie RT


 TOWNS [John @ Atari]         at 01:30 EDT
     I spoke with Leonard Tramiel, Vice President of Software about this 
 issue. Leonard is my boss and the majority of his responsibilities  
 center around the management of Operating Systems Software Development
 for the ST/TT product lines.

     He assured me that I am right on this issue. Miditasking is designed 
 as a software solution for MIDI programs out there. It is not broad 
 enough to be a complete solution for TOS in regards to multitasking.

     As I stated earlier, if you are a developer and would like info on 
 the Miditasking standard that has been adopted by Atari for MIDI  
 APPLICATIONS, please give Frank Foster a call and ask him about it.

  -- John Townsend
     Atari Corp.

 REMO                         at 21:57 EDT
 John T.

     Leonard also spoke with Frank and he now concurs with your statement.
 MIDI-Tasking is to be viewed as a "specific response to power MIDI
 users".  This is not to say that it cannot work with non MIDI applications
 but these cases are fortuitous and not the offical Atari-supported goal of
 MIDI-Tasking.  All Atari developers, regardless of ilk, should contact
 Frank if you are interested in the software.  Frank's actual quote went on
 to say that the Atari policy is that 68000-based machines are not viewed
 as desirable for multitasking support.  This, presumably, deferrs to the
 68030 machines (TT) which come with a MMU for hardware assistance in
 multitasking.  And so it goes.

 Jim Pierson-Perry

 D.BECKEMEYER                 at 21:11 PDT
 Right, so this leaves Atari with the perfect "solution".  When it is for
 media hype, midi-tasking is a full blown multi-tasking system and when it
 comes to support, midi-tasking is midi-only.  I appreciate your offers
 Jim.  I realize you are just trying to help.  It seems to me like Atari's
 got the engineering department and then there's Frank Foster and his pals
 -- the two don't seem to mesh all the time.  I think by Frank evaluatictive throats, he isn't starting in on the best

 -- David

 TOWNS [John @ Atari]         at 01:02 EDT
  I would like to address this issue again:

  1. The Miditasking system was presented to over 80 MIDI developers
     at the recent NAMM show. It was adopted as a standard there and 
     was information was given to all of the developers who wanted 

  2There is NO media hype involved. We are not promoting this as a
     Multitasking System at all! 

  Is this clear? Does this make sense?

  -- John

 BOB-BRODIE [Atari Corp.]     at 16:21 EDT
 Let me turn over the keyboard to Frank Foster for a couple of moments:

     When I met with several key MIDI developers over two years ago, they
 all agreed that a multiple program enviat every NAMM show since. and now even arch-rivals
 C-lab and Steinberg are ready to support this system.  

     Believe me, its hard enough to get the MIDI developers to agree on
 something let alone everyone else. The selection of the early version of
 ST-Ram as our choice for the system to be refined into "MIDItasker" was
 after a study of each of the MIDI based systems on the market.  Please try
 to remember that I am a marketing person trying to keep the ATARI platform
 as the best possible system for MIDI.  The purpose of this standard is to
 make MIDI software as compatible as possible in real-time use.  The most
 important parts are actually the data-sharing and SMPTE and MIDI driver
 capabilities.  The fact that the Atari MIDI community was able to get
 together on this is something that deserves your support, at least that's
 my opinion. 

     I wish that Atari could do more things like this.  The bottom line is,
 if you can run more than one sequencer at the same time and not have to
 buy a new SMPTE interface for each program.  Musicians will buy multiple
 products from different companies. Developers will sell more product. 
 Unlike some of the other application areas in the MIDI arena there are all
 most too many choices.  This utility is designed to allow the end user to
 use the best of both together.  We did it for the developers and end users
 knowing that in the long run we will sell more computers because of it.

