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FALCON APPLICATIONS LIST ======================== compiled by Heiko Hartmann Last Update: 03/16/94 Titles: 242 -------------------------------------NEWS----------------------------------- Okay, here is a new list for all F030 owners! I know there are a lot of titles missing, but this is the first puplication of this list! Please, send me your informations! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- This list contains various applications for the Atari ST computer series and informations about their compatibility with the Atari Falcon 030. Note: There is a special list for games, called "Falcon - List of Games". You can get the newest versions of both lists from ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have anything to add to this list, please send me a EMail with the following informations: Name, Status (PD, Shareware, commercial), compatibility (F030 & MultiTOS), supported resolutions and the version number. If you don't have all informations - it doesn't matter, send me as much as you know. Please! Don't send me informations about cracked stuff... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ST: Status of the application. There are three possibilities: "PD" : The application is Public Domain, Freeware, Postcardware... "SH" : The application is Shareware, Dongleware etc... "CO" : The application is a commercial program. F030: Does the application run on the Falcon? First character: "-" : The application does never run on the Falcon. "+" : The application does run but is limited (see notes). "!" : The application does run without any problems. Second character: "M" : The application does run under MultiTOS. "T" : The application does not run with MultiTOS (T=TOS). RES: Which resolutions are supported? "STH": The application does only support ST-High. "STM": The application does only support ST-Mid. "STL": The application does only support ST-Low. "ST" : The application supports at minimum ST-High AND one of the color-resolutions of the ST. "TT" : The application supports ST-resoultions AND TT-Mid/Low. "b/w": The application supports ALL monochrome resolutions. "ALL": The application supports ALL possible resolutions. (Note: in many cases resolutions with at minimum 640x400 dots). "??" means: unknown (if you know => Please, EMail me!) Name: ST F030 RES Notes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1stBase 2.0 CO !M ALL 1st Card 1.2 CO - STH 1stLock 1.2 CO !M ALL 1st Word Plus 3.x CO !M ALL 1st Word Plus 4 CO !M ALL ACopy ST 1.3 CO - ALL ACS pro 2.05 CO !M ALL Aladin 1.x CO - STH Analyse One 2.0 CO !T STH AnsiTerm PD !? STM V 1.0 Arabesque CO !T b/w V 1.x ArcShell SH !? ALL No True Color Argon (CD) 2.61 CO !M ALL A.S.H.