ST Report: 13-Apr-90 #415

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Date: 04/23/90-12:46:35 PM Z

From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: ST Report: 13-Apr-90  #415
Date: Mon Apr 23 12:46:35 1990

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 > The Editor's Podium?

     At this time, we are in between shows and trying (hopefully) to learn
 from the mistakes of our human frailty.  We already realize that if the
 Atari ST computer is to have any recognition in the USA, we the users and
 developers will have make sure of its being done.  The level of positive
 activity emanating from Sunnyvale is a super disappointment.  And, to top
 it off, another of Atari's "big noise promises" is about to dashed upon
 the rocks... "The STe will make its appearance in April of 1990".  Oddly
 enough when queried online, one of Atari's learned, seasoned and
 experienced reps said to all; "Atari will ship when we have the units...." 
 How very profound.   We wonder is that after the rest of the world or the
 UNIVERSE that the US market will receive any attention from the Atari whiz
     Antonio Salerno was characterized by us, when he joined Atari, to be
 the one who could make the difference in Atari's position in the US
 market.  His was the fabled "Aircraft Carrier" which at this time, seems
 to have been caught in a typhoon generated by the corporate warriors who
 seemingly have derailed most every positive effort aimed at the US market
 in the last three years.  No folks, its not the Tramiels but their closest
 advisors, a few of whom are holdovers from the old Warner days.  We
 thought Salerno would hold the line on these super sharp warriors but
 seemingly, its not in the cards.
     After having met and spent an appreciable period of time with Leonard
 at Comdex/Fall'89, it is apparent, at least to me, that the Tramiels do
 care and want the US market to be a successful venture.  The situation at
 hand is, simply put, the T's are being advised by "wrecksperts" who claim
 to be "experts" in the computer industry.  Perhaps, the time has come for
 the users to be heard from on a loud and clear letter writing basis.  

     These wrecksperts come wearing a number of different "hats".  Some of
 whom claim to be friends of the family and continually allege that they
 "never interfere" in the T's business.  But as fate would have it, these
 are the very ones who seem to be the common denominators in almost EVERY
 troublesome situation.  A good example was the "rumor flunky" at
 Comdex'89.  Believe me, we are aware of the dangers of attempting to
 indirectly cause the recognition of these trojans and thus the 'cryptic'
 indicators.  However, rest assured, those who were involved will know
 exactly of whom we speak..  As will the right folks at Atari.  Another of
 the better wrecksperts are the ones who constantly claim to know all the
 ins and outs of the show circuits.  They are the ones that convince the
 T's that a particular show or promotion is too expensive and should be
 avoided.  Often in wonderment the question arises, how expensive is
 remaining a relative unknown in the home computer industry because of
 this "wreckspert" advice.  It appears to be deadly expensive.
     Its "hats-off" time as we extend our admiration and gratitude to John
 King Tarpinian and his friends for their help in dismantling the entire
 WOA show after it closed.  That's right folks not just the Atari booth but
 the rest of the setup too.  Three cheers and kudos to John & friends. 
 That's what is known as "doing the right thing".


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      To sign up for GEnie service: Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.

               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                         Wait for the U#= prompt.

                 Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

                       **** SIGN UP FEE WAIVED ****

           The system will now prompt you for your information.


 The Roundtable is an area of GEnie specifically  set aside  for owners and
 users of Atari ST computers, although all are welcome to participate.

 There are  three main  sections to the Roundtable: the Bulletin Board, the
 Software Library and the Real Time Conference area.

 The Bulletin Board contains messages from Roundtable members  on a variety
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   Issue # 62

 by Michael Arthur

 Remember When....

       In Early 1985, when a company called General Computer introduced the
 $2200.00 Hyperdrive, the first internal hard drive for the Macintosh (with
 10 Megs of Disk Space), and how one of the members of Apple's original
 Macintosh design group said, "It isn't possible.  We made sure of it.",
 when they heard about the Hyperdrive?

 > CPU MacNews?          Late breaking Mac NEWS and INFORMATION

          Apple Introduces New Version of MPW, Extends SADE Debugger

       Apple is now shipping Version 3.1 of MPW, (Macintosh Programmer's
 Workshop), its premiere Macintosh Software Development Environment.  MPW
 features an integrated editor and the MPW Shell, a Unix-like command line
 interpreter.  MPW also includes a Suite of over 200 software development
 tools, including a resource editor, linker, and disassembler.  MPW was
 used to develop the Macintosh System Software, Hypercard, and many
 Third-Party Mac Applications.  Version 3.1 of MPW features:

       - Improved Performance of MPW's source level debugger, known as SADE
         (Symbolic Application Debugging Environment).  Also, SADE now can
         debug source code created by the MPW C++ and Object Pascal
         object-oriented languages.

       - MPW Pascal, a superset of the ANSI Pascal standard featuring
         extensions designed to support object oriented programming, now
         permits the declaration of forward and external objects in source

       - Maintenance work has been done to fix several bugs and problems in
         several areas of MPW 3.0, including the MPW Shell, SADE,
         Development Tools, and the MPW Languages.

       - CD-ROM Distribution:  Apple is now making the complete set of
         MPW software (including MPW C, Object Pascal, and MPW Assembler)
         available on a single CD-ROM disk which is appropriately called,
         "The Macintosh Programmer's Workshop."

               Apple Japan Rethinks Macintosh Pricing Strategy

       In an effort to expand sales of the Macintosh, Apple Computer Japan
 has announced a series of significant price cuts for its Macintosh product
 line, including the Mac SE and II lines of computers, and Apple's
 Macitnosh peripherals.  Pricing for Macintosh computers was reduced by
 10 - 15 percent (with the Macintosh Plus' price cut by 19 percent), and
 15 - 40 percent for Apple Macintosh peripherals.  Apple Japan's new price
 list is now in line with many of Apple Corporation's other international
 divisions, and the Macintosh IIfx costs the same in Japan as in the US....

       Apple Japan has faced sharp criticism from Japanese customers
 complaining that its product pricing was not in line with Apple product
 pricing worldwide.  Interestingly enough, the Japanese government's Fair
 Trade Commission had also launched an investigation against Apple Japan
 for reportedly unfair business practices against independent importers of
 Apple Macintosh products....


            Lotus Announces Plans for Merger, Ships 1-2-3 for PM

       Lotus Corp. and Novell Inc., a major LAN software vendor, have
 recently announced an agreement to merge the two firms.  Under this
 agreement, Novell will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lotus, with
 both companies combining their Boards of Directors.  Jim Manzi will remain
 Chairman/President/CEO of Lotus, and Ray Noorda will remain Novell's CEO,
 and become Lotus's Vice-Chairman.

       The Lotus/Novell merger will reshape Lotus into an industry leader
 in several fronts.  Novell Inc. designed the Netware network operating
 system, which has become an industry standard for microcomputer-based LAN
 networks.  Designed to integrate micros with minicomputers and mainframes
 on a LAN Network, Novell Netware helps to coordinate data, services, and
 applications across many systems on a LAN.  It is available for a variety
 of platforms, including the Macintosh, DEC VAX, DOS, OS/2, and IBM
 mainframes.  It is important to note that Lotus is executing a similar
 cross-platform strategy, with its Datalens utility providing functionality
 with other widely-used applications.  Lotus has also been developing
 versions of Lotus 1-2-3 Version 3.0 for many of the same systems that
 Novell Netware supports.  Also, Lotus has bought a significant share of
 Sybase, an industry leader in relational databases.  This means that Lotus
 now has a foundation of several product offerings for the business market,
 instead of relying on Lotus 1-2-3 as its main product.

       This merger will benefit Lotus in many other ways.  In fiscal 1989,
 Novell's revenues were $422 million, while Lotus posted revenues of $556
 million.  With the combined revenues of these two companies just under a
 billion dollars, Lotus is expected to make over a billion dollars in
 revenue this year, as a result of the merger.  Since Microsoft is also
 expected to earn a similar amount in 1990, Lotus and Microsoft will become
 the first software companies to reach this plateau.  Also, while Lotus is
 very strong in the corporate and international markets, Novell Inc. has an
 equally strong network of VARs (Value-added resellers) and systems
 integrators, which could definitely benefit Lotus' efforts in marketing
 its software products.

       Both companies have predicted that the merger will be finalized by
 July 1990.  However, the details of how International operations for both
 firms will be coordinated have not been resolved, with several branches
 of Lotus and Novell expected to remain separate for a time.  This merger
 has startled several industry analysts and Novell stockholders, and many
 feel that "Lotus got a bargain with Novell."

       Lotus has also started to ship Lotus 1-2-3/G, a port of Lotus 1-2-3
 Version 3.0 for OS/2 Presentation Manager.  Among other improvements,
 1-2-3/G features data links between multiple three-dimensional worksheets,
 improved business graphics support, and several modifications to the PM
 GUI, including multiple-choice dialog boxes.  1-2-3/G also incorporates
 two utilities:  Datalens, which allows 1-2-3 to access information from
 other software programs within any given spreadsheet, and Solver, a
 utility allowing one to model and solve problems which are based on a
 defined set of inputs and givens.  With Solver, one can model problems
 like resource utilization or money allocation in the form of equations,
 and then enter variables (such as a company's revenues) into the equations
 in order to see what the result will be.

       Datalens requires the use of an "application driver" to properly
 access data from a given program.  Drivers are being developed for OS/2
 Extended Edition's Database Manager, the Netware SQL Database, and several
 other applications, while a dBase III Plus driver is now available.  One
 significant thing about this is that Datalens and Solver will be available
 for ALL new incarnations of Lotus 1-2-3.  Interestingly enough, 1-2-3/G is
 now being called the first application to truly take advantage of OS/2's
 capabilities, three years after OS/2 was introduced.

