From: Jeff M Lodoen (
Date: 12/03/94-03:29:27 AM Z

From: (Jeff M Lodoen)
Subject: Cheerio.bas
Date: Sat Dec  3 03:29:27 1994 (The GEEZER) writes:
>Does anybody out there recall a short 2 or three line program that played
>a short song song in atari basic with just a few peeks and pokes? I think
>it was in an Antic issue quite a few years ago. If anybody remembers this
>neat little program, please post it.. 

Okay, from Antic, V4#8, December 1985:

10 S=53760:POKE S,230:POKE S+1,175:POKE S+2,231:POKE S+3,175:POKE S+4,229:
   POKE S+15,3
20 FOR X=0 TO 255.49 STEP 0.135:POKE S+8,X:NEXT X:GOTO 20

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