The Best of Creative Computing Volume 1 (published 1976)

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Draw the Bug From the Computer and Win Prizes (contest)

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Draw the Bug From the Computer and Win Prizes!!!

Ever thought of the very worst kind of computer bug or program bug? One that is
really frightening. Is it one that eats your program away from inside a DO or
FOR loop? Or is it a nasty disk file identifier insect? Does the thought of
these bugs scare you? Or do you try not to think about their horrible

If you can come to grips with yourself to draw that which when seen by someone
will give them nightmares for the rest of their life you can win. But it takes
more than artistic talent. lt takes raw Guts with a capital G. But if you have
the sensitivity and, of course, guts, you are eligible to win BIG, BIG prizes.
Chances are you may have already WON!! How does that grab you?! Read on!

All you need to do is think of the ugliest, scariest computer bug you could ever
imagine to meet... or not want to meet!!! And draw it. That's all. Easy, isn't

So hurry up and grab a pencil. Let your inner fears pour out before the closing
date of October 20, 1975. Entries received after the deadline will be
automatically disqualified and incinerated.

1. In the space provided for you at the right, draw your computer bug.

a. The bug must fit within the space provided.

b. Color drawings always welcome, but please do not use ethnic colors, i.e.,
black, red, yellow, or white.

c. Only one entry per family. Two or more will be regarded as cheating, and all
said entries will be disqualified and incinerated.

2. Enclose a signed photograph of yourself. This is for identification purposes.
And if your drawing loses, your picture may win!!! Ha-ha!!!

3. Be sure to send $5.00 with the drawing. This fee covers "processing
chargeā€. This includes mailroom assortment, judging by our panel of
distinguished computer program bug exterminators, and incineration of drawing if
disqualified. Losing drawings will be returned. We regret that the $5.00 will

This was last year's winning drawing. Just join the dots. (Had we drawn it out,
we could have terrified many of your friends.) - DHA

Adapted from something similar in The Harvard Lampoon.


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