Big Computer Games
Edited by David H. Ahl, published 1984

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Cribbage - Interesting high-scoring card game by Sheppard Yarrow, Steve Williams

Dukedom - Challenging land management game by Rick Merrill, David Ahl, Lee Schneider, Todd Voros, Vince Talbot, Jamie Hanrahan, Richard Kaapke

Eliza - Your own psychotherapist by Joseph Weizenbaum, Jeff Shrager, Steve North

Lost & Forgotten Island - Cooperative survival game for one to three players by Ken Modesitt, Jeffery Yaun

Monster Combat - Try to get treasures from the monsters by Lee J. Chapel [view BASIC code]

Mu-Torere - Maori game from New Zealand by Sandy Greenfarb

Presidential Campaign - Simulation of the nine-month pre-election period by Ralph G. White

Star Merchant - Futuristic trading simulation by Lloyd Johnson

Streets of the City - Manage the transportation system of a small city by Kenneth R. Murray

Survival - Stranded on the moon with three hours of oxygen by Stewart F. Rush

Trucker - Drive your rig from Los Angeles to New York by Richard R. Galbraith

How To Write An Adventure Game - Techniques for writing and playing adventure games by Greg Hassett

Adventures in Videoland - Rollercoaster: A computer/videodisc adventure by David Lubar

Tips for Playing Adventure Games - You too can be a master explorer

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