The Second Book Of Machine Language
by Richard Mansfield, published 1984

Book cover

Title Page
Chapter 1: How to Use This Book
Chapter 2: Defs:   Equates and Definitions
Chapter 3: Eval:   The Main Loop
Chapter 4: Equate and Array:   Data Base Management
Chapter 5: Open1, Findmn, Getsa, and Valdec:   I/O Management and Number Conversions
Chapter 6: Indisk:   The Main Input Routine
Chapter 7: Math and Printops:   Range Checking and Formatted Output 
Chapter 8: Pseudo:   I/O and Linked Files
Chapter 9: Tables:   Data, Messages, Variables
Chapter 10: 6502 Instruction Set
Chapter 11: Modifying LADS:   Adding Error Traps, RAM-Based Assembly, and a Disassembler

A: How to Use LADS
B: LADS Object Code
C: Machine Language Editor for Atari and Commodore
D: A Library of Subroutines
E: How to Type In Basic Programs

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