 CPU Systems Roundup? XXVI

      The Free Software Foundation, and GNU SmallTalk for the Atari ST

 From: (Jwahar R. Bammi)
 Subject: Gnu SmallTalk V1.0 port to atariST available
 Message-ID: <>
 Date: 17 Mar 90 12:17:24 GMT
 Organization: Case Western Reserve University

       GNU SmallTalk V1.0 ported to the atariST is available for
 anonymous FTP from in pub/atari/smalltalk.zoo

         - a 4 Meg Atari ST (it will not run on a 2/2.5 Meg machine)
         - a decent shell
         - optional: tos-gcc V1.37.1 if you want to re-compile it

         - This is the first version of the port, so it probably has
         lots of bugs, over and above any bugs in the original GNU
         code. it does pass all the regression tests with just one

 Thanks to the author Steve Byrne for an excellent job!

 Here is the (relevant part of) README from the Gnu distribution:

 GNU Smalltalk version 1.0 (initial release)
 by Steve Byrne

 The files in this directory and its subdirectories constitute the complete
 source code for GNU Smalltalk.  The files are organized as follows:

 .               The source files, both .st (Smalltalk) and C files
 examples        Some working example Smalltalk files
 test            Regression testing files

 About GNU Smalltalk

       GNU Smalltalk attempts to be a reasonably faithful implementation of
 Smalltalk-80 {tm ParcPlace Systems as described in the "Blue Book", also
 known as "Smalltalk-80, the Language and its Implementation", by Adele
 Goldberg and David Robson.  The syntax that the language accepts and the
 byte codes that the virtual machine interprets are exactly as they appear
 in the Blue Book.  Most of the primitives are the same as well, although
 due to the differing nature of the implementation some of the primitives
 haven't been implemented, and other new ones have been.

 The current implementation has the following features:

   * Incremental garbage collector
   * Binary image save capability
   * C-callout (allows Smalltalk to invoke user-written C code and pass
     parameters to it)
   * GNU Emacs editing mode
   * Highly portable C code implementation
   * Optional byte code compilation tracing and byte code execution tracing
   * Automatically loaded per-user initialization files

 bang:   {any internet host!dsrgsun.CES.CWRU.Edu!bammi  jwahar r. bammi
 GEnie:  J.BAMMI

 But ponder, if you will, these questions:

 1)   Motorola representatives have estimated that Europe accounts for over
     50 percent of the Unix market.  Given  that Atari  still has  a strong
     foothold in  the European  marketplace, what  can Atari do to make the
     ATW and 68030 TT successful enough to parlay this into  success in the

 2)  One use for computers designed as X/Window Display Terminals is to run
     Unix programs remotely on a LAN Network, allowing  a File  Server on a
     LAN  Network  to  perform  CPU-intensive  operations for the Terminal.
     Given that the 68030 TT seems  custom-fit  for  many  aspects  of this
     growing  market,  how  should  Atari  market  the TT030/2 (the low-end
     version of the TT), so as to gain a foothold in the Unix industry?



       Hayes Microcomputer Products, once the leading industry modem
 vendor, recently instituted a reorganization plan in reaction to declining
 revenues.  In addition to consolidating several sales offices and Research
 facilities, it has also laid off over 150 employees.  Hayes also laid off
 60 people in October 1989.  Hayes' declining revenues are attributed to
 "cut-throat price competition" caused by the rise of Hayes-compatible
 modem makers, and "unlicensed copying" of its Modem Command Set standard,
 which caused the rapid rate of "Hayes Clones" in the industry....


       Dell Computer Corp. is now licensing the X.Desktop 2.0 GUI, from Ixi
 Ltd., for use with their new Dell Station 425E Unix/DOS workstation.  The
 425E features a 25 MHZ 80486 chip, support for SuperVGA Graphics, 4 Megs
 of RAM, and an 80 Meg Hard Drive.  It also comes with AT&T Unix System V
 Version 3.2, X/Windows support, and can run Unix and DOS applications
 simultaneously.  Cost: $7900.00.  Interestingly, Dell Computer is noted
 for becoming a popular PC Vendor by the sole use of Mail Order Marketing,
 and supports its products via toll-free Technical Support, and a one-year
 on-site Service Contract....

       X.Desktop 2.0 is an X/Windows-based Graphical User Interface which
 features a GEM-like Desktop, and is available for the OSF/Motif GUI. Other
 large Unix vendors, such as Motorola, Opus Systems, and IBM, have licensed
 X.Desktop, and the Santa Cruz Operation now uses the OSF/Motif version in
 SCO Xenix, the most popular version of Unix available for 80386-based
 systems.  Atari UK has also licensed X.Desktop 2.0 from Ixi Ltd., for use
 in both the 68030 TT and the ATW....


       Abaton Inc., a maker of Postscript laser printers, is preparing to
 introduce LaserScript, a 300 dpi Laser Printer which is the first shipping
 product to use Microsoft/Bauer's Postscript Clone Interpreter.  Aimed to
 compete with Apple's Laserwriter IINTX as a LAN-based laser printer, it
 has RS-232, AppleTalk, and Centronic parallel ports, and features 3 Megs
 of RAM standard, HP LaserJet II Emulation, 35 Bitstream Outline fonts, and
 features a 15 MHZ National Semiconductor 23CG16 chip for running its
 Postscript Clone Interpreter.  Cost: $3000.00.

       Interestingly enough, this is the same cost as several Postscript
 compatible Laser Printers recently introduced, many of which use Adobe's
 version of Postscript....

 - San Jose, CA                              WEST COAST IBM POSTS LOSS!

       IBM's San Jose Manufacturing Facility recently reported a 53 percent
 reduction in CFC (or chlorofluorocarbon) air emissions last year, as a
 result of several new methods of reducing pollution caused in the process
 of manufacturing computer products.  Most computer manufacturers use
 solvents containing CFCs to remove residue left by this process, and the
 resulting pollution has been a significant source of environmental

       In the San Jose Facility, which produces disk and tape drive storage
 systems, IBM uses a water-based cleaning method to replace the use of
 CFC-based cleaners.  In this, the parts are washed and rinsed by hot,
 deionized water as they pass through a field of ultrasonic sound waves,
 and dried using "multiple hot-air nozzles".  Interestingly enough, IBM
 says that this method is not only as efficient as the CFC-based Cleaners,
 0but costs half as much to operate and maintain.  Also, since this method
 doesn't require "pollution abatement equipment" (which is very expensive),
 manufacturing facilities using it can achieve even more savings....

       IBM has engineered several environmental protection programs, and
 intends to eliminate its overall use (and emissions) of CFC pollutants by
 the end of 1993.  DEC has also announced its development of a process of
 cleaning computer circuit boards which does not use CFC Cleaners, and will
 make information on this technology available to other companies.


 > PACE SHOW!  CPU/STR SHOW NEWS?    Pittsburgh Atari Computer Show


     This is the current vendor/developer/supporter list for the North East
 ATARIfest '90 being sponsored by the Pittsburgh Atari Computer
 Enthusiasts.  The Anaheim show list may have been longer, but we all know
 who are the REALLY dedicated supporters!

 If your on this list,  Thanks, We can't wait to see you in Pittsburgh!

 If you're not,  you should be,  contact us at (412) 843-0628 (after 4
 EST).  We still have some space left,  but it's being grabbed up quick!

                   North East ATARIfest '90 show dates:
                        April 28th 10:00am - 5:00pm
                        April 29th 12:00pm - 5:00pm

       Current Vendor List
       1st Stop Computers
       2econd Childhood Computer Workshoppe
       Alpha Systems
       Antic Publishing
       ATARI Corp. (Note: Sunday only appearance by Bob Brodie)
       BEST Electronics
       Cal Com Inc
       CodeHead Software
       Diverse Data Products
       Enigma Software
       Gribnif Software
       ICD Inc.
       Innovative Concepts
       Joppa Computers
       Music Sweet Music
       Talon Ent.
       Toad Computer Services
       Unicorn Publications

       Users' Groups Attending
       Pittsburgh Atari Computer Enthusiasts [P.A.C.E.]

       North East Ohio ST Atari Group  [NEO-STAG]

       Spectrum Atari Group of Erie    [S.A.G.E.]

       Southwestern Pennsylvania Atari
       Computer Enthusiasts  [S.P.A.C.E.]

       Atari Users' Association   [A.U.A.]

       Westmorland Atari Computer Organization  [W.A.C.O.]

       Seminars Planned

       Desktop Publishing - ISD.  Nathan himself will be conducting
       it!  Featuring the entire Calamus Desktop Publishing Solution.
       ISD has also donated an entire Calamus Solution Package as a
       Door Prize!  ($719.00 value!)

       MIDI - Cal-Com  Grant will be putting on a MIDI seminar
       featuring some of the latest developments in the MIDI world.
       Dr. T's demo disks, T-shirts, Pins, etc have been donated.

       Mass Storage - Toad Computer Service  David & Co. will be
       on hand to answer all your questions, and clear up any
       confusion you may have.

       Multi-Club Newsletters - Unicorn Publications  Bill & Patty
       will be talking about the advantages of combining forces.

       Emulation (IBM) - Talon Technology.   Rich will be there to
       show you SuperCharger.  This unit has an ungrade path, and
       rates 4.4 on the Norton Scale.

       Emulation (MAC) - Unfortunatly,  Gadgets by Small won't be able to
       make the show.  They have however donated 2 Spectre's for Door  
       Prizes.  Any Vendor that would like to fill this position.  Call!!

            STReport's Ralph Mariano will be giving a seminar!!

       And Last but certainly not least,  Bob Brodie will be on hand
       on Sunday to answer all of your questions about Atari Corp.

 All this and Much, Much, More!    Don't forget all the Users' Groups
 that will be on hand with the latest Public Domain Software
 available, and that great one-on-one support only a Users' Group can

 Door Prizes
 We've recieved lots & lots of door prizes to give away over the 2 day
 span.  Thanks to all supporters that have donated so far!!

                         See you in Pittsburgh!
                         Bruce J. Markey
                         PACE President

 Announcing the North East ATARIfest '90 
 being Sponsored by PACE (the Pittsburgh Atari Computer Enthusiasts)

 Where: Chartiers Valley High School, near Pittsburgh, PA 
        Located just off I-79 at the Heidelburg / Kerwin Heights exit
        Within 15 minutes of the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport
        Easy access from from the PA Turnpike via Exit #3

 When: April 28th  &  29th
 Time: Saturday the 28th - 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
         Sunday the 29th - 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm

 Users Groups: Tables are available to any Officially Atari Recognized
               User's Group for only 25.00 per table.