 Thanks for your support ... Frank Foster

   A final note from me: I think that it is important to make very
 account!! clear that we are NOT shoving this down anyones throat.  The
 current version of the product is clearly described as BETA, it is clearly
 in testing stages right now, and is in no way a final product.  The next
 time we plan a face to face with the MIDI developers is at the NAMM show
 in Chicago.  If you think you ought to be there, then please feel free to
 send me e-mail, or contact Frank directly at the office. I am asking for
 e-mail because I usually do not frequent CAT 18.  Thanks for your time,
 and attention. Best regards to all,  

                                             Bob Brodie

 D.BECKEMEYER                 at 23:17 PDT
     OK, so what about all us non-MIDI developers?  I still say you
 actually are ramming this down our throats, whether s message, but really I

     I am not going to go to a Namm show just so I can be told about
 midi-tasking.  I don't have any reason to be at a Namm show -- I don't do

     My point about, is it doens't mattter whether you *say* it is only for
 MIDI or not, people are going to expect it to be usable and supported for
 other stuff too, meaning that all of us are stuck with ing developers.

 -- David

 Editor Note:
     We have often been categorized as too critical when it comes to Atari
 and its dealing with the userbase.  We ask only one question here;  "Is
 this miditasking TRUE multi-tasking or are we again involved in a shell
 game of words?"  On one hand we are told it is multi-tasking and on the
 other hand, we are told it is a means to an end and not necessarily multi-
 tasking.  As far as 80 developers in attendence that's great.  Now, if
 only they develop goodies for the ST too!
 The bottom line is; 
     The 68000, while an excellent CPU, is not an efficient multi-tasking
 CPU.  While midi-tasking may provide a solution of sorts to the midi
 world, it is by no means a multi-tasking environment for general use in
 the ST community.  This was erroneously reported the case by a number of
 publications shortly after the recent NAMM show in California.  Again, we
 mention that if any MIDI developers care to gain solid, correct
 information pertaining to midi-tasking development you must participate in
 the discussions on the PAN network.


 > PACE ATARI SHOW CPU/STR FOCUS?      Let's meet at the Show!

                 Announcing THE NORTH EAST ATARIFEST '90 
                            Sponsored by PACE 
                  (Pittsburgh Atari Computer Enthusiasts)

 Where: Chartiers Valley High School, near Pittsburgh, PA 

        Located just off I-79 at the Heidelburg / Kerwin Heights exit
        Within 15 minutes of the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport
        Easy access from from the PA Turnpike via Exit #3

 When: April 28th  &  29th
 Time: Saturday the 28th - 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
         Sunday the 29th - 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm

 Users Groups: Tables are available to any Officially Atari Recognized
              's Group for only 25.00 per table.

 Need more Information?: 
 Call the PACE BBS at 412-571-0891 and read the show message base.

                         Validation is immediate!
                Or call 412-843-0628 voice after 5:00pm EST

 If you've ever been to a show that PACE has put on before,  you'll know
 that they are well attended by the best of retailers & developers.

 The show is being held at: 
                       Chartiers Valley High School.


 From the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport:

 Get on the Parkway (I-279)heading towards Pittsburgh.  (The Parkway is
 directly in front of the Airport.)  When you see Interstate 79, get on it
 going south. (The on-ramp has a sign indicating that I-79 will take you
 towards Washington, PA).  Get off I-79 at the Heidelberg / Kerwin Heights
 Exit.  Then simply follow the signs to the High School.  (The signs will
 tell you to go Left at the light, and left at the next light.)  The school
 is a little ways down on your left side. It is surronded by a cyclone

 From the PA Turnpike:

 Get off at exit 3 Bear to your right when getting off. (Heading towards
 Pittsburgh/Wexford).  Get on I-79 going south.  Get off I-79 at the
 Heidelberg / Kerwin Heights Exit.  Then simply follow the signs tot he
 High School.  (The signs will tell you to go Left at the light, and left
 at the next light.)  The school is a little ways down on your left side.
 It is surrounded by a cyclone

 Need Furthur assistance?
                    Call 412-843-0628 after 4:00 EST.  

