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From: Michael Current (aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 11/24/91-12:27:37 PM Z

From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: DK-Utilities / utilities / commercial 
Date: Sun Nov 24 12:27:37 1991

Reprinted from Z*Magazine: 04-Nov-91 #199

 * RUMBLES...RAMBLES...RUMORS...                          by Stan Lowell

 Other New Things
 Bob Klass of K-Products is now selling a 'SpartaDos utility package' of
 utility programs for both MIO and Black Box owners.
 The following messages are captures from the repair BBS describe the
 utility package.

 Message: 2(#16773)
   Title: New 8-Bit!
  Author: Sysop*Bob
      To: All
  Posted: Mon  8-Jul-91 at  7:52:00am
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 There are a few programers out there still supporting the Atari 8-Bit
 user.  Just released are DK-Utilities by Dan Knauf, who released all
 rights to K-Products, 4267 W. Midway Dr., Salt Lake City, Ut 84120,
 DK-Utilities is a set of utility programs intended for use with Sparta
 Dos, the Black Box, and at least one hard drive.  These utilities can
 all be used from the Sparta Dos command line.  They have been written in
 two forms Com files and Command files (for BBS Express! Professional
 Sysops), and are available on the Repair Shop BBS 801-967-8738 in the
 online store, price $10.00 plus s/h.
 The disk contains the following files.
 BBFIG.COM -> You can load and save the the main configuration table for
 the Black Box or MIO to/from a disk file.
 BLOCK.COM -> Allows you to lock, unlock or check the status on hard
 drives connected to the Black Box or MIO.
 BOOTMENU.COM -> Is a bootup menu program for Sparta Dos users.  It
 provides a menu of up to 32 single Sparta Dos commands to be executed by
 a single keypress.
 BPART.COM ->  Is a program to load, save and print partitions lists for
 the Black Box from the Sparta Dos command line.  This effectively
 eliminates the 96 partition limit for the Black Box users!
 BSWAP.COM ->  This allows you to swap the drive assigns in the
 configuration table to either the Black Box or the MIO interface from
 the Sparta Dos command line.
 DMENU.COM ->  Allows you to enter either the Black Box menu or the MIO
 menu from the Sparta Dos command line.
 FLUSH.COM ->  This will flush the print spooler on the Black Box.
 LF.COM ->  Turns on/off the line feed option on either the Black Box or

 PR.COM ->  Turns on/off printer port works only on the Black Box with
 any DOS.
 RS.COM ->  Turns on/off RS232 port works only with Black Box, but with
 any DOS.

 SOUND.COM ->  Turns on/off the sound works only with Black Box, with any

 SPOOLER.COM ->  Works with any DOS but only with Black Box and computers
 with extended memory.  Turns the printer spooler on/off.
 WHO.COM -> Works just like Sparta Dos's HUH.COM only WHO works with
 either the Black Box or the MIO, shows the status of all drives on the
 system.  If you are using the Black Box, the Hard Drive partition names
 are listed after the drive assigns data.
 Hope several of you find Dan's efforts useful...

                 Bob Klaas

(3/250+) ATARI 8-BIT:

 If you are the owner of either a BB or an MIO, have a hard drive and/or
 run a BBS, this looks like a very useful package to me!
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