Atari Basic - XL Edition
By Bob Albrecht, LeRoy Finkel, and Jerald R. Brown, published 1985

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Title Page
Copyright Information
Table of Contents
To the Reader
How to Use This Book
Chapter 1 - The Atari Computers
     Meet The Atari Computers
     Inside The Computer
     Atari BASIC
     The Keyboard
Chapter 2 - Easy Stuff
     The Keyboard
     Your First BASIC Word
     There's a Rainbow in Your Atari
     Music Please
Chapter 3 - Basic Programs
     Very Small Programs
     Bring Out The Rainbow
     Sound Effects
     Sound, Color, & A Bit Of Style
     Name Blinker
Chapter 4 - Number Boxes
     26 Boxes
     Sound Effects
     Turn On The Rainbow
     Use Input To Stuff Number Boxes
     Use Read And Data To Stuff Number Boxes
Chapter 5 - String Boxes
     Use Input To Stuff String Boxes
     Use Read And Data To Stuff String Boxes
     Subroutines Make It Easier
     Programmer's Toolbox
Chapter 6 - Skipping Around the Screen
     Screen Positions
     You Can Print Almost Anywhere
     Other Things To Try
     Make Things Move
     Name Mover
Chapter 7 - Graphics Galore
     Big Letters
     Tiny Rectangles
     Draw A Line
     Use Read & Data To Paint The Screen
     Beyond Graphics 3
     Graphics 4 and 6
     Graphics 8
     You Can Eliminate The Text Window
     The GTIA Chip
Chapter 8 - Meandering with Random Numbers
     Random Numbers
     Random Music
     Skittery Name
     Random Color Blips
     Zappy Artist
     Fantasy Role Playing Games
Chapter 9 - Playtime Junction
     The IF-THEN Statement
     Game Time!
     Guessing With Sound
     Zappy Artist Meanders
     Racing Colors
     A Tree Has Many Branches
Chapter 10 - String Magic
     Something Old, Something New
     Guess My Word
     Guess My Letter
     The Land of ATASCII
     Word Maker
     Create A Character
     Open A Channel & Get A Character
Chapter 11 - Subscripted Variables
     A New Kind Of Variable
     Keyboard Music
     It's 1984 and We Can Still Vote!
     Twinkling Stars
     Zappy Artist and Friends Meander
     Double Subscripts
     Quiz Scores
Chapter 12 - The End...of the Beginning
Appendix A - Using the Atari Program Recorder
     Saving a Program on Tape (CSAVE)
     Loading a Program from Tape (CLOAD)
     SAVE and LOAD
     LIST and ENTER
Appendix B - Arithmetic
Appendix C - Sound and Music
Appendix D - Screen Maps
Appendix E - ATASCII Codes
Appendix F - Atari BAISIC Reserved Words
Appendix G - Error Messages
Appendix H - Look Here First
Index of Programs
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Table of Contents  
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