By Atari - APX Catalog Number 20236

Kangaroo Image

Kangaroo is one of the few uncredited games published by APX. It is simply labeled with an Atari copyright. Jim Leiterman, who was a Research Engineer at Atari from 1982-1984, explained why:

General Computer was contracted to only do a 5200 version. While at Atari I had written a reverse disassembler that converted binary files back into source code with some documentation. I went through and corrected the mistakes of the tool to build the 800 version and sent it over to APX. They published it with no credit back to me as I requested. So essentially it was an internal hack!

Eventually General Computer came out with a cartridge [for the 800] version but mine was better because I corrected for the colorburst. So mine had red strawberries and theirs had a purplish red or some non-red color.

This software is not available for download. The software is copyrighted by Atari. We do not have permission from the copyright holder.

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