The Best of Creative Computing Volume 1 (published 1976)

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Key to Your Future? (career education)

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Key To Your Future?

By Eleanor Corr
Keystone Junior College
La Plume, Pennsylvania
What turns YOU on? Law? Public Relations?

Engineering? Writing? You don't want JUST a job,
right? You want to look to a full and rewarding
life! This means that you will be working towards
that goal which you expect will assist you in
achieving self-realization and self-fulfillment.

Career education is regarded as a means of
fulfilling that goal.

However, to make appropriate choices concerning educational goals, occupational
or vocational
careers, you must first acquire knowledge about
your aptitudes, interests, and abilities. Consequently, individual growth and
development is predicated on freedom of choice, needed skills and

If you have bothered to pick up and read
through this magazine at all, you have exhibited
some interest in the computer field and whether
your interests are in the field of business or
science, your options are many.

So what about computer-related careers, you

The field of computers is new and dynamic and
extends to all parts of society. The computer is not
constrained in its use. We're all aware of its effect
on government, national defense, medicine, industry, business, and education.
YOU can be a part of
this new field and still be true to your own "inner
Let's look at the following: RESEARCH (basic
research working on applications from a humanitarian point of view such as
medicine, weather,
energy, space), ENGINEERING (applied research,
the design and development of equipment), MARKETING RESEARCH (determining the
needs of
industry, education, etc.), PROGRAMMERS
(systems analysis and design, development of compilers, designing applications),
TECHNICAL WRITERS (writing the documentation for product applications), SYSTEMS
ENGINEERING (assisting customers in use of equipment, installation of
systems), FIELD ENGINEERING (maintenance of
(selling computer-related products, conducting presentations), ADMINISTRATIVE
positions(maintaining customer relations, planning, organizing
work, schedules, etc.), LAW (data processing
specialist in corporate law), EDUCATION (teaching data processing, computer
science, telecommunications).

Only a few career fields have been mentioned,
but I'm sure you can add to that list. Of course,
each of those careers which I have listed contain
other dimensions. For instance, PROGRAMMERS
can be systems analysts or systems designers, or
perhaps one programmer may do the ”coding”
from the systems design of another programmer.

And the "piece de resistance?" Because of the
rapid pace of technological change in this field,
individuals must constantly be engaged in continuing their professional
education. You can be at the
forefront of it all where it's important to learn and
to know! Today, a career involving computer
applications is not only financially rewarding, but
challenging and fulfilling as well. Is one in your

Wayne Block runs down the computer maintenance checklist before
servicing this police car in the Sparks, Nev., city garage. The
computer system automatically schedules maintenance work for
each of Sparks' 200-plus vehicles, as well as handling the city
budget, payroll and even the quarterly sewer assessment. (Photo
A "Young” Business
Creative Computing just heard last week about
three boys in Portland, Oregon who have organized
a computer software company and are providing
part-time services to local firms. All three boys are
under I8 and have one or two years more of high

Apparently they had some minor legal
problems getting started since they weren't allowed
to operate out of a private residence and had to
rent an office. Hence the problem: they were all
too young to sign contracts so two parents had to
co-sign. But they don't seem to be having any
trouble with the work or getting it either, indeed,
most of it is through referrals. All of their work is
done in BASIC and if you want more information,
you can write them directly:

Frank J. Barberis
Computa-Link Company
Oregon Pioneer Bldg., Room 302
Portland, Oregon 97204

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