Atari 8-Bit Computers: Vendors and Developers

Archive-name: atari-8-bit/vendev Posting-Frequency: 60 days Last-modified: September 10, 1997 Welcome to the comp.sys.atari.8bit newsgroup! Atari 8-Bit Computers Vendors and Developers List "A comprehensive list of vendors, developers, publishers, and repair shops for Atari 8-bit computers and their users" Additions/suggestions/comments/corrections are needed! Please send to: Michael Current Please refer to the latest version of this FAQ list whenever possible! Available via these locations and Usenet FAQ archives everywhere: news:comp.sys.atari.8bit news:comp.answers news:news.answers Or you can always ask me for a copy at ------------------------------ Subject: Introduction Conventions ----------- All commercial vendors, developers, publishers, and repair shops should be listed here. "Major" PD/freeware/shareware developers should also be listed. Persons or entities holding rights to products, but not selling or supporting them in any way, are NOT listed here. "Vendor" = Reseller of products produced by others. Types of products sold are given in categories: new hardware, used hardware, PD/freeware/ shareware, (new) commercial software, used (commercial) software. "Developer" = Producer of products. Titles of products produced by the developer are listed. No product can be developed by more than one developer. No prices are given. "Publisher" = Publishes a print or disk magazine, or a book. Complete subscription or ordering information should be given, including prices. "Repair Shop" = Can repair many 8-bit Atari and related hardware devices. Be sure to make advance contact before sending anything to work on! Entries are presented alphabetically by company name, or publication title. If no company name exists, a personal name is used. "See" references indicate complete information may be found under the given heading. "See also" references indicate closely-related information may be found under the given heading. When writing to request catalogs, it's always a good idea to include a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope. When writing to foreign firms, try enclosing a couple of International Reply Coupons (IRC's) as well. Super-Brief Copyright Primer ---------------------------- Commerical software - protected by copyright, may not be copied except for personal archival purposes Shareware -protected by copyright, may be freely copied and distributed, shareware payment required for continued use Freeware - protected by copyright, may be freely copied and distributed, no payment required for continued use Public Domain software - NOT protected by copyright, anyone may do anything with it, period. Software is protected by copyright from the moment of creation. No copyright notice is required for copyright protection. Software does not enter the Public Domain unless explicitly released to the PD *by the copyright owner*. If there is no copyright notice, software must be considered Freeware rather than in the Public Domain. My article "Intellectual Property Protection for Computer Software" appeared in Atari Classics, 3(1), 1994, pp. 4-7, or see: Verfications -> YOU! -------------------- This list is in a constant state of development, and comes with no guarantees. Information of this nature constantly ages; therefore, the information contained in this list is constantly updated. Please use the latest release of this list whenever possible! I collect information for this list from wherever I can find it. While most updates to this list come from you, the user of the list, I'd like to recognize a few of my more prominent sources: - Atari Classics, published by Bob Woolley - New Atari User, published by Page 6 Publishing (Les and Sandy Ellingham) - Classic Computing, published by the Historical Computer Society "Hi!" to Marek Tomczyk, who has supplied so much information from Germany. Remember, the success of this list is dependent on YOU, the reader, to send me updates that correct errors that you find. If you use this list, please do your part in keeping it useful for everyone! ------------------------------ Subject: A 8-Bits Forever (book) See: GFH Marketing Aerion Software PO Box 1222 Bronx NY 10471-0601 USA tel: (212) 548-0514 Developer: Fury: The Wrath of Taljun Cathu, Lasermaze The AGDA Group See also: DataQue See also: Jeff Potter Developer: Maze of AGDAgon, GameLink-II (cable) Paul V. Alhart 524 North Zee St. Lompoc, CA 93436 Publisher: The AtariWriter+ Companion (book) - $5 Altronic E.I.R.L. Bolognesi 952 Bellavista Callao 2 Peru tel: (51)(1) 429-4298 Vendor: New and used hardware and software Repair shop. AMC/AMS & Portronic (Armin Stuermer) Froebelstrasse 14a D-65203 Wiesbaden Germany tel: +49 611/9600975 Developer: Portronics hardware: Uni Pad, Power Pad, Stereo Blaster/Phaser, Herbert; AMC/AMS software American Techna-Vision (Ralph Maddox) 15338 Inverness St. San Leandro CA 94579-2016 USA tel: (510) 352-3787 Vendor: new hardware Amethyst Software 211 S Kansas Ave Danville IL 61834-5272 USA Vendor: commercial/PD/freeware/shareware David Aronson 2911 Bree Hill Rd Oakton VA 22124-1213 USA tel: (703) 620-6183 Vendor: used hardware Artacyis Software (James Catalano) 639 W Grace St Apt 336 Chicago IL 60613-4005 USA tel: (312) 248-6065 Developer: over 60 original game titles AS See: Mirage Assisting Children to Excel PO Box 1213 Camarillo CA 93011-1213 USA Developer: Educational Master Cartridge, Dorsett Teaching Tapes (8-tape sets each in: Reading, Spelling, Math, Economics, Physics, Psychology, U.S. History, World History, Digital Electronics) Associated Enterprises 2781 Houston Dr Los Osos CA 93402-4309 USA (805) 528-1117 (voice) (805) 534-1117 (fax) (Dave Berry) (Vic Halling) Vendor: new and used hardware and software Atari 8-Bit Omnibus (publication) See: David A. Paterson Atari Bit Byter User Club e.V. (ABBUC) c/o Wolfgang Burger Wieschenbeck 45 D-45699 Herten Germany Tel./Fax +49 2366 39623 Mailbox: +49 5439 3265 Online: Mon.-Fri.: 19.00h - 06.45h (MEZ) Sat.+Sun.: 15.00h - 06:45h (MEZ) Developer: various hardware and software Publisher: ABBUC Magazin (disk magazine) Repair Shop. Atari Classics (Bob Woolley, Editor) 1161 Bay St Alameda CA 94501-3911 USA Publisher: Atari Classics (print magazine) "Published no more than six times a year" Software disks will be distributed every second issue 6 Issues 12 Issues 18 Issues USA 2nd Class Mail $25 $46 $63 Canada Surface Mail $30 $56 $78 Other Foreign Surface Mail $32 $60 $84 European Airmail $38 $72 $102 Asia/Pacific Airmail $40 $76 $108 AC Software Disk (Anywhere) $9 $18 $27 ATARImagazin (print magazine) See: Power Per Post Atari PD Software c/o Andrew Pittman 418 Marilyn Dr Pearl MS 39208-3715 USA Vendor: PD/freeware/shareware The AtariWriter+ Companion (book) See: Paul V. Alhart ATCOM Micro Center (address mail to Barry Keyes, *not* ATCOM Micro Center) PO Box 294 Newbury Park CA 91319-0294 USA tel: (805) 376-0299 FAX: (805) 370-0972 Vendor: new/used hardware, new/used software, PD/freeware/shareware Repair Shop. full-service, all items ATESIG c/o Decker G. McAllister, Jr. 145 Surf Pl Seal Beach CA 90740-5909 USA tel: (310) 430-5433 tel: (310) 596-6123 Developer: hardware and software for model railroading applications Avalon See: L.K. Avalon ------------------------------ Subject: B B&C ComputerVisions 1725 De La Cruz Blvd Ste 7 Santa Clara CA 95050-3011 USA tel: (408) 986-9960 Phone Orders: Tue - Fri 10am-6pm / Saturday 10am-5pm FAX: (408) 986-9968 Store Hours: Thur & Fri 10am-6pm Address after Oct 1 1997: B & C ComputerVisions 5917 Stope Way El Dorado, Ca. 95623-4716 (916)295-9270 FAX 295-9271 After Nov 1 1997 the area code becomes (530) Vendor: new/used hardware, commercial/PD/freeware/shareware. MAJOR ATARI PARTS SOURCE Marlin Bates, IV (Fuji-dom) Vendor: used hardware, used software Matthias Belitz See: Steve Birmanns Bensley Consulting PO Box 301 Westfield IL 62474-0301 USA tel: (217) 967-5465 Developer: Happy's Programs - Math, U.S. History, Astronauts, Triangles Best Electronics 2021 The Alameda Ste 290 San Jose CA 95126-1127 USA tel: (408) 243-6950 1-5pm Pacific Time Mon-Fri FAX: (408) 243-8274 Vendor: new hardware, commercial software Developer: "XE" Touch, Best Joystick, Best Light Gun. MAJOR ATARI PARTS SOURCE Steve Birmanns and Matthias Belitz Germany Developers: MSC IDE-Harddisk-Controller Larry Black 2337 Douglas Rd Panama City FL 32405-5902 USA Developer: Atar-Z-Modem Black Moon Systems (BJ Martnick) PO Box 152 Wind Gap PA 18091-0152 USA Developer: Small Business System, Label Master, Multi-Column Lister Bolt's Electronic Repair Service 920 Thornwood St Simi Valley CA 93065-5646 USA tel: (805) 579-9954 Vendor: used hardware Repair Shop. Bravo Sierra Computers (BSC) (Ben Smith) tel: (503) 256-9974 24hrs BBS: (503) 255-9657 Vendor: new/used hardware/software BRE Software 352 W Bedford Ave Ste 104 Fresno CA 93711-6190 USA tel: 1-800-347-6760 tel: (209) 432-3072 Vendor: PD/freeware/shareware Bresnik Software 555 Ware St Mansfield MA 02048-2947 USA tel: (508) 339-6090 Developer: Illusions/Audiovisualizer, Ecologian, Word-Search Maker, Animals, Mathematics, Fractals Roland Buehler Engelgasse 21 D-72348 Rosenfeld-Bickelsberg Germany tel: +49 -(0) 7428-1260 Developer: PC SLOT: Schematics + handler software, PC Herc Card, ISA<->Atari interface card, Connector for above B. Utschig This address has recently been reported invalid. Confirmations? Mailbox 2012 S 314th St Federal Way WA 98003-5622 USA Vendor: PD/freeware/shareware A DIFFERENT ADDRESS TO TRY?: B. Utschig (vendor) Suite G-304 208 SW 319th Lane Federal Way, WA 98023 ------------------------------ Subject: C C&T ComputerActive PO Box 893 Clinton OK 73601-0893 USA tel: (405) 323-5890 Vendor: ???what??? Itay