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From: Doug Wokoun (aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 04/04/92-01:51:16 AM Z

From: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Subject: Megapaint 4.0/graphics/commercial
Date: Sat Apr  4 01:51:16 1992

Taken from: ST Report Online Magazine (#8.11) - March 13, 1992:

| > MEGAPAINT 4.0 STR Review       ".. powerful features found only..."
|   ========================
|                               MEGAPAINT 4.0
|                               =============
|                           CODEHEAD TECHNOLOGIES
|                           =====================
| by Doyle C. Helms
| STaff Editor @ STReport
|     In the last installment I covered some of the functions that included,
| in case some of you missed it, the system set-up. This is where the user
| can configure the MegaPaint to their own particular needs.  Loading and
| saving of the various file types was covered. Using external modules, one
| very powerful feature that allows external programs configured as
| "MODULES" to enable MegaPaint to perform many functions not found in the
| original version.  Printing to various devices were explained and also the
| ability to create your own printer driver.  The block menu options, sheer,
| rotate, cut, copy, paste, move, invert, lasso and more were covered.  Most
| all of the options are shared with the vector "part" of MegaPaint and are
| identical in function and use.  I will not cover these functions for the
| vector portion again because it would be ever so redundant to do so.
|     I admit that I may have gone into a little to much detail covering
| some of the tools functions in the last installment.  I will try to be a
| little more concise (at the cost of finer details) and combine the tools
| functions of both "parts" (Vector/Raster) into a more readable format that
| is less time consuming for both you and I.
|     Let's take a look at the OBJECT commands of MegaPaint. Remember that
| these descriptions will apply to both the Vector and Raster portions of
| MegaPaint. I will note any differences in use or command and point out to
| which the difference will apply.
|     Where else would you find point, line, polyline, triangle, rectangle,
| rhomboid, parallelogram, polygon, circle, and ellipse together in one
| program? Let me not forget that the CIRCLE option also includes CIRCLE
|     Many of the above mentioned tools can be accessed in several ways.
| One is via the drop down menu, another is a keyboard command or through
| the previously mentioned POP-UP MENU (user definable).  A difference
| should be noted here in the raster choices and the vector functions.  Once
| a RASTER object is placed(pasted down), it is there permanently, like any
| other "paint" program.  A "VECTOR" object can be moved, re-sized etc. much
| like you would find in EasyDraw GEM objects.  Let me also note that
| objects can be placed via an x/y coordinate input.
|     The user will also find the standard "painting" tools such as FILLS,
| AIR BRUSH and PAINTBRUSH options.  Of course ALL of the choices are
| user-definable/adjustable.  The fill patterns included with MegaPaint,
| approximately 6 sets of 32 fills in each set, are selectable for different
| printer set-ups(either pin or laser).
|     Let's move onto some of the TEXT handling features of MegaPaint.  One
| of the first drawbacks I found with this powerful program is the native
| TEXT format.  SIGNUM fonts.  The availability of SIGNUM fonts in this
| country (U.S.A./North America) is dismal.  From all that I have heard and
| read about SIGNUM in Europe is that it is a excellent TEXT processing
| program.  Luckily, the CODEHEAD TECHNOLOGY folks have released a MODULE
| that allow the use of CALAMUS fonts to be loaded in as SYMBOLS.  MegaPaint
| allows TEXT to be entered as an ASCII file or through its own text editor.
| If you choose to LOAD a text file, the user must define a TEXT area via
| the mouse.  If the loaded text exceeds the defined area, the text will be
| cut.  The user must then redefine the text area and try again.  The text
| editor has standard editing capabilities, cursor control etc.  Once the
| user "pastes" the text down, that is it.  The text cannot be move or
| redefined.  Upon "pasting" the text the user is given the option of
| selecting the text to JUSTIFIED, CENTERED (LEFT or RIGHT) or CANCEL.  One
| small feature of the TEXT function allows the creation of TEXT FIELDS for
| database information.  I have not tried the feature called "SERIES
| LETTERS" from within MegaPaint, but the manual states that the TEXT FIELDS
| can be used to produce flyers etc.  and use the TEXT FIELDS to
| automatically insert pertinent information within the information such as
| personalized names and information.
|     The VECTOR portion of MegaPaint allows the importation of a raster
| image so that the user can trace the object.  The raster image is loaded
| in at either 25%,50% or 75% so the user can easily see contrast between
| the "background" image and the trace lines.  The tracing of objects is NOT
| automatic like Avant Vektor or Silhouette, but is manually done by the
| user.  the tracing option allows use of Bezier curves and or polylines.
|     Well I believe you have some indication now of the power and ease of
| use that MegaPaint offers the user in production of professional graphics.
| CODEHEAD TECHNOLOGIES is continually adding to the MODULE library for
| further power increases and the support offered by CODEHEAD TECHNOLOGY is
| unsurpassed by any other software distribution company in the North
| American continent.  If you need or want a professional graphic/DTP
| editing package for the ST/STe/TT then this product is definitely worth
| the price (well below $200.00 US Retail).  The combination of features
| found in this one program are without equal on any platform for the price.
| CODEHEAD/MegaPaint brings new life to the old saying, "POWER WITHOUT THE
| PRICE"...
|                           CODEHEAD TECHNOLOGIES
|                              P.O. Box 74090
|                           Los Angeles, CA 90004
|                              (213) 386-5735
        Doug Wokoun                
           - - -                   
         Atari SIG                 

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