 Need more Information?: Call the PACE BBS at 412-571-0891 and read the 
                         show message base.  Validation is immediate!
                         Or call 412-843-0628 voice after 5:00pm EST

 If you've ever been to a show that PACE has put on before,  you'll know
 that they are well attended by the best retailers & developers!

 Dear Fellow Atarian,

      Have you been looking for support for your Atari computer? I have a
 suggestion for you.  Make plans now to attend the upcoming North East
 ATARIfest '90 being sponsored by the Pittsburgh Atari Computer Enthusiasts
 (PACE)!   The ATARIfest will be held on April 28th (10:00am - 5:00pm) &
 29th (12:00pm - 5:00pm) at the Chartiers Valley High School. Chartiers is
 easily accessable to many major highways as well as an International

     If you've ever been to a PACE show, you already know they are
 attended by the biggest names in the Atari world.  Among those already
 signed up are Best Electronics, Alpha Systems, I.C.D., Seymour-Radix,
 Cal-Com, Joppa Computers, Toad Computers, 2econd Childhood, Innovative
 Concepts, Etc.   Aside from the dealers,  there will also be many Users
 Groups on hand ready and willing to stock your personal library with the
 best Public Domain software available today!  If you've been "Looking for
 support in all the wrong places",  come to the North East Atarifest '90
 and find out some of the right places!

      To Atari 8-bit users,  We know the market and support for your
 machines has dropped off over the past couple years.  To help you we are
 making sure we've got some place for you to turn as well.  2econd
 Childhood has a ton of titles for the 8-bits,  and they will be there in
 full force.  Innovative Concepts has some great products for you as well, 
 and so does Best Electronics.  We are still looking for more companies to
 come to provide you with the help you want & deserve.

      To Atari ST/MEGA owners,  come see the latest products in an
 everchanging & growing 16-bit world!  Come see what you've been reading
 about all winter!  As a fellow Atarian,  I know the problems we all have
 to deal with in the Atari world.  They are not undefeatable!  To see Atari
 Computers become a force to be reckoned with,  WE NEED YOU!  Attend and
 show the dealers that your still there and that you appreciate them
 selling products for our computers!

                               Thank you fellow Atarian!

                               Bruce J. Markey
                               PACE President
                               (412) 843-0628 after 4 EST



                           WOA Show Observations

 by Darlah J Pine
 GEnie Atari RT Manager

     I was really looking forward to the show.  My expectations were high.
 Previously living in southern California, I know the names or at least the
 faces of the majority of Atari owners.  I was expecting to see faces I
 haven't seen in quite a long time.  This excited me.  Although I did see
 some, I was disapointed at the turnout.  I was told to hold on to my hat
 as Glendale would be --MUCH-- better.  A particularly good friend told me
 that due to the lack of pats they got from the year previous from ST
 World, they felt it was best not to attend this show. I recieved
 confirmation on this issue from quite a few people. If anything, this
 proves that shows really need to be spaced better and those that are the
 backbone of these shows need to be recognized if not applauded for their

     I applaud Bob Brodie for trying to make future shows further apart.
 Rumors online mentioned the fact that they felt there were no new users in
 the market.  I truly disagree with that fact. I saw many new faces and
 those that recently purchased their systems. GEnie is growing quite
 rapidly so modems must be included in those sales. I felt it was the old
 timers that did not show. The old timers didn't really need the show
 except to see the newest and the greatest especially with Glendale being
 right around the corner.

     Seminars had various turnouts but the two best attended ones were the
 Dave Small/Jim Allen combination and the ISD (Nathan Potechin) seminar.
 The Dave Small/Jim Allen comination had people up against the wall and out
 the door while the ISD seminar had a full room but seemed to have lasted
 the longest.  Some of the seminars were sparsely attended. This was
 disapointing to say the least.  I would of enjoyed more various guest
 speakers between the days but it wasn't my show.

     Several booths were empty with people not showing up. D.A.Brumleve's
 booth was empty on Sunday.  The general consensus between the developers
 that were asked was the show was disapointing in numbers.  Sales varied
 depending on who you asked and what the products were.  People seemed
 tremendously impressed with the 68030 and I might add I was too.  Watching
 Calamus fly in the Gadgets booth left a big impression on this DTP lover.
 I even think it impressed Nathan Potechin as he tested the 68030 on his
 company's program.  I think Gadgets has a winner with this one.

     I was disapointed to not see the first issue of ST Journal at the
 show.  I am really looking forward to this new entry into the Atari
 market.  Rumor was data was lost in a hard drive crash due to mother
 nature in the form of an earthquake.  They did throw a party at Godfathers
 pizza and although I did not eat any pizza, it looked good. Everyone
 appeared to be enjoying themselves.

     A new terminal program was displayed at the show called G.I.M.E
 (Graphic Interface Modem Enviroment).  Although this terminal program has
 a few bugs and appears to be limited in certain ways, I felt from the
 discussions with the programer that this may end up to be the terminal
 program you should have.  One unique feature of this program was a built
 in graphic drawing program.  What an unusual combination, in my opinion.

     Talon Technology was displaying Supercharger.  I must admit that I was
 impressed by this alternative choice for emulators in the ST World. 

     Sprockets was showing a tower case that looked interesting.  Although
 I did not truly check out the back of the unit, the front looked quite
 impressive.  Folks that did look behind said it could of used a bit more
 organization for the wire placements. Do check this one out.  I am hoping
 someone has a picture of the front and back of this unit.

     Megamax was showing Script and Sketch.  Script is a new entry into the
 Word Processing market.  It is a multi-window graphical word processing
 program.  It handles up to four files simultaneously, each in its own
 window.  Sketch is a high resolution paint program with a 3D Modeler. 
 Graphics created with Sketch can be imported into Script.

     Sierra was at the show with all of their entrys into the market. 
 Nothing new was displayed but they were selling great T-Shirts.  As a
 matter of fact, it seemed like everyone was in the T-Shirt business.

     D.A.Brumleve was showing her products for children.  She had these
 wonderful round metal disks that pop up when least expected.  I brought
 some home and they are a hit.  I need and want more. 

     I had the pleasure of doing Disneyland with the folks from Gribnif,
 the Neodesk fame folks along with two of my sysops.  It was one of the
 most pleasant times I had even with an arm injury. 

     Michtron was showing all their products.  I even broke down and bought
 a Fast Fax.  It has made it out of the box but as of yet I have not tested
 it.  I will let you know what I think of it after trying it completely

     Codeheads were updating their disks and selling new.  I was impressed
 at the way they were demoing all the bells and whistles included in their
 products.  Their programs are quite impressive when you realize all that
 they do.

     GoldLeaf publishing was showing WordFlair at the show.  I truly
 couldn't wait to get this one home to test drive it but alas I have been
 ill and this one is on my to do list.  I am hoping this will be a program
 for those reports that I need to do from time to time.  We shall see.  It
 was a pleasure getting a chance to talk to Lauren.

     Atari had a booth in the center of the room with a TT, Stacy Portfolio
 and many Lynx machines that were strategicaly placed for all those
 gamesters.  They gave away cups, Atari planes, t-shirts and metal liscence
 plate frames.  One could see John Tarpinian being very gracious placing
 these items out and helping out as much as he can.  Charles Cherry was a
 pleasure to meet and much different in person than I expected.  

     John Townsend had a new haircut and impressed me with his sense of
 sureness that seems to come with age I suppose.  At least it does to some
 of us.  Bob Brodie was gracious as usual and was sorely missed at the
 show.  He seems to be -the- Atari person that everyone wants to see.  He
 seems to have made a great impression in the Atari field.  The general
 concensus throughout the Atari market is the hope that we have him around
 for quite a long time.  Atari made a wise choice in selecting him.

     Migrapgh, ICD, Best, David Beckemeyer and more were there but I have
 not unpacked and they are only faded memories tucked into my briefcase and
 suitcases.  I even have a faint memory of a windows program that excited
 me but the energy is not there quite yet in retrieving that information.
 Knowing that there will be many other articles on the show, I leave it up
 to them to fill in the gaps. Hope to see everyone at the Pace show, the
 WAACE show and of course Glendale. 


 > WOA OPINIONS CPU/STR OnLine?   What the visitors thought...

     I just got the pictures back from the developers from the show. I got
 some great pictures.  I especially like the way Charles was drinking the
 beer with the snarl on his face.  Craig looked so solemn and where was
 that earring??  I suppose he now works for ICD so off it went.  David
 Plotkin and Dave Flory looked like they were enjoying themselves and Mark
 Booth was in his usual pose talking GCR up around the Gadgets booth. I
 even got a picture of John Townsend with his new and (much improved)
 haircut.).  :-)

     The Glasses on Trish, Dan and Jeff from the Captain EO show are GREAT.
 These are blackmail material. :-) I love Charles Cherry's shirt and the
 casualness of it all. There are many more pictures and all came out great
 but no hardware pictures. <sigh> We just have people. I even have Dot,
 John Nagy and Nathan reading Z-Net. The Z-Net logo is in full view. I
 found my two sysops, JJ and Jeff look great in pictures...

     The show might of been less than busy but the time did have its
 moments and thanks to Sandy Wilson, I have some captured. Seeing I fell
 jogging, I was unable to use one of my hands. She was a lifesaver in that

 D.A.BRUMLEVE posts;
     I think the _presentation_ of the WOA was very good.  Atari's display
 was simple but professional, and I believe it was the first showing of the
 TT at a consumer show in the US.  There were definitely new hardware and
 software innovations on display.

     What troubles me is that so (comparatively) few people came to check
 it all out.  A comment heard from more than one developer was that there
 seemed to be only long-time users there, no new users, leading them to
 question whether there _are_ any new users in the LA area.

     In regard to Atari, it's also worth mentioning that they held a
 reception for developers on Saturday night.  It was fun to finally put
 faces to Atari staff names I've encountered here online.

