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______ / \ _______ /________\ / \ | ______ | /_________\ ||FALCON|| | _______ | P O R T F O L I O ||ST,TT || || XE,XL || ||______|| ||400,800|| /|________|\ ||_______|| /____________\ /|_________| | /|\ ___ | | L Y N X _|____________| | ___________ | \| ///////// | \ ____________ _ |___________| |/////////// | \ |______/////| |LLLLLLLL LLL| _ |LLLLLLLLLLL| J A G U A R |LLLLLLLL LLL||'| |LLLLLLLLLLL| |_[____]_____| - |__[_____]__| About the CLEVELAND FREE-NET ATARI SIG and the CENTRAL ATARI INFORMATION NETWORK The Atari SIG is a Special Interest Group servicing all Atari computer users and video game players. The SIG Operators that help run the Atari SIG are volunteers that have an interest in Atari computers and Atari products. The opinions of each SIGOp do not necessarily reflect the Atari SIG nor that of the Cleveland Free-Net. The Atari SIG is run by individuals and is no way affiliated with Atari Corp. The "Atari" name, logo, and any other Atari products mentioned here are trademarks or registered trademarks of Atari Corp. The Atari SIG is made possible by the NPTN, CWRU, INS, and you, the user who contributes time and information. The Central Atari Information Network (CAIN) is the official user group of the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG. The Cleveland Free-Net can be accessed via dial-in phone lines with your modem or over the Internet. To access over the Internet: telnet freenet-in-a.cwru.edu OR telnet freenet-in-b.cwru.edu OR telnet freenet-in-c.cwru.edu To access our dial-in lines, call: +1-216-368-3888 There are no toll-free numbers for modem access outside of the Cleveland, Ohio area. Set your modems to 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop(8-N-1). We support 14400 V.32bis/V.42bis. Once connected to Free-Net, you should enter the system as a visitor if you are not a registered user and apply for an account. The system will not allow you to post to a bulletin board or sign your name to a directory without an ID (account). Type 'go atari' at the main menu and you will be sent to the Atari SIG. There is no charge for the use of the Atari SIG or the Cleveland Free-Net. The information within this SIG is believed to be reliable but cannot be guaranteed. In the Atari SIG, there are many different areas which you may use. We ask that you help out in these areas because we cannot make the Atari SIG a success without you. Here is a small overview of each section in the Atari SIG: 1. About the Atari SIG - What you are reading now. 2. SIG Menu Outline - One of the first sections is the SIG Menu Outline. This outline is here to help you find what you are looking for in this SIG. 3. Atari News - The Atari News board is the place to go for all of the latest news relating to Atari. 4. General Bulletin Board - The General Bulletin Board is the main place for Atari computer users or video game players to meet and discuss any problems, suggestions, or experiences that they might have. 5. 8-Bit Computers Support Area... - The 8-Bit Computers Support Area is the place to be when it comes to support for the 8-bit Atari. This area includes a computer description, Reference Desk (includes FAQ Lists and Help-Line), Atari News, Bulletin Board, the comp.sys.atari.8bit Usenet newsgroup, Tips & Tricks, Product Summaries, Product Reviews, ALL Z*Magazine issues, CAIN Newsletters, and the 8-Bit Computer User Directory. 6. 16/32-Bit Computers Support Area... - The 16/32-Bit Computers Support Area is here specifically to meet the needs of the ST, TT, and Falcon computer users. There is a computer description file, reference desk with specific information text files, bulletin board, the comp.sys.atari.st Usenet newsgroup, product summaries, product reviews, online magazines, and a 16/32-bit user directory. 7. Portfolio Support Area... - The Portfolio Support Area brings support to users of one very small computer. The area includes a description file, bulletin board, the comp.sys.palmtops Usenet newsgroup, product summaries, product reviews, tips & tricks board, Portable Addiction Magazine, and a Portfolio user directory. 8. Lynx Support Area... - The Lynx Support Area is for owners of the first color portable video game system (not to mention the best). There is a description file, reference desk with specific information text files (FAQ, cheats, best & worst game awards, etc.), bulletin board, the rec.games.video.atari and alt.games.lynx Internet newsgroups, game card reviews, tips & tricks board, online publications, and a Lynx player directory. 9. Jaguar Support Area... - The Jaguar Support Area is for owners of the first 64-bit interactive multimedia entertainment system. There is a description file, reference desk with specific information text files, bulletin board, the rec.games.video.atari Usenet newsgroup, game cartridge summaries and reviews, tips & tricks board, online magazines, and a Jaguar player directory. 10. Wanted & For Sale Board - The Wanted & For Sale Board is the market place for Atari users. This is where users may post messages to sell their equipment or just let others know what they are looking to buy. Be aware that you buy and sell merchandise through this board at your own risk! The Atari SIG nor the Cleveland Free-Net is responsible for any transactions made by the use of this board. Businesses may not use this board to sell their merchandise. 11. Voting Booth... - In the Voting Booth, users are allowed to post and vote on Atari related issues. There are complete text files to help you in this area. Very few SIGs on the Cleveland Free-Net have their own voting area so make use of it. 12. Atari Library... - The Atari Library is a place for users to get old Atari SIG news and information, miscellaneous text files, online magazines, Usenet newsgroups, CAIN Newsletters, Who's Who in the Atari Community listing, and Atari SIG Logs. 13. Help-Line (Q & A) - The Help-Line is the place to ask general questions about your Atari computer. The SIGOps manning the Help-Line are ready, willing, and able to help. Your question should be answered within 48 hours. 14. SIG Directory Services... - Finally there is a directory of all the Atari SIG members. If you are an Atari user and this all looks good to you then please take the time to sign up now and your name will be added to the list. Once your name is on the list, you automatically become a member of the CAIN user group and you may be contacted through personal messages if any important news should come up related to Atari or the Atari SIG. The posting of any abusive, obscene, offensive, or inflammatory messages may be deleted. Only one warning will be given to any individuals caught posting such messages. A second offense may lead to the termination of the account that was used to post the messages. It goes without saying that the posting of illegal material is prohibited. Any illegal material posted by a user may result in the loss of his or her Free-Net account. If you take any material from the Atari SIG and have it reprinted in your newsletter or any other publication, please include this necessary information unless the review or summary here was taken from another source: Name of article Author's name Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG telnet freenet-in-a.cwru.edu (216)/368-3888 type 'go atari' at any menu If you have any comments or suggestions on how to make the Atari SIG better then please send the Atari SIGOps a message at: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu Alternatively, the SIG's postal address is: Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG PO Box 364 Mentor OH 44061-0364 USA Thanks goes out to all those who are helping in contributing news, online magazines, reviews, and information. Their names are listed in the header of the material that you read. Thank you & enjoy, Barry W. Cantin, aa852 (Lynx & Jaguar Support) Michael Current, aa700 (8-Bit Computers Support) Fred Horvat, ap748 (Portfolio Support) Mark Leair, aa338 (Voting Booth, CAIN WWW Home Page) Craig Lisowski, aa853 (8-Bit Computers Technical Support) Bruce D. Nelson, aa789 (16/32-Bit Computers Support) Len Stys, aa399 (SIG Manager, Jaguar & Lynx Support) Your Atari SIG Operators
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