 Dear Fellow Atarian,

     Have you been looking for support for your Atari computer? I have a
 suggestion for you.  Make plans now to attend the upcoming North East
 ATARIfest '90 being sponsored by the Pittsburgh Atari Computer Enthusiasts
 (PACE)!  The ATARIfest will be held on April 28th (10:00am - 5:00pm) &
 29th (12:00pm - 5:00pm) at the Chartiers Valley High School. Chartiers is
 easily accessable to many major highways as well as an International
 Airport.  If you've ever been to a PACE show, you already know they are
 attended by the biggest names in the Atari world.  Among those already
 signed up are Best Electronics, Alpha Systems, I.C.D., Seymour-Radix,
 Cal-Com, Joppa Computers, Toad Computers, 2econd Childhood, Innovative
 Concepts, Etc.  Aside from the dealers, there will also be many Users
 Groups on hand ready and willing to stock your personal library with the
 best Public Domain software available today!  If you've been "Looking for
 support in all the wrong places", come to the North East Atarifest '90
 and find out some of the right places!

     To Atari 8-bit users,  We know the market and sugot some place for you to turn as well.  2econd
 Childhood has a ton of titles for the 8-bits,  and they will be there in
 full force.  Innovative Concepts has some great products for you as well, 
 and so does Best Electronics.  We  are still looking for more companies to
 come to provide you with the help you want & deserve.

     To Atari ST/MEGA owners,  come see the latest products in become a force to be reckoned with,  WE NEED YOU!  Attend and
 show the dealers that your still there and that you appreciate them
 selling products for our computers!

                               Thank you fellow Atarian!

                               Bruce J. Markey

                               PACE Address:
                              P.O. Box 13435
                           Pittsburgh, PA 15243

            PACE ST BBS    412-571-0891 3/12/2400     24 hours

            PACE 8-Bit BBS 412-343-1422 3/12/24/9600  24 hours

 PACE/show Information:

                    Bruce J. Markey, President P.A.C.E.
                               616 16th Ave 
                             Beaver Falls, PA
                   (412) 843-0628 (voice) (After 4 EST)

 This file updated last at: 12:54am on 4/21/90

 This is the current vendor/developer/supporter list for the North East
 ATARIfest '90 being sponsored by the Pittsburgh Atari Computer

 THESE are the REALLY dedicated ATARI supporters.

 If your on this list,  Thanks, We can't wait to see you in Pittsburgh. 

 If you're not,  you should be,  contact us at (412) 843-0628 (after 4
 EDT).  We still have some space left, but it's being grabbed up quick.

 North East ATARIfest '90 show dates:

                   Saturday April 28th 10:00am - 5:00pm
                   Sunday   April 29th 12:00pm - 5:00pm

       Current Vendor List
       1st Stop Computers
       2econd Childhood Computer Workshoppe
       Alpha Systems
       Antic Publishing
       ATARI Corp. (Note: Sunday only appearance by Bob Brodie)
       BEST Electronics
       Branch Always Software
       Cal Com Inc
       CodeHead Software
       Diverse Data Products
       Double Click Software
       Enigma Software
       Gribnif Software
       ICD Inc.
       Innovative Concepts
       Joppa Computers
       Music Sweet Music
       Rite-Way Computers
       Talon Technology
       Toad Computer Services
       Unicorn Publications

       Users' Groups Attending
       Pittsburgh Atari Computer Enthusiasts [P.A.C.E.]
       North East Ohio ST Atari Group  [NEO-STAG]

       Spectrum Atari Group of Erie    [S.A.G.E.]

       Southwestern Pennsylvania Atari
                    Computer Enthusiasts  [S.P.A.C.E.]

       Atari Users' Association   [A.U.A.]

       Westmorland Atari Computer Organization  [W.A.C.O.]

       Midi Atari Users Group  [MAUG]

       Seminars Planned

       Desktop Publishing - ISD.  Nathan himself will be conducting
       it!  Featuring the entire Calamus Desktop Publishing Solution.
       ISD has also donated an entire Calamus Solution Package as a
       Door Prize!  (719.00 value!)

       MIDI - Cal-Com  Grant will be putting on a MIDI seminar
       featuring some of the latest developments in the MIDI world.
       Dr. T's demo disks, T-shirts, Pins, etc have been donated.

       Mass Storage - Toad Computer Service  David & Co. will be
       on hand to answer all your questions, and clear up any
       confusion you may have.

