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From: aj205@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Kevin Steele)
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 > The Editor's Podium?

     Atari shows are the "town criers of old" for Atari info, as such we
 should all try to pay as much attention as we possibly can to them.  In
 the last few issues of STReport we pointed out the alarming
 inconsistencies in the date setting occurring between well known shows... 
 Some folks seemed to get the impression that STReport was "neglecting"
 the APRIL SCENE in an apparent show of partiality to one show in
 particular.  My friends, nothing could be farther from the truth.
     In the matter of the April show dates we present elsewhere in this
 issue information pertinent to the shows scheduled in April.  STReport
 originally published our well known article "Usergroups an Endangered
 Species" in hopes of pointing out the danger of supporting shows put on by
 private entities for profit and how they would eventually clobber all
 usergroup sponsored shows.  We were, at that time, taken to task by a
 number of folks for having unfairly "picked" on the promoter of World of
 Atari shows.  Still, we feel that to have these shows provide even the
 slightest positive light upon Atari, they must be diligently co-ordinated
 among all the show planners and Atari.
     How foolish some are to think, in even the slightest way, that we
 "singled out" Glendale and WAACE in a punitive manner.  If anything, we
 were trying to generate enough attention in hopes of getting either one or
 the other to change the dates.  We felt that there was more hope there
 than with the mess we are facing with this coming month of APRIL... THREE
 SHOWS IN THE SAME MONTH!  This is not right or fair to any of the shows..
 especially since the WOA show seemingly has a definite and huge advantage
 on location, publicity and of course, substantial Atari participation.  To
 be entirely fair, we checked and found that WOA had set its dates almost a
 year ago.  We are also told that TAF has had its date set  (April 1, 1990)
 for almost a year too.  So what is one to do?

     Sure, one can say that in this amount of time, the two shows could
 have communicated, but when we find a business running one show, and a
 usergroup or a number of usergroups running another show serious problems
 can and will arise.  Mainly, the usergroups are not putting on the show
 (TAF) in hopes of making a profit.  They are staging the show because they
 CARE.. they care about Atari, they care about the users and they care
 about the market in general.  The business, on the other hand, is engaged
 in putting on the shows (WOA) to make a profit plain and simple.  When it
 comes to making a profit the name of the game is competition and nothing
 else.  So there you have it, in all its stark reality, the "for profit"
 shows must outdo all competition if a profit is to be realized.  This is a
 basic business premise and must be taken into consideration when deciding
 which show(s) to support.  Usergroups have supported Atari from day one
 without question and in all probabilities will continue to do so whether
 there are profits or not to be had....

                                      Thanks for your strong support,


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   Issue # 59

 by Michael Arthur

 Remember When....

     In March 1989, three West German "crackers" (read: malicious hackers)
 were arrested for illegally breaking into and accessing 30 military
 computers, as a result of an investigation started by Clifford Stoll, an
 astronomer, after he found a 75 cent billing error in one of the computer


        IBM Endorsements, Display Postscript, and Big Wins for Adobe

     Recently, Microsoft had announced that the TrueImage image
 description language, which incorporated both its Postscript Clone
 technology and Apple's TrueType (previously under the codename: Royal)
 Outline Font technology, would be in both System Software 7.0, Microsoft
 Windows 3.0, and in the version of Presentation Manager going in OS/2
 Standard Edition 2.0.  With this move, a few held opinions that Apple and
 Microsoft had vanquished Display Postscript and Adobe, with the only
 factor of change being IBM's decision on a font standard for OS/2.  And
 with the status of IBM and Microsoft's relationship, those few believed
 that IBM would logically choose TrueImage.

     Contrary to opinions of a few, IBM has now announced that it will be
 using Adobe's Postscript technology across its entire line of SAA (Systems
 Application Architecture) compliant Operating Systems.  In order to
 understand the significance of this move, let us take a look at SAA:

     Systems Application Architecture, or SAA, is a common set of
 guidelines that will allow users to learn and use applications on any IBM
 system, from IBM Mainframes to the PS/2, more quickly, and for programmers
 to port applications running on one IBM computer to another IBM system
 more easily.  SAA consists of three components:

       - CUA (Common User Access), which defines Presentation Manager as
         the standard graphical user interface for IBM applications

       - CPI (Common Programming Interface), which is a standard set of
         operating system calls allowing IBM applications to be ported
         among these operating systems, which are used in IBM's PS/2,
         workstation, and mainframe systems:

         - OS/2   (Operating System/2 - used in microcomputers)
         - OS/400 (Operating System/400 - used in minicomputers)
         - VM     (Virtual Machine - used in mainframes)
         - MVS    (Multiple Virtual Storage - used in mainframes)

       - CCS (Common Communications Support) standardizes the various
         terminal emulations and  protocols used for LAN, modem/terminal
         communications in IBM systems.  This unified approach to computing
         could allow IBM Mainframe Users to integrate AT Clones and PS/2s
         into their businesses, and would make the power of mainframe
         applications available to OS/2 Users.

     IBM plans to use Display Postscript, Adobe's unified imaging standard
 which both controls and generates screen displays, and outputs documents
 to be printed as Postscript files, in SAA.  This means that Display
 Postscript will become the imaging standard for IBM's entire line of
 computer systems....

     With Display Postscript, not only will IBM's SAA have a standardized
 screen display mechanism, but SAA-compliant applications will be able to
 send output to a wide range of Postscript-compatible devices, including
 laser printers, typesetters, and film recorders.  Given that A/IX, IBM's
 version of Unix, will also use Display Postscript as its standard imaging
 model, IBM's acceptance of Adobe Postscript seems near-absolute....

     However, IBM also promised that it would support Microsoft's
 TrueImage technology in IBM OS/2 Extended Edition's version of the
 Presentation Manager.  In order to support this, OS/2 now has an Open Font
 Interface, which will allow Software Companies and users to choose between
 font standards for their work.  However, given that the reason IBM chose
 Display Postscript was because of overwhelming User Demand for it....

         ATM for DOS, the Adobe Type Library, and Type 1 Fonts in PD

     In addition to this, Adobe has announced that it will be developing
 versions of Adobe Type Manager, a software utility which allows users to
 print Postscript Fonts without a Postscript printer, as well as displaying
 them on-screen (in contrast to Display Postscript, which supports
 Postscript graphics as well), for OS/2 Presentation Manager, Microsoft
 Windows, and some DOS applications by the end of 1990.  Given that Adobe
 has already sold more than 150,000 copies of ATM for the Macintosh....

     Adobe Systems has announced that by 1991, the Adobe Type Library (a
 collection of official Postscript outline fonts which now includes over
 600 different typefaces), will feature over 1000 different font
 typefaces.  The Adobe Type Library uses Adobe's Type 1 Postscript font

     Interestingly enough, Adobe has ALSO announced the availability of
 the "Adobe Type 1 Font Format", a book which contains the complete
 specifications for Postscript outline fonts.  Available for $15.00 by
 Adobe, this book describes the syntax of the Type 1 format, and provides
 information on all aspects of Type 1, including the data encryption
 algorithms which Adobe formerly used to enforce Postscript fonts not being
 usable by Postscript Clone makers.  With this move, Adobe has now placed
 the ENTIRE specifications for the Postscript Language in the Public

     Adobe Systems is also reporting good Earnings this Quarter, and
 surprisingly, it seems that it is still gaining a considerable amount of
 income from Royalties for Postscript licensing.  Given that this was
 feared to be lost, with Postscript's new PD status, it seems that Adobe is
 truly turning the problems caused by its placing Postscript in the Public
 Domain into great advantages....


 But ponder, if you will, these questions:

 1)  What are the implications of the quickly declining cost of good
     Postscript printers, and of Adobe's efforts to boost Postscript's
     status as an industry standard, in the face of mounting competition
     from Microsoft's Postscript clone interpreter?

 2)  Given that Commodore's $20 million Ad campaign did not generate the
     amount of Amiga sales as would be expected, how will Apple and Atari
     fare in selling ther new machines (the new IIgs, and the Atari STE)
     towards the low/middle end of the US computer industry?



 - London, UK                **** SPA FUNDS SOFTWARE PIRACY HOTLINE ****

       The Software Publishers Association, a trade group made up by 600
 prominent computer software companies (such as Lotus and Microsoft), has
 recently donated $25,000 to FAST (or Federation Against Software Theft),
 for the establishment of a software piracy hotline in England, similar to
 the Piracy Hotline the SPA has set up in the US, at 1-800-388-7478.

       As part of this program, the SPA is also working with FAST in
 launching lawsuits against software pirates, and performing Corporate
 Audits (or investigations into whether pirated software is used within a
 given company) on corporations suspected of pirating software.  All
 companies who are audited must make a contribution to FAST.  More
 importantly, if FAST's Corporate Audit program is successful at slowing
 software piracy within companies, then the SPA will fund similar efforts


       IBM has started shipping the IBM LaserPrinter E, a new line of laser
 printers.  The Low-end model, which can generate 5 pages per minute, costs
 $1500.00, while the High-end version (capable of churning out 10 pages a
 minute) costs $2400.00.   However, this line of printers can also be
 configured with a Postscript Interpreter ($500), and a 1 Meg RAM upgrade
 ($500).  This means that at a total cost of $2500.00, the Low-end version
 of the LaserPrinter E is the least-expensive Postscript printer currently

 - Tokyo, Japan                  *** JAPAN VIOLATES TRADE ACT  - USA ***

       Under the 1988 Trade Act, the US charged that several of Japan's
 markets, including the supercomputer and satellite industries, were
 virtually closed to foreign competition, by factors such as a lack of
 anti-trust enforcement by the Japanese Government.  A round of talks has
 recently begun between the US and Japan to deal with this issue, in part
 because this law threatens to impose tariff rates of up to 100 percent on
 certain Japanese goods exported to the US if there was no sign of change
 in this "condition" by June 16th....

       Interestingly enough, it seems that with recent elections, the
 Japanese political climate has not been conducive to such talks, and that
 some see these talks as the US trying to dictate what Japan should do,
 without solving other problems (like US companies' obsession with short
 term earnings, instead of long-term benefits), which also contribute to
 America's current economic weaknesses, and the Trade Deficit with Japan...


 > APPLE "ON THE MOVE"  CPU MacNEWS?   Ideal for SPECTRE GCR Owners..



                                  Part II

 by Michael Arthur

     In the first part of this essay, some of Apple's efforts for the
 IIgs in the hardware arena were discussed.  Also, its development of
 Hypercard GS, and other IIgs software Toolkits were discussed, as well as
 preliminary details concerning Apple's new Mac IIfx.  In this article, the
 features of Hypercard 2.0 (for the Macintosh) will be discussed, and the
 Mac IIfx will be explored in depth....

     Recently, news of a new update of Hypercard for the Macintosh,
 Version 2.0, has circulated across the Apple community.  In order to see
 how it will affect both Macintosh Users, and Users of Macintosh Emulators,
 let us take a look at its functionality.  Expected to be introduced in
 May, at Apple's Worldwide Developers' Conference (where System 7.0 was
 introduced last year), Hypercard 2.0 features:

       - A BUILT-IN ICON EDITOR:  Also, added Visual Effects, and several
         new Graphics Commands are available, as well as improved support
         for Color Quickdraw.

       - VIRTUAL SCREEN SUPPORT:  It will enable Cards in a Hypercard Stack
         to be as large as 1280*1280 pixels on one screen, and one will be
         able to view cards larger than Hypercard's window by "dragging a
         selection rectangle" around a Dialog Box which acts as a "map" for
         implementing this "virtual screen" function.  However, Hypercard
         will still require all cards in a stack to be the same size....

       - IMPROVED TEXT EDITING FUNCTIONS:  In addition to allowing multiple
         scripts to be edited at a time, Hypercard 2.0 will allow text in
         fields to be entered in multiple font styles and sizes.  Also, the
         ability to implement more complex "multiple-step" searches will be

       - NEW HYPERTEXT FUNCTIONS:  Hypercard 2.0 features new XCMD language
         functions, which allow scripts to see what specific string of text
         has been selected by a user.  This means that one will be able to
         click on any string of text like a "button", in order to access
         cards in a stack which are related to it....

       - INCREMENTAL COMPILATION:  Hypercard 2.0 will also be able to
         compile scripts when they are run, allowing much faster execution
         of Hypercard "stackware"....