     In analyzing what "went wrong" (and from my point of view, something
 did), a phrase I heard repeatedly during the Saturday portion of the show
 occurred to me:  I kept hearing parents tell their kids that they couldn't
 buy a program because they were saving the money to spend on--what
 else--Disneyland!  I think, at least from a sales point of view, it's a
 bad idea to hold a show in a resort location that provides such strong
 competition for ST users' dollars.

 CGEE posts;
     I have to admit, the show was a lot of fun..:-) Some other items at
 the show were the Datel Parsec board, Strata ( with Stalker and STeno,
 eh), Migraph (Touch-up), both CodeHeads ( debugging on a TT at 2 in the 
 morning! ), Lauren with Wordflair! and even... David Beckemeyer!

     On the interesting happenings...6 of us ( not to mention any names,
 but two of their initials are Kbad..and Jtownsend..:-) ) got into an
 elevator with 3 rather pretty young ladies... And do we try to pick up on
 these girls? NO SIRREEEE! Instead, someone starts off with... "So, what do
 you think of the Scrap Read and Scrap Write Function calls?" Ok, so they
 weren't really all that pretty... :-) Cary

 N.WEINRESS posts;
     Hey, Darlah! Ya mean ya didn't take my pitchure?? Come on, bald is 

     The most reliable estimate I heard was about 4000-4500 for both days. 
 I spoke to Peter, the German guy at the Sprokits booth, about the
 attendees all being "die-hards" who already owned every kind of software
 and hardware.  He commented that this universal...all the Atari shows in
 Europe are the same way.  PaulWu, and others, are quite correct in saying
 that it will take an advertising push from Atari to bring in new blood.

     OK, wonderful Sysops (and it _was_ wonderful meeting all of you),
 let's open a category for the Glendale Atari Faire ver. 4.0B in September. 
 This is likely to be livelier than WOA.  (I got really angry when they
 raised the parking meters at Glendale Civic Aud. from 5 cents to 10 cents
 per hour! Gougers)   Norm 

 S.NOAH  posts;
     Actually, the smaller than last year attendance did have its
 advantages.  Unlike the Fall Comdex, people were actualy able to touch and
 use some of the new Atari equipment. As a user I have to say that being
 able to test somthing out myself if a lot more satisfying than watching a
 demo from the back of a monster crowd. Also, there were at least three
 people at the show who were totaly new to Atari computers, I konw this
 because I brought them along with me.

     On the lighter side, three of us sat through the ISD, and ( most of )
 the ATARI conferences, while our friend, Charles, sat talking to a girl he
 met at the show. Now all I have to do is to get him to call her ! He is so
 shy I found it hard to beleive that he was talking to her for so long ,
 and now he won't call her. I think that it might be time for me to launch
 an all out campaign to have him call. His latest reason for not calling is
 that he can't take her for a date on his motorcycle, and he doesn't have 
 a car.  

 MWADE posts;
      I looked all over for Darlah.  After hearing so much about her I
 wanted to meet the legend.  I get to the show and NO GEnie booth!. 
 DISAPPOINTED!  I looked for her, but the only thing I had to go on was a
 digitized picture,  file somethingorother under the graphics library.  Oh
 well, maybe next show...

      The show was somewhat of a disappointment.  Although I read the times
 everyday, I didn't see any ads for it.  As a a matter of fact, a friend
 of  mine missed the show altogether.  He thought it was at the "Convention
 Center" which in general means the Anaheim one.

     Most of the booths were nice and professional, including Atari's.
 Atari displayed the Lynx, a 4096 ST, a Stacy and a TT among other items.
 I was told that the Stacy was only cleared for Class A FCC clearance.
 I was also told that the TT would be available "sometime before the
 end of the year."  Put your own interpretation on that.

     Sierra was there with a nice booth as was Codehead and Gribnif.
 GBS was also there is full force.  Two local stores, Computer Games +
 and Mid Cities were there as well as Best Computers and San Jose

     As far as I could tell, there were no earthshaking announcements, but
 I might have missed something.  Compared to last year it definitely
 seemed like a smaller show.

     I guess as a user I was most disappointed (besides not seeing Darlah)
 in seeing the Stacy and the TT.  They are great machines, but I saw the
 Stacy at last year's show and it's still not in the stores.

                                   Just one man's opinion...

 W.GRUNWALD posts;
     I went by the WOA show yesterday and looked at the setup over at
 Sprocket. I really didn't go over it thoughly but what I did see was real
 crude.  They had, what appeared to be either a 1040 or a 520 motherboard
 stuck in a large tower case with all the cables just fished through a
 gaping hole in the back. I don't  believe they were using a PC power
 supply so I'm not even sure if it would have fit.  The case they were
 using looked like one I have seen over at ACP computer, going in the area
 of $140.00 If I can get by there I'll let you know for sure. 

     I am currently using  1040 which I have crow-bared into a baby AT
 case.  The motherboard will slide in under the drives in you cut the
 supports.  I left the RF shield on so that is holding up the drives. I
 have a hard drive, 3 1/2 drive and a 5 1/4 drive in and working. I'm also
 using PCSPEED so it feels right at home.  My big problem has been the pwr
 supply. There was no way I was getting the PC supply in.  What I did was
 to leave the 1040 supply intact and mount my supply from my H/D to cover
 the drives.
     I also bought a used N/G Pc pwr supply, cut off the bottom with the
 gut. and mounted it for the switch,AC outlets, and fan.  For a keyboard I
 took my 1040 keyboard, bought a N/G IBM keyboard (I love Junk) and
 mounted the ST board in the case.  This of course took a bit of cutting.
 but a piece of formica does wonders.  ACP also sells the PC mount 
 monitor sockets but I also have not found an easy way to mount them. The
 pin-outs on these units are spaced offset. What I think I'm going to do
 in salvage my video Key board and somehow mount that.  Sorry for the
 length of this message but this is the first time i've had to sit down
 and type on this subject.



     In the week since WOA, the following file listing from an obviously
 PIRATE BBS was posted on GEnie for all to see.  Naturally, it left the
 majority of the ST modeming community shocked and dismayed.  While we are
 against the premise of "guilty until proven innocent", the SMOKING GUN
 theory seems to come to mind...  STReport views the posting of this item
 as a screaming plea for help by CFJ and we must do just that.  By helping
 CFJ and the other developers, we will be helping ourselves.  We must (all
 of us) support these developers who are providing the ST community with
 the life blood of any computer system, NEW SOFTWARE!  Since Atari seems
 comfortable with doing nothing, so far into the 1990s, the entire task is
 in the hands of the third party developers and supporters.  Buy your
 software, forget the offhanded offers of freebies.  If we don't support
 the developers, there will be no more   ...of anything.

 Category 32,  Topic 5
 Message 110       Tue Apr 10, 1990
 C.F.JOHNSON                  at 21:41 PDT
   Hi folks.

     I have to tell you that I'm rather depressed and discouraged tonight.
 Today (Tuesday, April 10th), using a password and access code supplied by
 a friendly (and honest) supporter, we logged on to a bulletin board here
 in the Los Angeles area.  We found this, in the download area of that BBS:


  *File# 210  *Filename: MULTDESK.LZH

  *Shared On   : Apr 8, 1990           *Shared By   : FRED
  *Application : Utility Programs      *Access Level: 26
  *File Type   : Binary                *Upload Mode : LZH
  *Byte Count  : 21643                 *Xfer Count  : 32
  *Last Shared : Apr 9, 1990           *Xfer Time   : 3 Minutes
  *Block count : 170-Xmodem/Sealink,  22-Zmodem,  6-Fmodem. Ready To Share!




     Notice, this file was "Shared By: FRED".  Thanks, "FRED".  Whoever you
 are.  What an altruistic guy.  Just wants to "share" his good fortune with
 his good buddies. 

     This is MultiDesk 2.0, the latest version, released for the first time
 at the Anaheim show on April 7th.  Notice the date on which this file was
 "shared"...April 8th.  Notice the download count: 32.  How many people
 have each of those 32 "shared" their latest find with?

     This is how much lead time we have on the pirates, folks.  Zero. This
 means that one of the nice people I spent my time talking to at the show,
 went home and immediately uploaded our latest version of MultiDesk to
 several BBS'es (it's available on other BBS'es in the LA area too). 

   You know what?  That hurts.  And it makes me really deep-down angry.

     I've spent a relatively large portion of my life working on MultiDesk.
 The new version represents many many hours spent thinking, coding, and
 debugging.  I've tried to pay attention to users' suggestions, and tried
 to anticipate what they might want in this kind of program, to the best of
 my ability.

     But as soon as CodeHead releases MultiDesk 2.0 to the public, it's all
 over every BBS in the nation.  And probably the world.  The very next day.

                  Thanks, "FRED".  You've done your part.

     There are a lot of reasons why the ST market is in terrible shape. 
 (And right now, in April 1990, it IS in terrible shape.)  Much (maybe even
 most) of the blame has to go to Atari, for lack of promotion and

     But "FRED" and his buddies are another big part of the problem, a part
 that has NOT gone away.  If anything, they're more avid and greedy for new
 "wares" now than ever before...since the supply is drying up.

     Notice, I'm offering no solutions here, and I'm not trying to end on
 an upbeat note.

     I remain eternally grateful to each and every honest user of our
 software (and there are lots of them); but the dishonest ones (like
 "FRED") are doing more damage than they can ever imagine. 

                                                       - Charles


 > POWERHOUSE CPU/STR InfoFile?   Control electrical circuits

                                   Press Release

                               For Immediate Release

           From: MAX Systems      &     DataQue Software
                 Sacramento, CA         Ontario, OH  44862

           Date: April 7, 1990

           re:   X-10 PowerHouse Software Development

                MAX  Systems,  and  DataQue  Software  are  pleased to
           announce  a  "joining  of  forces"  for  the development of
           software  for  the  programming  and  control  of the CP290
           Computer Interface made by X-10 (USA), Inc..

                The  X-10  PowerHouse  system  is a wide collection of
           hardware  for  use  in  controlling  electrical  devices of
           nearly  any  type ranging from simple home lighting control
           to  security  system  control to certain industrial process

                The X-10 PowerHouse is able to accomplish this control
           WITHOUT  the need for expensive custom electrical wiring by
           sending  the  control signals through the existing building
           120vac  wiring  system.   The X-10 system is completely FCC
           approved,  and carries the Underwriter's Laboratory seal of

                The  applications  possible  with  the X-10 PowerHouse
           system are limited only by the imagination of the user.