       Multi-Club Newsletters - Unicorn Publications  Bill & Patty
       will be talking about the advantages of combining forces.

       Emulation (IBM) - Talon Technology.   Rich will be there to 
       show you SuperCharger.  This unit has an ungrade path, and      
       rates 4.4 on the Norton Scale.
       Emulation (MAC) - Shane..   Unfortunatly,  Gadgets by
       Small won't be able to make the show.  They have however donated
       2 Spectre's for Door Prizes.  (Which we haven't recieved yet..)
       I got an offer last night on the PACE BBS from someone I only
     know as "Shane".  He offered to show MAC emulation (GCR) with
       his newly recieved STacy 4!!!

       ST-Report's Ralph Mariano will be giving 2 seminars SAT/SUN!!

       Derek from Branch Always will be giving a seminar too!!
       He has also donated a couple Quick ST 2.0's for door prizes!^[!

       For you 8-bitters,  DATAQUE will be demoing their TURBO 816
       Board!!upport only a Users' Group can provide!

 Door Prizes
 We've received bunches of door prizes to give away over the 2 day span. 
 Thanks to all supporters that have donated so far!!

 (BTW: If you promised us a door prize, and haven't sent it yet, 
 please don't forget us or, bring it with you!  Remember, we can't announce
 what company donated something if we don't have it                    PACE
                         % Bruce J. Markey
                         616 16th Ave.
                         Beaver Falls, PA  15010

 This is my home address, UPS will not deliver to the clubs PO Box!

      Lodging for the North East ATARIfest '90
      being held in Pittsburgh.  April 28th & 29th.

 Knights Inn    (412) 221-8110
 I-79 & State Route 50,  Bridgeville, PA
 This is a nice motel located within 3 miles of the Atarifest.
 Single 29.95/night  Double 37.95/night

 Knights Inn    (412) 922-6900
 Steubenville Pike,  Crafton, PA  (Crafton Exit of I-79)
 This is a nice motel located about 5 minutes from the Atarifest.
 Single 34.47/night  Double 35.92/night  Reserve 2wks ahead!

 Marriott  (Airport)     (412) 788-8800
 Parkway West (I-279),  Coraopolis, PA
 This is a very nice hotel located between the airport and the
 Atarifest,  Approx 10 minutes drive to show.
 Single 79.00/night  Double 79.00/night
 Fri/Sat Package 69.00/night  Reserve 2wks ahead!

 Marriott  (Greentree)   (412) 922-8400
 Marriott Drive  Greentree, PA  (I-279 & Greentree Exit)
 This is a very nice hotel located between the Atarifest & Downtown
 Pittsburgh.  Approx 10 minutes drive to show.
 Fri/Sat Package 59.00/night includes Cont. Breakfast

 Motel 6   (412) 922-9400
 Steubenville Pike  Crafton, PA  (I-79 & Crafton exit)
 This is a decent motel, no frills, good price, clean.
 Single 23.93/night  Double 30.47/night

 Parkway Center Inn  (412) 922-7070
 Parkway Center Mall  Greentree, PA  (I-279 & Greentree Exit)
 This is a "Best Western" style hotel.  Pretty nice.
 Fri/Sat/Sun 48.95/night (package)

 Clubhouse Inn  (412) 788-8400
 Cambells Run Road  Robinson Twp.
 Single 64.00/night  Double 72.00/night
 This is a very nice hotel.  Located between Airport & Atarifest.
 Access limited coming FROM airport (you have to get off an exit
 earlier)  Reserve Early!
 Fri/Sat (1 or 2 persons) 49.95/night (package)

 Hampton Inn  (412) 922-0100
 Steubenville Pike  Crafton, PA  (I-79 & Crafton Exit)
 Located about 5 min. from Atarifest.
 No room service, but everything else.
 Single 61.00/night   King or Double 66.00/night

 Envoy  (412) 922-0120
 Trumbull Drive  Greentree, PA   (I-279 & Greentree Exit)
 Single 24.95  Double 30.95