Chamiel 9-A Narkis St. Jerusalem 92461 Israel Developer: Ice-T XE v. 2.72, Ice-T 1.1 (48K) Change In Heat 12 Bella Vista Pl Iowa City IA 52245-5840 USA Developer: Pondering About Max's, 1 other game ???what??? ChildsPlay SoftWare Services 6812 Hill Pl N Minneapolis MN 55427-2259 USA Developer: various software Classic Atari OnLine (online magazine) See: David Schmudde Classic Computing (print magazine) See: Historical Computer Society Closer To Home (CTH) (Tom Hunt) Developer: SparaDOS 3.2 utilities: Sound Utility, Term80 Version 1.6, Hyper-Desktop (Under Construction), Long-Integer Library, Armorizer, Shell For Sparta 3.2d, Shell For Sparta 3.2g/gx, SelF eXtraction Utility, Read It, Snapshot 3.3m, Disk Fragmentation Displayer, Filenote Utility, HELP Maker (MAC/65), Zip-Compatable CRC32 File Checker. Sponser of the QWKNET known as the Independent Atari 8bit Network (IA8N) The Complete and Essential Map (book, in 2 volumes) See: TWAUG Compsult PO Box 5160 San Luis Obispo CA 93403-5160 USA tel: (805) 544-6616 Vendor: closeout commercial software Computer Classics RR 1 Box 117 Cabool MO 65689-9504 USA tel: (417) 469-4571 Vendor: used hardware Repair shop. Computer Dungeon tel: (708) 547-7085 Vendor: used hardware COMPUTER FLOHMARKT (print magazine / newspaper) See: Verlag Thomas Eberle (in the "V" section) Computer Games Plus 1839 E Chapman Ave Orange CA 92667-7774 USA tel: (714) 639-8189 Noon-6pm Tue-Fri, Noon-3pm Sat FAX: (714) 538-1707 (Art Turco) Vendor: commercial software Computer Software Services (CSS) See also: Bob Puff PO Box 17660 Rochester NY 14617-0660 USA tel: (716) 429-5639 10am-6pm Mon-Fri FAX: (716) 247-7158 BBS: (716) 247-7157 300-9600 bps (Bob Puff) Vendor: commercial software Developer: Black Box, Black Box Enhancer, Black Box Printer/Spooler, Hard Drive Pro Backup, SIO Power Booster, Super E-Burner, Quintopus, Power Plus, Multiplexer, XF551 Enhancer, XF Single Drive Upgrade, XF Dual Drive Upgrade, Super Archiver, Super Archiver II, Bit-Writer, Ultra Speed Plus OS, Floppy Board, XF551 Update, Bit-Writer Repair Shop. Creative Software Systems (Rob Satonica) 7775 S Scottdale Rd Berrien Springs MI 49103-9711 USA tel: (616) 473-3904 Service: converts disks from Atari 5.25" to IBM PC 3.5" format Vendor: PD/freeware/shareware, formatted for SIO2PC/PC Xformer Developer: Atari Virtual Disk (AVD) Shell (for MS-DOS) Cyber Networking (Nelson Nieves) 1621 Green St Unit 2B Philadelphia PA 19130-3909 USA Developer: Atari 8-bit--SpartaDOS Project Project Disk 1: Cls, ChkDisk, Code, Cold, Compare, DelTree, EOLCmp, ExPrint, FAtr, FTD, Reset, Tree, TSplit, UnDel, WipeDisk, WipeFile, xErase, xPeek, xPoke, xType; NN Tools ------------------------------ Subject: D Daisy Dot Software c/o Roy Goldman 2440 S Jasmine St Denver CO 80222-6313 USA Developer: Daisy-Dot III D'Antiques (Dan Dotson) or Vendor: used hardware and software Nir Dary 19185 Castlebay Ln Northridge CA 91326-1046 USA tel: (818) 831-2353 evenings only Developer: PAL/NTSC Upgrade Data 8 PO Box 210 Mouthcard KY 41548-0210 USA Vendor: used hardware, used/commercial/PD/freeware/shareware DATABYTE Hard- & Softwareservice Firma Matthias Faust Fanny-Lewald-Ring 102 D-21035 Hamburg Germany Tel: +49-(0)40-735 21 84 Fax: +49-(0)40-735 57 80 BBS: +49-(0)40-735 57 80 (a lot of XL/XE-Software for download) Vendor: hardware and software Developer: Wordprocessors Text-800 and Text-130, Briefkopf 1029 (Publishing Software), Makler & El Bordello (strategic games like Kaiser or Hanse) DataQue (NO LONGER REACHABLE???) See also: The AGDA Group 1623 W 4th St Mansfield OH 44906-1701 USA tel: (419) 529-9797 1pm-5:30pm EST M-F Developer: 4 Megabyte Bank Select Cartridge, 16K Standard EPROM Cartridge, TransKey (attach a PC keyboard), Battery Backed ZRAM, Programmer's Pal, Turbo-Calc 1.01, various Turbo-Calc source list options, 6502/65816 PC Cross-Development Package, 8-Bit Survival Kit, Maze of AGDAgon 1.02 Disk and Cartridge, 6ft Atari-8 TriLink GameLinkII Cable David M. Deaven Developer: Atari IRG (InfraRed Gateway) 0.1 (hardware/software project) Dean Garraghty Software (DGS) See: Dean Garraghty Digi-Key 701 Brooks Ave S Thief River Falls MN 56701-2723 USA tel: 1-800-344-4539 Orders tel: (218) 681-6674 FAX: (218) 681-3380 Orders FAX: (218) 681-3380 Vendor: general electronic parts Digital Data Factory (Edward Williams) 200 Crestview Dr Apt 62 Jacksonville AR 72076-4068 USA (501) 985-2082 Used hardware Repair Shop. Digital World (Sam Gunda) 711 W Army Trail Blvd Addison IL 60101-3187 USA tel: (630) 543-9000 Vendor: new hardware (very limited supply, includes XF551s, XDM121s) Repair Shop. Division Software Developer: Genterm (IBM terminal program supporting ATASCII graphics) Discount Video Too (Gary) 3223 S US Highway 1 Ste F Fort Pierce FL 34982-6380 USA tel: (561) 464-0019 1pm-9pm (EST) Mon-Sat Vendor: commercial software Doug's Electronic Repair 112 N 1st St