By Dan Hale of A. D. Enterprises - APX Catalog Number 20152

The author has released EasyGrader into the public domain, without warranty or support.

The author wrote: "I Graduated Caltech in 1975 with a BS.

After graduation, I Worked for a seismic instruments company in Pasadena, CA., then for Xerox Electro-Optical Systems and then McDonnell Douglas. I developed a specialty area in mathematical, real-time and embedded software, and went into independent consulting in 1982.

EasyGrader started as a program I wrote for my brother and his wife to use, who were both school teachers. (She used it, he didn't.)

My first computer was an Alpha Micro, which I quickly traded for an S-100 CPM system. I also got one of the first Ataris, which at the time cost almost as much as an Apple II. After the Atari, I got a Kaypro computer, and even started a computer store, which initially sold Kaypros, and later IBM PC Clones. I sold the computer store to the manager after a few years. He operated it until he retired (about 1998, I think).

Since 1982, I have continued working mostly as an independent consultant. Over the years, I moved from LA County to Orange County, and finally to North San Diego County, my current location."

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