       - AN INTEGRATED SYMBOLIC DEBUGGER: Featuring script execution
         tracing, and allowing one to set up breakpoints and implement
         other debugging functions, will be included with Hypercard 2.0. It
         will use separate windows for viewing variables and messages
         within scripts.

       - BACKGROUND PROCESSING SUPPORT:  Hypercard 2.0 will fully support
         Multifinder, and will use it to enable one to run stacks,
         implement search operations, and perform most of its other
         features as background tasks....

       - COMPATIBILITY: Hypercard 2.0 uses a new file format.  However,    
         while Hypercard 2.0's file format will be compatible with        
         Hypercard GS's file format, Hypercard 2.0 will also be            
         backwards-compatible with Hypercard 1.x files....

     Also, Apple Corp. has just introduced the Macintosh IIfx, a new
 version of the Mac IIcx which uses a 40 MHZ 68030 with a 68882 math chip,
 as well as a 32K Static RAM (SRAM) Cache.  The Mac IIfx is twice as fast
 as the Mac IIci in processing capability, in part because it uses two
 separate I/O processors to handle a DMA (Direct Memory Access) SCSI
 Controller.  It also features a Processor Direct Slot similar to the Mac
 SE/30's, in addition to its 6 NuBus Expansion slots.  One drawback are its

               Macintosh IIfx with 2 Megs of RAM:  $9000.00
      Mac IIfx with 4 Megs of RAM and a  80 Meg Hard Drive:  $11,145
      Mac IIfx with 4 Megs of RAM and a 160 Meg Hard Drive:  $12,045

     Apple has also announced their Macintosh Display Card line of Color
 Quickdraw-capable boards.  The low-end model, called the Display Card 4.8,
 supports basic Mac II graphics, with 256 displayable colors out of 16
 million, while the Display Card 8.24 supports 16 million simultaneously
 displayable colors.  However, the high-end model, called the Macintosh
 Display Card 8.24 GC, uses an AMD 29000 RISC chip as a graphics
 accelerator, enabling it to perform Color Quickdraw operations up to 25 -
 30 times faster than normal.  It also supports 32-Bit Quickdraw....

     Along with these two systems, Apple announced A/UX 2.0, a new update
 of their version of AT&T Unix System V 3.2, which not only is compatible
 with IEEE POSIX standards and BSD Unix Version 4.3, but has these two
 major features:

       1)  It uses the Finder (the Macintosh Desktop) for handling files
           and Desk Accessories, as well as switching between applications
           and other functions.  As part of this, A/UX supports Macintosh
           Menu Bars, Icons, and the other segments of the Mac's Graphical
           User Interface.

       2)  Its multitasking capabilities have been greatly extended,
           allowing it to run multiple Unix programs, X/Windows-based Unix
           applications, AND Macintosh software simultaneously.  Given that
           A/UX also uses the 68030 for hardware memory protection, this
           means that A/UX 2.0 not only can multitask standard Unix apps,
           but can efficiently and effectively multitask Macintosh
           applications before the Macintosh's own System Software....

           Apple had reportedly planned for System Software 8.0 (NOT the
           upcoming System 7.0, but the one AFTER it) to use the 68030 to
           implement hardware-based memory protection, as well as 
           preemptive multitasking, for Macintosh applications.  However,
           until that is available, A/UX 2.0 will be an effective stopgap


 > CeBIT COVERAGE CPU/STR CONFIDENTIAL?       From across the sea..



                            CEBIT SHOW OVERVIEW

 by Janet Endrijonas/19900321
   NewsBytes News Service

 - Hannover, West Germany            **  CeBIT '90 - TO HOST 500,000 **

     CeBIT '90, one of the world's largest technical trade fairs and the
 world's largest display of office, information and telecommunications
 technology, is underway here.  Running from Mar. 21 Through Mar.28,
 Exhibits are grouped together by technology in each of 23 buildings.  In
 addition to individual exhibits by companies from 42 nations, cebit also
 has a number of pavilions sponsored by individual countries containing
 exhibits from smaller companies.  One of the largest is the american
 pavilion with 312 exhibitors making the USA the second largest exhibiting
 nation after West Germany. 

     The number of exhibitors from the US does not reflect the actual US
 participation at CeBIT.  Many US companies are exhibited throughout the
 fair by their European subsidiaries.  Authorities in Hannover expect
 American attendance to top the 6,000 mark. While this number represents a
 growth in US attendees, it is a small percentage of the over-half-million
 attendees expected to visit the fairgrounds during the 8-day exhibition. 

     One reason for the tremendous amount of US interest this year is the
 fact that the USA is the CeBIT Business Partner Country for 1990.  In
 1989, the Business Partner Country program was inaugurated with India as
 the Business Partner Country.  The Business  Forum will take place over 4
 days.  Participating on behalf of the USA will be Secretary of Commerce
 Robert A. Mosbacher along with the German Minister for Economic Affairs
 Dr. Helmut Haussman. Both will speak at Business Forum I on "common tasks
 facing the United States and Europe in the 90s." 

     Business Forum II is "international information and communications
 policy in trade and industry opportunities, challenges and prospects." 
 Business Forum III will involve a discussion between representatives of
 American and European companies on the the merits of the European
 Community and the US as business locations.  The final day, Forum IV will
 deal with "computer networks today and in the future." 

     As Business Partner Country, Business USA will focus on joint
 ventures, investment opportunities in the US, joint research and
 development projects, cooperative projects, as well as technical, legal,
 economic and trade issues of importance to technical industries. 

     US participation in CeBIT is supporting a number of trends.  One is an
 emphasis on local area networking (LAN) and related products.  An
 increasing number of American companies are becoming active LAN vendors in
 Europe.  CeBIT '90 is hosting the second annual Network Europe exposition,
 sponsored by Novell and managed by Hannover Fairs USA, with 65 companies
 from North America, Europe and Asia participating. 

     More emphasis is also apparent in the area of mass storage devices
 including hard disk drives, streaming tape and tape cartridge back-up
 systems.  Increasing numbers of software programs developed in the US but
 conforming to international standards and accommodate national and
 cultural traits of the European marketplace are also in evidence at this
 year's show. 

     Other areas in which there is great interest at CeBIT '90 are
 telecommunications and Open System Interconnection(OSI).  More than 400
 networking technology vendors are exhibiting with international
 demonstrations of the business uses of OSI are ongoing.  MultiNet fills an
 entire exhibit hall demonstrating how data processing equipment can be
 interconnected based on international standards.  This demonstration
 includes how to migrate between TCP/IP (Transmission Control
 Protocol/Internet Protocol) and OSI network applications.  An FDDI (fiber
 distributed data interface) demonstration is also part of MultiNet. 

     The total number of booths at CeBIT has risen to 4,012 as compared
 with 3,214 in 1989 and 2,731 in 1988, a rapid increase.  In addition to
 the US gain of 114 booths since 1989, the number of exhibitors from Great
 Britain has increased from 129 in 1988 to 158 this year, France's total
 has risen from 69 to 81, Hong Kong has 17 more exhibitors than in 1989 for
 a total of 45 while Taiwanese exhbits number 210, up from 162 in 1988. 
 Other countries showing substantial increases in participation include
 Italy, Singapore, Spain and Israel. 

     A number of countries are represented at CeBIT '90 for the first time
 including Chile, Mexico, Monaco and the Soviet Union. 

     A major emphasis at this year's CeBIT is being placed on the new
 economic and political relationships being established between East and
 West.  An entire forum series is being devoted to demonstrations of how
 the application of information and telecommunications technology can open
 new dimensions of business between East and West, new opportunities in
 what used to be state-controlled, monopolistic markets. 

 Complete Coverage of CEBIT 90 involving all other computer platforms is
 available in its entirety from NewsBytes.

 - Hannover, West Germany         ****  ATARI GERMANY SNUBS MEGA ST  ****

 From: Gordon @ CeBIT  at 05:26 EST 03/22/90
     There has been a real interesting development here at Cebit.. Atari
 >Germany long considered the most successful and profitable of Ataris
 foreign affilitates has not sold any Mega computers for the past month and
 announced yesterday that they would no longer sell Mega computers.  This
 has caused a great uproar amoung the German software developers. As this
 effectivly puts many of them out of business.  Any software that needs,
 large amounts of memory, a large monitor, or uses the expansion  slot in
 the Mega is out of business.  A large cad developer told me he had sold 0
 copies of his program on the ST last month as Atari sold no Megas.  His
 only sales were of his brand new PC product that he was selling to former
 ST owners of his program.

 Editor Note:
     Informed STReport sources state that among the reasons behind the
 alledged snubbing by Atari Germany, the more obvious are, the ULTRA LATE
 ARRIVAL OF THE TT has CAUGHT Atari Germany with its "PANTS DOWN". 
 Apparently they ordered low quantities of the regular Mega lines,
 anticipating the timely arrival of the TT.  Another reason cited was they
 have designed and produced a Mega STE.  Rest assured, that Atari Germany
 is NOT bowing out of the high end Atari market in Europe.  In fact, the
 same informed sources have verified that since the release of DynaCADD
 1.7xxx in Europe most of the other CADD offerings in the Atari arena
 appear to be caught in serious sales doldrums...

 - Hannover, West Germany


     GE Information Services (GEIS), owner and operator of one of the
 world's largest teleprocessing networks, announced today at the Hannover
 Fair CeBIT'90 that its GEnie online information service can be accessed in
 three European countries -- Germany, Austria, and Switzerland -- via GEIS
 network services distributors.

     The GEnie service, which became operational in late 1985, is one of
 the fastest growing online information services with more than 191,000
 individual subscribers throughout the United States and Canada and in

     Bill Louden, general manager of the GEnie service, said:  "We are very
 pleased to be able to make local access to the GEnie service available for
 the first time in three European countries.  This new local European
 access to the GEnie service, via our local distributors, is being provided
 in response to the many requests we have had from European PC

     The cost to access the GEnie service in these three countries will be
 $18/hour U.S. for non-prime time access and $27/hour U.S. for prime time
 access.  The non-prime time rate applies to usage Monday through Friday
 from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. local Europe time of the user's location, and all
 day on weekends and designated holidays.

     The GEnie service offers PC enthusiasts a variety of online services,
 including access to news and information, business and financial services,
 travel services, shopping services, personal computing support areas,
 professional services support areas, reference information, communications
 products, and both individual and multi-player games.  Except for certain
 U.S. financial and shopping services, most of these services will be
 available to European subscribers to the GEnie service.

     For further information on subscribing to the GEnie service in
 Germany, Austria and Switzerland, please call the following telephone
 number in Cologne, Germany:  02233 - 6091.  For further information on
 subscribing to the GEnie service in the U.S. and Canada, please use the
 information provided in this issue of CPU Report.

 GE Information Services, a division of General Electric Company, USA
 (NYSE: GE), is headquartered in Rockville, Md., USA.
 NOTE:  GEnie is a service mark of General Electric Company, USA.

 - Hannover, West Germany       * CEBIT: GENIE COMES TO NEWSBYTES RESCUE *

 Words from Coleridge ring.. Oh, so true...


     Newsbytes has discovered that in the midst of a sea of technology,
 actually the world's largest such sea, there is nary a simple bit of
 ordinary connectivity to be had.  Yes, a entire pavilion dedicated to
 telecommunications and yet, modems only for the endless loop
 demonstration, not for use in connecting to any useful system for any
 truly profitable endeavor. 

     But, the quest continues.  Somewhere in the vast maze of exhibits
 there lurks an innocent modem just waiting to be about a long
 shot--the odds are better in the California lottery. 

     Aha ! The answer arose from GEnie, General Electric's information
 service.  The company had an actual link to its Maryland, U.S. database
 operating over telecommunications lines, from which these reports were
 uploaded from the show floor. 


 > GREGG'S DILEMMA CPU/STR Feature?   I don't need any stinking backups!

                         NIGHTMARE ON LAWRENCE ST.

              Backups?  I don't need any stinking backups!

 by Gregg Anderson

      Well, it finally happened to me.  After two years of harping to 
 others on the importance of keeping a current backup of their hard 
 drive, my system went down and took over 40 Megabytes of data with 
 it.  No problem you say?  Just reformat and load in your last backup 
 you say?  After all, you've been around long enough to know how 
 important backing up your hard disk is.  You're always telling us to 
 do it so you must be doing it yourself.  Right?

