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Welcome to the Atari SIG's 16/32-Bit Computers Support Area! The 16/32-Bit Computers Support Area has something for everyone, from the first-time ST(e) or TT buyer to the experienced and advance users and programmers of these lines of Atari computers. The 16/32-Bit Computers Support Area is run by individuals and is no way affiliated with Atari Corporation. The "Atari" name, logo, and any other Atari products mentioned here are copyrighted by Atari Corporation. The 16/32-Bit Computers Support Area is made possible by CWRU, INS, NPTN, and you, the user who contributes time and information. This area is maintained by the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG. It can be accessed by users around the world for free by using "telnet" at their college or business by one of the following Internet addresses: freenet-in-a.cwru.edu, freenet-in-b.cwru.edu, freenet-in-c.cwru.edu (, The Cleveland Free-Net can also be accessed by the phone number: 216/368-3888 at either 300, 1200, or 2400 baud (sometimes even greater). Once you have connected to Free-Net, you should enter the system as a visitor if you are not a registered user and apply for an account. The system will not allow you to post to a bulletin board or sign your name to a directory without an ID. Type "go atari" at the main menu and you will be sent to the Atari SIG. From there, select option 6 for the 16/32-Bit Computers Support Area menu. Here is a small overview of each section and their contents: 1. About this Support Area - What you are reading now. 2. ST(e), TT, Falcon030 Descriptions - Tech specs and further info on the current and past lines of Atari 16/32-bit machines. 3. Reference Desk... - An area that includes subscription information for Atari magazines, vendors and developers listing, and Frequently Asked Questions. 4. 16/32-Bit News - The latest Atari news, keeping you up to date on whats happening in the ST(e), TT, Falcon and other new projects marketplace. 5. Bulletin Board - General chatter area to discuss anything from your new perfect PD program find, to what to do when your disk drive dies. All we ask is that you keep it clean and respectable. 6. Usenet: comp.sys.atari.st - An international Atari ST computer newsgroup (bulletin board) that hundreds of users post to and read from. Since the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIGOps do not maintain this newsgroup, you must be careful when posting to it. The posting of profanity or illegal material to this newsgroup may result in the loss of Free-Net access. Read the Usenet rules in the Atari Library under the Usenet submenu. 7. MIDI Application Forum - A forum for all musicians, a place to discuss the use of MIDI and similar technology with the Atari line of computers. 8. Programming/Developing Forum - A forum for all programmers, professionals or wannabe's, covering every aspect of the trade, if you would like to discuss coding, hardware hack's or similar topics this is the place to do it. Led by a professional developer Peter Haller. 9. Product Summaries - see below 10. Product Review - see below 11. File Area - Devoted to helping you keep up with the latest in shareware and public domain offerings, and also access to those classics and must-have pieces of software. Help files on how to get files delivered via e-mail directly to your freenet mailbox for downloading at your leisure. A request board where you can ask others for help locating a certain file. And a help board in case you get stuck in the confusing world of file transfer's, this is the place to turn for assistance. 12. Online Magazines - Get your latest copy of the online magazines here, shortly after their release! 13. 16/32-Bit User Directory - Be sure to add your name to this directory. This is where members can look up other members of the SIG. Finally, don't forget to use the main Atari SIG menu. There are several boards there that are relevant to the 16/32-bit computers as well, including the Atari SIG's General Bulletin Board, the Wanted & For Sale Board, the Voting Booth area, the Atari Library area, the Help Line (Q & A) board, and the SIG Directory Services. REVIEWS & SUMMARIES INFORMATION: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- In order to avoid confusion, please follow these instructions when contributing a review or summary. When entering the subject of a review or summary, do the following: SUBJECT: name of title / application / commercial,p.d.,or shareware The name of title is almost self-explanatory, all you do is write the name of the title you are reviewing or summarizing. You then press " / " to separate it from the next bit of information that you will provide to the user. The name of the application in which the title belongs to. For example, if it is a game, you would enter "Game". If it is for desktop publishing, you would enter "DTP". Or if it is for music, you would enter "Music". The user looking for a review or a summary may be looking for a title to be used in a specific application and does not wish to read through all the other reviews that does not deal with that application. You then press " / " to separate it from the next bit of information that you will provide to the user. If the title is commercial, public domain, or shareware. The user looking for a review may be looking for a certain program that does not cost anything for him to use such as public domain. Or the user may be looking for a program where he can get it now and then send the author money for his or her work later. The user may only want to read reviews or summaries for commercial software titles and not read articles on p.d. or shareware programs. By putting "commercial", "p.d." or "shareware" to the end of the subject, you are giving the user needed information automatically without having him or her guess. The summary and review should also be very informative. You should mention what it is about, what you like about it, what you don't, etc. Write a summary or review as how you would like to read a summary or review provided by other users. Also, if you wish to contribute summaries or reviews that have been printed in a user group newsletter, online magazine, or publication, you must first get permission to reprint it here. You must also give them proper credit. By not giving them credit, you are breaking the law. Each contribution that you give will be delayed until it is validated by one of the Atari SIGOps. This should take less than 48 hours. And lastly, if you take a review or summary from this section and have it reprinted in your newsletter or any other publication, please include this necessary information unless the review or summary posted here was taken from another source: Name of article Author's name Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG telnet freenet-in-a.cwru.edu (216)/368-3888 type "go atari" at any menu Thank you and please do your part in making this area a success. The 16/32-Bit Computer Support Area is only as good as you make it! If you have any comments or suggestions on how to make the 16/32-Bit Computers Support Area better then please send them to the Atari SIG (xx004) mail box. The Atari SIG Operators would love to hear from you! Thank you, Bruce Nelson (aa789) Atari 16/32-Bit Computers Support Area SIGOp Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG and all your Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIGOps
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