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From: Doug Wokoun (aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 04/18/92-07:22:52 PM Z

From: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Subject: Warp 9/accelerator/commercial
Date: Sat Apr 18 19:22:52 1992

Taken from: Z*Net Atari Online Magazine (#92.13) - March 27, 1992:
| ======================================================================
| * WARP 9 - THE SOFTWARE ACCELERATOR!                     Press Release
| ======================================================================
| HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - CodeHead Technologies is proud to announce the
| release of its brand new software accelerator -- Warp 9!
| On January 1, 1992 we took over support and development of the popular
| Quick ST screen accelerator from Branch Always Software.  It's taken
| over three months to complete the modifications necessary to turn it
| into a CodeHead product, but it's well worth the wait.  The resulting
| fruit of our labors is Warp 9 -- the fastest, most compatible software
| graphics/text accelerator _ever_ for the Atari line of computers!
| We've decided to give it this new name because it's changed so
| dramatically that it's hardly even recognizable anymore.  The only
| similarity between Warp 9 and its predecessor, Quick ST, is incredible
| speed!
| Although Warp 9 has a completely new user interface and many new
| features, the major benefit over previous screen accelerators is
| COMPATIBILITY!  Literally dozens of bugs and compatibility problems
| have been eradicated in Warp 9.  It now works fine with FSM GDOS, and
| problems have been eliminated with Touch-Up, PageStream, and many other
| programs where redraw and other problems existed.  Warp 9 also works
| fine on the TT, and accelerates the graphics of TT Medium resolution
| remarkably.
| What IS a Software Screen Accelerator?
| --------------------------------------
| Warp 9 operates by intercepting operating system calls.  Most of the
| normal operating system calls are not written with the utmost
| efficiency as far as speed is concerned.  Warp 9 uses highly optimized
| assembly language routines which can give you speed increases of 400%
| all the way up to 1200% or more.  That's from 4 to 12 times faster!
| The difference is immediately noticeable in almost every area of your
| computer activities.  Text, graphics, and windows virtually fly onto
| the screen.  Once you try using Warp 9, you'll never allow yourself to
| operate without it again.
| New Features:
| -------------
| The user interface of Warp 9 has been completely revamped.  The Warp 9
| program installs in the AUTO folder, giving increased speed to the
| loading of your AUTO programs.  The effectiveness of a software
| accelerator is normally diminished by the additional overhead of other
| resident programs installed in your system.  But Warp 9 uses a special
| trick to avoid this problem.  The Warp 9 Control Panel accessory
| communicates with Warp 9, telling it to reinstall itself, giving it a
| prime position for acceleration.  If you want to save memory by not
| installing the Warp 9 Control Panel, you can auto-run our QuickGrab
| program which will provide the same function.  This gives you the best
| of both worlds, the utmost in speed during the bootup process as well
| as at the desktop level and in your applications.
| Besides speed and compatibility, Warp 9 offers you all of the same
| features available in Quick ST and much more.  You can replace the
| system screen font with one of your own, or choose from any of the 6
| dozen fonts included with Warp 9.  You can also change the system fill
| patterns, altering the look of your windows and dialog boxes.  You can
| change the desktop's background pattern by using a custom fill pattern
| or even load a picture in any resolution, including the TT resolutions.
| Warp 9 can load pictures in many formats, including PI1, PI2, PI3, PC1,
| PC2, PC3, TNY, TN1, TN2, TN3, and PNT.  The font, fills, and background
| pictures can be configured to load automatically when you boot up.
| Fonts and fill patterns can be edited by using the included Customizer
| program.
| There's also a completely configurable mouse accelerator built right
| into Warp 9.  You can tailor the acceleration to your own needs, or
| choose from one of the four preset configurations available.  Other
| optional mouse features include "blocking" to keep the mouse from
| accidentally entering the menu bar area, "jumping" to force the mouse
| to the menu bar at the click of the right mouse button, and separately
| configurable horizontal and vertical wrap-around of the mouse when it
| reaches the edge of the screen.
| Warp 9 also includes the functionality of FunkAlert, the shareware
| program by Charles F. Johnson.  This gives you the ability to select
| any button in any standard alert box by the simple press of a function
| key.  You can turn off the system Zoom Boxes, too, for even more speed.
| A well-written 50-page manual gives detailed instructions for using
| every facet of Warp 9.
| Order Warp 9 today...you just can't get a faster, more compatible
| screen accelerator for your Atari computer, and you also receive the
| quality and support for which CodeHead Technologies is famous.
| Availability
| ------------
| Warp 9 will be shipping as of Monday, March 30th.  Retail price is
| $44.95.  Contact your local dealer or order directly from CodeHead
| Technologies at the address below.  Mastercard, Visa, and American
| Express credit cards are accepted.  For shipping, add $3 US, $4 Canada,
| and $6 overseas.
| Owners of any version of Quick ST or Turbo ST can purchase Warp 9 for
| only $20 by returning their original disk with payment to:
| CodeHead Technologies
| P.O. Box 74090
| Los Angeles, CA 90004
| Phone: (213) 386-5735   (Mon-Fri 9A-1P Pacific Time)
| FAX:   (213) 386-5789
| BBS:   (213) 461-2095
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