Jacksonville AR 72076-4468 USA tel: (501) 982-9246 Repair shop. Dynacomp Inc 178 Phillips Rd Ste 1 Webster NY 14580-9797 USA tel: (800) 828-6772 Developer: various software ------------------------------ Subject: E East Hartford Computer 202 Robert St. East Hartford, CT 06108 United States tel: (203) 528-4448 11am-8pm Eastern Time Mon-Sat Vendor: closeout commercial software Jeff Edwards 138 South Main St. Travelers Rest, SC 29690 United States Developer: Digital Music System, PrintShop/Awardware graphics The Electronic Clinic (Steve Tompkins) 4916 Del-Ray Ave. Bethesda, MD 20814 United States tel: (301) 656-7983 or (301) 656-8620 Vendor: used hardware, commercial/used software Repair Shop. Electronics and Computers Surplus City (ECSC) 1490 W Artesia Blvd Gardena CA 90248-3215 USA tel: 1-800-543-0540 tel: (310) 217-8021 FAX: (310) 217-0950 BBS: (310) 217-1922 Vendor: general electronic parts Emulators Inc. (Derek Mihocka) 14150 NE 20th St Ste 302 Bellevue WA 98007-3700 USA tel: (206) 236-0540 FAX: (206) 236-0257 Developer: ST Xformer 3.0, PC Xformer 3.6, Xformer 96, Xformer Cable Entertainment Excellence 1805 Princeton Place Merrick, NY 11566 United States Vendor: commercial software Evangelo's Software (Angelo Vahatouras) 27 Stiles St Elizabeth NJ 07208-1902 USA tel: (908) 558-9518 Vendor: commercial software ------------------------------ Subject: F Far North Computers 59 College Rd., #217 Fairbanks, AK 99701 United States tel: (907) 456-3700 Vendor: hardware, software Andre Fachat Stadlerstr 17 09126 Chemnitz Germany tel: ++49-371-531-3551 Developer: OS/A65 Computer and Operating System FIRMA MILENG c/o W. Schul (?) Gollinerstr. 37 D-12689 Berlin Germany Vendor: various 8-bit hardware and software David Firth Developer: Alien Encounter, Superman, Test Computer Language, UltraSpeed Copier 2.3, 1050 Menu - MultiBoot Variety, Atari800 Emulator 0.8.0 Friedland Computer Systems, Inc. (Nolan Friedland) tel: (612) 689-0880 Vendor: hardware and software Ron Fries Developer: POKEYSND 2.0: POKEY Chip Sound Emulation Library Futura (disk magazine) See: North of Scotland Atari User Group (NOSAUG) ------------------------------ Subject: G Games+ 610 North Alma School Rd. Chandler, AZ 85224 United States tel: (602) 890-0556 Vendor: new/used hardware, new/used software Dean Garraghty (Dean Garraghty Software (DGS)) 62 Thomson Ave Balby Doncaster DN4 0NU England Phone/Fax: +44-(0)-1302-855026 (9am - 7pm BST/GMT only please!) Vendor: used hardware/software, commercial/PD/freeware/shareware Developer: Digi-Studio, Alien Blast, Demo Maker Publisher: back issues of News-Paper and News-Disk GFH Marketing (Gordon Hooper) 253 Regina Ave. Victoria, BC V8Z 1J6 Canada Publisher: 8-Bits Forever (book) $6.99 US or $7.99 CDN (money orders only) Markus Gietzen Developer: XL-it! 0.20 Richard Gore 79 Sprotbrough Road Sprotbrough Doncaster DN5 8BW England tel: (01302) 784642 Vendor: commercial software Developer: Jawbreaker, Mousekattack, Arena, Bubble Zone, Super Print-Lab XE, GTracker, GTracker XL Utilities, Clip Tracker XE, Black Lamp, Tube Baddies, Guntris, Tag! Mr. Sio2PC ( Germany ) Grassel Developer: power units for the Atari 8 Bit that only power the XL/E not your house, and more... ------------------------------ Subject: H H.A.P.S. c/o Bodo Juerss Amandastr. 50 D-20357 Hamburg Germany Vendor: PD/freeware/shareware (>1000 disks available) Harmonic Research 40 Wiley Ln Woodstock NY 12498-1228 USA Developer: composite/S-Video ->15.75 KHz RGB decoder John Harris Developer: the MAE assembler (also wrote: Jawbreaker, Frogger, Hackers) Highlander Soft (Raimund Altmayer) See Also: Micro Computer Service Konz, Germany Developer: Turbo-BASIC-XL, IDE hard disk interface Mike Hill Developer: Pokey 0.62 (800/800XL/5200 emulator for MSDOS), Printer Port Pokey Sound Card Historical Computer Society (HCS) (David A. Greelish) 3649 Herschel St Jacksonville FL 32205-9060 USA Publisher: Classic Computing (quarterly print magazine, ISSN:1074-2557) US$14/year or $3 for a sample issue, USA US$16/year Canada US$20/year International US$3 sample issue HOFACKER Tegernseestr. 18 D-(8150) Holzkirchen Germany [ZIP CODE???] Vendor/Developer: A-Text wordprocessor, ATMAS-II Macro-Assembler, ATMAS-Toolbox, Books... Horizon Computers 3431 S Federal Blvd Ste G Englewood CO 80110-1826 USA tel: (303) 762-8080 Vendor: hardware and software Repair shop. /HS\-Computertechnik c/o Tobias Hang Berliner Str. 31 D-55435 Gau-Algesheim Germany tel: (0)6725/2488 Developer: joystick port monitor, 8 channel relais interface, Interface Control Application Software (INCA), 8 channel Logic Analyser ------------------------------ Subject: J Jameco Electronics 1355 Shoreway Rd Belmont CA 94002-4100 USA tel: 1-800-831-4242 tel: (415) 592-8097 FAX: 1-800-237-6948 FAX: (415) 592-2503 BBS: (415) 637-9025 Vendor: general electronic components, computer products Developer: Atari 400/800/800XL/130XE power supplies JDR Microdevices 1850 S 10th St San Jose CA 95112-4108 USA tel: 1-800-538-5000 24 Hour Toll Free Ordering FAX: 1-800-538-5005 Fax Orders tel: 1-800-538-5002 Technical Support tel: (408) 494-1400 local phone number USA Vendor: general electronic parts Jeff's Atari Action Outpost P.O. Box 771244 Lakewood, OH 44107 United States Vendor: ???? JRC Vanickova 5 16900 Praha 6-Strahov Czech Republic Developer: Turbo Tape, Turbo Tape DOS, Visicopy III (IV?) JTM Ltd 330 1st NE Mason City, IA 50401 United States Developer: dedicated weather station ------------------------------ Subject: K Kaiser Soft (Markus Romer) Schiefersteinstr. 