-Utilities 1.0 CO !M ALL Assempro ?? !? ??? Atari Planetarium ?? - ??? Atari Works CO !M ALL Audio-Video Sequenzer ?? - ??? Avant Plot 1.3 CO !M ALL Avant Trace 2.0 CO !M ALL Avant Vektor 2.0 CO !M ALL BAAS 1.51 CO !M ALL Band-In-A-Box CO !? ST V5.0 Basic Help GFA 1.0 CO !M ALL BioNet 100 5.0 CO !M ALL BlowUp030 1.6 CO !M ALL Falcon only CalAppt PD !M ALL Calamus 1.09N CO !T b/w Calamus S CO !T ALL Calamus SL CO !T ALL Calligrapher Light PD !T ALL Redraw problems Castell 3.6 CO - STH Chagall 4C & C 2.1 CO !M ALL Chagall Ltd. CO !M ALL Checkdisk (Atari) PD !M ALL Chronos Key 2.0 CO !M ALL Circu it! 1.4 CO !M ALL CNCProfi 1.0 CO !M b/w ConnectiCAD 1.2 CO - b/w Copyist Prof. ?? !? ??? Crack Art SH +T STL No block rotate Crazy Sounds 1.23 CO !M ALL needs DMA-Sound Crossword Creator II CO !? ??? Cryptographer ?? !? ??? Crypton 2.01 CO !M ALL CS-TeX PD !T ALL V 3.x, 4.x Cubase CO !T ALL V 3.02 Cubase Audio Falcon CO !? ALL Cyber Color CO !T STL Cyber Sculpt CO +T STH No object pallete DataLight 2.18 CO !M ALL DataManager ST ?? !? ??? DA's Layout CO !M b/w DA's Picture CO !M ALL DA's Vektor CO !M ALL DA's Vektor Pro CO !M ALL DataTrieve ?? !? ??? DC Format SH !? ALL V 3.02 DC Shower PD - ??? V 1.0 Degas Elite CO !T ST Deluxe Paint ST CO !T STL V 1.00 Deskfmt SH !? ??? V 08.04.93 DevPac ST CO !T ??? V 2.08 Devpac III CO !T ALL Diablo CO !? ??? Diamond Back II CO !? ??? Diamond Back III CO !? ??? Digit 1.2 CO !T STH Digit II 1.4 CO !M ALL Falcon only. Versions: MIDI & Studio DigiTape light & II CO !M ALL Falcon only. Diskus 3.0 CO !M ALL D-Term ?? !? ??? Redraw problems DTPaint ?? - ??? Easy Draw 2.x CO - ??? Easy Draw 3.0 CO !? ??? E-Backup 1.0 CO !M ALL Does run on TT & Falcon E-Copy 1.6 CO !M ALL Ease 3.0 CO !M ALL Not in ST-Low Easybase (light) 1.41 CO - b/w Edison CO !M ALL Elfe 1.06 CO !T ALL ESim 2.8 CO !M ALL Fast-Fourier 1.7 CO !M b/w Falcon D2D CO !M ??? Falcon only FCopy 3 PD - ALL FCopy Pro CO - ALL FibuMan CO !T STH all versions FibuStat 3.5 CO - STH Flash 1.6 CO - ??? Fleet Street Publ. CO !? ??? FlexLink 1.3 CO !M ALL Does run on TT & Falcon. F.M. Terminal CO !? ALL Formular Plus 3.10 SH !M ALL Fractals IV 4.33 CO !M ALL Freeway 1.14 CO !M ALL FTL Modula-2 CO !? ??? FZDT ?? !? ??? Redraw problems G+Plus CO !? ??? GAL-Ed 1.4 CO !M ALL Gemini 2 SH !M ALL (Mupfel now works on F030!) GemView SH !M ALL GenEdit 1.x ?? - ??? GFA Basic 2.x CO !T ST GFA Basic 3.x CO !T ST All monochrome resolutions. GMa-Text 2.02 CO !T b/w GNU-C++ 2.x PD !M ALL Complete package (debugger, ass...) GNU Ghostscript 2.x PD !M ALL + GEMShell GNU-Zip 2.x PD !M ALL GrepIt 1.1 SH !M ALL Guck 1.8 SH !T ALL Guitarist ?? !? ??? Gulam-Shell SH - ALL Harlekin 2 CO !? ALL Harlekin 3.1 CO !M ALL HCopy 1.7x SH !M ALL HDDriver 3.05 CO !M ALL Hisoft Basic 2 CO !? ??? Hisoft C CO !? ALL HiSpeed Pascal CO !? ??? Hushi 2.x CO - ALL Ice-Pack 2.4 PD !T ALL Ing CAD 2.0 CO - b/w TT only InShape 1.02 CO - TT TT only, color resolutions InShape Intro 1.0 CO !T ALL Falcon only, color resolutions Interface CO !M ALL Interlink CO !? ??? V 1.7 It's all relative TCP CO !? ??? TCP=Tree Chart Program Junior Prommer 2.41 CO !T ST Kandinsky SH !M ALL Keyboard Contr. Sequ. ?? !? ??? V 4.0 Kobold CO !M ALL K-Spread (light) 4.19 CO !M ALL Lattice C 5.5x CO !? ALL uses FPU LHarc 2.x SH !M ALL Lindner-TeX SH !T ALL Little Green Selector SH - ALL Live 1.61 CO !T b/w Live Basic 1.11 CO !T b/w Liveplus 2.01 CO !M ALL LPR Modula-2 PD !M ALL Mag!x 2 CO - ALL Marc 4.0 SH !M ALL V 1.01 Maxidat 4.32 CO !M ALL Maxon-Pascal 1.6 CO - ALL Maxon-Prolog 1.01 CO - ALL Maxon-Prommer 2 CO !M ALL V 3.0 Means 1.2 CO - ALL Memfile ?? !? ??? V 3.0 Metafont (Burkhahn) SH !T ALL MidiCom 3.9 CO !M ALL Midnight 2.0 CO !M ALL Morpher 1.0 CO !M