//Turbo Board BBS/Telecommunications/Commercial

Date: 07/18/92-03:02:32 PM Z

Subject: //Turbo Board BBS/Telecommunications/Commercial
Date: Sat Jul 18 15:02:32 1992

Taken from: ST Report      

 > ///TURBO BOARD BBS VER. 2 STR Spotlight


 Turbo Board ST Version 2 is a total rewrite of  our original  BBS program.
 Over a  year's work has gone into the total rewrite of Version 1, and Bill
 Miller has really outdone himself this time!  We think we have a very good
 BBS program indeed!

 The ///Turbo Board  Support bbs is running at bps rates from 1200-14400 if
 you would like to give us a call, the number is 416-274-1225

 Our F-net number is node 18,  if you  are calling  from an  ST bbs  in the

                                        John Miller, Bitblit Systems

 Turbo Board Version 2's NEW Features
 -Expanded User privileges and Bitmaps for Passwords
 -KByte/File Ratio System
 -Smart Batch uploading & User File Description Editing
 -Ymodem-g uploads for HST users
 -BBS Handles/Real Name system
 -Full User File Editor
 -Masked Sysop commands (For Co-sysops)
 -Many NEW Sysop Functions, including new File Editor and Password Editor
 -Execute files from Main menu commands
 -Sysop definable Menus and Prompts
 -Main Menu commands and functions fully programable (also Submenus)
 -Many New Copy and Save Functions for Fmail, and other files
 -Quick help edit prompt in message editor
 -Modular BBS, (Main Module only uses about 80K of memory) for greater
  free memory -lots- when running Binkley (Fido Mailer)
 -NEW Database, you can use  archives, and users can easily upload new
  database entries, entries have access levels
 -BBS handles line answering instead of modem
 -NEW SIG system for grouping message bases, fully configurable by Sysop
 -Quick Chat and DOS keys from local console
 -NEW Turbo System Generator with expanded features
 -UPDATE program for Turbo V1 and Forem ST Sysops to convert to V2
 -New Version 2 Manual (addendum for Version 1 Turbo Owners)
 -And many other new small features not listed here that are improvements
  over our Version 1.0

 Additional Features of Turbo 2.1

 Version 2.1 running Version 2.0

 New features include:

 -New Gem BBS Executive Version 3.0 Totally rewritten and enhanced version
 -QWK compatible Qmail system in Message Bases
 -Integrated Full  Screen Editor, with Merge and Copy file features for
 -Binkley Mailer may be run as front door, or from BBS
 -New Event Scheduler for all batch files
 -Many smaller enhancements

 Under Developement

 We have been promising this for a long time, and the Next version of Turbo
 Board will  contain  -fully- Fidonet Compatible message bases.  No need to
 run Fifo, or Fidodoor.  This new version is presently under developement.

 $89.95 US - USA and International List price for new Sysops
 $69.95 US - Special price for Current BBS Sysops (Supply current BBS
             number and information)
 $29.95 US - Special Update offer for Registered Turbo Version 1 Sysops
             (Turbo 2 addendum instead of Turbo 2 manual)

 Write or call for more information.

 In Canada:              The USA:                         Europe & UK:

 Bitblit Systems         ABCO Computer Consultants       L.B. Van Bokkem
 1580 Liveoak Dr         PO Box 6672                     100 Broughton Ave
 Mississauga, ON         Jacksonville, FL                Aylesbury, Bucks
 Canada  L5E 2X6         USA  32205-6672                 England  HP20 1QB
 bbs#                    bbs#                            bbs#
 416-274-1225            904-786-4176                    +44-296-395935

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