10 D-55606 Kellenbach Germany tel: (0)6765-420 BBS: (0)345/78 80 148 (24 hours, 8N1, 16k8bps) Vendor: new hardware, commercial software (Polensoft games) Publisher: TOP-Magazin (disk magazine) 25DM for 6 months (6 issues) Kake Software 9 Smith Ct. Vincentown, NJ 08088 United States Vendor: PD/freeware/shareware KARIN ul. Przemyska 11a 02-361 Warszawa Poland tel: (0-49)-(0-22)-659-70-42 -659-34-13 -22-23-31 FAX: -659-34-14 Vendor: commercial software Developer: KARIN MAXI Disk Drive Repair Shop: all Atari computers K-Products (Bob Klaas) 4267 Midway Dr Salt Lake City UT 84120-6035 USA tel/FAX: (801) 967-7400 BBS: (801) 967-8738 The Repair Shop BBS up 24hr 3-19.2 "Hayes Ultra" Vendor: used hardware and software Developer: BBS Express! Professional v5.0b, Multiline Version, Multiline Version & Mux Hardware, Networking Modules, Pro_Term Terminal Modules, Hardback & Restore, Mux_Time Software, TurBoss! High Speed O/S, BBS Express! Professional Update Disks, KPI Hard Disk Drive Interface Repair Shop. Nick Kennedy 300 S Vancouver Ave Russellville AR 72801-5632 USA tel: (501) 967-3843 Developer: SIO2PC 4.13 KE-Soft (Kemal Ezcan) Frankenstrasse 24 63477 Maintal Germany tel: +49 6181 87539 FAX: +49 6181 83436 Vendor: new hardware, commercial/PD/freeware/shareware Developer: Zador, Drag, Sogon, Zebu-Land, Dredis, Techno Ninja, Cultivation, Chromatics, Oblitroid, Tobot, Bros, Donald, Saper, Tactic, Zador II, Atomit II, Tecno Ninja, Fisher-Technik interface, The Brundles Kinetic Designs P.O. Box 1646 Orange Park, FL 32067-1646 United States Vendor: PD/freeware/shareware King Kong (Torsten Schallt) Developer: hardware for your XL and your 1050, tester of Power Drive 351 XF Konrad M. Kokoszkiewicz (Draco) and Jacek Zuk ul. Tomaszowska 95/37 PL-26-420 Nowe Miasto nad Pilica Poland Developer: Atari XE IDE Hard Drive Interface Project, SIO protocol description, A proposed standard for Atari executable relocatable file, DracOS '816, MagnaDOS, Falco XL, FDISK 1.36, RATEHD 1.2, PARK 1.1s, CHKDRV 0.98, KILLDIR 1.0, Memory dumper, RAMDRIVE v.1.9, RUN, SDXFIX, TRACE, XDIR 1.1, DEMON 1.0, MIPS and FLOPS benchmarks, Quick Ed 1.3, SysInfo 2.0 ------------------------------ Subject: L L&Y Electronics 13644C Jefferson Davis Hwy NEW/TO CONFIRM: 14628 Build America Drive Woodbridge, VA 22191 United States tel: (703) 494-3444 VA tel: (703) 643-1729 Metro FAX: (703) 494-3663 Vendor: new/used hardware, new/used software Chris Lam Developer: Rainbow 1.3a (for MacOS), Rainbow 95 1.36 (for Windows 95/NT) Rich "Twist" Lawrence Developer: Atari800Win version 1.2 Bertrand Le Roy See also: Fabien Royer 72 rue des landes 78400 Chatou France Developer: F.R.E.E. (graphic adventure) Lex-Tronics See: DataQue L.K. Avalon PO BOX 66 35-959 Rzeszow 2 Poland Vendor: Blinky's Scary School, Cavernia, Mirax Force, Ninja Commando, Speed Ace, Stack Up, Zybex, Android, Imagine, Microx, RAM-CART (cartridge with 64KB or 128KB RAM with battery), Centronics interface: Microprint, all Polish software Developer: -games: Barbarian, Frank&Mark, Hawkmoon, Wloczykij, A.D. 2044, Adax, Barahir, Global War, Hans Kloss, Kampania Wrzesniowa, Klatwa, Lasermania+Robbo Konstruktor, Misja+Fred, Neron, Piekielko, Robbo, Smus, Spy Master, Syn Boga Wiatru, The Last Guardian, Uczen Czarnoksieznika, Upior, Vicky, Wladcy Ciemnosci, Zeus, Aurum, Captain Gather, Change, Constellation, Czaszki+Electra, Dagobar, Darkness Hour, Digi Duck, Easy Money+Honky, Gold Hunter, Hydraulik+Snowball, Kernaw, Lorien's Tomb, Major Bronx, Rucu, Saper, The Jet Action, Trix, U235 -tools: Animator (graph&anim), Automat Perkusyjny (digi drums), Chaos Music Composer, Geometria (education), Kurs Fizyki (education), Panther (text editor), Quick Assembler (with some other tools), Szperacz Dyskowy (disk monitor) London Atari Computer Enthusiasts (LACE) c/o Roy Whiteman, Secretary 153b Swaby Rd. Earlsfield London England SW16 United Kingdom Vendor: used hardware/software, PD/freeware/shareware Publisher: LACE Newsletter #7.00 / year (monthly), or free to members LonerSoft c/o Clay Halliwell 407 South 2nd St. Clinton, MO 64735-2107 United States Developer: FlickerTerm 80, ColorViewSquash, ColorSquashView, EbonView, Pantheon View, MacView 800, Quad-View 