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From: Michael Current (aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 06/17/94-03:54:26 PM Z

From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Super Products
Date: Fri Jun 17 15:54:26 1994

 From: (Mark Perry)
 Date: 14 Jun 94 02:58:02 GMT

A few people have asked me about the Super Products stuff so I'll post 
this again.

I have had SuperMax in my 1050 for about a year and don't think I could 
go back to a standard 1050.  

Now, I have SuperMon in my XEGS.  So far I have not really used the 
monitor functions.  Not having to use the translator disk anymore is 
great.  You only need to flick a switch to get the 400/800 Rev. B OS 
instead.  The other great thing is that it works with cartridges too.  
Millipede just does not work quite right on an XL or XE but now I can 
battle the swarms again with no problems by flicking the switch.

Those people who like their 800's may be interested in Super800.  This 
will most probably be the next thing I get - plus SuperRAM to give me 
plenty of memory.  The only disadvantage I can see is no parallel bus so 
I would want a  hard disk interface that connects to the serial IO bus.  
No one has done this yet have they?

Super Products

Replaces the XL operating system with the Atari Rev. B OS.  This will 
allow XL and XE computers to run 400/800 software without using the 
translator disk.  It gives you a powerful disassembler which is always 
available.  All disassembler functions such as disassemble, step, trace, 
change move etc are available.  You can also access the disk drives (eg 
binary loader without DOS).  You can also use a 4 colour screendump which 
will even do some redefined character set graphics or any mixture of modes.

Using SuperRAM you can get 256K for your XL (both 600 and 800), 304K in 
your 800 and 320K for your XE.  SuperMon can access this memory with any 
of it's functions.  No soldering is required on the 600 or 800XL and the 
800 needs only one connection.  

SuperMax gives you true double density on your 1050, as well as a 
fourfold increase in the read/write speed (with SuperDOS or other hi 
speed DOS).  To add SuperMax, you need to remove a chip (and replace it 
with SuperMax), cut a few traces and solder a wire or two.  SuperDOS is 
smaller than Atari DOS, easier to use and has many extra features such as 
a binary loader that leaves you with 707 free sectors on a disk.  
SuperDOS is now available on the Atari archive site.

Super800 will allow your faithful 800 to run all those special XL 
programs.  If used with SuperRAM, you can also emulate the XE running 
programs such as Paper Clip, AtariWriter Plus etc.  Contains two 
operating systems, both with SuperMon and 16K of RAM.  It can use 
SuperRAM as Axlon or XL compatible RAM.  It comes on a single plug in 
board which is easy to install.

SuperMon, SuperRAM, SuperMax and Super800 can all be switched off with 
the system returned to normal if the need arises.

Super Products stuff is available from James Bradford.

Phone :  (074) 969 169


Pikes Road
Beerwah QLD 4519

If you write to James, you should probably include a few International 
Reply Coupons.

Note it is Pikes Road.  I left the s off last time I posted the address.

Mark Perry

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