The Best of Creative Computing Volume 1 (published 1976)

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Interview (computers and society questionnaire)

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1. Computers will improve health care.

2. Computers will improve education.

3. Computers will improve law enforcement.

4. Computers slow down and complicate simple business operations.

5. Computers are best suited for doing repetitive monotonous tasks.

6. Computers make mistakes at least l0 percent of the time.

7. Programmers and operators make mistakes, but computers are, for the most
part, error free.

8. Computers dehumanize society by treating everyone as a number.

9. It is possible to design computer systems which protect the privacy of data.

10. Credit rating data stored on computers have prevented billions of dollars of
fraud. This is a worthwhile use of computers.

11. In the U.S. today, a person cannot escape the influence of computers.

12. Computers will create as many jobs as they eliminate.

13. Computers will replace low skill jobs and create jobs needing specialized

14. Computers are a tool just like a hammer or lathe.

15. Computers are beyond the understanding of the typical person.

16. Computer polls and predictions influence the outcome of elections.

17. Computers isolate people by preventing normal social interactions among
people who use them.

Age___ Sex___ Education_____________
Occupation_________ Location _________
Name (optional) _____________________

Strongly Agree (1)
Mostly Agree (2)
Neutral or No Opinion (3)
Mostly Disagree (4)
Strongly Disagree (5)


For results of this survey, see page 77


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