By Chuck Mullally - APX Catalog Number 20259

Mastermatch Image

The author created his own Web page about Mastermatch. That page inlcludes an MS-DOS version of the program.

The author has placed Mastermatch in the public domain.

About the downloadable files: APX20259 is version 1.1, as distributed by APX. APX20259COM is version 1.2, a faster version using compiled BASIC - this was not distributed by APX. APX20259SPEAK adds speech - this was not distributed by APX.

Download Software

APX20259COM.DCM (17902 bytes)
APX20259SPEAK.DCM (72388 bytes)
APX20259.ATR (92176 bytes)
APX20259SPEAK.ATR (92176 bytes)
APX20259COM.ATR (92176 bytes)
APX20259.DCM (23247 bytes)

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