      WRONG!!!  In the famous tradition of 'do as I say, not as I do', 
 I kept delaying my backup.  After all, it takes hours and hours to do 
 a floppy backup of a 40 meg hard disk and I just didn't have the 
 time.  I was too far behind on my articles and had a bunch of fonts 
 to modify before I could take the time for a backup.  So off I went, 
 working on four different articles, modifying LOTS of fonts for 
 LaserBrain, beta testing some new utilities, and generally staying 
 pretty busy.

      Then about two weeks ago I finally got around to installing a 
 new hardware modification I'd been promising myself for months.  It 
 was just a simple 'plug in' job and my ST had a similar unit 
 installed a few months ago for a review (and removed after finishing 
 the article).  The upgrade seemed to be working alright so I pressed 
 on and hit the old WordWriter ST again.  All was going great until I 
 tried to print something and found the text was out of sequence.  
 Since the screen display looked normal I re-saved the file and 
 printed it again.  This time everything looked ok, ok until I read it 
 and found the system had somehow deleted a paragraph and substituted 
 a paragraph from a totally different article.  Now then, I may be a 
 little slow from time to time but even I'm bright enough to see I had 
 a problem here.  I decided to re-boot and start over, bad choice!

      From that moment on my system no longer accessed the hard drive.  
 In fact it couldn't even tell a hard drive was connected.  After 
 sitting on the panic button for a while I finally decided to bite the 
 bullet and reformat the disk.  That was when I remembered how out of 
 date my backup was.  ARG!!!  All the articles I'd been working on, 
 all the fonts I'd modified, EVERYTHING I had done was gone and would 
 have to be recreated from scratch.  After kicking myself repeatedly I 
 limped over to the computer and got started.  I reformatted and 
 partitioned the beast and everything seemed alright.  Until it 
 scrambled itself again half way through the reload that is.  At this 
 point I removed the upgrade (at the suggestion of the manufacturer) 
 and started over again.  This time everything worked and has 
 continued to work without so much as a hiccup from the drive.

      So what happened?  As near as we can tell (we'll know more in a 
 few weeks) something in the modification imposed a load on the disk 
 controller, the DMA/MMU chips, or on the 8 Mhz clock that wasn't 
 there before.  Somehow this allowed WordWriter to partially overwrite 
 the disk's directory and File Allocation Tables (FATs).  This 
 shouln't have happened and is the only such incident the company 
 knows about (they want to borrow my system and find out exactly what 
 happened to keep it from happening again, this outfit cares about its 
 product and customers).  So don't let my disaster keep you from 
 upgrading your ST, but do learn from my biggest mistake.

      Me admit to making a mistake?  As much as it hurts to admit it, 
 I can't make it any plainer then that.  By trying to save a few hours 
 of time I lost more than three months worth of hard work, quite a few 
 dollars in phone calls, and at least two inches off my hairline.  
 Please folks, learn from my mistake and backup your disk RIGHT NOW!  
 In addition to regular (at least monthly) backups, ALWAYS do a 
 complete backup before starting any type of modification to your 
 system.  Even if you know for a fact that what you're doing can't 
 possibly cause problems with your hard disk, BACK IT UP FIRST!

      If you can't afford a dedicated backup utility then look into 
 Turtle.  Turtle 3.0, available for download on all the major boards, 
 does a fine (if a tad slow) job of backing up any hard disk out 
 there.  Speaking of Turtle, when it tells you to remove your all 
 'AUTO' folder programs and Accessories, it means ALL of them.  This 
 includes the various TOS.FIX & POOL programs for TOS 1.4.  Your ST 
 must be totally empty or Turtle may not be able to work correctly.

      It all boils down to this; Save yourself a LOT of excess worry, 
 unplanned work, heartache, and maybe even some money.  If you've not 
 backed up your hard disk lately, DO IT NOW!  And enjoy a little peace 
 of mind.

                     A sadder, balder, but wiser;

                            Gregg Anderson


 > PACE ATARI SHOW CPU/STR SHOW NEWS?     And Now... in this corner...

                       THE NORTH EAST ATARIFEST '90 

 Sponsored by PACE 


            Chartiers Valley High School, near Pittsburgh, PA 
       Located just off I-79 at the Heidelburg / Kerwin Heights exit
     Within 15 minutes of the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport
             Easy access from from the PA Turnpike via Exit #3

                         APRIL 28TH  &  29TH, 1990
                  Saturday the 28th - 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
                   Sunday the 29th - 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm

 Users Groups: 

          Tables are available to any Officially Atari Recognized
                  User's Group for only 25.00 per table.

 Need more Information?: 

      THE PACE BBS at 412-571-0891 and read the show message base.  
                         Validation is immediate!
                            412-843-0628 voice 
                             after 5:00pm EST

     If you've ever been to a show that PACE has put on before,  you'll 
 know that they are well attended by the best retailers & developers!


 > TAF ATARI SHOW  CPU/STR SHOW NEWS?    And still, ANOTHER show in April

                         TORONTO ATARI FEDERATION

 A Usergroup sponsored show..

 This notice first appeared Feb. 1990

       February is traditionally a dark and gloomy month.  And last week
 the Toronto Atari Federation was especially dark and gloomy we just
 discovered that a whole series of announcements and press releases about
 the 1990 Canadian Atari Users Convention had been carefully put in a box
 AND NEVER GOT MAILED!!!  They have now been sent out, but if you are only
 just now receiving yours, we don't want you to feel that you have been
 neglected, or that your participation in this tremendous event is not
 important to us.  This Atari event on APRIL 1ST is rapidly turning into an
 even more exciting gathering than we had initially hoped.

       The Convention is generating a LOT of interest in Canada, and we're
 confident that it will be a bigger hit than the First Canadian Atari Users
 Convention that we presented in the fall of 1988. Atari Canada will be
 present as the major exhibitor and have provided some excellent door
 prizes.  These include 8 Atari XEGS' which we will be giving away every
 hour as well as a grand prize consisting of a MEGA2, monochrome monitor,
 and Atari LASER printer.  ISD has graciously added a complete Calamus
 Desktop Publishing Package to round out the grand prize, which will be
 awarded at the end of the day.  Several developers have provided us with
 software packages as prizes, and we will also be giving away other
 hardware prizes as well as free TAF memberships throughout the day.

       A full lineup of seminars is 90% completed for those wishing to
 learn more more about their computers, and related products.  If you have
 a question regarding your Atari Computer, or if you are a developer who
 wishes to demonstrate a new product or service, this is where the action
 is taking place.

       We still have some booths left, so it's not too late for anyone
 interested in being an exhibitor to be a part of the excitement.  If we
 can answer any questions or if you would like more information, please
 don't wait any longer to contact us.

                           Sincerely yours,

                             Paul Collard 
                         Convention Coordinator
                            (416) 477-2085

   PS - Atari Canada is still saying that the STacy will be available in
 Canada by the end of the first quarter of this year, which could be just
 in time for the convention!!).  Now that alone would make it worth the

          Mike Searl   - TAF President................(416) 245-5543
          FAX.........................................(416) 245-5089
          TAF Online!  - Club BBS.....................(416) 235-0318
          TAF Infoline - Club Answer Machine..........(416) 425-5357
          GEnie.......................................  M.SEARL1

   Convention Headquarters:

                   1990 Canadian Atari Users Convention
                              3 Union Street
                       Unionville,  Ontario  L3R 2H4
   Club Address:

                         Toronto Atari Federation
                       5334 Yonge Street, Suite 1527
                            Willowdale, Ontario
                              Canada M2N 6M2



                                        WORLD OF ATARI SHOW -> ANAHEIM, CA.

                              WORLD OF ATARI
                             APRIL 7 & 8 1990

     WORLD OF ATARI will be held at the Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim
 California, on April 7th and 8th.  For Reservations, Car Rentals and
 Airline tickets, call: 1-800-842-9034.  The hours of the show are 10 am
 till 6pm on Saturday, the 7th and on Sunday; 10am till 5pm.   Admission is
 $5.00 per day or $7.00 for both days.
     Atari Corporation will feature their full line of products.  And of
 course, many of the companies we are all familiar with will be displaying
 their latest products. 

 Exhibitor Listing;

               Atari Computer                Best Electronics
               Beckemeyer Development        Brumeleve Software
               Carter Graphics               Blue Chip Software
               Computer Games +              Codehead Software
               Double Click Software         BRE Software
               Gribnif Software              Soft-Logik
               Gadgets by Small              DataFree Industries
               FAST TECHNOLOGY               ICD INC.
               JRI Inc.                      ASDE Software
               Imagen Corporation            LucasFilms Software
               Maverick Creations            Migraph Inc.
               Megamax Inc.                  MichTron Inc.
               Mid-City Compu-Soft           Micro Creations
               Prospero Software             Sierra Online
               Seymor/Radix                  Slicc Software
               Softrek Marketing             San Jose Computer
               Talon Technology              Word Perfect Corp.
               Wuztech Inc.                  Sprokits Computer
               Strata Software               STV
                             Zubair Interfaces

  plus many more...



     STReport Online Magazine, its correspondents and staff fully encourage
     user participation in ALL Atari dedicated shows.  We do not however,
     endorse those who may conduct these shows for personal profit, nor
     have we ever done so.  In reviewing the course of current events we
     find that a number of users felt that because we carried the
     information pertaining to the WOA show, we endorsed the promoter of
     the show.  That clearly is not the case. We simply and completely
     endorse Atari US and its endeavors to support the US userbase through
     as many avenues as possible.  We abhor the shabby date setting that
     has been the norm so far this year.  It clearly displays the uncaring
     attitude of the various show planners involved.  In the future,
     STReport will point out the clash of dates that occur quite
     vociferously and by doing so we hope to contribute to the elimination
     of such occurances.




 For Immediate Release

                            WAACE AtariFest '90

     The Washington Area Atari Computer Enthusiasts will hold WAACE
 AtariFest 1990 on October 6 and 7 1990.  This event will be the premier
 East Coast event for people who are interested in software and hardware
 for Atari computers.  The show will be staged at the Sheraton
 Reston Hotel in Reston, VA.  Show hours will be from 10 am to 7 pm on
 both days.  In addition to the shopping bargains available from over
 thirty vendors there will be a full round of demonstrations, tutorials,
 and seminars.  A banquet on Saturday evening will feature a special
 speaker on Atari matters and Current Notes Magazine's "Author of the
 Year" award.  Special mixers will cap off the evening's festivities. 
 Approximately 3000 visitors from all over the USA, Canada, and other
 foreign countries attended the 1989 edition of the show.

     Admission charges are $5 for one day, with a 2-day pass available at
 $7.  A discount rate is available for ticket purchases by user groups.
 Children under 12 will be admitted free.

     The Sheraton Reston Hotel is a spacious, attractive facility located
 in a parklike setting near Washington, DC. The hotel is offering a
 special room rate of $59 per night plus tax to Fest goers who reserve by
 August 6th.  The hotel room rate includes 2-day passes to the show for
 room occupants. 

     The WAACE show has established itself as the premier Atari event for
 East Coast Atari fans.  Bob Brodie, Atari Corporation's, goodwill
 ambassador, has labelled the WAACE show as one of the two "must see"
 events for Atarians held in the USA.


 ---------             Atari Vendors and Developers

         The above press release sets forth a bare bones outline of
 WAACE's plans for AtariFest 1990.  This event has achieved considerable
 stature as a well organized, well attended, feast for Atari computer
 users.  The 1990 event will be the 7th edition, and it marks the first
 time that the show will be held in commercial exhibit space with setup
 and layout handled by a professional firm.  This will provide you, the
 vendor, with a more attractive and convenient setting.

         Since we no longer have to make way for other users of the
 facilities we will be able to offer longer show hours on Saturday and
 Sunday.  Our demonstration rooms will also be open on Sunday.  The space
 for sales areas, demonstration rooms, and seminars is arranged so that
 access to all facets of the show will be more convenient, thus making for
 a livelier, more "interactive" event on both days.

