Compute!'s Second Book of Atari
published 1982

Book cover


Title Page
iv Introduction Robert Lock
1 Chapter One. Utilities.
2 Atari BASIC Joystick Routine Kirk Gregg
5 Joystick Tester Robert Rochon
7 Keyboard Input Or Controlled Escape Brian Van Cleve
9 POKE TAB In BASIC Lawrence R. Stark
11 The 49 Second Screen Dump David Newcorn
15 Memory Test Ed Stewart
21 Chapter Two. Programming Techniques.
23 Atari BASIC String Manipulation Tricks David E. Carew
26 Using The Atari Forced Read Mode Frank C. Jones
33 A Simple Screen Editor For Atari Data Files Lawrence R. Stark
36 Plotting Made Easy John Scarborough
41 Graphics Generator Matthias M. Giwer
44 Analyze Your Program – An Atari BASIC Utility Fred Pinho
51 Inside Atari Microsoft BASIC: A First Look Jim Butterfield
53 Chapter Three. Advanced Graphics And Games Utilities.
55 Player-Missile Drawing Editor E. H. Foerster
67 Point Set Graphics Douglas Winsand
76 Page Flipping Rick Williams
78 An Introduction To Display List Interrupts Alan Watson
85 Extending Atari High Resolution Graphics Phil Dunn
85 Part 1: The Polygon Fill Subroutine
92 Part 2: Textured Graphics
114 Part 3: Multi-colored Graphics In Mode 8
160 Textplot Makes A Game David Plotkin
169 Fun With Scrolling David Plotkin
183 Chapter Four. Applications.
185 A Simple Text Editor Osvaldo Ramirez
194 The Atari Keyboard Speaks Out Walter M. Lee
198 Atari Screen As Strip Chart Recorder Helmut Schmidt
209 Fast Banner Sol Guber
213 Perfect Pitch Fred Coffey
219 Chapter Five. Beyond BASIC.
221 Put Your USR Code Into A BASIC Program Automatically F. T. Meiere
225 Back Up Your Machine Language Programs With BASIC Ed Stewart
229 Loading Binary DOS Files From BASIC Robert E. Alleger
242 The Resident Disk Handler Frank Kastenholz
248 Listing Conventions
249 Index

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