ALL Mortimer 1.16 CO - STH Mortimer Deluxe 3.10 CO !T ALL Mortimer Plus 2.09 CO - ALL MultiGEM 2.0 CO !T ALL MultiTeX 5.2 CO !M ALL uses FPU, V5.1 does not run with MTOS! Multi-Writer ?? !M ??? Musicmon 2.0 CO !T ST needs DMA-Sound Music Studio CO !? ??? Music Studio '88 CO !? ??? NVDI 2.5 CO !M ALL NVDI 1.x/2.0x CO - ALL Omikron Basic 4.09 CO - ALL TT only Omikron Basic Junior CO - ST ST only, V 3.09 Omikron Basic 3.5 CO !T ALL V 3.6 Omikron Draw 3.03 CO - STH ORCS SH !? ALL Outline Art CO !M ALL Outside 3.20 CO !M ALL Does run on TT & Falcon Pagestream CO !? ALL Problems in color-modes PAM's Hiker 1.3 CO !M ALL PAM's Net 1.3 CO !M ALL Papillion 2.x CO !M ALL Papyrus (Gold) 3.0 CO !M ALL Paula 2.2a SH !M ALL (V 2.1x do not work!) PCDitto 3.0 CO - ??? PFXPack SH !T ALL Phoenix 3.0 CO !M ALL Photo Show ?? +? ??? Needs Backward! Piccolo 2.0 CO !T ALL PixArt 1.x CO !M ALL Platon 2.3 CO !T ALL PrintMaster Plus CO !? STM Prism Paint CO !T ALL ProList 2.12 SH !M ALL Publishing Partner M. CO !? ??? Pure C 1.x CO !M ALL Debugger crashes sometimes, uses FPU Pure Pascal 1.x CO !T ALL Pure Profiler 1.0 CO !M ALL RayStart 2.01 CO !M ALL Route it! 1.4 CO !M ALL Samplemaker ?? +? ??? Some problems... SampleStar CO - STH ST only, all versions Sample Wizard 1.2 CO - STH TT only Sagrotan SH - b/w Score Perfect Pro 2.0 CO !T b/w Script 2.x CO !M ALL SE-Adress 1.42 CO !M ALL SE-Fakt! 1.3 CO !M ALL Signum! 2 CO - STH Signum! 3.x CO !T ALL Skyplot 5.4 CO !M ALL Sleepy Joe 2.40 CO !M ALL Song Editor ?? !? ??? V 1.0 Speed of Light SH !T ALL No True Color Spice 2G6 1.25 CO !M ALL Spiceline 1.53 CO !M ALL Spirit Editor ?? !? ALL STAD 1.3+ CO !T STH Staned 1.2 CO !M ALL Stanlog 1.0 CO !M ALL ST-Fakt 3.29 CO !T ALL ST-Fibu 3.x CO !T ALL ST-Giro 1.21 CO !T b/w STOS-Basic CO - ST ST Virus Killer ?? !? ??? V 3.11 ST Writer Elite PD !? ??? STZip 2.x PD !M ALL Studio Photo DSP CO !? ALL Falcon only Sudden View ?? !? ST Syntex 1.2 CO !M ALL Sysinfo SH !? ??? V 8.34 System Audio Manager PD? !M ALL Tell IT 1.5 CO !T b/w Tempus 2 CO !? ??? Tempus Word CO !T ALL all versions TeXDraw SH !M ALL Tiny Term ?? !? ALL TLC Formatter SH !? ??? V 3.02 Touch-Up CO !? ??? V 1.54, 1.84 True Paint CO !? ALL TurboAss 1.77 SH !T ST 68000-code only. Turbo C CO !? ALL Twist 1.05 CO !M ALL Twixt CO !? ALL Ultimate Virus Killer SH !? ??? VanTerm ?? +? ??? Bombs sometimes... Virendetektor 3.1x SH !T ALL VT-Decoder 1.2 CO !M ALL WERCS CO !? ??? Winrec 1.3x SH !M ALL Word Search Creator ?? !? ??? Word Writer ST ?? !? ??? V 2.2 Word Perfect CO !? ??? V 4-18-91 (not with Maccel!) XAct CO !M ALL XAct Draw CO !M ALL XBoot CO !M ALL V 2.x, 3.x Xenomorph 1.0 CO !T ST Xenomorph Plus 2.0 CO !M ALL X-Window (PAM) 11.5 CO !T b/w Does run on TT & Falcon ZOO 2.x PD !M ALL ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- No warranty for the correctness of all informations in this list! I am not able to test all the applications by myself! This list may be distributed freely. Commercial use of this list is not allowed (for example: publishing in a commercial magazine -> contact the author first!) You can reach me via EMail at: Heiko Hartmann or ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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