                              Exhibit Booths

         The basic unit of exhibit space is a booth with dimensions of 8 ft
 x 8 ft.  Each space will be provided with an electrical outlet.  The
 attached diagram shows that there are approximately 60 such spaces
 available.  Larger booths can be created by combining these basic units. 
 We should be able to handle the requirements of 30 to 40 different
 vendors.  The price for basic exhibit space is $500, with substantial
 discounts for early registration and for larger booth spaces as shown on
 the attached price schedule.  Booth spaces are separated from one another
 by "pipe and drape" dividers.  Setup and auxiliary services are provided
 by Arata expositions inc, a professional exhibit firm with experience at
 shows like the Federal Office Systems Expo, The Federal Microcomputer
 Expo, and the Washington MacWorld show.

 contractorand they will work with you to arrange your booth space, to
 handle shipments of materiel, and other such matters.  Arata will be
 notified when you have registered with us and you will deal directly with
 them to make final arrangements, at your own expense, for the layout of
 your space and the services that you require. 


         Atari Corporation no longer supplies computers for use by
 exhibitors at shows.  Those of you who are unable to carry the equipment
 that you need to the show may attempt to rent them from a pool of
 personal equipment that we will endeavor to assemble from our members. 
 Past experience has shown that this pool is limited.  WAACE will charge a
 rental of $100 for each machine and we will require a check for an
 additional $100 per machine as a security deposit.  The security deposit
 check will be returned when the user is satisfied that his machine was
 returned in proper working order.  Machines from the pool will be
 assigned on a first-come first served basis.  Washington Area dealers may
 be another source of rental machines, but you will have to make your own
 arrangements through this channel.


         Our exhibit space is no longer essentially free.  The WAACE show
 has no deep pockets or personal fortunes behind it.  We will, therefore
 need your money soon to cover substantial "up front" costs and to
 provide the kind of advertising that will attract visitors to the show. 
 In order to encourage organizations to book early we are offering
 substantial discounts (see order form).

         Since WAACE is a NOT FOR PROFIT ORGANIZATION, the money you spend
 will be used to directly benefit the show.  Advertising in national
 Atari media requires long lead times.  Local advertising in Washington
 Area mass media will be scheduled as our resources permit close to show
         The attached pricing schedule reflects increased costs associated
 with space rental, exhibit space setup, security, and utilities.  This
 year's price also includes advertising in the show program, which was a
 separate item last year.  We recognize that small developers will find
 this price schedule burdensome.  We advise such organizations to explore
 alternative ways to participate in the Fest.  Some of these are
 described below.  Combining forces to share a booth is one obvious way
 to keep costs down.

                            Hotel Reservations

         The Sheraton Reston Hotel is a very attractive place to hold an
 affair of this kind.  All of you are, I am sure, aware that the cost of
 exhibit space is directly tied to the number of hotel rooms that they
 rent out.  Early hotel reservations on your part will keep the cost of
 exhibit space down and thus allow us to spend more on advertising.  The
 $59 per night rate that they are offering is a good one for this area in
 October, which is one of heaviest convention months.  Please reserve your
 hotel rooms early.  Only space reserved by August 6th will be credited to
 our room count for pricing purposes.

                         Alternative Participation

         It should be noted that all interests from the Atari community are
 welcome at our show, whether they rent booth space or not.  We only
 require that everyone selling directly to the public use paid exhibit
 space to do so.  Developers and publishers may, however, elect to forgo
 direct sales and participate in our demonstrations and seminars.  Such
 participants may bring their products to the show for distribution to 
 dealers for resale to the public.

         We have lots of space on our seminar schedule for people who want
 exposure to the public.  Interaction with users in our demonstration
 rooms is also a good way to put your best foot forward.

         We will assist people who are introducing new hardware and
 software in obtaining exposure for their products in our demonstration
 rooms.  We have a talented pool of sophisticated users who will work with
 you to set up your product and demonstrate it.  If you require
 confidentiality we can arrange that, too.  We hope that many of you will
 take advantage of this.  The best way to do this is to give us plenty of
 lead time so that the users can be properly trained in the installation
 and use of your products.

         People who are introducing new products may find this show a good
 place to get the exposure they want.  If these products can be featured
 in our advertising so much the better for all of us.

         Advertising space is available in the printed program at a modest
 cost.  People who cannot make the show or who want to participate in the
 demonstration rooms may find this an effective alternative form of
 exposure (see pricing sheet for details).

                             Icing On The Cake

         Right at the moment we have not lined up a banquet speaker with
 the necessary stature.  We are also scheduling auxiliary events such as
 leadership workshops for users groups.  We will be happy to add other
 special events to the program. Developer tutorials, programming
 workshops, MIDI Concerts, hardware clinics, press conferences, etc can
 all be arranged if you want to work with us.

         We want and appreciate your help in adding such features as will
 make this show even more attractive.


         We are asking that organizations who intend to participate in this
 show provide us with early notification of their intent.  We will accept
 letters of intent to participate immediately.  These letters should
 indicate the amount of booth space you expect to use and the amount of
 additional advertising space that you will need.  Organizations
 submitting such letters of intent will be given first opportunity in
 choice of space once the official table layout diagram is published.

                Exhibitor Pricing for WAACE AtariFest 1990

         Exhibitor Space consists of one 8 ft x 8 ft area divided from
 adjoining area by "pipe and drape".  Layout of table space to be
 arranged between exhibitor and Arata Expositions Inc.

         Price includes booth space with appropriate signs, 1 table, one
 electrical outlet, and a half page ad in the printed show program. 
 Additional booth space is discounted according to the table given below:

               Pricing         Before          After
                               1 July 1990     1 July 1990

               1 space         $400            $500
               2 spaces        $680            $850
               3 spaces        $880            $1100
               4 spaces        $1080           $1350
               5 spaces        $1280           $1600

         Additional electrical outlets are available through arata
 expositions inc for an additional charge.  Telephone services must be
 negotiated between the vendor and C and P telephone company.
         Advertising space is available in the printed program at a rate
 of $75 for a half page ad and $125 for a full page ad.  Vendors may
 increase their half page ad to a full page for an additional $50.  A 20
 percent discount will be applied to orders paid for before 1 July. 
 Advertising space can be reserved in advance, the final deadline for copy
 submission is 8 September.


         Binding assignments of exhibit space will be made as soon as
 WAACE receives a deposit of one half of your total fees for space and
 advertising.  Selection of exhibit space is on a first-come, first
 served basis.  Only orders fully paid by 1 July will be eligible for the
 advance discount on space and advertising.  All space not paid for by 1
 July will be reassigned as payments are received.


         Further Information or clarification on matters not covered in
 this document is available from either of the people listed below:

 General Chairman:   Russell Brown, 13757 Mapledale Ave, Dale City, VA
 22193.  Phone (eves) 703-680-2698. GEnie: R.BROWN3

 Vendor Activities:  John Barnes, 7710 Chatham Rd, Chevy Chase, MD 20815. 
 Phone (eves) 301-652-0667, GEnie: J.D.BARNES

                       Revision Date: 13 March 1990


 > BRODIE IS TOPS!!  CPU/STR OnLine?    Bob Brodie IS Atari's BEST yet!

 Subject: Bob Brodie speaks to Fort Worth/Dallas users!!!
 Message-ID: <900311.01123891.034431@SFA.CP6>
 Date: 11 Mar 90 07:12:40 GMT
 Sender: daemon@ucbvax.BERKELEY.EDU
 Organization: The Internet
 Lines: 75

 Hello all,

     In these days of ST uncertainty, no doubt exaggerated by so many
 factors, it is refreshing to hear honesty and truths.  Bob Brodie arrived
 at a coordinated users' group meeting conducted by three Texas clubs in
 the Fort Worth/Dallas area:  North Texas Computer Team, Atari Users of
 North Texas, and Dallas Area Atari Enthusiasts.  Meeting in an auditorium
 at the InfoMart complex, he gave an informative session, demoing
 everything that the ST had to offer, short of the ATW, 030, and HOTZ box.

     I thought that I'd share part of the meeting with you and do admit
 that I feel a bit better about my ST investment.  Bob started the meeting
 NOW."  Interpret that as you may.  The impression given is that the spirit
 is returning to Atari U.S.A. and a lot of ground breaking is underway.

      Here are some brief facts which Bob Brodie said may be quoted:

          1. - Atari STe's in U.S.A. -- Seriously, any day.  This is not
               the old REAL SOON NOW phrase either.  I expect the STe's to
               be available very quickly.

          2. - Mega STe's (!!) -- There is real serious talk on the Mega
               platform.  We have talked with developers and are getting
               ideas.  Currently, we are investigating whether to build
               Megas with the standard internal port or an internal VME
               port.  Most developers have opted for the VME.  This is
               exciting and that is about all that I can say on it.  Just
               stay tuned.'

          3. - Stacey -- Should be ready by April/May.  The unit here at
               InfoMart is not the same as what will be in production.  In
               fact, this Stacey is version #2 [Bob flipped the STacey over
               and sure 'nuff, there it was--a numeral '2'].  Here are some
               changes that we are doing:

               a. We are working from the high end STacey (four meg ram/40
                  meg hard drive) to the low end, rather than the other way

               b. There will not be a battery pack.  The STacey sucks the
                  life out of batteries too fast.  Instead, we are working
                  with a third market company that is producing an external
                  bolt-on pack which gives about four hours of life on the
                  four mb STacey.

               c. Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac said that this would be
                  no problem for his use since electricity is available at
                  concerts and studios (referencing no battery packs).

          4. - THE LYNX -- Available now at Sears.  Production is cranking
               now and it should be available nation-wide for dealers.

          5. - MIDI-TASKING -- This is the multi-tasker that has been
               mentioned in all the magazines.  As far as I know, it'll be 
               available during the latter part of summer.  The various
               configurations are being experimented with.  It really is
               quite solid and will cost only $12.95.

          6. - The EQUIPMENT EXCHANGE PROGRAM -- Objections to high costs
               of exchange are noted but there is a reason.  Too many
               individuals were using the program to exchange older units
               for newer.  520 STs with the older singled sided drives were
               being exchanged for units with double sided.  The cost was
               horrific all in all to Atari.  The rest of the users are
               having to suffer for the conduct of a few.

          7. - MONOCHROME MONITOR SHORTAGE -- GoldStar was holding back on
               production.  A threat by our part to use JVC resulted in the
               resumption of production.  The problem should ease by the
               end of the month.

          8. - STE'S AND MEMORY CHIPS -- They are all SIMMS chips, no SIPPS
               in spite of what has been said on UseNet. 

     I was impressed with Bob and his answers.  Perhaps we are getting
 ready to see a Winter Thaw for this spring.

 Larry Rymal:  |East Texas Atari 68NNNers| <Z4648252@SFAUSTIN.BITNET>

 Editor Note:

 gosh, that I can remember.  He has proven himself to be quite capable of
 providing a breath of fresh clean air in the stifled quagmire of double
 talk that seems to come from most of the other 'spokespersons' for Atari

     As time has passed since the disaster of great hike in the exchange
 program pricing, I must, once again point out that this program was,
 without a doubt, the best in the industry and one of the strongest SELLING
 POINTS the dealers had in offering an Atari ST over IBM, MAC etc... Item 6
 above apparently details the "official" posture of Atari as far as why
 the price hike was put in place.  The bottom line here is what about the
 poor folks who bought 520STF units without the knowledge that change was
 right around the corner, were they supposed to get stuck with the single
 sided drive?  Apparently YES.  Atari could have offered a program whereby
 the dealers could've upgraded (there's that dirty word again eh, Atari?)
 the users from the crippled S/S drives to a D/S drive.  Also, many users
 are STILL stuck with the D/S drives that refuse to do a proper window
 refresh, (hit esc key and it re-reads either A or B drive).  Atari begged
 for problems with many users by ignoring obvious problems thus exhibiting
 a callous attitude toward the users.  The users were then afforded an
 opportunity to exchange out the crippled S/S drive equipped 520stf units
 through the exchange program as they had no other way to go.
     To cite one situation as the sole reason for the "Big Gouge" thus
 establishing the exchange program the JOKE of the industry.  Atari Corp.
 has managed to "put the spurs" to the users once again while citing
 reasons for such an act that are outrageous when compared to the number of
 users adversely effected by this "HORRIFIC" decision.  The vast majority
 of the Atari users now have NO dealer within easy access, and the exchange
 program is the only real help factor left to those whose systems are down. 
 At this point in time, because the EXCHANGE PROGRAM IS SO EXPENSIVE, its
 wiser to TRASH WHAT YOU HAVE AND BUY NEW!  Which is not possible in many
 cases because most of the Atari users work hard for their computer dollars
 and have budgets they must adhere to.