 Hilton  (412) 262-3800
 Parkway West  Corapolis, PA   (I-279)
 Very Nice Hotel.  Reservations a good idea
 King 65.00/night (inc. Cont. Breakfast)
 Double 55.00/night (Inc. Cont. Break)
 Also,  Weekend Romantic Getaway (Fri. Sat)  75.00/night  Includes
 Cont. Break. & Champagne

 Holiday Inn  (412) 922-8100
 401 Holiday Drive  Greentree, PA  (I-279 & Greentree)
 Single 101.00/night  Double 111.00/night
 Fri/Sat 57.00/night

 Holiday Inn  (412) 787-2244
 Steubenville Pike  Robin Pike  Robinson Twp.
 Nice place.  Clean.
 Single 33.95/night  Double 40.95/night
 1 week reservation needed
 Between Airport & Atarifest

 Royce Hotel  (412) 262-2400
 Thorn Run Road Ext.  (Airport)
 Fri/Sat/Sun 55.90/night
 1 week Reservation needed

 Sheraton Hotel  (412) 343-4600
 Fort Couch Rd      (South Hills)
 Fri/Sat/Sun  59.00/night

                        If y412-843-0628
                               (after 4 EDT)
               Thanks & we'll see you at the ATARIfest '90!!


 > SUPERCHARGER NEWS CPU/STR FOCUS?   The latest developments and news

          the next couple of days.  We
 shipped out over a hundred just today. 

     If you have any tech support problems and have called Talon, and have
 not had your call returned, please be patient just a little longer.  We
 will return your call as soon as possible.  As you would expect with a new
 product like ours, our new customers have lots and lots of questions.  So
 if you have left a message for someone to return your call, look for it
 in the next day or so. 

     PCTOOLS 5.5... Our mouse driver is not compatible with this version of
 PCTOOLS.  Even some older versions of MOUSE.COM are not compatible with
 PCTOOLS 5.5.  I would suggest using a newer version MOUSE.COM or other
 mouse driver. 

     OUR ADS... Because of the lead time required by many magazine
 publishers some of our current adds do not reflect changes made to
 SuperCharger.  So to keep you informed of the new changes I will list them
 now.  First, SuperCharger is being shipped with a joy stick power adaptor
 and not the external five volt power supply as advertised.  SuperCharger
 is sold with  one megabyte of memory and not 512k.  The memory in
 SuperCharger can be used by your Atari ST as a 1meg ram disk.  The price
 is $450.00 and not 399.00, due to the added memory. 

                             Next Stop P.A.C.E

     I will be at the P.A.C.E show in Pittsburgh this weekend.  So if your
 in the area, come by and see me.  I will will give a seminar on

     Mouse Movement... Mouse movement on a real 286 is moderate at best and
 really can't be compared to the ST's mouse movement.  Some factors that
 determine mouse movement are; screen resolution, mouse driver and the
 program.  Sometimes using a different mouse driver can help.  I like to
 use a Mouse Systems Mouse driver if it is available.

      The "Hot Key"... Your right the "Hot Key" feature is at present a
 little tricky to work.  I hold down both the Control and Alternate keys at
 the same time, while I am holding down those two key I hit the Back-Space
 key quickly a few times.  This usually does the trick for me. We are
 looking to have this problem fixed.

     Inverse Video... This feature only works in Hercules mode only.  The
 key sequence to toggle between white on black or black on white will only
 work while in Hercules monochrome.  To get into  Hercules mode you will
 have to have monochrome monitor.  Run "SETVIDEO.COM H" this will change
 your screen resolution to Hercules mode.

     Support?.... We too, would like to have the reputations that the likes
 of Gadgets, Gribniff and Code Head have achieved.  As a long standing
 member of the Atari community I too understand the value of support. 
 Unlike the above mentioned developers we do not manufacture our product. 
 We instead import products from around the world.  The only draw back to
 importing a product is the response time in correcting a specific problem
 (IE: Software changes).  Here at Talon we communicate with our product
 developers  sometimes on a daily basis.  In SuperChargers case this means
 calls to London and Germany.  You can be assured that Talon is here to 
 stay and is committed in supporting it's products.

