Tads/Text Adventure Development/Shareware

From: J.J. Lehett (JJL101@PSUVM.PSU.EDU)
Date: 10/30/91-06:35:29 PM Z

From: "J.J. Lehett" <JJL101@PSUVM.PSU.EDU>
Subject: Tads/Text Adventure Development/Shareware
Date: Wed Oct 30 18:35:29 1991

--- Press Release ---

High Energy Software is pleased to announce version 1.2 of TADS, the
Text Adventure Development System.  This new version incorporates many
enhancements and suggestions from users of version 1.0, including
support for a full source-level debugger for TADS games.  As with
version 1.0, TADS 1.2 and the TADS Debugger are available on MS-DOS,
Macintosh, and Atari ST systems.  TADS is shareware; the registration
price for the basic package, which includes the printed TADS manual,
is US$40.  The optional TADS Debugger is $20, but if if you order the
Debugger at the same time you register TADS, the combination is only $50.

We've sent information about the new version by mail to registered
users of TADS version 1.0.  If you've registered your copy and you
haven't heard from us, please contact us for information on the new
version.  The upgrade for registered users is $15, which includes TADS
version 1.2 plus the TADS Debugger.

We've uploaded the new version of the shareware system on CompuServe
and GEnie.  The shareware package consists of the TADS compiler, the
run-time system, source for the basic adventure object definitions,
and the source for "Ditch Day Drifter," a large sample game that
demonstrates how to write TADS games.  If you're not a CompuServe or
GEnie user, we'd be happy to send you a copy of the shareware package
if you send us a diskette and a self-addressed stamped envelope (or
disk mailer, if you prefer); be sure to specify MS-DOS, Macintosh,
or Atari ST.

You can reach us through electronic mail on CompuServe (73737,417)
or GEnie (M.ROBERTS10).  Internet users can send us electronic mail
through CompuServe; send mail to 73737.417@compuserve.com (note that
the comma in the CompuServe user ID becomes a period for Internet
users).  We can also be reached via US mail at PO Box 50422, Palo
Alto, CA 94303.

--- From Upgrade Sheet ---

New features:

* User exits, which allow you to add functions written in other languages,
such as C or Assembler, to your TADS programs.

* Many ADV.T improvements, such as a new doorway class that allows you to
implement doors without writing any code; new classes that allow you to hide
objects with little or no programming; and changes that give you much
more control over how objects are listed in rooms.  In addition, we've
reorganized ADV.T to make it easier to understand and have added much more
documentation within the file.

* User-defined compound words, which let you define your own sequences of
multiple-word prepositions.  For example, you could define "out from under"
as a compound word, allowing players to use it in player commands.

* You can now define transparent objects such as glass bottles, whose contents
are visible even when the container is closed.

* Players can refer to actors as "Him" and "Her" as appropriate to the actor.

TDB - a source-level debugger for TADS games.

* Step line by line through your programs.

* Inspect the value of any local variable or property.

* Evaluate any TADS expression at any time while your program runs.

* Show the "call stack." which shows the method or function that called the
current method or function, the method or function that called it, and so on.

* Stop your program's execution at any method or function.

Because you can watch your program as it runs, it becomes much easier to
understand how your program and the TADS parser interact.  With TADS
debugger, not only will you have an easier time making a particular game
work, but you will be able to get a much better idea of how the system works.

The TADS debugger includes a full manual, which contains a tutorial for
users new to source level debugging, as well as detailed information about
debugger commands, and a command reference.

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