                      UPGRADES.. TO BE OR NOT TO BE?

 by R.F. Mariano

     Upgrades are a strange animal... when mentioned, most users react
 differently.  Some immediately envision gutting one machine and
 introducing all new innards thus 'upgrading'. (not quite right).  Others
 see a user moving up from one model of a product line to another, more
 expensive model with more features through the use of some type of ultra
 generous trade-in policy  (again, not quite right).   Lastly, we have
 those who are right on the mark.  The users who look for and expect the
 "upgrade cards" which can be readily inserted in their existing units. 
 These folks will not be disillusioned by any erroneous 'high hopes' of
 trade-ins or any other incredible "free lunches".
     A true upgrade path for any given product lies in the initial design
 of that product.  Here is found the bugger in Atari's design of ALL its
 products.  They have NEVER designed any sort of upgrade path into ANY of
 their products.  Their concept of an upgrade is; "Sell what you have and
 BUY a new Atari unit".  From a company viewpoint, this is a good sales
 gimmick because it results in two users for every original machine sold. 
 Of course, this is only true if the user who sold his ST buys an Atari
 again.  That's where the real problem is found.. How many are actually
 selling their existing gear and buying Atari computers again?  Not too
 many.  The newer computers (IE; The MEGA2) have been purposely engineered
 to provide LESS of an opportunity for third party developers to design
 modular upgrades for memory etc.  WHY?  This folks, is the real bottom
 line ----> BUCKS <----  Typically, force the user to go for every nickel
 he has available to spend.  There, now its been said.  That simple
 statement has been wanting to be said for quite some time.  Sure all
 business' are profit oriented, but at least they go about doing it with
 some class.  Atari, on the other hand, is continually caught performing
 "the gouge" much like the kid caught with BOTH hands in the cookie jar.
     All this contempt and extreme hard feelings towards Atari could
 easily be rectified.  Reasonably put, if Atari would make it their
 business to release a machine (the TT) whose design incorporates SLOTS and
 house the system in a case that makes sense (not the ludicrous appearing
 wedding cake), the users would eagerly flock to such a practical device. 
 The US market has been trained over the years to fully expect to FIND
 SLOTS in a REAL computer designed to perform REAL computing chores.  The
 time is truly at hand now, Atari had better listen to the pulse of the
 market or..

                        FOREVER LOSE THE US MARKET.

     In the early days.. the ratio was excellent, 9 out of 10 users that
 upgraded or sold their systems were loyally staying with Atari by
 purchasing the newer Atari machines.  Nowadays, the figures are a somewhat
 less impressive, the average is 4 out of 10 stay with Atari.  Most of
 these results are directly attributable to the lack of first rate public
 relations with the US market and the haphazard treatment of the existing

     Another a good example, two and a half years ago, Atari was able to
 pick and choose, rather selectively, those folks who would be their
 dealers.  Today, Atari is lucky if they can keep the dealers they have. 
 Nationally speaking, they have less than sixty (60) active, well stocked
 dealers.  Atari can consider themselves fortunate at this time if they
 keep the users they have for more than two years ..period.  And, at the
 rate they are going, that figure is closer to 6 months to a year.  

     Nowhere, have we mentioned the developers.. the "less than 50 active
 ones out of some 600 names on record"...  Why?  Because they deserve
 special attention.  It would appear that almost entirely through their
 efforts the ST is kept alive at this time.  Does Atari realize this? 
 Apparently not.  Most of those developers still producing software and
 hardware for the Atari computers have excellent inroads into other
 computer platforms.  Rightfully so, when one considers the overly
 judicious methods employed by Salerno towards developers and the suicidal
 business decisions by the corporate warriors.  The time is really at hand
 for Sam Tramiel to put his foot down and make Atari the force it should be
 in the USA.

     Atari has, through the expert use of its infinite wisdom and of
 course, the extensive experience of its hired executive corps, managed to
 alienate a vast portion of the US market.  Their methods of attempting to
 do business in the States has been an insult to the intelligence of the
 consumer.  For example, the continued and obvious attitude and use of
 the.. "if you don't like what we do, take a hike" has given cause to many
 loyal Atari ST computer owners/users to migrate to the IBM platform with a
     In a recent development Atari US has laid off 11-15% of its USA
 workforce.  What a wonderful indication of their intentions as far as the
 US market is concerned.  When A. Ligouri was asked what the lay-off
 signified the reply was say the least, different. "It is a
 reorganization more than it is a lay-off".  Strange, but those who got the
 pink slips are still unemployed, termination is termination no matter how
 you slice or dice it.  Do we (the users) once again hear the alarm bells
 ringing?  The same bells we heard when Atari poured millions into
 Federated?   Thanks Augie.. Here we go again, back to the mushroom patch!
     STReport has been told by many that the layoffs should have started
 with the "corporate warriors" who have poisoned Sam, Leonard and Garry's
 outlook toward the US market.  One such 'warrior' tells Sam, "Its too
 expensive to participate in the Spring Comdex, Seybold and CEPS shows".
 Seemingly this "learned, seasoned, well informed, corporate executive
 feels its "too expensive" to participate in these US shows.  Which, by the
 way, leaves one to ask:
     "Is it CHEAPER to travel to GERMANY and participate in CeBIT?????"

 Its not and most folks in the US market place know this.  So does Atari,
 they also know (proven by their participation in CeBIT) that strutting
 their stuff will definitely create strong interest in their products and
 thus, generate positive sales figures. 
     "Even a poorly educated peasant in eastern Europe knows, "you can't
      sell your potatoes if you don't show 'em off"  
     Many times we are asked, "Why does Atari SNUB the US Market?"  "Why
 does Atari insist on conducting business in the USA like rank amateurs?" 

 The most obvious answers we could find are: 

          A) - The high prices listed in the merchandise exchange program
               have proven to effectively cripple its perceived benefits to
               the loyal userbase.  Atari's citing a few isolated abuses of
               this fine support program as justification in putting the
               "hammer" to the loyal users is a grevious error.  The
               decision also exhibits an apparent lack of concern for its
               customer/userbase in a rather blatant and unprofessional

          B) - The obvious absence of advertising with Atari citing every
               possible excuse imaginable and actually hoping the US
               consumers and Atari userbase will believe what they are
               being told.  Advertising is the "BLOOD LIFE of any business,
               you must FIRST advertise to create an interest in the
               product you wish to market, once the interest is
               established, then and only then, using these interest
               levels, is a manufacturer able to gauge the levels of
               production needed to meet the demand generated. 


          C) - Atari has, without a doubt, the most fiercely loyal userbase
               of all the computer lines available in the US and should
               take advantage of this loyalty in every respect.  The best
               way would be to reward the loyalty by making the new
               products available on time as promised and allowing user
               input through the use of questionaires furnished to
               usergroups and publishers for distribution.

          D) - Atari is truly intimidated by the enormity of the USA
               marketplace.  They seem to exhibit a conviction that they
               could not possibly meet the demands placed upon them by this
               marketplace if they did advertise properly in the USA.

     STReport will continue to closely examine this situation and, as in
 the past, will report to you, the reader, our findings and of course, the
 reactions of our readers and folks in general.
     As of now, with the apparent lackluster attitude of Atari toward the
 US market and the scope of their thrust aimed at every market but the USA,
 we see no justifiable reason to applaud the current batch of executives at
 Atari (except of course, the new arrivals), including those "left over"
 from the Warner days.  We certainly hope the Atari hired execs don't
 forget their "roots".  Of course, we feel Atari 'owes' a certain something
 to the USA for it has been our US Dollars, through sales of stock on the
 exchange, that has financed their activities worldwide.  


 > DynaCADD 1.7  CPU/STR Review?    When only the best will do...

                           DYNACADD Vs. AUTOCAD

 Part VIII

 by Myles Goddard

       In our last session we went through the motions of setting up our
 box drawing with Autocad.  As you can see it took us quite a while
 because the procedure took so many steps.  To be fair though, I must say
 that Autocad version 10 is much easier to set up than the previous
 versions because of the improved user interface.  I am assuming that
 most users of Autocad are using versions 2.5 through 8, so therefore
 cannot use the drop down menus.

       We will start our drawing now, using Dynacadd 1.7 on a 1 meg
 1040ST with NEC multisync monitor.

       Of course our first step is to load the program from the desktop. 
 After loading the first thing you will see is the Drawing Parameter
 Menu.  From here you choose the drawing scale, paper size and units you
 will be working with.  Select the drawing size first.  The choices
 include the standard ENGLISH sizes, A through E, or 11" by 8.5" to 44"
 by 34", ARCHITECTURAL sizes AA through AE, 12" by 9" to 48" by 36" and
 finally METRIC sizes, A4 through A0, 21cm by 29.7cm to 84.1cm by
 118.9cm.  We will be using the standard English size 11" by 8.5" since
 most common printers and plotters handle this size nicely.

       Next we address the drawing scale.  In our case we will be using
 1/8 scale since that is the scale we used with Autocad.  Go to the
 Drawing Scale menu, click the "D:0001" box, hit the escape key and enter
 "1", then select the "in" box to highlight.  Next go to the "A:0001"
 box, hit the escape key again and enter "8".  Now go over to the "Ft"
 box and highlight.  From here we go to the "Activate Part" box and
 click on.  You are prompted for a part name, so enter "BOX.PRT". Next
 go to the "Activate Drawing" box so enter your filename as "BOX.DWG". 
 The Main Screen will appear in a few seconds so now we are ready to
 proceed.  In the upper left hand corner of the screen you will see an
 array of icons.  These are your main entity selector icons.  Here is
 what they represent;

 | EDIT VIEW  |   CREATE  |   OUTPUT      |  INFORM     |
 | EDIT LAYER |           | 2 & 3D TOGGLE |  UNDO       |

       The first thing we have to do is to select our font for our
 dimension text.  Go to the create icon and click the left mouse button,
 this will bring up a submenu.  Select the icon of a disk with an "A" on
 it.  The loadfont window will appear and now you can select from a
 number of available fonts styles.  Select one and hit okay to return to
 the main screen again.  Select "Insert" from the top left icon array and
 another submenu appears directly under it.  This shows your drawing
 entity types.  It looks like this -

 |    POINT   |    LINE   |   CIRCLE      |   ARC       |
 |   FILLET   |  ELLIPSE  | ELLIPSE ARC   |   BOX       |
 |  SECTION   |   HATCH   |   SOLID       |             |
 |            |           |               |  DELETE     |

       Select LINE from the panel and another submenu ( sub-submenu(?))
 will appear.

 | LINE       |  ORTHO    |  VERTICAL     | HORIZONTAL  |
 | LOCATION   |           |               |             |
 |LINE ANGLE  |LINE LENGTH|               |             |

       As you can see, DynaCadd uses icons extensively.  With a little
 practice you should become a real pro in no time.  As a matter of fact,
 after using DynaCadd you might not want to go back to older, more
 antiquated Cadd programs.  Anyway, let's get back to our simple box

       To start, we select the insert icon, then pick LINE from the
 submenu window, then another submenu appears on the left.  Move the
 pointer over to the ORTHO box.  Now pick a spot on the drawing screen,
 allowing enough room to draw the top line.  After you have chosen your
 beginning location, move down two icon rows to the LINE LENGTH icon.  We
 want the top line to be 4 feet, or 48 inches, since we are working in
 inches.  When you select the LINE LENGTH icon the calculator will pop
 into view.  Enter 48 and return.  Now move the cursor anywhere to the
 right of the origin point and the line will be drawn to the specified
 length.  Repeat the procedure for the right vertical line.  Enter 36 for
 the length and hit return.  Place the cursor on the end of the top line
 and click on when you are centered. Move the cursor down and the line
 will stop at the 36" point.  Repeat for the rest of the sides.

