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From: Michael Current (aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 03/23/93-09:56:05 AM Z

From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: PicPrint 6.0 / graphics / commercial
Date: Tue Mar 23 09:56:05 1993

 From: ab588@yfn.ysu.edu (joseph sabatino)

Reply-To: phbill@cyberden.sf.ca.us writes:
>Speaking of MagnaPrint (since Alpha systems is still around).. does it 
>work well (or at ALL) with Atari xmm801 printers?  I'd like to get it
>I'd also really like to get my hands on some color printing software for 
>the xmm801, but I suppose I'll eventually have to upgrade to a true >Epson 
>or something like that (yay!  80cps sucks! hehe)
PicPrint 6.0 will work with it...color too! Here is some info about it:
PicPrint 6.0 by MKD Software works only on Atari XL/XE
PicPrint is a program designed to print your compressed,
uncompressed, Fun with Art, and Paint pictures on any Epson type
printer.  It even supports oddballs such as Atari XMM-801 and Canon
thermal printer.
The main feature of this program is that if you have an Epson
JX-80, Star NX-1000r or compatible color printer, you can print your
pic's in full color.
If you use SDX, the drive letter will be used (A, B, C, etc.) and the
program will use the SDX default drive.  I have PicPrint on a
720K 3.5 inch drive with many, many pic files.  That is the best way to
do it if you  have SDX.  If you don't have SDX, then get it!
PicPrint will display up to 60 files They can be mixed file types-
 PicPrint can tell what kind of file you have whatever the name is.
Below is a list of other files it loads and prints:
MovieMaker, Aladdin, AtariGraphics, Visualizer, Magic Painter,and force
any Gr.8 Load
Commands available:
Flip........Flips pic- useful for making T-Shirt iron ons.
Print.......Prints the pic.  If you hold OPTION down while
pressing P it will make twice as many print passes on the paper.  If
you hold START while pressing P, ANTIC DMA will be turned off to speed
up printing.
Menu........Takes you back to the File menu.
View........Lets you see what's under the text window until
you hit a key- then the text window returns.
Save........Saves the pic in picture in standard
Uncompressed format.  This is useful for converting the pic for use
with other programs such as DesignLab or Philip Price's DLI program.
Black/White.removes the color from the screen- useful for
printing B&W on a color printer. The pic automatically changes to B&W
if you didn't select a color printer.
1-4 color...press 1   then + or - to change color 1, same for
all colors 1-4. Hit esc to exit color change
Dli.........This will load the four .P? files from Philip
Price's program.  The DLI's won't show on the screen, but they will
print on paper.
Color Reg...Puts the values of the color registers on the
screen (and pic if you print it).
Gr..........Changes to and from Graphics 8 monochrome mode.
Neg.........Toggles white on black or black on white on
screen and on the paper.  Works only in Gr.8 mode.
Res.........Restores colors if you messed them up. Use in Gr.15 mode.
  There are a few other files on the disk- the CONVERT.COM file is
an excellent conversion program from ABBUC that will convert pics to
and from Graphics 8, ST PI3, and IBM monochrome format.
PAINTR.COM is Philip Price's DLI program.  Option toggles pic on
/ off, Select changes current color, Start saves DLI's.  Esc then
select turns brush mode on/off.  The program is joystick controlled.
  Works with AtariDOS, SuperDOS, SpartaDOS-X (if you USE BANKED)
  Sorry, Sparta versions 2.x and 3.x won't work- They use the RAM
under the OS that PicPrint also uses. (see below)
  It hasn't been tested with other DOS's, but most should work.
  PicPrint WILL WORK with AtariDOS D8: RAMdisk and SuperDOS D5:
  RAMdisk and any and all SDX RAMdisks.
The program is written in Compiled Turbo-BASIC which DOES work with SDX.
The 2.x and 3.x Sparta versions couldn't load T-BASIC because of RAM
Philip Price's program is in the Public Domain.
Picprint is Copyright 1991 by MKD Systems.  I paid $17 for it from:
          MKD Systems
          125 Goodview Drive
          Apollo, PA 15613
          CIS ID: 72347,3014
Joe Sabatino-->ab588@yfn.ysu.edu
         Michael Current, Cleveland Free-Net 8-bit Atari SIGOp
Carleton College, Northfield, MN, USA / UUCP: ...!umn-cs!ccnfld!currentm
      Internet: currentm@carleton.edu / Cleveland Free-Net: aa700

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