Double Height Monitor Emulator/Utility/Public Domain

From: Carlos Borges (
Date: 07/04/91-02:09:32 PM Z

From: Carlos Borges <>
Subject: Double Height Monitor Emulator/Utility/Public Domain
Date: Thu Jul  4 14:09:32 1991

Double-Height Monitor Emulator Review
Written by Miguel Borges (an630)
16/32-bit Support Team Member

             Lars-Erik   0sterud   has   been  a  very  consistant  ST
         programmer.   It  seems  he writes another neat program every
         week.   Some  of  his  earlier  projects,  such  as  minibbs,
         miniterm,  and  a  virus  protector,  are  quality  shareware
             His  new  release, a "double-height" monitor emulator for
         the STe, is another useful program.  The emulator doubles the
         resolution  height  of  the  normal  screen.  On a monochrome
         monitor,  the  resolution becomes 640X800 instead of 640X400.
         The  same program will work with a colour monitor, giving you
         the  resolution  of  640X400  as opposed to 640X200 in medium
         resolution.  It works in low resolution as well.
             Although  the  idea  of  a  "large-screen" emulator isn't
         exactly  new,  Lars-Erik's  program  is  a  fresh  aproach to
         software  monitor  emulation.  This auto folder program works
         on  both  colour  and monochrome systems, sensing the monitor
         type and resolution on boot-up.
             To   install  a  conventional  smooth  scrolling  virtual
         screen, you hold the right shift key while booting.  When the
         desktop appears, you are looking at half of the screen.  When
         the mouse pointer approaches the top or bottom of the screen,
         the  display  will  scroll  in  the appropriate direction.  I
         assume  Lars-Erik  used  hardware scrolling on the STe, since
         the  scrolling is very smooth.  In this respect, this program
         is much like monSTEr.
             Where  Lars-Erik's  program  differs from the traditional
         emulators I've seen, however, is when you hold the left shift
         key  while  booting.   Instead  of  the  scrolling  screen, a
         condensed   software   interlace   is   used   to  accomplish
         "double-height".    The  one  draw-back  with  this  feature,
         however, is the resulting screen flicker.  I found this to be
         quite  unbearable on a colour monitor (like an Amiga!).  On a
         monochrome  monitor,  though,  adjusting  the  brightness and
         contrast  practically  eliminates  the  entire  flicker.   If
         you're  like  me,  and  use  your computer late at night, you
         would have your brightness turned down anyway.
             The  software  overscan  in  monochrome is this program's
         real   strength.    I   works   with   most  intelligent  GEM
         applications,  although  it only uses half of the screen with
         TOS   programs.    It  works  great  with  Timeworks  Desktop
             The  program  is meant for the STe, MEGA STe, and the TT.
         I've only tested it on a 1040STe.
             A small text file explaining the program's features and a
         few  precautions (such as auto folder program order), is also
         included in the distribution archive.
             In closing, I would recommend Lar's-Erik 0sterud's Double
         Screen-Height  emulator for anyone who sometimes wants to see
         more  information  on  the  screen.   It is great for Desktop
         Publishing, and is certainly cheaper than larger monitor.  If
         you've been using monSTEr, I'd recommend switching.
             You   can   get   the   program   via  anonymous  ftp  at (filename: double.lzh).  If you don't
         have      ftp      access,      you     can     e-mail     me
         (,  and I'll be happy to send you
         a uuencoded copy.

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