     Compatibility List... I am still compiling a compatibility  list. You
 can help by continuing to list the programs you have  successfully run.
 Thanks to those who have allready listed  programs. 

                                  >Richard Betson
                                  >Talon Technology Inc.


 > TURBO BOARD ST BBS CPU/STR InfoFile?       A far better way to go


 NEW Features:

 -Conference Fmail (in any message base)
 -Ability to View, and Type Fmail arc files
 -Force Email read option
 -Optional Password Save after Newuser.txt
 -More file extensions recognised as Binary files (no ascii? prompt)
 -Improved Message Editor (also R-emacs support if you so desire)
 -ARC(V6.02) LHARC, and ZIP verbose listings
 -TYPE a text file from any ARC or LHARC file
 -LZHdl.LZH  in the ARCtools  (ZIPdl.ZIP still under developement)
 -Integrated  MSDOS style CLI/BATCH shell for runningion if he chooses
 -Help key for Function key assignments displayed
 -Undo key will attempt to abort any file transfer in progress
 -Any alternate CHAT program can be used by the sysop if he so chooses
 -Improved (greatly) paging control ( *More?(Y/N/C) prompt)
 -Ringback working for long distance callers
 -Many bugs that were present in FoReM ST are eliminated in this program
  (you sysopthe Doors programs
 -Program size 200K, saves memory, and doesn't loose any!
 -Faster execution than FoReM ST on initialization, and operation
 -Smaller Window Size, frees up 2 lines on the Window

 -PLUS all the features of FoReM ST, including  FULL  F-net and Crossnet
 -Fidonet message bases, are under developement, but Binkley and Fidodoor
  work just fine.

    This board 
 files that you use for FoReM will work on this board.  Please Remember
 that ///Turbo Board ST ver 1.0 is only a start.

 Future Features will include:

 - Fidonet Message bases
 - KByte Ratios
 - Batch uploading
 - Ymodem-g uploads for HST users
 - BBS handles
 - User definable Prompts, and menus
 - Sysop Defineable  User Macros  (like Fcustom)

                                ed price!  Until May
 31,1990 you will be able to order ///Turbo Board ST with it's manual and
 one Year's free support for only:

                   Canadian residents please add 8% PST.

     If you would like to have ///Turbo Board ST sent to you on Overnight
 Delivery, please add $20 to cover costs, otherwise we will ship via the
 postal service regular Air Mail.

     ///Turbo Board is not yet released, but we hope to have it ready by
 the end of May.  We are giving people this opportunity to sample our
 program and to also reserve their copy of our program.

                                                  John Miller

 ----------------------------- Cut  here --------------------------------


 SYSOP'S REAL NAME:_______________________________________________

 STREET ADDRESS   :_______________________________________________
 TOWN/CITY        :_______________________________________________
 STATE/PROVINCE   :_______________________________________________
 COUNTRY          :_______________________________________________
 ZIP/POSTAL CODE  :_______________________________________________

 BBS NAME         :_______________________________________________
 NUMBER           :_______________________________________________
 FNET NODE #      :____________
 FIDO NODE #      :____________

 Amount  Enclosed:* $60 US   ($75 CDN+ 8% PST if Ont resident)*

                    $20 for Overnight delivery


 * Remember this price is only good until May 31, 1990, then there will
 be no discount!  (Regular price is $85 US $99 CDN)

 Send your cheque or money order to:

                                Bill Miller
                              1580 Liveoak Dr
                              Mississauga, ON
                              Canada, L5E 2X6

 American residents, remember to check for correct postage.



                       WHEN IS EXCLUSIVE, EXCLUSIVE?

