Important News

From: Jim Krych (ab453@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 01/10/96-03:18:01 PM Z

From: ab453@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Jim Krych)
Subject: Important News
Date: Wed Jan 10 15:18:01 1996

                *** Important News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ***
                  Product Market Survey Information
       Introducing the Video Flyer! This remarkable product converts
TV RGB, analog, into s-video signals. Yes! This product will allow
the use of the s-video televisions/monitors and vcrs!
       Anyone who's system outputs TV RGB, analog RGB at 15.7 KHz
scan rate, can now use the s-video TV's! These systems are amongst the
many that can!
       TV RGB Systems:
                       Sega Genesis
                       Commodore Amiga
                       Atari ST
                       Yamaha V9938/V9958 (MSX II)
                       TV RGB Monitor users
       That's right, be able to view a crystal-clear display on a
s-video TV. Bright, exciting graphics! Extremely clear text! And
with s-video TV's, get quality video at consumer prices!
       Sega users, get arcade quality video displays! Commodore,
Atari, MSX II users, get the display on a TV that was before
impossible to get-clear 80 column displays! TV RGB Monitor users,
get large-screen displays with similar quality video, at a far-
cheaper price than an actual TV RGB monitor!
       Video Flyer! An innovative way to view your system in a whole
new light!
       Video Flyer also outputs standard composite video, and allows
for an RGB output to bypass the other two video displays. Interested
parties leave a response to:
Simply leave a messgae saying yes you would buy Video Flyer and
what system(s) you would use it with!
       This is a product market survey! Please pass to other users
and interested people. This is not an order form, but a survey!
Thanks you!
J.W. Krych
       "Video Flyer, viewing your system in a whole new light!"

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