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From: Michael Current <>
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Date: Sun Jun 27 15:15:01 1999

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June 10, 1999

VALLEY STREAM, NY -- The founding fathers of some of the
most popular videogame machines and computers will get
together for an unprecedented panel discussion during
this year's Classic Gaming Expo '99(tm) (CGE).  They are
expected to share their experiences in how their systems
came to be and shed some light on the trials and
tribulations in designing game hardware.  The panel will
consist of such legends as Ralph Baer (creator of the
Magnavox Odyssey), Jay Smith (GCE Vectrex), Jerry Lawson
(Fairchild Channel F), Jay Fenton (Bally Astrocade), RJ
Mical (Commodore Amiga, Atari Lynx & 3DO) and Joe Decuir
(Atari 2600, 400/800 computers & Commodore Amiga).

"It is an absolute honor to be in such great company," said
Jerry Lawson, former Chief Hardware Engineer at Fairchild
and creator of Channel F, the first ever programmable and
cartridge-based game console.  "I look forward to telling my
story behind the Channel F, but I'll also be there as a fan,
just like everyone else in the conference hall."

The panel discussion is scheduled to take place on Saturday,
August 14, at the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Van
Burnham, author of the forthcoming book "Supercade: Context
and Aesthetics of the Videogame Age 1971-1984" (The MIT Press)
and Senior Production Manager of Wired Magazine, will moderate
the round table.

"We are delighted that the leaders for just about every major
U.S. game machine will be represented in the panel discussion.
I would be hard pressed to think of any other time in history
when such an all-star cast of gaming's greatest hardware
pioneers have come together in one location," stated Sean
Kelly, Co-Promoter of Classic Gaming Expo.

Conceived and coordinated by three of the individuals
responsible for coordinating last year's highly successful
"World of Atari" event, Classic Gaming Expo(tm) is the industry's
only annual event that is dedicated to celebrating the roots of
electronic entertainment, bringing together industry pioneers,
gaming enthusiasts and the media for the ultimate in learning,
game-playing and networking. Classic Gaming Expo(tm) is a
production of CGE Services, Corp. (

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