Omniview 256, Omnimon XL / hardware

From: Michael Current (aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 07/12/92-10:21:45 PM Z

From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Omniview 256, Omnimon XL / hardware
Date: Sun Jul 12 22:21:45 1992

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Omniview 256, Omnimon XL

Jeff McWilliams

Yes, Newell Industries still sells two Operating system ROMS, the Omniview 256
and the Omnimon XL.  The first has a built in 80 column E: handler, similar
to what you get when running vt10squared, Omnicom, or Kermit65.
It also has a built in Ramdisk handler for Newell 256K upgrades, and a
monitor program called ATRMON, which was used for running CPM on the ATR8000
in 80 columns.
My friend uses it for his ATR8000 is CPM every now and then and he really
likes it.
The Omniview 256 also uses the older 800 version of the OS, to solve those
compatibility problems with some software.  It also can automatically
copy the OS into the RAM under the OS ROM area, for whatever reason you
would want to do this.

The Omnimon XL chip is also an 800 OS, and has a very nice machine language
monitor/debugger built in.

The address phone number is as follows:

Newell  Industries
P.O Box 253
Wylie, TX  75098

Jeff McWilliams
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