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From: Michael Current (aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 02/05/92-11:18:28 PM Z

From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: various by Innovative Concepts
Date: Wed Feb  5 23:18:28 1992

Innovative Concepts products

Summaries by JJMCWILL@MTUS5.BITNET (Jeff McWilliams)

Previously someone inquired about Innovative Concepts and I have finally
got off my duff and written a reply.

Innovative Concepts has their own line of products, as well as carrying
a wide range of new/user atari equipment, much of which is hard to find
anywhere else.  They don't publish this stuff in their normal catalog,
as they only have a few things here and there so if you are looking for
something give them a call.   Here is a list of their regular product

Easy Scan - image scanner requiring an XL/XE with 128K and an epson
            compatible printer.  The scanner's fiber optic cable is
            actually attached to your printer's print head and the image
            is fed through the printer.
SIO PORT BOX - For devices like the P: connection from ICD, the Supra Micro-
               print, XM301 modem, etc.  It has three SIO ports on it.
SIO Switch Box - allows you to swith SIO devices, say between two computers.

Modem Mouth - a speaker for modems with no speaker so you can hear busy tones,

Memory upgrades, 600XL to 64K or 130XE compatible 128K
                 800XL to 130XE compatible 128K, or Rambo XL comp. 256K
                 XEGS to 128K or 192K
                 130XE to 192K, 320K, or 576K
                 65XE to 128K, 192K, or 320K
Ramdrive utilities: lots of neat utilities for owners of computers with
                    extra RAM, not for Newell 256K owners.  This comes
                    free with all their memory upgrade kits.
ICX-85 keypad- a modified CX-85 numeric keypad that is wired into ANY 8 bit
               and works all the time.  A deluxe version gives you the 1200XL
               function keys on the keypad, but only for XL/XE/XEGS computers.
               They also sell a kit to modify your own CX-85 keypad into an

Function Key Kit - a separate set of 1200XL function keys you wire into your
                   XL/XE computer.

Ram-AID      - A guaranteed cold start switch, allowing you to reboot your
              computer without powering down, which saves the contents of
              extended memory.

IC 1050 Controller - allows you to write to the back (flippy) side of
                     disks on your 1050 disk drive without having to punch
                     the extra hole.
Immitator Controller - for Happy 1050 owners, gives you control over fast/
                       slow read write, and control of write protect.

XF35 Kit - turns your XF551 into a 720K 3.5" disk drive.

Yemacyb and Yemacyb/4  allows color printing on dot matrix printers using
                       4 color ribbons.

I believe they also have a new disk for Happy 1050 owners allowing true
US Doubler emulation.

Innovative Concepts can be reached at:

31172 Shawn Drive
Warren, MI  48093

I am in now way shape or form affiliated with Innovative Concepts.
The above descriptions only briefly describe I.C. 's products, please
obtain further details before ordering.

Jeff McWilliams
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