                MAX  Systems  has  been,  for  the  last month, in the
           development  stage  of a system called MAX-10 for the Atari
           8-Bit  computers  to  allow  sophisticated  X-10 control by
           means  of  a "dedicated" computer to increase the abilities
           of  the  X-10 controller by adding, in effect, at least 64K
           of RAM, a disk drive, and a CPU.

                MAX-10  will  allow  for  user-written  "modules"  for
           special applications, an "artificially intelligent" ability
           to  make decisions based on input, much more detailed timed
           events,  and  many  other  features that will move the X-10
           PowerHouse  into the range of much more expensive dedicated
           control devices.

                DataQue  brings  to  the MAX-10 project: many years of
           programming  experience;  a  wealth  of  information in the
           Heating,  Ventilating,  and Air Conditioning <HVA/C>; and a
           strong background with many personal computer types.

                These  valuable skills will allow, among other things,
           for  MAX-10  to  be  "ported"  to  many  different personal
           computers,  including:  Atari  8-Bit; Commodore 64/128; IBM
           PC/"clone"; Atari ST; and Amiga.

                While  each  version  will  take advantage of the host
           computer's  abilities,  there will be much in common in the
           user  interface  so that moving from one version to another
           will be a simple matter for the MAX-10 user.

                The  planned  release  for  MAX-10  will be in several
           stages,  with the Atari 8-Bit version being first, followed
           by  the  Atari  ST,  IBM  PC/"clone", Commodore 64/128, and
           Amiga.  For all machines, there will be several "stages" of
           the  program:  A  Public  Domain demonstration; A Shareware
           version  that  will  support  access  to  the X-10 unit; An
           "entry  level"  commercial  version with more features than
           the  Shareware version; And the complete commercial version
           with full abilities.

                Upgrade paths for owners of the "lower level" versions
           will be provided.

                Exact release dates have not been set as of this date,
           nor   have   exact  prices  been  set.    Any  comments  or
           suggestions are welcomed!

                For more information, you may contact:

           MAX Systems                      DataQue Software
           4005 Manzanita Ave.  #6-216      PO Box 134
           Carmichael, CA  95608            Ontario, OH  44862

           GEnie:  MARTY.A                  GEnie:  DATAQUE.1

           BBS:    The Breakfast Club       BBS:   DataQue Support
                   300/1200/2400bps                300/1200 Bps
                   (916) 331-4722                  (419) 529-5197


 > CEBIT 1990 CPU/STR FOCUS?          More Information from CeBIT '90

  .../Usenet/comp/sys/atari/st/ETHERNET on the ST: A Summary of Information
            2.1 ETHERNET on the ST: A Summary of Information
   kruel@vax.rz.uni-wuerzburg.dbp.DE (Thomas-Martin Kruel)

 Dear networkers,

    Two weeks ago, I asked about the availability of ETHERNET cards for the
 ST.  Thanks to all who posted info for me.  Without claiming to give a
 complete overview, here is some summarizing information:


    - Hardware:
      - IEEE 802.3 based Ethernet card,
      - connected via the DMA port, ROM port or Mega ST bus
      - Thick- and ThinWire adapters (15pol. SubD and 50 Ohm BNC)
        Transceiver on board for use with ThinWire
      - contained in a seperate metal box (DMA and ROM port version only)
      - own power supply (DMA and ROM port version only)
      - max. length of cable: thick: 500m, thin: 185m
      - 64kByte Cache RAM
      - 48 Bit node ID can be stored in an EEPROM
 - Software:
         CP/IP with ftp, telnet
      - ftp works with appr. 100kByte/s
        bsd-socket-library available (optional)
        VT52 emulation
        VT102 and Tek 4014 available (optional) = PAM's TERM
        NFS in preparation
 - Prices:
      - Ethernet card:  ....................   DM 1698.-
        (DMA version         = "PAM's NET/E
         Mega ST bus version = "PAM's NET/Emega
         ROM port version    = "PAM's NET/Erom )
        TCP/IP software:  ..................   DM  298.-
              + TEK 4014 (PAM's TERM)  .....   DM  398.-
             ..........................   app. DM  700.-
     - Discounts:
       10% for universities for the hardware, multiple licenses for the
       software upon request.

     I saw it working on the CeBit with a VMS-MicroVax. Seems to be a quit
 stable solution. The software runs under GEM.  Non-TCP/IP-connections
 (Atari-Atari, Novell) are available also.
 Address:  PAM Software
               Carl-Zuckmayer Str.27
               D-6500 Mainz 33
 Tel. +49 6131 476312
               Fax  +49 6131 476402

 2. BioNet 100

    - Hardware:
      - IEEE 802.3 based Ethernet card,
      - connected via the DMA port, DMA in/out
      - Thick- and ThinWire adapters (15pol. SubD and 50 Ohm BNC)
      - contained in a seperate metal box, 34cm x 34cm x 4cm (approx. the
        size of the Mega ST)
      - external power supply

    - Software:
      - TCP/IP (based on the ka9q package by Phil Karn)
        telnet, ftp, smtp; net spooler 
         rash recovery system 
        network security system (access limitations)
        VT100 terminal emulation (Tek 4014 optional)
      - works with any terminal emulator (e.g. Uniterm)
        UDP library

        Ethernet card:  ....................   DM 1745.-
        TCP/IP software:  ..................   DM  450.-
        (includes the above listed features)
     - Discounts:
       for universities, institutes, schools upon request.
       multiple licenses available at reduced cost.

     I also saw this working on the CeBit. Several reference installations
 can be listed. Software for homogeneous Atari-Atari-networks is available
     Address: Biodata GmbH
              Flughafen Siegerland
              D-5909 Burbach
 Tel. +49 2736 50005-6
              Fax  +49 2736 5152

 3. Atari
     - Hardware:
       - Ethernet card for the Mega ST bus (fits in the bus adapter and the
         slot left at the back of the Mega ST)
       - Thick- and ThinWire adapter (15pol. SubB and 50 Ohm BNC)

     - Software:
       - TCP/IP
       - telnet, ftp

     - Ethernet card:  ........................... appr.  DM 1000.- 
     - TCP/IP software:  ......................... appr.  DM  600.-
 Availability: "Real soon now after the fair [CeBIT]", as Mr.Mester,
 Atari Corp., Germany, stated.
     I myself saw the card itself, but no installation working. As
 Mr.Mester, who is responsible for the TT and TT/ATX at Atari in Frankfurt,
 stated, "he has a lot of these cards in his room waiting to come to sale
 just after the fare". We'll wait and see ...
 Address: Atari Computer GmbH
              Frankfurter Strasse 89-91 
              D-6096 Raunheim
              Tel. +49 6142 2090

 4. Further information:
 a) Mr. Alexander Ross, rwa@aungbad.AthabascaU.CA, wrote:
 +  There is a product called a "Nodem" being marketed by Adaptec -
 + the address is 691 S. Milpitas Blvd., Milpitas CA 95035 USA, or phone
 + (408) 945 2518 ext 105.  It talks ethernet on one side and SCSI on the
 + other.  I suppose a Supra or ICD SCSI adaptor would be required.  No,
 + there's no software that I know of.  The price is given as "starting
 + from $545", which I assume is US$'s.  I expect documentation is
 + available at a price too.

     I saw this product connected to the TT/ATX on the Hannover fare. Both
 ftp and telnet appeared to work. Refer to the above address or Atari
 itself for details.

 b) Mr.Tyler IVANCO <S=tyler;OU=stpl;O=ists;P=cdn;A=telecom.canada;C=ca>,


 + We have an ethernet card for the Mega ST.  It is a plug in unit along
 + with a full scsi (meant to interfact to 1040s etc) as well as 8 serial
 + and two parllel ports.  It contains an onboard transceiver.
 + The only software we have is ka9q ported to this unit.  However,
 + I'm sure that we can offer the bare board and pals <...> for a rather
 + low cost.  We had meant to construct and sell them but we don't have    
 + the time to pursue the software and hardware effort required for such
 + a project.  I suspect that we could sell the unit <...> for around
 + CAN $200.00 with pals, example source code, and our ka9q effort. One    
 + knows that etherparts etc. tend to be quite expensive and I would guess
 + that you would have to pay about CAN$300.00 to populate the board.


 5. XWindows for the ST

     XWindows is available for the ST. On the fare, it has been
 demonstrated on the BioNet card. It is alleged to work with others also. 
 It has been developed originally by Mr. Gehret, Groenenbach, FRG, and now
 is distributed by Atari.

 Features:  - X11.2 port (don't know if X11.3 is finished now, or if they
              just hop to X11.4)
            - Xserver/client mechanism is based on standard TCP/IP calls.
            - FTP and TELNET within a window possible
            - runs on the standard monitor (SM124) and on 19'' screens
              (here: MatScreen)
            - screen size is virtual and can be adjusted freely

     A real, working version was presented on the CeBit. Moving windows
 seems to be a bit slow; screen updates in the windows is done using a jump
 scroll mechanism.   

 Price: appr. 600.- DM per licence, 
 available through Atari (real now), or directly via:
       X/software Michael Gehret
       Silcherstr. 15
       D-8944 Groenenbach 
       Tel. +49 8334 1001

     I do not work for any of these companies now have I relations to any
     of them.  I made this summary for informational purposes only and to
     my best knowledge and conscience.  Correct me if I'm wrong.  Prices
     are in DM. 

     Currently, the ratio of the DM to the US$ is appr. 1.73 DM/US$. 
     Ordering from outside the FRG will give you back 14% V.A.T. Add your
     local resident tax + postage.
                                             Best regards,

 Thomas-Martin Kruel Inst.f.Physikal.Chemie d.Univ.Wuerzburg,
                     D-8700 Wuerzburg, West Germany
 EAN:                <>


 > ONLINE TODAY  CPU/STR OnLine?        The wires are hummin'!

