Singular Solutions Digital Audio Workstation

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 06/01/93-10:43:12 PM Z

From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: Singular Solutions Digital Audio Workstation
Date: Tue Jun  1 22:43:12 1993


from Z*Net 9308

Contact : Steve Klein 818-792-9567

Pasadena, CA - January 11, 1993 - Singular Solutions today announced
that the first digital audio workstation built upon the Atari
Corporation's latest computer, the Falcon 030(tm), is slated for
shipment.  The combination of Singular Solutions A/D64x(tm) Audio
Interface and D2D EDIT(tm) from D2D Systems of Cambridge, England
represents the first professional quality audio production system to
employ the extensive digital audio capabilities of the Atari Falcon030.

The two companies will showcase the system at the National Association
of Music Merchants (NAMM) Winter Show, to be held from January 15-18 at
the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim,California.  The system is
scheduled to start shipping shortly after the conclusion of the show,
which over 35,000 members of the music industry are expected to attend.

The Singular Solutions A/D64x provides two channels of "audiophile-
quality" analog-to-digital conversion at multiple sampling rates, plus
an integral phantom powered microphone preamp, absolute digital overload
indicators, and digital audio input and output.

D2D Systems' D2D EDIT is the first digital recording and editing package
to utilize the digital audio features of the newest Atari computer.  A
Falcon030 equipped with D2D EDIT provides users with a full-featured
digital audio workstation capable of recording and editing CD-quality
sound.  D2D EDIT provides direct to disk recording, non-destructive
waveform editing, MIDI timecode drive cure sheet, punch-in recording,
and on-the-fly marker creation.  The Singular Solutions A/D64x extends
the Atari-D2D systems combo with digital audio input and output plus
very high quality analog-to-digital conversion.

"Our previous experience in hard disk recording has always required us
to produce our own hardware," indicated Paul Wiffen, Director of
Marketing for D2D Systems.  "With this cooperative effort, we are able
to concentrate on what we do best, which is software, and let Atari and
Singular Solutions concentrate on the hardware.  I believe that the
results speak for themselves."

The A/D64x features two channels of 16-bit delta-sigma (ultralinear)
analog-to-digital conversion with 64 times oversampling and a three
stage linear phase digital anti-alias filter.  It is equipped with
balanced as well as unbalanced inputs and an integral low noise
microphone preamp with 48 bolt phantom power.  The digital audio input
and output support both AES/EBU and S/PDIF standards.  The A/D64x is
constructed entirely of professional quality components.

"The Atari Falcon030, in its basic configuration, is an incredible
machine for digital audio work," said Steve Klein, President of Singular
Solutions.  "The inclusion of the Motorola 56001 DSP definately puts
Atari in a prime position to capture a major share of the rapidly
expanding digital audio market.  The addition of our A/D64x and D2D EDIT
results in a truly professional quality system at a price that just
can't be beat."

A Falcon030 system with A/D64x and D2D EDIT costs under $2900, an
aggressive entry point for a digital audio workstation with the
functionality of alternatives selling for many times the price.

Singular Solutions is located in Pasadena, California and designs,
manufactures, and markets digital audio products for the dicerning audio

D2D System is based in Cambridge, England and specializes in the
development and marketing of mulimedi applications for desktop

Specifications of the A/D64x

- Frequency Response (DC to 20 kHz) +0.00/-0.03 dB
- Maximum input levels     Balanced        +16 dBm
                           Unbalanced      +13 dBm
                           Mic(Full Gain)  -43 dBm
                           Mic(min Gain)   -11 dBm
- Input impedance          Balanced        10 kOhm
                           Unbalanced      20 kOhm
                           Microphone      8.81 kOhm
 - Minimum Seperation (left to right)@ 1kHz   100 dB
 - Maximum THD (DC to 20kHz, any level)       0.003%
 - Minimum signal to noise ration unweighted   92 dB
                                  A-Weighted   95 dB
 - Maximum Spurios Signals (noise floor)     -115 dB
 - Differential Nonlinearity                 0.2 LSB
 - Maximum phase error (at 20kHz)              7 deg
 - Minimum digital filter stopband rejection   86 dB
 - Supported digital audio data formats      AES/EBU
                                         EIAJ CP-340
 - Size   Standard         15.0" W  1.88" H  7.5"  D
          Rack Mount       19.0" W  1.75" H  7.5"  D
 - Weight        Net 7.0 lbs       Shipping  9.5 lbs
 - Pricing $1295.  Rackmount option $80
 - Contact Singular Solutions 818-792-9567  Fax 818-792-0903

Falcon Based Products from D2D

D2D-EDIT  Stereo Direct to Disk recording/editing software.
  16 bit, 50kHz sample quality Non-destructive cut, copy, paste
  MIDI Timecode driven cue sheet Markers on the fly        $299

SPDIO     SPDIF format digital interface for D2D-Edit
  Allows Falcon to sample at 44.1 & 48kHz Ideal for DAT editing and CD
  compilation                                              $299

4T/FX     Multi-track recording software 4 tracks to internal/external
  hard disk Realtime mixer/EQ to Falcon stero out* 2 simultaneous
  effects on Falcon DSP*                                   $599
  * - version 1.1 availible March 1

4I/4O     Audio Hardware Expander  Allows Falcon to sample at 44.1 and
  48kHz  4 professional quality stereo analog inputs 4 professional
  quality stereo analog outputs SPDIF digital interface (also AES/EBU
  format)                                                   $599

- Preliminary specifications.  D2D reserves the right to change without

- Distributed by Digital I/O      Tel/Fax (310) 398-3993

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