By Alan M. Newman - APX Catalog Number 20041

Domination Image

The author wrote: "Domination was actually the very first piece of software I ever wrote. Once I got my 800 I immediately dove into programming and loved every minute of it. I got $3000 worth of hardware from Atari for that effort (it won the first First Prize they ever awarded in the Atari Star competition) and I began writing in earnest (part time) to see if I could make some money in the field. When AI took Tutti Frutti, they and I *both* thought we had it made. The game was very addicting (and had only 4 bytes of free mem when finished). Trouble is, piracy. Atari called me one day to tell me 90% of what was out there was pirated. One day I was poised to move to California and program, the next day, I decided to remain in Brooklyn! Funny how things turn out."

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