       There is an easier way to make the box, and that is to use the BOX
 ICON option.  You need to be in the RELATIVE CARTESIAN mode to use the
 box.  Start by moving the cursor to any spot on the screen.  Hit the
 left mouse button and your "window" will rubberband.  Move the
 coordinates until they match the 48" by 36".  Hit return or the right
 mouse button and your box is drawn.  Makes it easier, doesn't it?  To
 make the outer wall, we go to the TRANSLATE icon, go to the 3rd row, 2nd
 column and select OFFSET.  A new array of icons will appear.  Select the
 2nd column and the calculator will pop up.  Input 3, for the three inch
 thickness seperating the walls and hit return.  You are now prompted to
 pick an entity.  Pick the top line, hit the right mouse button and move
 the cursor towards the top of the screen. Hit the right button, and the
 line is copied 3" from the inner wall.  After you have done that, you
 will need to connect the outer lines to each other.  Autocad has a
 FILLET command that you can set to a radius of ZERO.  It automatically
 connects any perpendicular lines.  Dynacadd will not allow a radius of
 zero so you have to go to the insert icon, then select ORTHO, and then
 END so you can connect your outer lines.  By using the BOX command, the
 outer walls are drawn with the same ease as the inner ones.  You just
 have to keep your coordinates and locations in line.

       Adding extras to our box is easy and fun to do too.  In our next
 and final installment, we will add dimensions and hatching to our boxes. 
 Then we will be able to go back and see what we have done with each
 CADD program and perhaps we can compare the pros and cons to them. It
 should be rather interesting.  Until next time......

                                           Myles Goddard


 > Stock Market ~ CPU NewsWire?    Watchin' the Schekles grow!

                                                     THE TICKERTAPE

 by Michael Arthur

 Concept by Glenn Gorman

     On Monday, Atari stock went down 3/8 of a point, and dropped another
 3/8 of a point on Tuesday.  It went up by 1/8 of a point on Wednesday, and
 stayed even on Thursday, and went up 1/4 of a point on Friday.  Finishing
 up the week at 6 3/8 points, Atari stock has gone down 3/8 of a point
 since the last report.

        Apple Stock was up 3 3/8 points from Friday, March 9, 1990.
           Commodore Stock was down 5/8 of a point from 3/09/90.
                IBM Stock was up 2 1/8 points from 3/09/90.

                Stock Report for Week of 3/12/90 to 3/16/90

 STock|   Monday    |   Tuesday   |  Wednesday | Thursday  |    Friday    |
 Reprt|Last     Chg.|Last     Chg.|Last    Chg.|Last   Chg.|Last      Chg.|
 Atari|6 3/8   - 3/8|  6      -3/8|6 1/8   +1/8|6 1/8  --- |6 3/8    + 1/4|
      |             |             |            |           |              |
  CBM |8 5/8   + 1/8|8 3/4    +1/8|8 1/2   -1/4|8 3/8  -1/8|8 3/8    ---- |
      |             |             |            |           |              |
 Apple|36 5/8  - 1/4|36 7/8   +1/4|36 3/4  -1/8|36 3/4  -- |40 1/4  +3 1/2|
      |             |             |            |           |              |
  IBM |107 3/4      |106 1/4      |106 1/4  -- |107   + 3/4|108 5/8       |
      |       +1 1/4|       -1 1/2|            |           |        +1 5/8|

       'Sls' refers to the # of stock shares that were traded that day.
       'CBM' refers to Commodore Corporation.
        '----'  means that the stock's price did not change for the day.

                ATC stock as of 4pm Friday, 03/23/90 - 5 5/8


 > INSIDER TRADING   CPU/STR Spotlight?       The Crystal Ball??

                       TIMING, THE NAME OF THE GAME?


     Of note is how certain execs, listed below, sold between September
 11th and 22nd at the absolute top of the ATC price range -> 11 to 12 1/2. 
 Perhaps they knew the price would not last.  Of course, there is a chance
 that their stock may not be sold under a certain price, which would make
 everyone sell at once whenever it crosses a certain threshold.  This is a
 technique used in some company by-laws.  Therefore, it may be against
 ATC's rules to sell stock that's below 11.  Of course, there are sales at
 other times at prices well below 11 or even 10, evidently ATC has no such
 provision.  Could it have been they all knew the truth?  And as a result,
 they all decided to cash in a bit while the cashing in was "good to go".  

     Present immediately below, for your information, we present a list of
 some of the high execs who own substantial amounts of Atari stock--the
 Tramiels and a few others. Please Notice that Shiraz still has his 250,000
 shares, and that Uncle Jack has 36 million shares. 


 Holdings and recent activity 
   Shareholder                Total Shares      Most Recent       Class of 
                  Office        Held            Activity          Stock
 T. Brightman      V Pres.      84,500           11/25/86            C
 S.W. Chin         Director    114,600           09/22/89            C 

 M.V. Katz         V Pres.     250,000           11/17/86            C 

 S.M. Kawalick     V Pres.      15,000           09/21/89            C 

 G.A. Pratt        V Pres.      62,500           09/21/89            C 
 L.I. Schreiber    Director    224,000           06/19/87            C 

 Shiraz Shivji     V Pres.     250,000           06/19/87            C 

 E.H. Southland    V Pres.           0           11/05/87            C 

 J. Spiteri        V Pres.      10,000           11/17/86            C 

 Time Inc.   10%+ owner     14,200,000           07/24/89            C 

 T. Tokai          V Pres.     220,000           08/14/87            C 

 S. Tramiel        Pres.     1,283,777           11/29/89            C 

 G. Tramiel        V Pres.   1,353,094           03/16/89            C 

 J. Tramiel  Chairman/Board 36,899,471           12/13/89            C 
 L. Tramiel        V Pres.   1,118,096           09/14/89            C 

 Warner Inc.  10%+ owner    14,200,000           12/13/88            C 

             A few references to Insider Buying @ ATARI CORP.
 Shareholder                    Date     # Shares    Price    Total Held
 Time Inc.                   07/24/89   14,200,000   N/A    14,200,000 
 Warner Inc.                 12/13/88   14,200,000   N/A    14,200,000  

     These two purchases above are not really purchases, but transfers
 that occurred when Time and Warner merged last year.  Please note, no
 other insider purchasers are referenced at ALL.  In other words, not one
 insider was willing to put his own money "on the line" in a display of
 faith in ATC's future.  Insiders at other companies commonly buy all the
 time, when they know the future is getting brighter.

            A few references to Insider Selling  @ ATARI CORP.

 Shareholder  Sale Type  Sale Date    # Shares     Price    Total Held
 J. Tramiel   Sale-Gift   12/13/89      21,600      N/A     25,302,156
 S. Tramiel   Sale-Gift   11/29/89       995       10.38     1,056,689
 S. Tramiel   Open Sale   11/17/89      30,000      9.75     1,026,689

              ***[NOTE: END OF SELLING SPREE ON 9/22/89.]***

 S.W. Chin     Open Sale   09/22/89      2,400     12.13       114,600
 S.W. Chin     Open Sale   09/21/89      4,000     12.38 

 S.M. Kawalick Open Sale   09/21/89      5,000     12.50        15,000 

 G.A. Pratt    Open Sale   09/21/89      7,500     11.75        62,500 
 G.A. Pratt    Open Sale   09/20/89      2,500     11.75 
 S. Tramiel    Open Sale   09/18/89      4,500     11.88      1,314,772 
 S. Tramiel    Open Sale   09/15/89      5,000     12.13 
 S. Tramiel    Open Sale   09/15/89        500     12.00 
 L. Tramiel    Open Sale   09/14/89     20,000     11.75      1,118,096 
 S.W. Chin     Open Sale   09/14/89      1,500     12.00 
 S.W. Chin     Open Sale   09/13/89      5,000     12.25 
 S.W. Chin     Open Sale   09/13/89        500     12.38 
 S. Tramiel    Open Sale   09/13/89     20,000     12.50 
 S. Tramiel    Open Sale   09/13/89     10,000     12.25 
 S. Tramiel    Open Sale   09/12/89     10,000     11.75 

 S.W. Chin     Open Sale   09/11/89     3,000      11.13 

           ***[NOTE: BEGINNING OF SELLING SPREE ON 9/11/89.]***

 S.W. Chin     Open Sale   09/08/89     10,000     10.13 
 S.W. Chin     Open Sale   09/08/89      5,000     10.50 
 S.W. Chin     Open Sale   09/08/89      5,000     10.38 
 S.W. Chin     Open Sale   09/07/89      4,600      9.25 
 S.W. Chin     Open Sale   09/07/89      5,000      9.88 
 S.W. Chin     Open Sale   09/06/89        400      9.25 
 S. Tramiel    Sale-Gift   08/25/89      3,950      6.88 
 G.A. Pratt    Sale-Other  08/18/89      5,000      9.50          72,500 
 G.A. Pratt    Open Sale   06/13/89     10,000      8.25          77,500 
 G.A. Pratt    Open Sale   06/01/89      1,000      6.25 

 S. Tramiel    Sale-Gift   04/06/89      2,500       N/A       1,111,634 
 S.M. Kawalick Open Sale   03/29/89      2,000      6.75          20,000 
 G.A. Pratt    Open Sale   03/22/89     10,000      6.00          88,500 
 G. Tramiel    Open Sale   03/16/89     40,400      6.38 
 G. Tramiel    Open Sale   03/16/89      5,000      6.50       1,353,094 
 G.A. Pratt    Open Sale   03/16/89     10,000      6.37 
 G.A. Pratt    Open Sale   03/16/89      5,000      6.50 
 G. Tramiel    Open Sale   03/15/89      9,600      6.50 
 J. Tramiel    Sale-Gift   03/08/89        200       N/A       13,726,441 
 G.A. Pratt    Open Sale   02/08/89      5,000      5.50 
 G.A. Pratt    Open Sale   02/08/89      3,000      5.38 
 G.A. Pratt    Open Sale   02/07/89      2,000      5.25 
 G.A. Pratt    Open Sale   02/07/89      3,000      5.12 
 G.A. Pratt    Open Sale   02/03/89      3,000      5.12 
 J. Tramiel    Open Sale   12/13/88     15,500      N/A        13,742,141 
 Warner Inc.   Sale-Other  12/13/88  7,038,698      N/A  
 Warner Inc.   Sale-Other  12/13/88  4,645,170      N/A 
 Warner Inc.   Sale-Other  12/13/88    483,870      N/A
 Warner Inc.   Sale-Other  12/13/88  1,064,518      N/A
 Warner Inc.   Sale-Other  12/13/88    967,744      N/A
 G. Tramiel    Open Sale   11/29/88      2,900      5.75        1,409,589 
 G. Tramiel    Open Sale   11/28/88      3,000      5.63 
 G. Tramiel    Open Sale   11/23/88      1,100      5.12 
 G. Tramiel    Open Sale   11/23/88     17,500      5.00 
 G. Tramiel    Open Sale   11/22/88      1,500      5.00 
 G.A. Pratt    Open Sale   11/19/88      5,000      5.00          129,500 
 G. Tramiel    Open Sale   11/18/88     15,000      5.12 
 G. Tramiel    Open Sale   11/18/88      9,000      5.00
 G.A. Pratt    Open Sale   11/18/88      5,000      5.00  
 G.A. Pratt    Open Sale   10/21/88        500      7.12 
 G.A. Pratt    Open Sale   10/21/88      9,000      7.00 
 J. Tramiel    Sale-Gift   10/20/88      2,909       N/A       13,742,141 
 G.A. Pratt    Open Sale   10/19/88      3,000      6.87 
 G.A. Pratt    Open sale   10/19/88        700      7.00 
 G.A. Pratt    Open Sale   10/19/88      2,300      7.00  
 G.A. Pratt    Open Sale   10/19/88        500      7.12 
 G.A. Pratt    Open Sale   10/18/88      4,000      6.87 
 S. Tramiel    Sale-Gift   10/10/88      1,500       N/A        1,114,234 
 S.W. Chin     Open Sale   09/25/88      1,500      6.50          175,900 
 S.W. Chin     Open Sale   09/20/88      5,000      7.50  
 S.W. Chin     Open Sale   09/16/88      2,100      6.50 
 S.W. Chin     Open Sale   09/12/88      2,000      6.75 
 G.A. Pratt    Open Sale   09/12/88      5,000      6.75          205,000 
 S.W. Chin     Open Sale   09/09/88      4,000      6.50 
 S.W. Chin     Open Sale   09/08/88      1,000      6.50  



 > PCD2 And So? CPU/STR OnLine?   Due to the success???  Aw Come on!

 ctsy GEnie Atari ST RT

 J.ALLEN27 posts;
 Rick, as Doug said the 373s are only a problem if you are experiencing
 random crashes in all modes of operation. You should check the power
 supply voltage on the PCDII board. Is it really 5 Volts? If not adjust
 your power supply...your one of the lucky adjustable 5.0 Volts
 on the PCDII board. But don't go over 5.2 Volts on the motherboard!!! If
 needed run separate power and ground leads from the power supply to your
 PCDII board using 18GA stranded wire. That will help, also you might want
 to put a 100uF electrolytic capacitor on the PCDII board to help out. You
 can get the stuff from Radio Shack. Good luck.