                               ONLINE TODAY

 by Oscar Steele

    This week has been extremely busy for me.  I've spent a lot of time
 wading through GEnie's message base.  Believe me, it's becomes UNfun after
 a few days.  I'm beginning to feel sorry for the poor SysOps.  Anyway,
 here's what's happening in the some of the message bases this week (by
 next week, I should get you upto date on all the categories).

    The Codeheads released two updates at the WOA show in Anaheim:
 Hotwire 2.0 (with info on a small "buglet") and MultiDesk 2.0 (with update
 info for both).  See Cat. 32: Topics 2, 4, 5.  Did you know that Turbo ST
 will work fine when loaded INTO MultiDesk?  There's some VERY interesting
 information on everything from the Codehead's biographies to info on their
 products in Topic 11.  Want some good fast printer drivers?  Get on the
 band wagon, read topic 12.

    Here's some interesting info that John Eidsvoog of Codehead posted:

                    G+ line mode    Normal   Solid
                    No Turbo ST     14.60    11.00
                    Turbo ST 1.6     5.98     5.98
                    Turbo ST 1.8     6.34     6.34
                    Turbo 1.8 w/T16  4.39     4.37

     Very interesting... as you can see, G+Plus' solid line mode makes no
 difference if you're using Turbo ST 1.6 or 1.8 (after all, acceleration is
 not G+Plus' primary function).  Turbo 1.8 seems to be slower in this test,
 but never fear... the overall speed improvement of Turbo 1.8 is _very_
 noticable.  I personally find it easier to simply leave G+Plus installed
 all the time so that I don't have to reboot to use GDOS-dependent
 programs, but with 4 megs I can afford to.  (Note also that the T16
 accelerator provides an appreciable speedup and I'm not using the fast ROM

    See how Practical Solutions' mouse is stacking up on the Mac versus the
 ST.  Current discussion in Category 25, Topic 12.

    In Category 19, Topic 2 the PC DITTO II saga continues.  A number of
 bug fixes have been talked about, including a fix for the blitter and
 serial port bugs (which might make it work with Prodigy).

    While PC Ditto II is swamped with users trying to get their systems to
 work with it,  the PC Speed and Supercharger sections are covering what
 programs work with the products.  PC Speed: Topic 9, Supercharger Topic 7.

    The Universal Item Selector III topic is active.  Get in your opinion
 on what you like or dislike about the old/new versions and what should be
 changed or updated.  Category 2, Topic 2.

    One of the newest offerings from Double Click is DC Showit.  It
 replaces the desktop's 'SHOW' text function.  You can view text under a
 variety of options and you can view pictures.  There are some
 compatibility problems with UIS check Category 2, Topic 30.

    Even though Antic is flaking out and not supporting GFA BASIC, you can
 find some help and recent activity in the GFA BASIC section in Cat. 3,
 Topic 8.

    There's some interesting discussion in the ST Robotics section on
 hooking up the ST to a robot and a voice recognition chip in Cat. 4, Topic

    SLM804 info: including where to get drums and toner - save a couple of
 months by not ordering from Atari!  Category 4, Topic 16.

    The Turbo 16 section has been fairly active, a few people are having
 problems with blitters, and questions on compatibility with Word Perfect
 have popped up.  Category 4, Topic 11.

     Is it time to Abandon Atari Now?  A number of people are.  The rest
 are still hoping against hope that Atari will get off their rear-ends and
 do something (namely the head management).  Get all the juicy details in
 Cat. 18, Topic 9.

    As I mentioned earlier, next week I'll wrap up getting up to date with
 the GEnie message bases.  We will also be covering CIS in the coming
 weeks.  For anyone wondering, I mentioned that you'd see a review of Iron
 Lord last week.  I didn't anticipate such a work load, so that'll have to
 wait until I get a bit of free time.  


 > <SENSE: $11>  CPU/STR InfoFile?      What these signify......

 From : DAVID CHIQUELIN at Node 3  Atari-OH! in Houston, TX.
 Subj : Re: <1440> <Sense: Errors!>

 In reply to:

     I need some help!!!! I'm running a Adaptec 4070 controllor with an ST
 277R-1 HD.  I keep getting these <Sense: $11> errors that keep coming and
 going. It seems that the data is still being read correctly but what does
 this error stand for.... Controller problems or maybe cable problems??? 
 Is there any documetation available about these sense errors? 
                                              Steve Kelly@524

 00 = NO SENSE (No error occurred or error cleared before REQUEST SENSE
 01 = NO INDEX/SECTOR (No index or sector signal found during rd, wr, or
 02 = NO SEEK COMPLETE (Seek complete signal missing)
 03 = WRITE FAULT (Drive detected failure which disallows writes.  Write
      protect during a write command.)
 04 = DRIVE NOT READY (Drive not ready)
 06 = NO TRACK 0 (Track Zero not found)
 Those are the class 00 error codes in sense bytes (drive errors).  The
 next set are the class 01 error codes in sense byte (target errors)
 10 = ID CRC ERROR (ID field could not be recovered by retry)
 11 = UNCORRECTABLE DATA ERROR (Data field error could not be recovered by
      retry or correction)
 12 = ID ADDRESS MARK NOT FOUND (Missing ID address mark)
 14 = RECORD NOT FOUND (Logical block ID not on accessed tracks, but no ID
      CRC error)
 15 = SEEK ERROR (Could not seek to the track with correct ID)
 There are also class 02 error codes (System-related errors)
 1A = INTERLEAVE ERROR (Interleave variable is greater than the number of
      sectors per track on disk)
 1C = UNFORMATTED OR BAD FORMAT ON DRIVE (Format failed, no valid format on
 20 = ILLEGAL COMMAND (Command code is invalid or not implemented)
 Those should be all you would need.  They are all Hex.
                                                       David C.
 P.S.  A sense $11 therefore looks to me like a bad sector that is not
 marked bad in the FAT.  You should run a test on the HD (using appropriate
 software) to check for bad sectors and mark them bad.

 Also, please save a copy of this data...  I don't want to have to re-type
 it later <grin>, and next time someone asks *you* can upload a copy of the
 data part. 



                       ATARI USERS ASSOCIATION NEWS

 by Derek C. Signorini

      In this week's article I will update you on the growth of the Atari
 User's Association and discuss what the AUA has been up to over the past
 month and where the organization is heading in the next quarter.

      As with my last report, I bring you encouraging figures from the AUA
 membership drive.  Total membership is up 20% from one month ago with a
 big chunk of new members coming in from Australia and the Central part of
 the United States.  I expect that the latter half of April will show a
 growth of close to 50-60% due to the AUA's appearance at the Pittsburgh
 AtariFest 1990 and a few other events taking place.

      The AUA has held 2 online conferences on GEnie to date.  The first
 one being on March 24, 1990 and the second a week later.  The turnout was
 better than expected, however, we hope that we can encourage more people
 to join in the conference.  Jon Clarke and I are discussing how often we
 should hold the AUA conferences and are trying to analyze whether or not
 Saturdays are a good choice of days for an online conference.  I will keep
 everyone posted on any changes regarding this matter.

      By the time you read this, the AUA NewsBriefs will have been printed
 (keeping my fingers crossed) and mailed to contributing members of the
 AUA.  We are expecting our first run to be 1000 issues and will be
 heralded as the "Premier Edition" of the publication.  When Tony Parry and
 I first discussed the prospects of a printed newsletter, we figured a
 child could put a newsletter together...much to our dismay, a little more
 work was involved!  At any rate, the NewsBriefs is hopefully going to be a
 successful publication and we thank all of the contributing members of the
 AUA for their support.

      Here are some vital statistics for the AUA over the past one month:

 United States  92.3%          New Zealand  4.3%           Canada  2.4%  
 Finland        0.27%          Australia    0.8%                           
 Total Countries represented:  5                            TOTAL: 100%

 AL  0.27% AZ  10.5%  CA  2.71%  CO  0.54%  CT  1.07%  DE  0.27%
 FL  1.34% GA  1.07%  HI  0.54%  IA  0.54%  IL  2.14%  IN  0.80%
 KS  0.27% KY  0.54%  LA  0.27%  MA  0.54%  MD  1.34%  ME  0.27%
 MI  0.54% MN  0.27%  MO  0.54%  NC  0.27%  NE  1.60%  NJ  19.57%
 NV  0.27% NY  2.94%  OH  2.94%  OK  0.27%  OR  0.27%  PA  30.03%
 RI  0.27% SC  0.54%  TN  0.54%  TX  1.88%  VA  2.15%  WA  1.60%
 WI  0.80%
 Total States represented:  37                               TOTAL: 100%

      Once again, Pennsylvania leads the membership race and has begun to
 pull away from New Jersey.  We have a strong showing from Arizona, thanks
 to a few user groups down there, and also have a large pull from Ohio,
 Virginia, and California.  New York has gained a few representatives to
 the AUA and I expect Texas to begin picking up.

      One of the functions of the AUA will be to collect and process data
 concerning the Atari Community.  In the following articles, I hope to
 bring more statistical information to you so that you can see how the
 Atari Community is structured.

      Thanks again to everyone who has given support of the AUA.  The
 organization has undergone a re-birth thanks to you and has been given a
 very solid foundation...

                                            Derek C. Signorini
                                             AUA Coordinator

   This is an edited re-print of The Atari Users Association RTC held each
   Saturday evening at 9:00 pm EST, on the Atari RTC on the GEnie Network.

                   <[Jon @ A.U.A] J.CLARKE6>
  Hi there Welcome to the 2nd AUA RTC. Derek will open with a few
  bits of news then I will follow then Q and A's ..
  so Here'ssssssss Derek the Co-ordinator of the AUA

                    <[Derek @ AUA] DC.SIGNORINI>
  Good evening all..and thanks for attending the Second Conf of the AUA...
  To open, I want to thank all those people who showed up last week for
  our first open conf for the AUA...

  both Jon and I were very impressed with the turnout, and it appears as 
  though the AUA is becomming a common Acronym...