     In  the  world  of  news  and reporting, there are, unfortunately, few
 (very precious few) principles  most professionals  and semi-professionals
 are expected  to follow.   This  is because  there are  many resources and
 methods employed in obtaining  the news,  some so  sensitive that  the law
 respects confidentiality in the world of news reporting and investigation.
 On this basis, those principles that are in place are  tenaciously adhered
 to.    Without  the  stabilizing  force  of  these  principles of respect,
 plagiary would run rampant.  Online magazines are no exception.
     When 'reporting the news', one has  a number  of responsibilities that
 'come with the territory' and in the final analysis, the most important of
 these is showing respect for  the  intelligence  of  the  readers  you are
 intending to  reach.  In using the terms; "exclusive or original" when, in
 fact, the story(s) are continuations or retransmissions of  either feature
 items from  other publications  or, ongoing news developments is ambiguous
 and not in the best interests of the  readers.   Additionally, while there
 is no  implied copyright  on news,  it is possible to copyright the format
 and presentation methods or the  news  itself  when  it  is  obtained from
 independent sources  of news, as API, UPI, REUTERS, NEWSBYTES and NEWSGRID
 will firmly attest.  
     Regarding the  ongoing  Atari  Explorer  storyline,  Mr.  Nagy writes;
 "Ralph chose  to run  the story  before we did, but that didn't make him a
 "source".  Hmmmm Talk about  sour  grapes.    STReport  candidly responds;
 Ralph didn't run anything, STReport did.  And it is true, STReport did run
 the story first.  STReport  thanks  Mr.  Nagy  for  confirming  this fact.
 Pointing out  further, since STReport released the original bulletin first
 and was the only publication carrying the story at all  at the  time, then
 by God,  we were  an "exclusive  source" of  information pertaining to the
 story at that time.  The point of confirming the story is  made mention of
 and vaguely insinuates that STReport did not verify its information.  What
 better confirmations than the magazine in question and, in this  case, our
 irreproachable  industry   contact  who   confirmed  every   last  bit  of
 information presented in both our bulletin and story?
     While there is no owning a gen origin is at
 the time, the sole source of the story and has the item copyrighted at the
 time  of  release.    However,  in  most all situations, there remains the
 common courtesy of "exchange of information."  (If publication A  picks up
 a story or item from publication B or, runs an item that parallels a story
 of the same event in another publication, the right thing to do, at least,
 to detail the  particulars  on  how  STReport  performs  its investigative
 reporting and  its timetables  in both  releasing its news and the efforts
 taken to obtain newsworthy information.  For the  record, the  postmark on
 the envelope  in which  the copy  of the  Spring 1990 Explorer arrived was
 dated 04/02/90.  Our bulletin was  dated  03/24/90  and  we  reprinted the
 bulletin  by  combining  it  and  the  "Official  Atari  Press Release" in
 STReport 413,  03/30/90.    Further,  in  STReport  414,  04/06/90  in the
 STReport Confidential  column, we  presented "Explorer Dared Atari to ACT"
 which presented actual excerpts and  quotes  from  both  the  editorial by
 Staples and the article by Ahl.
     As  far  as  how  many  person(s)  have been contacted and interviewed
 concerning the Explorer matter, this is  totally irrelevant.   What  is of
 utmost importance  is; "of all those who were contacted, how many had real
 information about the story."  The truth, as  we found  it, revealed there
 were few people who had ANY solid information prior to, or at the time of,
 the story's release and now too, for that matter.
     STReport does compliment Mr. Nagy on the composition  and presentation
 of the Explorer story.  Which, by the way, actually was enjoyable reading.
 Also, STReport welcomes the opportunity  to  relish  Mr.  Nagy's verifying
 that  STReport  was,  without  a  doubt,  first  to  break  the news story
 concerning the Explorer matter.  In  fact, we  find it  most gratifying to
 find ourselves  thanking Mr.  Nagy for including a number of the quotes we
 submitted in our earlier  release  thus,  reinforcing  their  accuracy and


 > CPU NEWSWIRE CONFIDENTIAL?    Sayin' it like it is.....

 - Chicago, IL.           **** MARK WILLIAMS CO. WILL SUPPORT ATARI ****
   ------information  received concerning  whether or not Mark
 Williams will be upgrading  their "C"  program, we  are happy  to announce
 that the  individual who  relayed the information was "mistaken."  After a
 telephone conversation with Mr. Robert Swartz president of  Mark Williams,
 it appears  that they  are deeply engrossed in developing a program called
 COHERENT for the IBM and therefore,y concerning
     their  support  for  the  Atari  ST Computers.  The following is their

     Last week, issue number 416 of CPU News Wire Online Magazine printed
 a story entitled "Mark Williams Co. Kisses Atari Off" in the CPU NewsWire
 Confidential.  In it, an unamed source within Mark Williams Co. was 
 attributed with the statement that Mark Williams Co. had " intentions
 of providing any further upgrades for the Atari ST market." 

