Instant Graphics/Desk Accessory Terminal/Commercial

From: Doug Wokoun (aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 08/28/91-08:25:59 PM Z

From: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Subject: Instant Graphics/Desk Accessory Terminal/Commercial
Date: Wed Aug 28 20:25:59 1991

Taken from: ST Report online magazine, issue #730 (July 26, 1991):

                         WHAT'S INSTANT GRAPHICS?

 by Larry Mears

     Instant  Graphics  (IG)  is  a  desk  accessory  terminal for your ST.
 MS-DOS clone support coming in a few months,  see MS-DOS  IG below.  IG is
 used with  a modem,  it's a  dumb terminal in the sense it doesn't do file
 transfers but when it comes to online graphics IG is extremely smart.
 Since IG is a accessory you can use it to do the  online graphics  and pop
 back to your favorite terminal to do file transfers and the other standard

     IG is sort of like super VT-52 or ANSI but  these are  character based
 graphics.  Try drawing a circle with VT-52 or ANSI you got pixels the size
 of  cursors!  IG has  real pixels  it has  commands that  tell it  to draw
 lines,    plot  points,  set  colors,  set fill patterns, draw rectangles,
 boxes with and  without rounded corners.  There are text commands  to plot
 text to  the screen.  The plotted text can be put at any X,Y coordinate on
 the screen using the system   FONT and  at several  different point sizes,
 big  text  for  titles.    IG  also  does bitblit so animation can be done
 online.  BBSs can really be souped up  with IG.   There  are ZONE commands
 for turning  a standard  BBS into a mouse driven BBS remotely, IG is wild!

     Oh, there's more... How about sound effects, 20  of them  that use the
 CPU itself  to control the sound envelope for really amazing sound effects
 from the ST!  You can use GIST (from ANTIC) to edit new sound  effects and
 plug them into one of the 20 sound effect slots with online commands.  The
 sound effects can be played as musical notes for online music and if you
 run a MIDI BBS there is a utility for converting Music Studio tm  files to
 IG MIDI  format so  they can  by played  by your MIDI keyboard online! All
 this neat  stuff  is  done  with  standard  ASCII  text  commands  that IG
 interprets online.   Example:   G#O 319,99,25:  <--- draws a circle at x y
 319,99 radius of 25 pixels.

     It's real simple and  interpreted just  like BASIC.   The  G# gets the
 terminal's attention 'O' is the command itself.  IG is a Shareware project
 (dream) of mine with  6 years  development behind  it.   IG is  a powerful
 graphics tool  for online  communication with  impact.   It looks meek and
 mild mannered on the surface but if you will read the docs on the commands
 you will be very surprised.

                                SYSOP INFO
     To IGnite  your BBS with IG it has to be able to handle alternate text
 menus.  FoReM  and  ///TURBO  Board  bbs  software  does   this  with  its
 GRAPHICS.TXT file  and the  *.GRx files.   Work  up IGized  menus for your
 BBS!!!  IG215 is available on GEnie, this  is the  latest version.   There
 is a  loadable EMU  version of IG215b for Interlink tm.  A few IG BBSs are
 around already,  WRB 205-837-2025  I added  IG menus  to it  myself, I'm a
 remote sysop  there.  The best way to IGize your BBS is to get your remote
 sysop to do it, unless you have a  second ST  to use  as a  IG terminal to
 call your BBS with.  The graphics appear on the terminal side only, on the
 BBS side the SYSOP  sees the  raw IG  commands only.   There  is a Instant
 Graphics XNET  The London Smog bbs is the lead node 632, it even has a few
 UK boards in it.  London  Smog 714-546-2152  USR DUAL  STANDARD (I think),
 "Clueman" is  SYSOP, "Mr.  Rodgers" the  best IG artist around, Bob Ahsley
 and Robert Gieger are  very  talented  at  IG  also.    Call  the  SMOG to
 experience the  ST IG.   I  can be reached on GEnie as L.MEARS or HAUG BBS
 205-722-0900 node 74 as Larry Mears for more info.

                                MS-DOS IG
     Blue Instant Graphics! (BIG) is the MS-DOS version of IG.  It is about
 90% compatible  with it's ST ancestor.  BIG uses I# instead of G# the dif-
 ferences are sort of like going from one BASIC to another.   Most commands
 have the  same syntax or at least the same function.  BIG will be released
 well before Christmas, this Fall I hope.  It requires 256K video  RAM with
 EGA or  VGA color.   BIG  is a  full working basic terminal, it has Zmodem
 built in with Xmodem  fall back,  supports three  16 color  modes 640x200,
 640x350, 640x480(VGA  only).   BIG has all the graphics IG has and several
 real FONTS.  BIG does sound effects via  the PC  speaker and  plays notes.
 BIG can  be used  with the  standard ANSI driver so you can have your cake
 and eat it too!  For Adlib tm, SoundBlaster tm owners there is support for
 playing ROL files online and doing sound effects that sound like they came
 right out of a SCIFI flick.  BIG will literally  'ROCK' the  online world.
 If you like ANSI you will flip over BIG! BIG will be released as Shareware
 in demo version with a register fee of $25.  Keep a eye out for it  on the
 major online services this Fall.  I hope to eventually write a MAC version
 also.  It all depends on my finances mostly.

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