9, XF-ATR, DOMMenu, Link Basher, MazeWar 3D, Cliff Diver ------------------------------ Subject: M Ivan Mackintosh Developer: ImageMan 0.3, Monitor 1.1, XFD2ATR, ADIR, ROBC2DOS MCM Electronics 650 Congress Park Drive Centerville, OH 45459-4072 USA tel: 1-800-543-4330 Developer: 13 conductor Atari type plug kit - I.E. plugs to make cables for SIO ports joystick replacement cables and cable extensions (catalog available) Mega Magazine (Freddy Offenga, a.k.a. Frankenstein) P.O. Box 164 8800 AD Franeker The Netherlands Publisher: Mega Magazine (disk magazine) -- freeware Micro Computer Service See Also: Highlander Soft Mainz, Germany Developer: Turbo-BASIC-XL Micro Discount (Derek Fern) 265 Chester Road Streetly West Midlands B74 3EA England tel: 0121-353-5730 4pm-8pm Mon-Fri FAX: 0121-352-1669 Vendor: new/used hardware, commercial software Developer: Print Works (text processor for 1029 printer), Tagalon, Tube Baddies, The Last Guardian, Zybex (in POKEY/GUMBY Stereo), G.M Transfer Cable (SIO2PC compatible), 1050-2-PC Cable MAJOR ATARI PARTS SOURCE Mirage / AS ul. Gen. Abrahama 4 03-982 Warsaw Poland tel: 671-77-77 FAX: 671-76-22 Vendor: All Polish software Developer: -games: Operation Blood, Problem Jasia, Tanks, Bang Bank, Ship, Tron, Special Forces, Najemnik, Top Secret, Tusker, Mozgprocesor, Roderic, Inspektor, Magia, Battle Ships, Kolony, Raszyn 1809, Super Fortuna, Wyprawy Kupca, Tank vs. Tank, Axilox, Cywilizacja, Thinker, Eureka, Reverse+Missile Action, Whoops, Atomia, Bertyx, Pong, Duch+Robal, Helix, Jaffar, Midnight, Rycerz, Zbir, Dziedzictwo Gigantow, Tagalon, Caveman, Around the Planet, Rockman, Starball, Crypts of Egypt -edu: Ortografia, Geografia Polski, Historia Polski, New Words, Geografia Swiata -tools: Videograph, Sound Tracker Player (Amiga module player), Audio Master (sample editor), Kleks+Trzmiel (graph), SN-360 Utility (disk tools), SN-360 Disk Drive (double side), Sampler (with some software), Video interface (digitizer+genlock) Moonsoft See: Black Moon Systems More Than Games (Rick Detlefsen) 8207 Briarwood Ln Austin TX 78757-7642 USA Vendor: new/used hardware, new/used software Developer: various utilities, hardware projects MTS Creations P.O. Box 56762 Chicago, IL 60656 United States tel: (312) 763-1822 Developer: Font Craft MWPD Software 890 North Huntington St. Medina, OH 44256 United States Vendor: PD/freeware/shareware MyTek 819 Corby Ave. (mail orders only - this is not a retail outlet) Santa Rosa, CA 95407 United States FAX: (707) 527-0674 Developer: Studio II (full color video overlay, graphics and text) ------------------------------ Subject: N National Educational Report Drawing Services (N.E.R.D.S.) Software c/o Don Loeffler 18 Wendy Drive Farmingville, NY 11738 United States Developer: Print Shop icons New Atari User (print magazine) See: Page 6 Publishing New Breed Software c/o Bill Kendrick 1530 Armstrong Ave #47 Novato CA 94945-2513 USA Developer: demos: Bob Test, Color Bars, Cells, DAN15, DAN9A, Didi 7, DollMan, Fire, Happy Mondays, James Brown, Knives and Forks, Stars, Stimpy, T-1000. games: Bombi, Balloonier, Boom!, Chicken, Cooltris, Puzzle, Rodent Revenge, Simon, Sky Diver, Sludge, Usurp. utilities: File Selector 0.4, MuxChat, Colorizer 1.1, DigiPlay Menu, Equation No Frills Software 800 East 23rd St. Kearney, NE 68847 United States Developer: Converter, Converter Companion, P.S. Users Utility Disk, PrintShop graphics North of Scotland Atari User Group (NOSAUG) c/o S.J. Murray P.O. Box 11903 Westhill AB32 6GE Scotland Publisher: Futura (quarterly newsletter on disk) 4-issue/6-disk subscription: #10 NOVAtari c/o Geoff DiMego 8612 Thames St. Springfield, VA 22151 United States tel: (703) 425-5030 Vendor: PD/freeware/shareware ------------------------------ Subject: P Page 6 Publishing (Les and Sandy Ellingham) P.O. Box 54 Stafford ST16 1DR England tel: 01785 241153 Vendor: commercial/PD/freeware/shareware Developer: 800XL Field Service Manual, 130XE Field Service Manual, 10 Print, Enigmatix!, 10th Anniversary Demo, Mini Office II, Transdisk IV, The Big Demo Publisher: New Atari User (bi-monthly print magazine, ISSN:0958-7705) Magazine only Magazine and Disk UK #15.00 #25.00 Europe (Air Mail) #17.00 #32.00 Elsewhere (Surface) #17.00 #32.00 Elsewhere (Air Mail) #23.00 #42.00 Palette Imaging (Marver Seaman) 47 South St. Norwood, NJ 07648 United States tel: (201) 767-3913 Developer: ChromaCAD: Sculptured-Surface 3-D Modeling System Papa's Chip's 1957 Harlen Rd. Loves Park, IL 61111 United States tel: (815) 633-6300 Repair Shop. David A Paterson 4900 Doherty Ave Montreal QC H4V 2B2 Canada Developer: CardStax Publisher: Atari 8-Bit Omnibus US$5 for 1994 edition PD-Magazin c/o Sascha Roeber Bruch 101 D-49635 Badbergen Germany tel: +49 (0)161-1507608 (car-phone, not always available) Vendor: various software (PD-MAG-CLUB) Publisher: PD-Magazin (disk magazine: 2 DS