Freenet and Atari SIG Closing

From: Fred Horvat (aa778@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 08/09/99-11:56:20 AM Z

From: aa778@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Fred Horvat)
Subject: Freenet and Atari SIG Closing
Date: Mon Aug  9 11:56:20 1999

The Cleveland Freenet will be closing down for good September 30, 1999.  

     The above sentence was something I knew one day would happen but
never wanted to really admit it.  The world pioneer in Freenet's, free
Internet access and more after 20 years will be closing due to becoming
obsolete or so what Case Western Reserve University says.  I don't
remember the full history from the beginning so I will not try to tell
it here.  I became a member in May of 1985 and had a great ride with the
Cleveland Freenet.  I received free Internet E-mail and access to the
Internet or what it was 14 years ago.  It was fun reading through the
Usenet and browsing the Web with Lynx or Gopher in ASCII.  The system
was extremely easy to use in it's time and to this day the ease of use
still exceeds current offerings.  On the Cleveland Freenet one still does
not have to worry about E-mail Virus's because mail is ASCII only.  It was
often imitated but never exceeded.  Apple even imitated the community look and feel many years
ago when they offered their own online service.

     But another sad note one of the worlds oldest and longest running
Atari forums will also be closing down as part of the Freenet.  The Atari
SIG has been there from the very beginning as being one of the Freenet's
first SIGs.  Thousands of Atari fanatics have been through that SIG and
it still is in use today and is still quite popular.  It used to be one
of the premiere Atari SIGs on the Net.  They even for a couple of years
published an online magazine called CAIN (Central Atari Information
Network) that I was fortunate to be part of.  CAIN even had Cleveland's
largest ever Atari Show in 1994.  For anyone interested in viewing the
Atari SIG on the Cleveland Freenet on last time or for the first time
Telnet to once connected as a member or guest
from any menu type "go atari" and enjoy.  There are 10 years of various
Atari online magazines posted there and in some areas archived reviews,
messages and more.

     I could go on and on about my experiences with the Cleveland
Freenet but I don't want to bore any of you.  If you have any comments
feel free to E-mail me or the Atari SIG.  We'd love to hear from you.

        Other places to go for Atari information, news, support and more. <> <= Delphi still has ASCII besides browser access
Compuserve Atari Computers keyword "Go Club" 
Compuserve Atari Video Game Systems keyword "Go VGCentral" <> <>

        Plus many more places that <> has links to.  

                                   Fred Horvat
                                   Cleveland Freenet Atari Portfolio SIGOP

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