Turboword 80 tip

From: Jeffrey J. McWilliams (cd827@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 04/23/93-09:37:39 AM Z

From: cd827@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Jeffrey J. McWilliams)
Subject: Turboword 80 tip
Date: Fri Apr 23 09:37:39 1993

Anyone familiar with Turboword+ by Micromiser Software should also
be familiar with the FAST-Insert feature activated by hitting
SHIFT-HELP.  This takes you to a separate screen, a sort of insert
buffer.  After typing text here, you usually hit HELP to have this
text pasted into your document at the position of the cursor
before you had done the SHIFT-HELP combination.

Well, guess what happens if you accidentally hit OPTION when in the 
insert buffer?  You go back to the main Turboword menu!  
your text that was in the insert buffer is not lost however,
it has been tacked onto the end of your document, separated from it by
an inverse asterisk.  Before you can do a nother FAST Insert operation,
you must first erase the text and the inverse asterisk at the end
of your document, use the Move command (Control-M) to put the
text in the proper place in the text, or do a strange Fast INSERT
operation, that goes like this:

Position the cursor in your document where the text is to be inserted.
Once you see the familiar blank insert screen, immediately hit HELP.
This should automatically copy that text from the end of your document
to where it should be inserted.  

I ran into this "FEATURE" when working on an installment of 
"Moonlight Workshop" for Atari Classics magazine.  At first, upon
realizing that I had accidentally exited to the menu, I thought all
the text in the insert buffer, (several paragraphs) were gone forever.
I went to start the FAST Insert process all over again, trying to
recall the text from memory as best I could.  When i hit HELP to have this stuff
moved into my main document, the OLD text appeared instead.  Then of course
I had to start experimenting to understand just what was going on, and 
came up with the answer.  I hope there are other Turboword+ users
out there that will benefit from this.  Turboword suffers from SLOW    
screen redraws, especially when trying to insert spaces or 
text the regular way (CTRL-I) for insert mode, or using CTRL-INSERT
to make room, and from using CNTRL-DELETE to delete text.  The
FAST-Insert mode works to overcome this, but still falls short of the screen
redraw speeds of Atariwriter 80.  On the other hand, ATW80 has its own
little quirks and bugs that make me go back to Turboword, even though 
Turboword can only edit up to 20K at a time, and ATW80 can edit up
to 45K of text at one time using 130XE banks.

Michael,  want a good reason why people don't post?  I use vi to
post stuff here, like everywhere else, and here vi is the slowest dog
I've ever used.  Must be because there are so many users using the 
system at once.  It makes my 8 bit look like a streak of lightning.
Anyhow, it really makes it painful to enter, and edit stuff to 
post here.  got any suggestions on how stuff could be written "OFFLINE"
and then posted to the Atari SIG?

Jeff McWilliams

Jeff McWilliams  -->student, Electrical Enginnering, Michigan Tech. Univ.

cd827@cleveland.freenet.edu  OR  jjmcwill@mathlab.mtu.edu

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