disks, 6 per year) P.E.E.R.S. of Omaha (Patten's Electronic Equipment Repair Service) 917 North 169th St. Omaha, NE 68118-9342 United States tel: (402) 289-3572 Mon-Fri 10am-9pm, Sat 1pm-5pm (CST) Vendor: used hardware Repair Shop. Phoenix c/o Robert Paden 54 Ardmillan Crescent Scrabo Estate Newtownards Co. Down Nothern Ireland BT23 4PW United Kingdom Publisher: Phoenix (disk magazine) public domain Pokey Magazine (print magazine) See: Stichting Pokey Portronics See: AMC/AMS Jeff Potter See also: The AGDA Group 202 Chestnut Ridge St Winter Springs FL 32708-4341 USA Developer: APACVIEW, APACSHOW, COLRVIEW, DEGASRD, ILBMREAD, GIFNCODE, CRAB NEBULA, JVIEW XL Power Per Post (PPP) (Werner Raetz) Postfach 1640 D-75006 Bretten Germany tel.: +49 (0)7252-3058 or -4827 (Harald Schoenfeld) Vendor: new hardware, commercial/PD/freeware/shareware Developer: QUICK Programming Language, QUICK Support Disk 1, QUICK Support Disk 2, S.A.M. (Screen Aided Management) 80 column Desktop System, S.A.M. Budget (spreadsheet), S.A.M. Utilities 1, S.A.M. Designer (DTP), Quick Ed (chr set editor), Glaggs It!, Rubber Ball, MineSweeper, Bombi Publisher: ATARImagazin (print magazine) 39DM + 6DM p&p/6 months (3 issues) abroad: 39DM + 12DM p&p/6 months disk & membership: add 60DM Publicaciones Creativas S.A. (Ivan Antezana) Van Dyck 188 San Luis Lima 30 Peru tel/FAX: (51)(1) 346-2649 Publisher: ATARI Creativo, Informatica Creativa (both out of print; however, back issues are still available, and also disks with the programs from all numbers. Will return to print if there are enough buyers!) Bob Puff See also: Computer Software Services See also: Wordmark Systems Suite 222 2117 Buffalo Rd. Rochester, NY 14624 United States Developer: BobTerm 1.22 (There's also a 1.23 that's specific to PC XFormer) Purple Mountain Computers 15600 NE 8th St. Ste. A3-412 Bellevue, WA 98008 United States tel: (206) 399-8700 Vendor: used commercial software ------------------------------ Subject: R R.A.M. c/o Andreas Magenheimer Diehlgartenstr. 12 D-67591 Wachenheim/Zellertal Germany Vendor: PD/freeware/shareware Rambit 16 The Green Thurlby Bourne Lincs. England PE10 0HB United Kingdom tel: 0778 424450 Developer: Print-Filer, TaskMaster, Parallel Printer Port, TurboLoad kit (XC12/1010 upgrade) READY +TECHNOLOGIES+ (Thomas Smailus) 2245 College Dr Apt 170 Baton Rouge LA 70808-1848 tel: (504) 388-5248 FAX: (504) 388-5263 Developer: Hardware systems design, developement, and construction; Software systems design, developement, and coding; Media conversion from magnetic to optical and imaging; Consulting on system purchases and requirements; Film production from short to feature length Revista STAK Atari Casilla 51552 STGO 1 Correo Central Santiago de Chile Chile Publisher: STAK Atari (print magazine) air: US$50 (cannot accept checks or credit cards) magazine + disk, air: US$70 Larry Richardson 6043 Dairy Rd Baker FL 32531-8729 USA Developer: VTEX Ronnie Riche See: Dale F. Wooster for TextPRO documentation 1700 Aycock St. Arabi, LA 70032 United States Developer: TextPRO 5.20X, Maintenance Upgrade #1 Fabien Royer See also: Bertrand Le Roy 3211 Society Drive Claymont, DE 19703 United States Vendor: F.R.E.E. (graphic adventure) ------------------------------ Subject: S Sagamore Software 2104 Arapahoe Dr. Lafayette, IN 47905 United States Vendor: PD/freeware/shareware David Schmudde Publisher: Classic Atari OnLine (online magazine) Ernest R. Schreurs and Bo Schreurs Kempenlandstraat 8 5211 VN Den Bosch The Netherlands (Ernest) (Bo) Vendor: the POOLDISK PD/freeware/shareware CD-ROM (1.0) Shadow Software (Dave Hunt, The Shadow) 16016 SE Division St Box 19 Portland OR 97236-1999 USA (The Shadow) (Bravo Sierra Computers) tel: (503) 256-9974 24 hrs (Bravo Sierra Computers) BBS: (503) 761-9074 (ACE of America) Developer: Carina BBS Sikorsoft Developer: Cyborg, Fire Stone Richard Smith P.O.Box 71017 16655 Yonge Street Newmarket Ontario Canada L3X 1Y8 Vendor: commercial software (plus a bit of new hardware) Software Infinity (Greg Brown) The Woods at Brookhollow 3253 Hillcrest Dr., #42B San Antonio, TX 78201 USA Vendor: commercial/PD/freeware/shareware (importer of many KE-Soft games) Lenard Spencer 2513 Healy Dr Orlando FL 32818-3109 Developer: HyperSpeed (high-speed R: handler for Multi-IO and Black Box interfaces), Forem-XE Pro 5.4 (BBS program) STAK Atari (print magazine) See: Revista STAK Atari SteveR's Classic Cartridges (Steve Reed) (Updated Videogame page) (Classic Cart Web Page) BBS: Prowler's DOMAIN bbs 509-327-8922 9-lines 18.0+GIGS Vendor: used hardware and software STeve's Computer Technology 405 Main Street Woodland, CA 95695 tel: (916)/661-3328 Mon-Sat 10am-6pm (closed Sun) FAX: (916)/661-1201 BBS: (916)/661-1538 Vendor: new/used hardware, new/used commercial software Stichting Pokey = Pokey Foundation (Fred Meijer) Postbus 798 NL-3100 AT Schiedam The Netherlands Vendor: new hardware, commercial software, books Developer: Stereo Kit (XL/XE compatible, incl 1 extra pokey chip), t-shirts with Atari 8-bit game motives on them Publisher: Pokey Magazine (print magazine) 50 guilders / year (6 issues, bimonthly) Strange Invasion c/o Stefan Lausberg Koerschstr. 