 E.BURGESS posts;
 Once again, has anyone been able to run harpoon? or simcity?  Both fail on
 my setup. Also has anyone run M1 tank platoon? It wont run off my IB
 Drive. (that lousy key disk protection) Seems that PCspeed runs Harpoon
 and simcity fine. Also lately my Ditto seems to randomly lock up, not
 often but now and again  it locks at the dos prompt. I may just disconnect
 it and send it back soon as I am getting disappointed with it's

 RRWELDIN  posts;
     Rick-S, M.HADLEY, everyone else,

     It may not be your problem but, I felt compelled to relay my
 experiences  tonight. Hope it helps some of you...

     When I arrived home a friend had dropped off his PCDII for me to try
 on  my 1040 Rev C, because my PCDII works GREAT! and he was having
 problems  with his on his 520 (external drive).  For him it would only
 work about  half of the time.  Before I go further let me say he is an
 electrician by  trade and an  experienced hardware hacker.  He soldered
 his clip and tested   all connections (he thought).  The first thing I did
 was look at his board  to see if anything appeared strange or out of
 place.  What I found was a  very loose coprocessor jumper, in fact when I
 touched it almost fell  off.  After properly installing the jumper I
 tested his board and it works  just fine.  For the test I ran Lotus 123
 version 2.2, WordPerfect  version 5.1, PFSWrite, Dbase III plus, Norton
 Utilities and the  New Print Shop. 

  The moral of this story is DON'T TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED you may
 overlook  the obvious.  .........Ron

 R.MACE posts;
 Rick Mace I add my name to Don M, B Hannon, and T Tallas, Is there any way
 I can get the clip for my under the keyboard 68000 and then send the  old
 one in?  If not I will send the old one next week.  Oh if you have  the
 processor under the keyboard don't move the keyboard back.  The  power
 supply really cooks keyboards. A resistor, a diode and a new  keyboard
 processor from the local tech.  And a ton of tweak and we  have Norton
 4.2, and good spectrum pictures besides. Tweak and good  ions count.  I
 too have precision or NASA soldering skills and don't plan on soldering. 
 If D. Sexton hasn't solved his heat problem yet try freeze mist to isolate
 heat problem.  I am happy for now, when I try shoe horning it all back
 together it may be different.  Oh Dbase II and III seem to work fine . 

 R.ANTLEY posts;

 AvantGarde:  I am currently having a problem with PC-DITTO/PC-DITTO2 and
 my upgraded Atari SH204 hard disk.  The problem manifests itself as an
 error message: "Divide overflow" when I access certain disk partitions on
 my disk drive.  Some background:  I have replaced the original 20 megabyte
 hard disk in my SH204 with a Seagate ST251 HD.  I have performed the
 operations specified in the doc file for AHDFIX2, i.e., run after use of
 HDX and HINSTALL ( I am using the Atari hard disk utilities).  I have
 reformatted the hard disk using the V3.01 Atari hard disk utilities, but I
 still get the error message when accessing certain partitions.

 I initially found the problem when I was in the process of copying files
 to the hard disk for use with PC-DITTO2.  I tried PC-DITTO to see if it
 would give the same error message.  It does.  This leads me to believe
 that the problem is with the boot sector, and probably directly related to
 the fact that I am using a different drive than originally came with the
 SH204.  Could you tell me where in the AHDFIX2 program I could make
 changes so I could update the partition boot records correctly?

 S.TOMPKINS posts;
 To Avant Garde_ Help!  Help!  Where's the answer to my message #232 from
 last week. I would like to support you guys but you make it extremely
 difficult. I never received pals, and I out an additional $80.00 for the
 installing of PCDITTO 11 that didn't work.  Let me know how to send it
 back or take it back and fix it but do something!!!!! PLEASE REPLY TONIGHT
 Steve Tompkins?  Storm Techno-Graphics

 BOOJIBOY posts;
 Just to throw my two cents in.  Like K.CHANDLER, I have a Mega 2 with a
 Rev 5 board.  But I found that it is impossible to see the clips and pins
 on the back side of the CPU because the Mega Bus blocks your view. 
 Because the top of the clip is composed of numerous pins, it would be
 quite painful normally to pull the clip back toward you.  What I did was
 use a pen and pressed it against the pins, thus giving me an excellent
 grip.  This allowed me to allow the clips bottom pins to be bent in enough
 to assure a tight fit.  

 I don't have the Norton software, but I assume a 4.2.  So far most
 software works, but PRODIGY is v-e-r-y buggy.  Usually crashes after
 logging onto the service.  I have only been able to get it to work well
 two or three times, with the service locking up after ten minutes or so.
 This would appear to be fixable with a software update by A-G.  Also, B.
 Dalton Software Etc. is having a PC software sale and has some excellent

 Accolade's APOLLO 18 for $5.88 works great, so does Baudville's  DREAM
 ZONE (The serial mouse works with this game!), ALIANTS, HIGH ROLLERS,
 that don't work are PINBALL WIZARD by Accolade, ALF'S PARTY KIT, and
 DEMON'S FORGE by Mastertronic.

 L.LOE  posts; 
 I have a rev D 1040 and until recently PCDII worked great.  I never really
 used it for much or for very long.  I have noticed a huge amount of heat
 on my power supply and some of the PCDII chips.  I have now been using
 some database programs and notice that when much heavy sorting is being
 performed, my PCDII locks up.  This is a random time limit.  It seems not
 to be heat related.  I heat sunk many of the chips and put a fan in the
 ST ( using a different power source than the ST) and it runs really cool.
 But the system still locks up at random.  The end of a happy story is
 looming near if I can't find the problem.  BTW I checked for continuity
 and 5 volts and all are OK.

 B.COOPER2 posts;
 Well, I've gotta ask for help.  I've tried everything I can think of and
 no good.  My clip is soldered on, I don't have any IMP chips.  I have a
 MEGA 2 with a Rev 5.0 motherboard and TOS 1.4 in 6 eproms.  No other
 add-ons.  When I turn on the system w/ PCD2 in place it generally goes
 into a reboot cycle. Occasionally it will come up to the desktop, and once
 or twice I have gotten to the Insert a DOS disk prompt.  I have the
 blitter turned off; I still have the 1.000 software, but most of the time
 I can't even get to the point where it would make a difference.  I have
 noticed that the voltage on the card is rather low -- 4.7 to 4.8 volts.  I
 have experimented endlessly trying to fix the voltage problem -- powered
 the floppy separately, brought in +5/ground to a chip on the PCD2 board. 
 I don't know what to do next.  Help?


 Juan, Continuity test?  Well, first, the test is accomplished without your
 machine plugged in (so be sure to remove the power cord).  I would also
 remove all peripherals to prevent any ground loops (places for voltage to
 sneak into your machine while doing this test).

 Second, you should have an ohm meter (or a cheap continuity tester, 
 available from most electronic supply houses -- such as Radio Shack).

 Now, with tester in hand, you remove the ST mother board from its case and
 the metal shield pan it sits in (there are screws in most models, screwed
 into the plastic case bottom).  

 With one of the probe tips, locate the first of the string of pins on the
 top of our connector (cables are not attached at this time, either). These
 pins protrude through the top of the connector and are the same ones that
 make contact with the 68000 pins.

 On the other side of the ST motherboard, touch the probe tip to the
 corresponding pin of the 68000 (which shows through on the bottom). If all
 is well, then you should have continuity.  If no continuity, then you may
 wish to write down those pins and return to them later to correct the

 The cables, as you will notice from other messages here, should not be
 changed.  They are specially designed with what's called a ground plane.
 Inductance being what it is, electrically, the cable thinks its fully
 surrounded with a shielding.  The ribbon cable you can buy at most stores
 does not have the shielding, and will not work with pc-ditto II reliably.
 I'm having some Installation instructions regarding the cable placements
 sent to you which may answer some questions and resolve the cable movement
 problems you are encountering.  Some people have the connector soldered in
 for the best mechanical connection and to prevent vibration problems. 


 The pc-ditto II clip is similar to the Bus Expansion connector, as found
 in the Mega St models.  There are, however, some differences.  I think the
 68000 connection provides a little more flexibility, but overall the two
 load- bearing capabilities are about the same, as we have learned.


 You are right about the date.  Actually, we have a software bug that is
 killing the date returned to our program.  That bug is
 scheduled for a software corrections update in the near future.  Also, of
 interest, we have logged the PRTSC function as bugged, and a video BIOS
 refresh bug that occurs in a couple of places. 


 Thanks for the info of programs that do and don't run.  Actually, I have a
 thought for everyone.  First, if a program doesn't appear on our certified
 software list, then we haven't tested it.  In spite of the fact that
 program may have run under pc-ditto, it may or may not under pc- ditto II.

 Second, the problems with software not running under pc-ditto II, are
 caused by our software.  It was translated, in part, to interact with the
 pc-ditto II hardware.  Thus, most products will work fine.  Those that
 fail will be fixed.  The fix will be a software fix, uploaded here on this
 network, among other sources.  So far, except from some isolated cases,
 the hardware is stable.  If there are problems running programs, the
 problems stem from our new BIOS or some bug introduced when some of the
 IBM hardware emulation software was translated for pc-ditto II.

 Thus, if a favorite piece of your software doesn't work, don't panic. With
 the exception of a few copy-protected software games (which no emulator
 will be able to get around, because the ST disk hardware is incapable of
 imitating an IBM exactly), most software should or will work with pc-ditto

 Keep in mind that pc-ditto II is new and has a few software bugs.  Its not
 all hardware.  There is a lot of IBM iron that we are having to handle in
 software to fool your program into thinking that the real IBM hardware is
 there.  We have tried diligently to test the software and kill any bugs
 found.  Many programs, especially the games, have never been tested by us
 --- those that have been mentioned --- and when we buy our own, we'll go
 full speed into shaking out any other bugs that even you as a market may
 not encounter.

 So, I'd appreciate hearing about any programs that do work, as well as
 those that don't.  We have gone through this same process with pc-ditto...
 we first fix all known software bugs, then update the product with new
 features.  So, keep up the good work and let us hear from you.  Thanks!

 Bill Teal

 ps, I mentioned the software bugs above, because we have had a couple of
 board returned by people who, if they'd called, we could have provided a
 simple software fix immediately, and their problems would have been
 solved.  Since then, one has asked for his board back.  Either way, its
 fine with me.  I would hate someone to go to a lot of trouble, then give
 up when a simple solution was available....and this is the same pattern
 any other developer is going to follow, as well.

                                                  Thanks again!


 Replacing our pc-ditto II cables will certainly cause the symptoms you
 described.  Our cables are shielded, and plain ribbon cables will nor
 (not) work reliably.  The cables are $8.00 each.  We don't keep huge
 supplies around, since these are made up for us -- one for each hardware
 board and connector .... which comprises a package.  But, if you do decide
 you need them, I think I can scrounge an extra pair.

 Thanks! Bill Teal


 I noted in one of your messages you said "use of the mouse seems to ran-
 domly lock up PCDII".  Can you give a little more info?  Such as, which
 mouse mode:  SERIAL or GENERIC?  and are you using the
 program, or a program that uses the mouse directly, such as Windows? And,
 which program(s) are you using the mouse with?  Thanks!


 I happened to notice someone mention that we haven't been online lately.
 Not true.  Actually, we have been sending a lot of e-mail in response to
 message questions.  Several people complained last week that they were
 tired of reading "hundreds" of messages trying to find an answer to their
 question (either directly to us, I suppose, or just a general answer from
 the peanut gallery).  Anyway, we had a lot request we just send a specific
 answer via e- mail.  So, we have been doing that.  We're still doing the
 public message thing, as you can see, but the e-mail  system takes more
 time, since we have to post several replies, instead of one general one. 
 We're still posting general ones, too.  We're just catching up with the
 tons of mail this system generates.  (You SYSOPS  should be on commission,
 if you're not...there's big bucks coming in on this system).  Thanks!

