The Best of Creative Computing Volume 1 (published 1976)

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Profile of an Industry

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parts, glass and ceramics, optical systems,magnetic materials the list could go
on indefinitely. 

New jobs
With the growth in the use of computers have come many new job opportunities.

Scientists and engineers in nearly every discipline are needed to design, build
and improve information handling products.

The industry has several hundred thousand operating personnel the people who run
computer consoles, card punching and sorting machines and who schedule and
manage the use of information handling equipment.

There are also several hundred thousand people working as systems analysts
(people who determine the methodology required to solve information problems)
and programmers (those who write computer instructions for computer
manufacturers, users, programming firms and data processing service bureaus ).

In addition there are many thousands of other people who build, sell or maintain
information handling equipment.

The information explosion spawned the explosive growth of the information
handling industry during the last two decades. Today, nearly everyone is
affected by the computer in important ways. Many jobs are made more interesting
and challenging. Others are made easier to handle. New career opportunities have
opened up. As
computer use continues to grow, these benefits can he expected to grow with it
to extend to more people.

Above, one of many new computer career opportunities is that of the customer
engineer, who is responsible for maintenance and repair computer installations.

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