  I will open the conference by speaking of the AUA and its efforts in the
  USA... then Jon will discuss the AUA action in NZ and down under...and 
  the rest of the "real world" as jon puts it.! <GRIN>

  To start off, I want to clear up some confusion that may have developed
  from last week's conf....  Jon made mention of a disk that he puts
  together and distributes free of charge down-under... This disk contains
  STReport (CPU ONLINE), ZNET, and PDQ.  Jon has undertaken this project
  because 99%of the users in his part of the world are not able to receive
  these online mags so, Jon provides them to the Atari users ala the AUA...

  This disk is not to be confused with the Electronic Chronicles Disk
  Magazine.  Which has been published as a newsletter on disk for almost
  5 years now. The ECDM is a benefit of those AUA members who  Contribute
  $15.00 or more to the AUA.  It is in no way a direct competition to any
  of the Online Magazines nor will it ever be!  Because our two parts of
  the world require different reading needs.  Jon is busy putting his disk
  together, and the ECDM is the flagship newsletter of the AUA.

  1// Membership is growing...
      When I took over the AUA in January of this year, I knew that,
      the aua would need membership before it would be taken seriously
      by anyone it now has a respectable membership and the AUA will begin
      to take affirmative action in the Atari Community...!!!

  2// Atari Corp in the US:
      Atari USA has yet to take a position on the AUA.  I can not expect a
      large corporation such as Atari to make any hasty support claims...
      And, while Tony Parry has been in contact with  Bob Brodie several
      times, Bob has been very observant of the AUA and has been very      
      helpful and informative...

  3// User Group Membership Plan:
      The long awaited User Group AUA Membership Plan has entered it's
      last stage of development.  My appologies to all those who have
      expressed interest in the AUA for their User Groups.  However, the   
      AUA concept from the Start is:  To do things right the first time and 
      never step on anyone's toes!!!<Grin>

  4// Details very sketchy...but it appears as though the AUA will become a
      common fixture on GEnie.  Perhaps Jon will mention more on this.

      I will turn things over to Jon...

                       <[Jon @ A.U.A] J.CLARKE6>
  Thank you for that Derek, things are moving outside the USA very quickly
  we have had a flood of mail on the Fido-network, the guys in the UK are
  doing big things so look for them when GEnie opens their pads in Europe.

  1/ Fido-mail going Strong in 3 threads.
  2/ User groups down here are all pro AUA
  3/ Atari-nz and Atari-oz are pro the AUA
  4/ the march disk is in the mail 
  5/ NEWS:- the STE IS IN GENERAL RELEASE down here and the prices of the
     ST have dropped,  the TT release date for the tt030/2 is May/June 1990
     for our area.

  That is about it for the moment, Derek any comments before we turn it    
  over for Q&A?
                      <[Derek @ AUA] DC.SIGNORINI>
  I would  also like to add that the AUA Newsbriefs Newsletter is near
  completion we are taking it to the printer next week, and expect to mail
  it by week 2 of april.  First run was expected to be only 600,however, 
  we have estimated that over 1000 copies will be printed. Secondly, we    
  are going to send a press release to all major manufactures and vendors 
  concerning the AUA....Tony is working on that...and he is not here to
  comment on the press release. Thirdly,  As Jon mentioned, the AUA is
  beginning to gain momentum outside the USA. John Graham, Sysop of the
  Autoboss BBS in Pittsburgh is the major hub for the ST fido conferences
  and  also is lead node for the AUA Fnet conf...and we are beginning to   
  see more and more response from both networks... We also have  gained    
  another valuable hub in the network who will be handling a lot of fnet   
  messages over seas  I expect that news of the AuA will spread rapidly.

                         <[Ralph] ST.REPORT> 
                  Who might the overseas hub be?
                      <[Derek @ AUA] DC.SIGNORINI> 
  The Bounty BBS home of ST Report (CPU ONLINE),  Sorry bout that...

                      <[Derek @ AUA] DC.SIGNORINI>
  T.  You can send it when you send in your app form.

                          <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
  T. Haley, where or how did you hear about the AUA?
  I heard about AUA on bounty bbs

                       <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
  thanks Todd ...

  I sent in my application to the AUA was I suppose to send the
  money now or later when acknowledged>?

                        <[Derek @ AUA] DC.SIGNORINI>
  I think I remember your app... Todd right?


                      <[Derek @ AUA] DC.SIGNORINI>
  You can send your check to: PO BOX 18053 Pittsburgh PA 15236

                           <[John] D.D.MARTIN>
  Can you elaborate on "affirmative action in the Atari community?  
  in other words...what effects of AUA will the  "casual" Atari user see?
  one who may not have access to user group meetings or on-line messages.

                       <[Derek @ AUA] DC.SIGNORINI>
  to answer your question.. One of the original game plans of the AUA was
  to  unite the ST Community and to get people to engage in letter writing
  campains, in this light the AUA needed a larger backing to begin letter
  writing so that people would respect the AUA and the AUA that
  the AUA membership is fast approaching 500, We can assume that at least  
  50% of our members will participate in letter writting activities...

  Will the Aua bill me for the 15 bucks

                       <[Jon @ A.U.A] J.CLARKE6> 
  No todd, send it to the AUA 
                       <[Derek @ AUA] DC.SIGNORINI>
  John> does that answer your question?

                       <[John] D.D.MARTIN>
   yes Derek..

                      <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
  John, letter writing, of the NON nuisance type, always has some degree of

                   <[Derek @ AUA] DC.SIGNORINI>
  Yes.  The AUA will supply the form letter, this will have a great effect 
  on any developer when he receives 100-300 letters when he does not       
  receive that many in the course of 6 months...
                      <[John] D.D.MARTIN>
  will the form letter be part of your newsletter?

                   <[Derek @ AUA] DC.SIGNORINI>
  yes...and will appear in ST Report, GEnie,and the FNET/FIDO network...

                       <[John] D.D.MARTIN>
  <---will be lookin for it

                     <[Derek @ AUA] DC.SIGNORINI> 
  as well as in the Electronic Chronicles Disk Magazine...and the AUA

                      <[Jon @ A.U.A] J.CLARKE6>
  John..When the ball gets rolling you will see members with in the AUA
  doing their bit for the local Atari community, ie the user group the
  problem you mentioned before, this is what we have found down here
  by getting the user groups to start talking to each other by news letter
  pd disks or what ever they are now starting to Talk to each other, and   
  the users are benifiting with this, as well as areas where there are no  
  UG's they are starting them. So the AUA is helping here in this way...
  does that clear it up a little more?

                       <[John] D.D.MARTIN>
  sure does..... a total effort for sure.....i hope it will be supported in
  the manner it deserves.

                     <[Jon @ A.U.A] J.CLARKE6>
  It is getting support here and in most of the commonwealth countries to
  an extent, I did not dream possible.

                     <[S. Winter an] R.SHRIER> 
  What effect on the Atari community is expected from the opening of local
  service to GEnie in Europe?
                    <[Jon @ A.U.A] J.CLARKE6>
  That is for the people at GEnie to answer... But as far as the AUA is
  concerned it will allow for a greater flow of information and 
 unification do you currently access any of the ISPN BBS in Europe?  They 
 are brill,  so expect to see the same on GEnie when it opens...

                    <[S. Winter an] R.SHRIER> 
  fm. RS: No,...we BBS strictly locally.  There are few l/d modemers here.

                     <[Ralph] ST.REPORT> 
  AUA has direct access to the entire FNET system from the UK to Saudi 

                <[Derek @ AUA] DC.SIGNORINI>
  the opening of GEnie in Europe surely will allow the AUA and ALL ATARI
  USERS ease of communication, as Jon has stated... This will greatly help
  the AUA in its efforts...and  will help the Atari Community as a whole...
  I see this as a very positive move and expect good things will come of

                  <[Derek @ AUA] DC.SIGNORINI>
  Well, I guess that just about raps it up for tonight.


                         Join the AUA TODAY.

     --------------------------- Clip Here ---------------------------

               //////////  //      //  //////////        ** ** **
              //      //  //      //  //      //         ** ** **
             //      //  //      //  //      //          ** ** **
            //////////  //      //  //////////          **  **  **
           //      //  //      //  //      //         ***   **   ***
          //      //  //////////  //      //        ***     **     ***


    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

      Thank you for your interest in the Atari User's Association.
      Please take the time to complete this application and mail it 
      to the address below.

  First Name:_____________________ LastName:______________________________
  City:________________________________ ST:____ Zipcode:__________________
  Country:_____________________________ Age:(optional)____________________
  Telephone: __________________________ Work: ____________________________

    [  ] Check here to place name in the AUA Public Membership Directory

    (This will allow you to be placed on national mailing lists for Atari
     ST products and information)


  HARDWARE: [ ]520ST  [ ]1040ST  [ ]MEGA 2  [ ]MEGA 4  [ ]STacy  [ ]Other
            [ ]Spectre GCR  [ ]PC DITTO  [ ]PC Speed
  MONITOR : [ ]COLOR  [ ]MONO [ ]OTHER:____________________________________
  DRIVES  : [ ]Internal [ ]External [ ]HARD DRIVE   Size of Hard drive:____
  PRINTER : [ ]9 Pin Dot Matrix [ ]24 Pin Dot Matrix   [ ]Laser  [ ]DeskJet
            [ ]Daisywheel  [ ]Other 
     Printer Model:_______________________________________________________

  MODEM   : Max Speed [ ]300  [ ]1200  [ ]2400  [ ]4800  [ ]9600  [ ]14,400
      Modem Model:_________________________________________________________

  OTHER PERIPHERALS________________________________________________________

  EMULATORS IN USE:________________________________________________________

  Primary Use of your Atari Computer:                (check all that apply)
  [ ]Home Finance   [ ]BBS   [ ]CAD   [ ]Business   [ ]DTP    [ ]Games/rec
  [ ]Graphics   [ ]Programming   [ ]SpreadSheets   [ ]WordProcessing
  [ ]Music [ ]Communications  [ ]Other:____________________________________
  If you are a member of a User Group, Please fill in:
  UG Name: ________________________________________________________________
  Address: ________________________________________________________________
  City _________________________________State _____ ZIP ________Country____

  BBS # ______________________________________No. of Members_______________

  President's Name:________________________________Phone:__________________


  EMAIL ADRESSES: (please include fnet / fido Handles)
  FNET Node:________________________  FIDO Node:___________________________
  GENIE:_____________________________ COMPUSERVE:__________________________
  DELPHI:________________________ OTHER:___________________________________
  Please list any ideas you have about what the AUA can do for you as an
  end user:________________________________________________________________
  __________________________________________Use reverse if necessary!!!!!!
  Please list your favorite software titles: ______________________________
  If you have a friend who may be interested in the AUA, please list his
  name and address here so that we can contact him/her about the AUA:
  Where did you get this application:______________________________________

  MEMBERSHIP FEES:   [ ] Non-Active AUA Membership        -- $ FREE $
                     [ ] Active AUA w/NewsLetter          -- $ 5.00/year
  Please Select ONE  [ ] Active AUA W/Newsletter & Disk   -- $ 15.00/year

  Mail application to:
                        The Atari User's Association
                            Attn: D.C. Signorini
                               P.O. Box 18053
                            Pittsburgh, PA  15236

  MicroTyme Computers is an official supplier of the AUA at: 1-800-255-5835

       ------------------------ Clip Here ---------------------------



 > CPU NEWSWIRE CONFIDENTIAL?    Sayin' it like it is.....