      This is incorrect.  Mark Williams Company is fully committed to the 
 Atari ST marketplace, and looks forward to both additional upgrades for 
 our existing products, as well as ports of future products, such as 
 Coherent. Mark Williams Company regrets any problems this misinformation 
 may have caused. 

     Robert Swartz
     Mark Williams Co.

 Category 26,  Topic 2
 Message 254       Wed Apr 25, 1990
 TOWNS [John @ Atari]         at 02:35 EDT
  I also hope that you will pay attention to the file recently 
  uploaded by Bob Brodie and print it _verbatim_. This is regarding
  the information you published on Mark Williams Co. future plans
  for the ST computer.

  -- John

 As John has so "diplomatically" requested, we present the item that he has
 "demanded" be published verbatim.  Verbatim?  Did he expect  that we would
 change it?   Sheesh!   Amazingly John saw fit to post this absurd message,
 for what purpose I'll never know.  Perhaps he, in his infinite  wisdom was
 unaware that the entire matter was rectified at a higher level long before
 he posted this nonsense.

 And.... the  saga  continues,  below  we  present  two  very  recent posts
 pointing out the glaring need for an update to MWC.

 ctsy CIS

 24-Apr-90  11:39:41
 Fm: J. N. 
 To: D. S. 

     Have you heard anywhere what it is that causes TOS 1.4 to choke on the
 MWC files?  I'll be receiving a free copy soon, and I can experiment a bit
 with it.  Under the best of circumstances, maybe there is a way to run MWC
 programs through a filter to fix them.


 24-Apr-90  18:09:05
 Fm: D. S. 
 To: J. N. 

     I had a reasonably long talk  with  the  tekkie  and  the  bottom line
 seemed to  be the  compiler and  linker bindings   -  he seemed to feel it
 went beyond simply re-directing the GEM AES/VDI files.   I'm  sure a patch
 to the  BIN file  prg modules  could be  whipped together  by the original
 author(s) at minimal expense in terms  of time  and expertise,  but MWC is
 not currently  disposed to  either patch or upgrade ...  When you get your
 copy, do just the basic GEM Menu routine from the lexicon under  menu.  If
 you can manage to get it to run, let me know <grin>!    

 - Sunnyvale, CA.               ****  MMU CHIP "FINE" -> ATARI ****

     It appears  that the  MMU chip  we labeled  as "brain dead" isn't dead
 after all, its a newer  design  that  collides  with  certain  third party
 items which  do not  comply with Atari's guidelines.  A old friend pointed
 out a familiar, but forgotten expression used in  R &  D circles regarding
 the memory upgrades that fail to work properly with the new MMU chip, they
 are as follows; B.A.D. "Broken As  Designed".   As we  promised, the tests
 revealed that  the upgrades  that were having a problem with the newer MMU
 chip seemed to become miraculously cured when an older MMU chip apparently
 having a  different design  was inserted.   This means that the newer chip
 seems to have much tighter tolerances than its  predecessor and therefore,
 will have problems with memory upgrades that do not follow the rules.  

 - San Francisco, CA          **** NEW ST SOFTWARE PRODUCTS TO DEBUT ****
     The DaVinci contract has been finalized, and now, this fine product is
 set to be released by Electronic Arts UK end of May beginning of June.   A
 most important  feature of  this new  program insisted  upon by EA was STe
 compatibility and utilization of the 4,096 color palette.   DaVinci brings
 Deluxe  Paint's  versatility  and  power  finally  to the ST.  Another new
 blockbuster about to debut  Lexicore's powerful  new 3D  animation program
 said to  arrive late  this summer.   Lexicore,  by the  way, is a group of
 former Antic prograly.


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 > A "Quotable Quote"?


                                        ...Ziggy Zircon

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