 K.RICHARDS  posts;
 AVANTGARDE I received my new PALs today.  I eagerly installed them on my
 board; connected it up to my 520st/real old one with a supra 20 meg HD and
 turned on the ST.  My hard drive autoboot wont boot.  The ST boots up with
 default desktop.  Its as thought the ST can't communicate with the HD with
 pcdII connected.  When I disconnect pcdII, the ST autoboots up. I have
 checked the GLU and MMP; they are not IMP chips.  I have TOS 1.4 6 chip
 set installed. How is pcdII interfering with the HD reads???? I'll
 followup with a letter.  I'm at a real loss on this one!!  Is my board ok? 
 I've already returned it once for you to install the PROM chip and am
 assuming that you tested it!!!    Help...........Mike

 D.RICHARD posts;
 AVANTGARDE - I am still having problems with my Ditto II. I have used a
 continuity tester to check and recheck the connection on the 68K
 processor. It seems to be fine. I have also already gotten the new PAL
 chips from you. Sometimes Ditto II will work, but most of the  time I get
 the message to insert a disk, then freezeup. One time earlier today I
 actually got into Ditto II before it froze. Is it possible that the new
 PAL chips are not tolerant enough for all machines? I am using a 520ST
 with the Aerco expansion board. My power supply seems to be putting out a
 full 5 volts. Do you have any ideas? 

 M.HADLEY posts;
 Further update on further frustration.  In addition to all the previous
 checks performed, I have checked the voltage on the PCD II board, now 4.95
 v; I checked the jumper for the coprocessor; I even soldered a jumper
 between the appropriate pins on a 40 pin header socket and plugged it into
 the coprocessor socket.  I still get a crash at the DOS prompt. I have
 done everything suggested here, including trying it with both versions of
 the software.  Now answer my previous question:  How much does the 'plug'
 for the 68000 cost me, cause I am sending my board back and am NOT about
 to desolder the plug from the 68000, which does have continuity on ALL
 pins from the bottom of the ST's motherboard to the TOP pin lands on the
 plug.  Sorry, folks, but this one does NOT work.  65% work, my *%$. That
 must be some kind of joke!!!!!  But I am no longer laughing!!!!!


 > AUA NEWS  CPU/STR FOCUS?      Atari Users Association News


 by Derek C. Signorini                        
     AUA Coordinator

      Happy spring to everyone!  As promised a few issues ago, I was able
 to finally do some calculating (actually, SuperBase Professional did all
 of the calcs for me) on the geographical breakdown of the AUA membership
 and found that the AUA was represented in 4 countries to date with a
 majority of its membership in the United States.  That figure is not
 surprising since the AUA is based in the US and I have most of my contacts
 here.  A distant second place is New Zealand, but from the looks of things
 according to Jon Clarke, NZ will be catching up "real soon."

      I also did a state to state breakdown of AUA membership and found the
 AUA is represented in 33 states in the US with Pennsylvania and New Jersey
 running neck to neck in total membership representation.  This once again
 is not shocking since NJ was the former home of the AUA and now PA is the
 new home.  I expect those figures to separate in the future, and also
 other states will surely pick up once we begin a national promotion of the

      While the information is vague at this time, Eagle Software in Texas
 has come up with a huge PD library that it will offer to the AUA members
 at a discounted price.  At press time, Tommy Harvey, of Plexus Systems
 LTD., and myself are working out the details and as soon as we have some
 sound information, I will pass it along to you.

      Overall, in the month of February, the AUA grew a whopping 33% thanks
 to the exposure on GEnie and here in CPU Online.  I expect March to be a
 equally promising month, since I have received many new applications in
 the past 2 weeks and anticipate many more in the next few.  If you have
 been contemplating joining the AUA, now is the time to do it.  Once we
 have a sound membership, we will begin to move forward and begin to
 implement the plans outlined in the AUA Charter.  The ball has begun to
 roll, and I am confident that the AUA is going to be successful in all of
 its ventures.

      Following is a geographical breakdown of the AUA membership.  You
 will see where the AUA is gaining support and those areas where the AUA
 needs to focus:

     *** AUA MEMBERSHIP BROKEN DOWN BY COUNTRY as of March 1, 1990 ***
 United States  92.3%    New Zealand 4.0%    Canada 2.7%     Finland 1%
 Total Countries represented:  4                            TOTAL: 100%

    AL   0.67%   AZ  13.3%   CA   2.7%   CO   0.67%   CT   1.2%
    DE   0.33%   FL   1.7%   GA   0.67%  HI   0.33%   IA   0.67%
    IL   2.0%    IN   1.2%   KS   0.33%  KY   0.67%   MA   0.67% 
    MD   1.66%   ME   0.33%  MI   0.67%  MN   0.33%   MO   0.33%
    NC   0.33%   NE   1.66%  NJ  24.00%  NV   0.33%   NY   3.33%
    OH   3.0%    OR   0.33%  PA  26.37%  SC   0.67%   TX   2.33%
    VA   2.33%   WA   1.66%  WI   1.66%
 Total States represented:  33                               TOTAL: 100%
      One more item before I close this week's update. The AUA has a new
 address.  The new P.O. Box number is 18053 and is not longer 18293.  The
 AUA is now a free standing organization and is no longer being sponsored
 by just the Atari Elite of Pittsburgh.  While the Elite still supports the
 AUA and will help me out from time to time, the AUA must not be solely
 sponsored by just one organization but rather it must be represented by
 many organizations.   Support for the AUA is growing every day, and User
 groups are now becoming involved.  Subsequently, I found it necessary to
 make the AUA accessible to ALL user groups and not just one.  I want to
 thank the Board of Directors of the Atari Elite organization for letting
 me use there mailing address while the AUA was getting it's feet off of
 the ground.  This Atari group will still offer it's newsletter, the
 Electronic Chronicles Disk Magazine, as the AUA newsletter, and will also
 help by offering the use of it's BBS.  Because the AUA has grown out of
 it's britches, so to speak, the AUA is being backed by ALL ST user groups
 and not just by one and I am looking for the support of all user groups
 around the world.  If any user group wants to help in supporting the AUA,
 then please write to me.  Also, I am looking for newsletter submissions at
 this time for inclusion in the AUA newsletter AND the Electronic
 Chronicles Disk Magazine.  If you are interested in writing for either of
 these publications, then I encourage you to contact me at the AUA mailing
 address.  That is all for now...

 Derek C. Signorini                        
 AUA Coordinator

 GEnie: DC.SIGNORINI                    The Atari User's Association
 CIS: 72327,1060                        P.O. Box 18053
 FNET: Node #19, DC Signorini           Pittsburgh, PA 15236
 FIDO: 1:129/96.2, DC Signorini         BBS SUPPORT: 412-653-7540 DualHST

        Microtyme is an Official AUA Supplier at 1-800-255-5835

 --------------------------- Clip Here ---------------------------

              //////////  //      //  //////////        ** ** **
             //      //  //      //  //      //         ** ** **
            //      //  //      //  //      //          ** ** **
           //////////  //      //  //////////          **  **  **
          //      //  //      //  //      //         ***   **   ***
         //      //  //////////  //      //        ***     **     ***


   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

     Thank you for your interest in the Atari User's Association.
     Please take the time to complete this application and mail it 
     to the address below.

 First Name:_____________________ LastName:______________________________
 City:________________________________ ST:____ Zipcode:__________________
 Country:_____________________________ Age:(optional)____________________
 Telephone: __________________________ Work: ____________________________
   [  ] Check here to place name in the AUA Public Membership Directory
   (This will allow you to be placed on national mailing lists for Atari
    ST products and information)


 HARDWARE: [ ]520ST  [ ]1040ST  [ ]MEGA 2  [ ]MEGA 4  [ ]STacy  [ ]Other
 MONITOR : [ ]COLOR  [ ]MONO [ ]OTHER:___________________________________
 DRIVES  : [ ]DSDD   [ ]SSDD [ ]HARD DRIVE Model/Size:___________________
 PRINTER : [ ]9 Pin Dot Matrix [ ]24 Pin Dot Matrix  [ ]Laser [ ]DeskJet
     Printer Model:______________________________________________________

 MODEM  : Max Speed [ ]300  [ ]1200  [ ]2400  [ ]4800  [ ]9600  [ ]14,400
     Modem Model:________________________________________________________

 OTHER PERIPHERALS_______________________________________________________

 EMULATORS IN USE:_______________________________________________________


 Primary Use of your Atari

 If you are a member of a User Group, Please fill in:
 UG Name: _______________________________________________________________
 Address: _______________________________________________________________
 City _________________________________State _____ ZIP _______Country____

 BBS # ______________________________________No. of Members______________
 President's Name:________________________________Phone:_________________


 I can be reached at FNET node:___________ and/or FIDO

 MEMBERSHIP FEES:   [ ] Non-Active AUA Membership        -- $ FREE $
                    [ ] Active AUA w/NewsLetter          -- $ 5.00/year
 Please Select ONE  [ ] Active AUA W/Newsletter & Disk   -- $ 15.00/year

 Mail application to:
                       The Atari User's Association
                           Attn: D.C. Signorini
                              P.O. Box 18293
                           Pittsburgh, PA  15236

 MicroTyme Computers is an official supplier of the AUA at: 1-800-255-5835

      ------------------------ Clip Here ---------------------------


 > Hard Disks CPU/STR InfoFile?      Affordable Mass Storage....

                        NEW PRICES! & MORE MODELS!!

                      ABCO COMPUTER ELECTRONICS INC.
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT
   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).
                 (you are NOT limited to two drives ONLY!)
                   (all cables and connectors installed)

                     * ICD ADVANTAGE HOST ADAPTERS * 

         51mb #SGN4951   529.95              65mb #SG60101   669.95
         80mb #SGN296    759.95             100mb #SG84011D  939.00


                                 FROM 30mb

                            :IMPORTANT NOTICE:
                         TAX REFUND SPECIAL OFFER!

                      ****** for $50.00 LESS! ******
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                     Buy with a friend and save money!
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                   -offer good for a limited time only-

               * SYQUEST 44MB (#555) REMOVABLE MEDIA DRIVE *

     - SYQUEST 44 MB removable media drive     - ICD ST Host Adapter
     - ICD Mass Storage Utility Software       - 3' DMA Cable 
     - Fan & Clock                             - Multi-Unit Power Supply
                          (1) 44 MB Syquest Cart.

                  Completely Assembled and READY TO RUN!
                  in a shoebox OR under monitor cabinet  
                      As of 3/90 NOW ONLY __$865.00__

                      *** SPECIAL SYQUEST OFFER!! ***
                      ****** for $100.00 LESS! ******

      -> DO IT YOURSELF BARE SYQUEST UNITS $600.00ea  2 for $1100.00

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         - Syquest 44 Model [555] and the following hard drives -
          50mb SQG51   $1279.00           30mb SQG38    $1199.00
          65mb SQG09   $1339.00           85mb SQG96    $1399.00

            *****  COMING SOON!   INSITE FLOPTICAL DRIVE  *****
                          August-September, 1990

            uses standard 3.5" floppy disks and Floptical disks
           Will access and read your present library of floppys
                              $789.95 approx.  

           Listed above are a sampling of the systems available.
      Prices also reflect various cabinet/power supply configurations
    (over sixty configurations are available, flexibility is unlimited)
            *** ALL Units: Average Access Time: 24ms - 34ms ***

             LARGER units are available - (special order only)

                     NO REPACKS OR REFURBS EVER USED!

       - Custom Walnut WOODEN Cabinets - TOWER - AT - XT Cabinets -
                   Keyboard Custom Cables Call for Info
                      ALL POWER SUPPLIES UL APPROVED

                       -* 12 month FULL Guarantee *-
                         (A FULL YEAR of COVERAGE)


                     DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS WANTED!
                         please, call for details

                 Personal and Company Checks are accepted.

                            ORDER YOURS TODAY!

                       904-783-3319    9am - 8pm EDT


 > A "Quotable Quote"?

    "There is nothing as dead the echo of yesterday's applause!"

                                            Fig Newton...

 CPU/STR?           "Your Independent News Source"           March 23, 1990
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