The Best of Creative Computing Volume 1 (published 1976)

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Call for Games (how to submit a game for publication)

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Do you have a favorite computer game? Why not share it with the readers of
Creative Computing? Here's how to submit a game to us for publication:

l. Programs must be in BASIC, complete, debugged and with complete playing
instructions for a beginning user. Watch English, grammar and spelling.

2. Please send us:

A. Program listing (and paper tape, if possible)
B. Two sample runs the way an AVERAGE person would play
C. Brief verbal description of game, suggestions for modifications, related
activities, etc.

D. Description of any unusual computer or language features used. (Please try to
use a standard version of BASIC).

E. Your name, address, telephone, age, school or company affiliation, computer
system used, original source of program(if not you).

3. Listing and runs must be on white, unlined paper. If you have lined paper,
turn it around to the unlined side. We cannot publish material on yellow, pink,
blue, or gray paper. Xerox, Ditto, or other copies are also unacceptable.

4. Listing and runs must be done with a fresh black ribbon. Not purple or blue
and especially not a used ribbon. The Teletype ball must be clean, in good
adjustment, and produce crisp copy. If necessary, clean the
ball with a typewriter cleaner or stiff toothbrush.

5. If possible, submit a paper tape of the program. Be sure to wrap oiled paper
tape(from Teletypes) in kitchen plastic wrap when you mail it. Otherwise the oil
seeps out and smears the output.

6. Accompanying program descriptions should be typed double space.

7. If you want an acknowledgment that your contribution was received, include a
stamped self-addressed envelope.

8. By submitting a program, you are giving Creative Computing the right to
publish, reprint, distribute, or use your program in any other way. You will, of
course, always be credited as the author.

HINT: Creative, original, interesting games are more likely to be published than
new versions of old games. For example, we will absolutely not publish the
following games(they are just too worn): Blackjack, Calendars, Craps, Football,
Horse Race, Nim, Slot Machine, and Stock Market.

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