 - Almeda, CA           ****** SPECTRUM HOLOBYTE UPDATES FALCON ST! ******

     FALCON for the Atari ST has been updated to version 1.2 along with the
 FALCON Mission Disk (Operation: Counterstrike).  Changes to version 1.2
 include (1) The program is now shipped on GEM standard single-sided disks.
 This allows the user to back up their disks from the GEM desktop.  (2) The
 program will now run on one double-sided 720K disk if the user copies all
 files from Disk 1 and Disk 2 to the 720K disk.  (3) FALCON can now be run
 from a hard drive.  Simply use the hard disk install program included on
 Disk 1 to transfer the files.  (4) Both the disk drive light and motor no
 longer stay on during play.  (5) There is a new control option called
 "Aerochopper" which allows the program to be used with a special control.
 (6) The program is now compatible with the Gravis MouseStick.  Simply plug
 the MouseStick in, boot FALCON, and select "Mouse 2" from the Control

     FALCON for the Atari ST runs on any ST or Mega with a color monitor.
 1MB RAM is recommended.  FALCON retails for $49.95, and the Mission Disk
 for $24.95.  THe program requires a codewheel.  Only Disk 1 has been
 updated.  Registered owners of version 1.0 can update to version 1.2 by
 sending in their original Disk 1 and $7.50.  Registered owners of version
 1.1 can upgrade by sending in their original Disk 1 and $3.00.  Customers
 who bought the Gravis MouseStick through the joint promotion can upgrade
 for free by sending in their original Disk 1.  
 Send all packages to:
                             Spectrum HoloByte
                              Attn: ST FALCON
                           2061 Challenger Drive
                            Alameda, CA 94501.

 Say hello to "Chopstick"!

 - Anaheim, CA            *****  WOA TURNOUT "MEDIOCRE AT BEST"  *****

     According to the majority of the informed sources we polled regarding
 the overall participation in the WOA show by users and usergroups in the
 region, the answer was the same across the boards.  "We are not happy with
 the methods employed by the promoters of the show and we would rather show
 our support for the Glendale show".  It is sad to see a show so
 'vigorously' supported by Atari Corp. be regarded in such mediocrity but
 ...when one considers the course of events from last year to date..
 concerning the scheduling of WOA events and the local usergroups there is
 little doubt left as to why...

 - Las Vegas, NV                       ****  ParSeC board OUT!  ****

     The ParSec board 4768 is available in the U.S. now, through Datel
 Computers.  Model: 8748  Price in U.S.  $1395 (worth it)  Resolution
 640x480 with 256 colours from a pallete of 4096.  Also 1024x768 with 16
 colours from 4096 colours!  Memory, Video ram is 768k.  32-bit CPU running
 at 50 MHZ, YES 50 MHZ!  SCSI, RS-232, Internal expansion capability for
 expansion of the higher 8768 board, or added memory.  Hooks up to the
 Atari cartridge port and works in conjunction!  Comes with Da Vinci Art,
 and there is a program called The Topaz GEMulator, that converts GEM based
 programs to output on the ParSec, the ability to run Atari GEM based
 programs on the ParSec creates new advantages of superiour resolution and
 HIGH SPEED 50 MHZ OPERATION!!  Soon to be available the Genlock/digitizer! 

     Also soon to be available, the 8768 board which has two
 configurations, the 8768-8:  16.8 million colour pallete, 8 or 15 colour
 planes (256 on screen or 32 000!), VRAM 1.875 18: Mb, Optional DRAM 0.5 to
 4 Mb expansion!  This memory can be used as  part of the actual ST
 memory!!  The 8768-16 upgrade gives you 2.5 Mb's!  There is a video slot
 in the board.  Everything is lightning fast!  Other programs are also
 available for this board such as Chimera f(x) an Excellent Shell that lets
 other ray tracing, graphics, animation, fractals programs to run inside
 the basic program.  It is an object-oriented package with emulation of
 real world media!  

     TOPAZ allows GEM based programs to run under ParSec, with the added
 colour, high res of 1024x768, and at 50 Mhz with all GEM calls passed to
 the TMS34010 CPU!!  This board runs at 6.25 MIPS and is expandable to 6.5
 Mb's!  CHIMERA is able to import all popular image file formats including
 Amiga IFF, NEO, Degas, Cyber, Sculpt, etc!  I would recommend this board
 to anyone wanting high quality low cost graphics boards, because this is
 not only a video board with amazing expandability, but also a 50 Mhz
 Texas Instruments CPU container that the ST/Mega/STE's can take advantage
 of!  The price of the 8768 boards are soon to be released.  

     The ParSec board 4768 is available in the U.S. now, through Datel
 Computers.  All you people waiting for the 68030/68882 board, this baby is
 cooking at 50 Mhz!  If you have any questions or would like to order call
 (702) 454-7700!

 - Atlanta, GA                         ****   386 ST? Atari AT?   ****

     According to Jotka Computing in Ede before long (how long 8-) a 80386
 emulator for the Atari ST will become available on the Dutch market.  It
 is a German product, called Delta Modul, that will be delivered together
 with Dr. Dos.  There will be two versions, a 1 Mb one and a 2 Mb one, with
 prices in the range f 2395,- to f 2849,- (Dutch guilders).  Also various
 supplementary products have been announced, such as RAM extensions till 8
 Mb and graphic cards (of which one was said to handle 16.2 million
 colors).   Read in this month's HCC Nieuwsbrief, a Dutch monthly for
 computer users: (Leo de Wit)


 - San Francisco, CA       ***** PIRATE NETWORK DISCOVERED & EXPOSED *****

     According to our very well informed sources, a number of major
 bulletin board systems based in different areas of the country have come
 under extremely close scrutinization as a result of the blatant theft of
 newly released software from the WOA show...  Software that was deeply
 encoded with embedded ID strings has surfaced on these boards and as a
 result of the encoding, are directly traceable back to the original
 purchasers.  The Sharewares BBS, allegedly owned and operated by Robert
 Ford, aka "Software Junky", has been identified as the carrier of the hot
 software.  Action is now being taken.  A number of prominent North
 American developers/publishers have joined forces and have sworn to "make
 sure this BBS and the others linked to it are eliminated".  It is
 reported that the alleged network has international ties to Europe and


 > Hard Disks CPU/STR InfoFile?      Affordable Mass Storage....

                        NEW PRICES! & MORE MODELS!!

                      ABCO COMPUTER ELECTRONICS INC.
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT
   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).
                 (you are NOT limited to two drives ONLY!)
                   (all cables and connectors installed)

                     * ICD ADVANTAGE HOST ADAPTERS * 

         51mb #SGN4951   529.95              65mb #SG60101   669.95
         80mb #SGN296    759.95             100mb #SG84011D  939.00


                                 FROM 30mb

                            :IMPORTANT NOTICE:
                         TAX REFUND SPECIAL OFFER!

                      ****** for $50.00 LESS! ******
                 That's right! A custom two for one sale.
                     Buy with a friend and save money!
                        CALL TODAY and ORDER YOURS!
                   -offer good for a limited time only-

               * SYQUEST 44MB (#555) REMOVABLE MEDIA DRIVE *

     - SYQUEST 44 MB removable media drive     - ICD ST Host Adapter
     - ICD Mass Storage Utility Software       - 3' DMA Cable 
     - Fan & Clock                             - Multi-Unit Power Supply
                          (1) 44 MB Syquest Cart.

                  Completely Assembled and READY TO RUN!
                  in a shoebox OR under monitor cabinet  
                      As of 3/90 NOW ONLY __$865.00__

                      *** SPECIAL SYQUEST OFFER!! ***
                      ****** for $100.00 LESS! ******

      -> DO IT YOURSELF BARE SYQUEST UNITS $625.00ea  2 for $1150.00
                            cartridge included!

                        SPECIALLY PRICED  $1539.00 

         - Syquest 44 Model [555] and the following hard drives -
          50mb SQG51   $1279.00           30mb SQG38    $1199.00
          65mb SQG09   $1339.00           85mb SQG96    $1399.00

            *****  COMING SOON!   INSITE FLOPTICAL DRIVE  *****
                          August-September, 1990

            uses standard 3.5" floppy disks and Floptical disks
           Will access and read your present library of floppys
                              $789.95 approx.  

           Listed above are a sampling of the systems available.
      Prices also reflect various cabinet/power supply configurations
    (over sixty configurations are available, flexibility is unlimited)
            *** ALL Units: Average Access Time: 24ms - 34ms ***

             LARGER units are available - (special order only)

                     NO REPACKS OR REFURBS EVER USED!

       - Custom Walnut WOODEN Cabinets - TOWER - AT - XT Cabinets -
                   Keyboard Custom Cables Call for Info
                      ALL POWER SUPPLIES UL APPROVED

                       -* 12 month FULL Guarantee *-
                         (A FULL YEAR of COVERAGE)


                     DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS WANTED!
                         please, call for details

                 Personal and Company Checks are accepted.

                            ORDER YOURS TODAY!

                       904-783-3319    9am - 8pm EDT


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