58 D-70599 Stuttgart Germany tel: (0)711/45 51 71 Publisher: Strange Invasion (disk magazine) single issue 5DM 6 issues (1/2 year) 25DM Super Products c/o James Bradford Pikes Rd. Glasshouse Mtns. QLD 4518 Australia tel: +61 7 54969169 FAX: +61 7 54969056 (POOLDISK CD-ROM online) Developer: SuperMon, PrintMon, SuperMax, SuperRAM, Super800, SuperDOS ------------------------------ Subject: T TEAC (The Educators Atari Club) P.O. Box 1024 Laytonville, CA 95454 United States Vendor/Developer: education related Toad Computers 570 Ritchie Hwy Severna Park MD 21146-2925 USA 9:00AM - 7:00PM Monday-Friday; 10:30AM - 6:00PM Saturday; Closed Sunday tel: (410) 544-6943 Voice FAX: (410) 544-1329 FAX tel: (410) 544-5354 Tech Support Vendor: new/used hardware, new/used software TOMS ul. Beldan 2 02-695 Warsaw Poland tel: 641-54-29 Developer: TOMS 720 disk drive, TOMS 710 disk drives TOP-Magazin See: Kaiser Soft Toronto Atari Federation (TAF) 5334 Yonge Street, Suite 1527 Toronto, Ontario Canada, M2N 6M2 tel: (416) CALL-TAF BBS: (416) 421-8999 (Stephen Christian) Vendor: PD/freeware/shareware Trans World Exchange c/o Chris Carson P.O. Box 44251 Parkland, WA 98444 United States Vendor: PD/freeware/shareware "shareware games and utilities from Poland" Triple SSS (William Moeller & Michael Schoedel) 720 Rennie Street Hamilton, Ontario Canada L8H 3R2 Vendor: PD/freeware/shareware Anthony Jaroslav Truhlar 26 Byrom Avenue Levenshulme Manchester M19 3HR United Kingdom Phone/Fax: +44-(0)161-248-7893 Developer: CopyPlus 1.1, Metric/Imperial converter, resistance calculator, several other programs Steven J. Tucker 9731 Sunrise Blvd Apt 33 North Royalton OH 44133-3445 USA tel: (216) 237-5308 Developer: Atari Peripheral Emulator (APE) 1.15, APE ProSystem 1.15, APE Warp+ OS, Imagic 1.05 TWAUG (Tyne & Wear Atari User Group) P.O. Box 8 Wallsend Tyne & Wear NE28 6DQ United Kingdom tel: (0191)-2710086 Vendor: PD/freeware/shareware Developer: UltiFont Publisher: The Complete and Essential Map, by Andrew C. Thompson (book, in 2 volumes) #16.00 plus the following P&P: UK #1.50 Europe #2.50 USA/Canada Air Mail #5.50 USA/Canada Surface #2.50 Australia Air Mail #6.50 Australia Surface #2.50 Publisher: TWAUG Newsletter (print magazine) bimonthly, includes either disk or cassette 1 copy #2.00---6 copies #11.00 for UK 1 copy #2.20---6 copies #12.50 for Europe 1 copy #2.50---6 copies #14.00 for Elsewhere ------------------------------ Subject: U UltraBasic 10 East 10th St. Bloomsburg, PA 17815 United States Vendor: commercial software ------------------------------ Subject: V Valdez Computer Service Mariano Carranza 226, of. 306 Santa Beatriz Lima 1 Peru tel: (51)(1) 471-2660/470-9079 Vendor: used hardware and software Repair shop. Verlag Thomas Eberle Postfach 66 D-75433 Maulbronn Germany Publisher: COMPUTER FLOHMARKT (print magazine / newspaper) (bi?)monthly Video 61 (Lance Ringquist) 22735 Congo St NE Stacy MN 55079-9356 USA tel: (612) 462-2500 24 Hours FAX: (612) 449-0488 Vendor: new/used hardware, new/used software Video Game Advantage (VGA) c/o Michael J. Novak Jr. 6861 Anthony Ln Parma Heights OH 44130-4654 USA tel: (216) 843-8815 24hrs (preferred) Vendor: used hardware/software Video Magic c/o Frank M. Polosky PO Box 9542 Pittsburgh PA 15223-0542 USA Vendor: used software Publisher: bimonthly game catalog/newsletter Vogtlander (Helmut Weidner) Vendor: hardware and software ------------------------------ Subject: W Wacko Software Developer: Line Crash Dale F. Wooster 7113 W Pasadena Ave Glendale AZ 85303-6117 USA tel: (602) 846-1575 Vendor: new and used hardware and software Developer: TextPRO v5.2 Manual 100+ pages: $12 local pickup, $15 mail (US) 2-disk set: 5.20x READY TO GO, Online Manual, macros, addins: $6 Support Disk 1: original unedited ARCd DOCs from Ronnie Riche: $3 Support Disk 2: MAC/MAX macros: $3 Support Disk 3: Frank Walter's 18 Macros + "HELP" articles: $3 Other Docs. available for: early TextPRO v4.5/v5.0, MYDOS 4.5, Rambrandt, BobTerm 1.2 and several others Wordmark Systems (Charles Marslett and Bob Puff) See also: Bob Puff (Charles Marslett) (Charles Marslett) (Bob Puff) Developer: MYDOS 4.53 ------------------------------ Subject: Z ZTM Software Manufacturers P.O. Box 240 Forked River, NJ 08731 United States tel: (609) 971-5807 Vendor: commercial/PD/freeware/shareware Developer: Atari Tape Backup Program =================================================================== End of atari-8-bit/vendev ===================================================================
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