The Best of Creative Computing Volume 1 (published 1976)

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Hewlett-Packard's Computer Curriculum Project (for secondary through graduate level education)

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Hewlett-Packard's Computer Curriculum Project

   Hewlett-Packard Company publishes several
series of curriculum material which cover
secondary through graduate level education. The
material assumes that students have the use of the
BASIC language computer system. Monitoring the
project is a group of educators organized into an
advisory board. This group reviews all the materials
and makes recommendations for further
development. The authors of the material are
educators - well known for their work in
computer curriculum and for accomplishments in
their academic fields as well.

  Books are available now for Secondary School
use in selected topics in mathematics, physics and
ecology. A number of Social Science units will be
introduced for the 1974-75 school year. Each
curriculum unit covers a standard or enrichment
topic. The computer is used to develop concepts
which are either impossible or very difficult to
explore without the computer, and which make a
significant contribution to a fuller understanding
of the subject. Most modules consist of student
and teacher's versions. The student version
emphasizes computer-oriented presentation of the
material and gives exercises for students to do. The
exercises are open-ended, in order to challenge
each student to work at his or her own level of

  The teacher's advisor contains background
material, suggestions for presentations, and sample
solutions for student problems.

  If special computer programs are required, the
listings are included in the material making it
unnecessary to purchase them separately.

  The following iist contains the titles which are
now available for Secondary School use. For
further information or to be placed on a mailing
list please write:

  Computer Curriculum Project
  Hewlett-Packard Company
  11000 Wolfe Road
  Cupertino, CA. 95014


Attacking Non-Linear Equations Student Text
Attacking Non-Linear Equations Teachers Notes
Number Sets Student Lab Book
Number Sets Teachers Advisor
Mathematical Systems Student Lab Book
Mathematical Systems Teachers Advisor
Functions Student Lab Book
Functions Teachers Advisor
Linear Equations & Systems Student Lab Book
Linear Equations & Systems Teachers Advisor


Geometrical Optics Student Lab Book
Geometrical Optics Teachers Advisor
Mechanics Student Lab Book
Mechanics Teachers Advisor
Waves Student Lab Book
Waves Teacher Advisor
Electricity & Magnetism Student Lab Book
Electricity & Magnetism Advisor


GRAZE Ecology Simulation Student Text
GRAZE Ecology Simulation Teachers Notes
Air Pollution Student Lab Book
Air Pollution Teachers Advisor


Trigonometry Student & Teacher
Mathematics Projects Student Text
Mathematics Projects Teachers Guide
Calculus Student & Teacher
Matrix Mathematics Student Text
Matrix Mathematics Teachers Guide
Physics Student Text
Physics Teachers Guide

 Selected books from this project will be
forthcoming issues. Check the Book Review



The ACM Special Interest Group on Computer
Uses in Education has sponsored a special 80-page
publication, entitled Topics in Instructional Computing devoted to teacher
education in instructional uses of computing. Edited by Stuart Milner of
the School of Education at Catholic University of
America, Topics contains twelve refereed papers
which discuss methodology, languages, resources
(materials, organizations, etc.), attitudes, effective
learning environments, and familiarizing teachers at
all levels with the broad spectrum of instructional
computer uses.

  Copies of Topics in lnstructional Computing are
available at $4.00 each from A. Kent Morton,
Kiewit Computation Center, Dartmouth College,
Hanover, NH 03755.


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